1897 10-05 Indianapolis News Mezcal Sotol Tequila

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1897 10-05 Indianapolis News Mezcal Sotol Tequila - m CACTUS' 07 a. vnur i j:riT, rLAXT to Tirif II...
m CACTUS' 07 a. vnur i j:riT, rLAXT to Tirif II ABITAJVTS OF - TIIL, .COt3fTnh' Th It rr a aval Caetas PI ricat fr Orlarr kerda - " PoptUr t)trrK ml Ma - xle .A fleavaamt Tutc. c'aJ jCrfrppcBira Tia iBtfiacAT - T - cfcat aJ of .tie ri - ufc!lt of 'o ti tha 4e:g 6t aa e; fr j a a ca.cJu plant, wiHt va(T ao tpoa eTry ." from fer. nJati ,IIltcrT' - f,IMt,,y t'rVT tnAXion laforis jus tiiat lx h:r.ir y - a rt a ixAtT.r cf Zt4c frotn - he fat Xanli t vand way lot Mexico. ae4. yrax aiUryeax. Jp:tI up ,tiSr - 1cb;JT aoirrp - t f.Ry, about 1 rcHfi ti trdW of tr.a lka wbJrh 3rrour.4e4. t of tfc rrr,t (ty of Mexico,' Ih Its' early r&oralra: tht httieM. pereoq t:pon tha aiara of a prkkTy . pear, or cacta. wlilr:li craw from ereytra Jn j rock - that tu wub ty tii wav.i a royat Mjla f (real rje Ao4 teauty, t;4d;cr A - ritt. lo "tU tIoa, 1ta JJa tro4 wl4 - r paaod ttktha rtalr.r bub. Thl raonU&a' rtsioa a tta lajcaa wu hailctl fcy tfca foracJaa a pjcia fcmeo.; And ttli hidserto TiomatfJo re qrW4 to BUt;Uh cr - oo Ua apot A Jty parmaiiarit oroa, - r - j - Tfc caxttu la found In XIex?co moat rurtlea farina of jrowth i anJ. In caftala - portion of tla coBntr r, ' ona or mora klnda a.ra euKlva'tad for proflC Th m4Tr. a. plaat of tha caetu i fra - VT. oca of tha ra.luiXle prod.cta of' Vlx!ca oU, ao tha oea rtad ? by ti?a peopJa etn alrooit without LmiC It"rn ihat nature prodiica thli plant to mot tb nela of a vary - poW. 2nd !m - . - prorid - ri popi, - A fw of tta uf Jiaia fn enprncrattij thus: lA tr: clots BiajJa frpro th crada f.br of th ? plant f umiah'ji jclothl.j for the - ledUn aborer. rromthe rir. or tha Iraf, ,peaa An pun, la oiAde a'Cc Ani bauUful thread, jioy aa iilk Ih lexturet. - and rts .mbUr.r llarn. when worea Into fabric . It ,1a tnaouiacturod.lnto a coaraa cloth suit tla forbar. ail cloth, tnd aacktr.r. ajrxl a lo into paper of varioua gradk - ai Tha rop raada from U la known aa iaiUlA,' ax.3 la of unctunmon atMnrtri Attt txcel - irnca. epui into tee rarm.oi atrmwa. k la maa Into the brootmr an4 brifhw tt th country,, the aeltct fiber beinc A good rubetUuta Toe ihtUGes. 1 ea4iUful tkjvcy Ifesket. njonjey - br. hair bntahea. eachelj. - purea, AflJ ator - nf toy. trlnkefa - Aod ornameota: at wOna from thl Cl - er. If a, bora baa a apratked Umb or A donkey la fuld, a mat icy - leaf; pounded Aod boudd.lipoa ' the Injured frrt, - la a. certain cura. Th polntad tBorna, which, termlpat th xrfxanUo leave, ar atror.f aa'pitlla'aad - harp aa n'eadlea, ubttut for ,'h rh they ar to thU 1ay uaed lt; renfoi dlatrlcta. I'pon parchment inadf from maruey fiber tha Aitwa 'palntf - d theli plriur hlatorlra and hleroKlrpblo (ruiea, ajneo Imena of which Trta b aeon In tha Ka tlonAl Museum. "jCvaryf MjfAU - ah ut. In certaia dlatrtcta. cUlUvate mor or lea marueyTh bu:a jdanti answer for hedfesawid nark tha - ttovalartea of ranches. rwo rows with taelr knormoua leavea ahd oayoriirt - llka fhornai - aa IrnfianetraWefrnc. (It mart truly be said 'of the. caet ae that In irir waya than .h If la posaesard! rood ''Doima yi'nd will rfei re "t dbf n oni', . - Iiarr wad f arta afflctteMf. : J. To tha ordinary MesWan the burro ani. tna ,v.ua. riant ts aJi - umcteilt for or )IAN GATXIERIXa FUXQUt. . JL dliiAry needs. NVhAt'th t - Lrro Ta:ui to e,rn Is aupfcliad from tjl.e.'caftu.' Ib cen tral cja i aouinera. jmbkuto cpm - uveaj Ctekea, bUrk'. lwaju - viKl a treat d'ah of aleaed taxtu - orrurij theJ aoU - la ft an - orV.inai - e. rural inea. Tor less - rt ther w!l b & e - upply of th df!!