Jopling Tells of Cornishmen The Wakefield News 13 Aug 1927 Part 3

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Jopling Tells of Cornishmen
The Wakefield News
13 Aug 1927
Part 3 - THE WAKEFIELD NEWS Simonson.- 5.00 ..$1,050.00...
THE WAKEFIELD NEWS Simonson.- 5.00 ..$1,050.00 2,500.00 5,025.00 1 . 1 "'" Nays: None. The following resolution was offered: WHEREAS, the County Road Commission at a meeting held at Bessemer Michigan, August 8, 1927, passed a motion agreeing to accept the right of way in the City of Wakefield. from the old County Road south along 4schermaw and Putnam Streets; thence east along Putnam to Sunday Lake Street, RESOLVED, that the City Commission of the City of Wakefield, by virtue virtue of this resolution do hereby approve the action of the County Road Commission Commission in taking over the above described right of way and making it a part of the County Road System of the County of Gogebie, State of Michigan. i It was moved by Commissioner Matthews, supported by Commissioner Simonson. that the resolution, as presented, be adopted. * j PAGE THREE origin of the term of contempt, "At any rate, the method of collecting collecting payments for leased property is not so rough as that recorded in a lease dated 1330, which contains the clause, "that once a year forever the Reeve of said Manor of Lamborn shall come to Godolphin and there boldly enter the hall, jump upon the table or .table board, and stamp or bounce with his ffcet or club to alarm and give notice to the people of his approach and then and there make proclamation aloud | throe times, 'oyez, oyez, oyez, I j here to demand the old rent duties | customs.' upon which there is to | brought him two and six pence in i a l.irge quart of strong beer, a | loaf worth sis pence and a cheese ; like value.' (To be continued next week). Teas: Nays: Simonson, Lake^ Matthews and Gilbert. None. . 4070 20 6S " 38.40 7.76 60.00 36.87 .30 The Commission then, on motion of Commissioner Simonson supported by Commissioner Matthews, adjourned. · i » -CHESTER A. RYDESKI, City Clerk many of the minerals, including uranium, uranium, the ore of radium. '·The list of names of-Cornish"inines would be a long one it is said "that there were over 300 but a few of-them are given-as .an example. In the western western district .near Land's End are the Botalack and St. Ives. In the west central are the Dole-oath and ~ r Carn lirea. The east central has the Pol- gooth and Ruell Trelawney. "Most of these mines are leased and thp payments are termed royalty because because all the minerals formerly were owned by the-Crown of England. The term royalty is now generally used for payments of mineral leases, even in the United States. The area of the leased ground was limited by the i boundaries, or bounds, as they were! failed, and the lesser was known as ] the bounder, whicli perhaps was the; A Word With the Old Folks ElderlyPeopleAre Learning Importance of Good Elimination* I N the later years of life there 13 apt to be a slowing up of the bodily functions. Good elimination^ however, is just as essential to the old as to the young. Many old folks have learned 'the value of Doan's Pills when a stimulant diuretic to the kidneys is required. Scanty ot burning passages of kidney secretions secretions are often signs of improper kidney kidney function. In most every community community are scores of users and endorsers endorsers who acclaim the merit of Longfellow Bread is Good Bread

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  • Jopling Tells of Cornishmen The Wakefield News 13 Aug 1927 Part 3

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