Delaware House - Ellis Bennett

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Delaware House - Ellis Bennett - THE LITTLE SNOOZE .Since the days when the much...
THE LITTLE SNOOZE .Since the days when the much molested Cap'n "Streeter ruled the little empire fere in t tbe millionaires homes on tbe North Side the q.uatter'a boslness has rather died out la this highly eirillxed community. Nearly Nearly every one within gunshot of a ga light or a board sidewalk has thought that Cap'n Streeter was the last If his kind, but Ellis Bennett, who is now locked In the county Jail awaiting trial on charges of resisting an officer and shooting with Intent to kill, bui.g oa to a squatter's claim longr than tbe cVpoed monarch of the North Side at rip bold . on to bis. . . . la 1869 Ellis, Bennett drifted westward from Roi'hester. N Y., and came slowly aronod tbe southern end of Lake Michigan. On the shore of Wolf lake be found a Utile Iry spot of about nineteen acres, and there he squatted, and there he has been squatting ever since, or uatll Deputy Sheriff John I. Long plurked him off a few days ago and brought hint Isto tbe city and turned him over to the turnkey. Ellis Beoaett is a character. He Is a peculiar peculiar old fellow. He looks upon everything as a Joke, aad he has a smile on his face that would give the Grouch family a case of Jim Jams. Ellis Beartct! was a young msn when he came West. He Is gray. headed now, and as he sajs. is about petered out. but be gave a few deputy sheriffs a case of the shivers a few Cj ago, and he has keen laugblngabout It ever since. Wanted lllaa Kvleted. Some one wanted Bennett evicted. That is tUr whole story of his latest troubles. The sosebouy aas anxious to get hold of tbe little rWxt of laad upon which Bennett's castle, rapi'll. and fortress wss located. After a lot of legal f parricg. la h!n Bennett Bennett nearly always came off with the honors, ovetbicg else happened. Bunnell doesn't know Juai what, aad a few daya ago, when the old ruuatter came down town to get a little legal advice. Deputy Sheriff John D. fOR; and a few others went out and began lot leg Bennett's dosIobs out of the pal-are. pal-are. pal-are. nd, as Banett avers, sprinkled them m to await their coming. It took re-enforcements re-enforcements re-enforcements re-enforcements thlrtv-six thlrtv-six thlrtv-six hours to arrive at the seat of war and when they got there Bennett was swearing be could bold out against a rt-alment. rt-alment. rt-alment. Long tried to coax blm. Bennett Bennett could be cosxed about as easily as a Missouri mule. Long and bia brave men then went away for awhile. When they came back B-nnett B-nnett B-nnett had fsllen asleep. Long gave two mc-a mc-a mc-a each an ax and they battered down the door. When Bennett bad got bio eyes rubbed opea the enemy waa upon blm and bad captured bis guns. He did the only thing he could Co, which waa to surrender. When a Chicago Justice of the peace got bold of Beunetl it waa clear that tbe war was over. The Justice, aa a peace tribunal, sent the -belligerent -belligerent to tbe county Jail and now Bennett spends tbe days where Cap'n Streeter baa spent many of his. It aeems that a eell is tbe ultimate reward' of tbe squatter. Trooble Ifaa rsnsrS Illsa. Trouble has pursued Bennett for a good many years. Along In tbe 70e he beesme Imbued with tbe idea that If be could induce induce Chicago nlmroda to come out to Wolf Lake be would be able to make a little money feeding them and pointing out tbe best bunting bunting grounds. The community where Bennett Bennett lived wss good for one thing the raising raising of ducks and that one thing only. THAT COST name In his note book. Tbe building cost originally more thaa ll&M and waa built of the best lumber thst Delewsre could produce. Bennett bought the building, paying paying therefor $1,000. . He tore off the porches and sooa had the building oa rollers and waa pushing It over to tbe lake shore. When be down to the wster's edge be ahoved It aboard two scows. It was then bsuled across the lake to the mouth of the Calumet river, up that stream to a point a mile opposite where it aow stand, and thea takea across the swampy country on rollers. When Bennett got this Delaware building set np oa the little ridge on the shore of the lake he was happy. It he bad bought the whole World'a Fair and moved it out there he could not have been more completely sst-Isfled. sst-Isfled. sst-Isfled. He bad realised hla ambition. He bad a palace. Tbe Bennett empire bad a honor. a - a a. l mm w.a t k. - va - m t m w sw t , v m THE SQUATTER OF WOLF LAKE s , : , i . : - , r ii i j i I vy; ii burys herders was caught as a part of the Hashknir refused to withdraw, and killed as a warning. To dog la the greatest insult upon a herder. The herder mat-trr to the Tewksburys declared. Two men were herder to gather up the the cowboys. The cow them. After a day of lead was wasted, the

Clipped from
  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 20 Mar 1904, Sun,
  3. Page 39

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