(i!oua tun - v aa aiplo - sbapetl fruit whirh grfwa aloof .the giMtt ljive - of th .p!fnt - - Mexjcana era very fond of weta, and at) almost every n.ei th - duJco" will "oal rontp'ououa. Aid. In many Jasea. It wil (b - offered ia th ahap ftf preaorvia tsu d from the root or Ioayea of thaicsxt is. In ahort, th maguey, or cfti. U fool, 'Jitnk. clothing fuel, medirtnn art . wrttin ma - tt - rtal for th poor Micaw. It ha well bten .called "a. mlracfo of It Is pmbabl that bc haa natur. atd tnwr, ITt any cthY way. ao lavltUy"!lrovlled. ia a jch a cc.varueot form, anytilnag from whi - & tr.irgwith man can ;prodix - ao imany vtuch to sustain J. - f land a a id to lua hom. comfort andxtivriienc au Thar is a popular Mexiraa legend to tha Zect that ora here sjbout th year a Tolie? Indian, wbco ruun Ira - atxv th cnlef br riler of A tfKt, - mA th axrcUenuJ C:covry dla - thal thw Juice ef tha maguey, a, specie cf ra tua , poputajir known1 asj'tha jntury jlsnt, ccuU b ronvrrttHl lTo a palatable ar.4 refr.iUtff drink.' Beit a loyal b - iect, fcia . :m thought wiao miU.ais d!9toiery known to tie Jpi"al rule;, and to send - ta him a liberal aortion ef the deiectahlo"btrt:erag ea. traced from tho irdguey. Tho mee - feng't - r a ployed by tlaa faithful aubict t c?n - ?ei3 tb m&saag ard gift to th monarch waa his own daughter. Xochitl. aitnityftift,. nh rower. rower. Tha traditloo states tkat thts yonng girt waa a graceful a a sjtvan, and poo - sefaed of Such, beauty ;of ftture and per - frfcuon.of form that!, the fimtratloa 'of the Klr.fr Was at once axua - sd. 11 slrank th "puliij," that bvtnsr tie nam stven thj newj - v - cliaoovered bv(prpge. a:id hil treaUy pI - kmI wj'h it goki qualitios,1 h more - sreaiiy . ple - d with th ci.afma of the mJl? wh prrrn:e1 f.it at an early uay of too the bc - auiixul Athitl, tr bi ,ic, an y utea of the,To:tta j Aw Arrldealal Hi she ; Lcam vrry. Thla nw popular bevera r of ilexl - o the accMeatal fiiscvry - i - it the In - '&a MrYlfa I . HOU' SHE GETS ALONG. ' .... V ! "V , - - v V - - r - fc u, v.. ; - Aspect I ' mJ 1 - v. , Tk'n"i I - r 'I AT - JU - ' I n al - - . .: 7. . ;. - - ' - . . ' Doratky I waader w Mra. Wal katkaadr Ha la aaek w allpaery Utldre4 My 4 ear, ak Jaet walk - ) r . 7i ; chief when, taken . fraeh from th plant And prior to feraentaxloh, ta not tntoii catinr. And has rather a i4aa&nt takto. It orecenta a rntlkr apoAriac and la slixhtly tart and punrent. Fermeatallanl occurs within one day and pulque then,! l!k - hard elder." wtil oroduc Intouca - j tlon If partaken' of , Uberany. At taiai atAre It la poaaeaaed of An odor distinctly It own. and ona not' - likely - to recoa4 mend It to; a place imonj tha atandard perfume of coenmero. .n many localH tie thla drink la quite aa .extenaivety uaad by th native aa U th populii malt beer by tha pwopl of th Vnlt4 State. Ia th Citjr ot Mexico, where water ia nab of tha beit, pulqu ta largely ustd,i many famlU - dlacardin almost entirely th water furnluhad by th city, and making" us f th unferf men ted or partially; ferrnentd pulau ua a (beverage. Ifla A Mexican custom tp dnrk win or - other fermented liquor durlnr meals. ! The poorer people cn not Afford winrs, - and ao ithe.'inexbaust - bl cactus 1 called upon' to supply th.'Sr demands, . Th mild pulqu la their most common : drink. , but - when aomecrniig stronger U required A distilled lkiuor, mad from the juice of th maguer, and known aa toquiUu." la iult popui. This liquor resemble gin. both. In a Trocars Trocars nee and 1 taste, and tta effect ia severely severely diuretic. It look pur And hatra - lesa, yet It take euch a rttaptng - hold upon the throat of th drinker that it haa been appropriately epoken of aa "the double extract of barned arlrev For thla reason It would be a fopuIar bever age with the patrons - (.if th oraluaiy "Mrrl houi," and for tha additloniu 4 - rents th purchaser - can - accumulate . - f th moatj aatlafactory pnopo - tlotiK. There ar other alconorio proiracta ef tb caciua. . known Aa meacal' ufed "aotoU but thaaanara far ieas popular thi tequila - - - T!e marueor Ja gerierally planted, from prouta In a g rATeljjoil. After about five, years th plan a wtl prodtic th fsgua miU". a aap from iwnlqh tha pulque ia made.. Thes planjt raqulr but! Uttla motstur. Th waatf places aeem to ba their favorite homeau and where Soli la almost, unknown and rocka abound; they a p pear to flourish to th bt advairtAg. When the maguer la About to bloom, the Mexican Indian, the most reliable i t the, laborer of the country, watches too appearance appearance and development of the j main stem, the sairaigbtnnHig and '' maturing of th leaves a&dj the - r hanging conM - . Hons of the plant tao well known so an expert otarvr. H roe carefully over th entire plantation - under hi Charge and place a mark; uprr each clank that la about to put forth it flower, for it ii At thla time that tth aap ia to b gathered. gathered. Tt atetn frbm which the Rower ia about to open la now cut abort with a etrorig. aharp knife and a ba!n la formed in th he aft f the plant aiaw.br more inches in diameter and nearly iaa many incite J depth. It .ia in thla Clr - tty that th aa gtdthers. and the wound. ; or excavation, is kept covered by tjlofrfng ever It th leave which grow around the stem and tying them at their points. The Ikfuidj which iatiiere in the Vavity made ia th tm T carrted awayt three time a d4y, - aurJu onier to facilitate th flow, the cant is reaped. ack - time by; te use; of a fi. - e of peail4ar.ehape. "j :. i VeaetAkl Sertag j . Th magnejr t! truly ! a - veajetahl sprtnaT. A plant irill, as w rule, fiimiaa each day eight .plata of aap. thi f upply being continuous 1 for air month.. - Of th daily produce tljree plat are gathered in the morning, two at midday and three la the evening. The abundance of Juice produced fcy a single 'maguey 1 th more 4 astonishing from te fact that th plan ' taiinn are aenerallv ' located oil arid. I lanOa. where rai' seldam falls andj where scarcely - any other cUijt wjir grow, in ract. nei maguey stanaiat ta head cf the list o aH alcohol pro4uc!fig plan t a. yielding 505 per cent, more! than ( corn, (sugar cane? . potaioea or grappa. rvuson that for an - outlay of about i 4 ' ' i - - . i ker nraaaces to wet oa with her fellAw. frcr klm reifh akad.' . eurpasslng alf other plants on an equal area cf, ground, and this, too, .while growing. In such "parched and arid spots that a ton .if soil could hardly be mad to yield an nunc jot moisture Under any possible pressure. - ' . ," ' In gathering the aap th Indians - use an! instrument acUng1 like 1 a pipette, which they call an "acocote.'? It contlsu of. a loiig, slender gourd, to each end of which la fastened the sharp end of A cow's horn. One end of this pipette is thrust into the liquid, the other end la placed in the mouth, and by auction the aap la drawn Into the gourd, from which It la emptied into earthen vessels or pig - kins, and In these carried to th warehouse warehouse and prepared for tha marketa. After th plant .haa yielded Its aupply of aap it withers and dies. .Th dead plant la then removed and mad - ua .of Jh various waya. and a new sprout ia planted planted in the spot it lately occupied. Although Although the maguey usually grows" In soil wher acarcelyAny other plant can exist, it Will mature with greater rapidity in fairly good, .ground. A. - rapid growth, however, is unfaver&bl to th accumulation accumulation of the. sweet cap. and it Is for this reason, it , - 4 I claimed, that in Spain and Italy th aaTvft. or maguey, ia' not culti vated for proilt, as it ia on th dry and barren lands of southern Mexico. - . - For th privilege! of, bringing