Billetti - June 7, 1933 The Daily Mail - Hagerstown, MD

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Billetti - June 7, 1933
The Daily Mail - Hagerstown, MD - THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, a, Mc- no of R ?...
THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, a, Mc- no of R ? CIRCUS HERE PLEASES TWO BIG CROWDS Hagenbeck - Wallace Shows Acclaimed As Best Ever Staged Here Pop and Mom and the kids had the "biggest" time at the Hagen- beck-Wallace Circus yesterday, and boy, was it a good one! And what crowds. A lot of people thought the races would keep many persons fiom going to the circus, but they didn't. Everybody knew about the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus, and they certainly got their money's worth. More than two solid hours packed with all kinds of stunts, thrills and fun, and there was so much going on that it kept a fellow busy watching. He really needed another pair or two of eyes. Of course a few acts stand out among all the rest including Clyde Beatty, youthful animal trainer; the trained elephants, a herd of 29 in.all and weighing 100 tons;, the Hanrseford family of bareback rid- ers; the Great Bombayo and the bounding rope'; the Billetti troupe and the Liberty trained horses. The circus got off to a good start in the presentation of the pageant, "Buy American," featuring beauti- ful dancing girls, singers, fireworks and an array of costumes. Beatty probably caused more thrills than any other act offered to the crowd, which at the after- noon performance was estimated at 5,000 persons. Twice daily Beatty enters the big cage with one of the largest groups of wild animals ever seen in one act. He wore out one whip yesterday and used .several revolvers which were handed to him through the bars of the cage. With only a chair between him and the snarling beasts, Beatty suc- cessfully defended himself against their charges. Several times it ap- peared as though the brave trainer might be attacked but he escaped each rush of tbe animals. He was set upon at one time by two large African lions and had quite a time escaping from their claws. The revolver usually broke the spirit of the big catsi At other times Beat- ty, armed with only his long whip, faced the beasts and when one would get close he would look it squarely in the eye. "·. The Hannefbrd family was a treat. "Poodles'" Hanneford, the red-haired performing clown, got tangled up in his suspenders and caused many laughs. The trick of riding on a horse with, three others for company proved a fea- ture. Clowns came on Directly after each big act and presented a ty .of acts. The New Deal auto- mobile was one of the big laughs. The. clown band was out of tune but in harmony with fun. The great Bombayo offered an act said to be the only ever ted in America. On a bounding rope he did many difficult feats concluding with a double back somersault. The crowd got a big kick out the Liberty .horses. The intelli- gence of these animals is remark- able. Each horse was numbered but never got out of place. A blindfolded horse found its way back to the ring and its right tion. The Billetti's did some daring wire work without a net, including the trick of riding a bicycle and carrying several other performers. The herd of performing elephants is said to be the largest ever tained by a circus. The long at the finish of their act was spectacular offering. The excellent appearance and training o f . the horses presented was noticeable, especially in the presentation of cowboys and Cos- sacks and the array of pretty riding thoroughbreds. The per- formances of trapeze artists recall- ed the old days of the circus. The circus left at midnight for York, Pa. Delaware Votes Wet Throughout WILMINGTON, Del. June 7.-- Delaware voted wet Tuesday on question of local option by a ma- jority of 13,389 votes, 19,984 by wets and 6,595 'by the drys ; Only one election district in the 226 districts In the state voted dry, that, being Gumboro in Sussex county, where the vote was 68 against to 91 for local option. Under today's balloting, 3.2 beer can be sold immediately In any of the state. It also opens the for the sale of wines and liquors the event of repeal of the 18th Amendment. Wilmington did not as It was wet when the prohibition amendment was passed.

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  • Billetti - June 7, 1933 The Daily Mail - Hagerstown, MD

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