pulqu Into th City ot Mexico a. tax of about 3 cent a gallon is cnargea. ana the city treasury, it la said. Is replenished from this sourr alone te the amount of more than J1.000. a day.' Retail dealers' in pulque pay a Heentje' fp of 10 a month; must close at 9 o'clock at night, and the floor, ' count era1 and every., vessel in wh'eh the pulqu. waa contained muat be thoroughly acoured anl cleansed before the hour ot iopehin; the next morning'.' Th supply rnust be fresh from the plantatlona every day, and special train, carrying notliing but pulque, arrive on several railroads at about 5 o'clock every mornin? 1 . : I The Dltrereat Saloeas. Saloon In which wine and distilled liquor at sold by i retail ar divided into c la ss. Those of the first clasa pay) a license fee tf C.440;" those of the second claaa S1XM, and those of th third etas. r30 a year, the amount !n each, cas being being divided Into twelve equal jarta. and payable monthly In advance They Are permitted to'aell only between the hotrs of 8 tn the morning And 10 At rright Sor the privilege of keeping open later than 10 p, m. an additional fee of SlQ an hour must be paid. This la probably tha most effective method yet devised for cIosIqs saloons at th .hour fixed, by law, as under, under, tlua ajfstem th city has a direct interest interest in having the erdlnanc vlgoroua - dy enforced.: The total, revenue derived from th "octroi.' or gatb tax. and front license fees - rail kinds, of. business from banks to Junk - shops, being required required to pay an occupation tax ia 'an Immense sum. large enough, possibly, to meet the entire ordinary expense of th city, If the cost cf street Improvements send f ewers should be charged against abutting property, aa la th custom in marry citiea cf the United States, Ther ia a story current here that. the popular.. American ; drink known - a "cocktail" was so named by soldiers who were tn kh Mexican war. '.Wnil in thla country they drank of th pulque, heard th leand relating, to Its die - ' mmvaw n .1 .ILA rh. ktttArv tt hIU. PtifuS Xochitl (wb". while, preeenting a portion of - 'this Toltect nectar to tnel King, aroused hi admiration and aubaeJ quently becanje .Queen. The beat. these soldiers could (.do with the pronunciation of the name' Xochitl waa cocktail," and as that name was so closely associated associated with1 the. popular drink of Mexico, Mexico, they f av the nam "cocktail" to an American" compound which to - day la quite as popular in the United States as pulque la in Mexico. "While there la no ..ancient legend of love and marriage connected with the dlscoverey . of the American; cocktail. It is. nevertheless, a beverag ahe excellence of which ia far Superior, to the pulju of Mexico that primary frodutt of the wonderful maguey maguey whlr - h no rorcnntlc legend can ever succeed In livest!ng of its repulsive aroma ot ancient buttermilk. . - - D. Y..GRCB6 - .A fit Sebject. Cticr! Raeor. Lunatic 'suddenly popping; hi head ever tha asylum waill - What ar you do ing ther? . s Brown Fishing. - LonAtic Caught' Anything? " Brown No. Lunatics - How long hav yod been .ther - - - .' .. - ; Itrown Six hours. - - . Lunstic - T - Com inside!;. . . 1 - rl 31 USEJIBXTJS: I . . r GRAND OPERA HOUSE The Mysterious Mysterious Mr. Bugle" p. m. . PARK THKATEK - rMu - fray and 'Mack ' . and S fx tn. t ' j EMPIRE TH EATER Bruns and NlnA'a audevines 2 and I p. m. j , PLTMOUTH CHURCH. Testimonial concert. Mrs. Alice Fleming Evans FOURTH PP.kfBYTERTAN CHURCH nncici!" ironi iaa jaciren Pi. ... W. JCfewlands " p. m. . j Nerve Blood Builder WTTTIilCT CO, S.X . - i. 'nv i , A f - ft .. IJ a - L - av S "X I ft XJmmH3C. I aaaa - bas. . - .V - ' f KOXETI tow . . - XL ScIeAectaj - . Is Ia - . the See it

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