1842 General Assignee's Sale by US District Court

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1842 General Assignee's Sale by US District Court - IN 13 Vi Kill) PTC Y. Disnuur cuuut r isa v. .,...
IN 13 Vi Kill) PTC Y. Disnuur cuuut r isa v. ., FOR THE BOUTiiCK DlSTalcr Of KB YORK. JeeralAssisne Sale. TrY virtue of sundry !b",XT"vAteJ.' I'lV6 IS out ol li.e District Court of the United Mates for Ibe Houlhern I)..iricl of Naw Yoik, vesting in me tlie .-.. f bankrupts i',e,lL'elJJr.?;,1 will Mll .1 Public Auction, si the tore No. 47 Liber-tv aireet in the city of N York, on Ibursdsy, In. C. H O-tobi'.! 12 o'clock, aooo,. II lb. proper-Iv and rights of properly (J"'f which became Wiled in ihe official or General Assignee by lb. decrees afiresaid, in lha following assets hereinafter noted, end which ere more particularly eel loriti in lha papere on file. aa by reference llierelo will more fully appear, lu wit: In the milter of SILAS M. STILWELL. lit r.-si lur interest in (wo aaaiKOineuis made lu L-wis I".. Wondruffaud John .Sullweil.ous dated Jan' uiry ti, 1837, the other April llih, 1837. lu the mrtr-r of W. D. HUTCHING. J -a ir'iiluirv interest in an assignment made by Koekr, Mi-Neil St Co. to James Hull on the 19;h of UnuUei, 1!J7. In ihe limner or WILLIAM C. DUiEMJERRY. Ilii leeiJuary intorest in nn ssrigntnent made 10 Sleplien 1). tiardionr ami Achilles R. Ciane. ,i the maturof SAMUKL ml AW. Ilia residuary iuterrat in an assignment made wiih Henry A. Liule to Julio E. Hyde and Richard Cor-ii-! I, un ill 13 h March, X'iZH. In the matwr of UOUfiLAS.S 8ATTElll.EE. Ilia resilu-iry interest in an assignment made June toil, to Uriah Gregory aud William A. Salter lee. In lan mailer of JOHN FOWLER. 11m riMi.luurv interest In an ussigument maile by Vnii l'-'l( ami IWIer, on Die 3,li January, 1840, in Jolm V. (irecnlield. In the matter of JOHN FOSTER. II remioar inteieat in an aoaigiimrnl made Doc. 10, 1511. to Francis Goldey. li th.i inattM of HARNEY CORSE, ilia rasiJunry assignment in ao made March 7,1330, to IVlward I'urlie, Eq. Joa-pii S. Pickering, I'lnla., due bill, 1837, 00 00 In (lie matter of JAMES ALDRICH. Ilia residusry interest in two assignments made by flutlrraml Aldricri, Sap. 3, and October 27, lo38, lo (Juihbert C. Ciurdon. In the matter nf EDWARD CARR1.NU ION. Hi retiiluary inleie-t in an aaai-umnnt made Jan. !27, lull), to Pater Mortou and EJwaid Terry. In ll.e tnait.ir of JOHN DENNETT. Km iuietaat in ilia lollowiug debta due the late firm of llm.UUle Mi'l licuiiei,.. : Alaiisnn llorton, J iseph fitrev, F. A.llre.Ue. Kaiiit-i lam Nornuo S,iencer, Connecticut, Jnhn WiUniui, Francis Very, I l.nr. I .'ia . Pa. 3 note in I'ImoiI Bank ilaruoro, auo J Pheniv Hank. 1 1 an fold, balance, 'M 93 Shrlliel.l Lr.wit, 11 00 Martin Keuuey, 1 52 O.ii C ..I.1, 12' 21 Sylvester Vi!r, 539 06 '1'alrotl Skinner, 14 U0 AIo. In individual property, vis : llalance of a note suede by Jonailiaa Hortoo.Lf M,iuthi,',il, L. I., Iauur Margarat iieunelt, In the matter of UEOKUE W. JE1)NEY Fifteen aharea ISucW'a Harbor Mountain Graaila Coinpa6y Block. . In iha matter of GEORGE ACKEKLY. Eirht-ix book accounia aiooDnline io the whole lo 1273 66 In Iba matter of JOHN P. VAN EPS. Hia reeiduary iuterrat io two aaaigumenui Btade 3J April and 22 1 Jane, 1837. His interest in a deed of Irnat of the separate estate of bis wife, made April 25, 1836. Is Ilia waller of DENJ VilIN G. WELLS. II ia reaid nary inltfreal io aa asaigaroent made io 1334 lo Joseph N. Barnes Sc Wm. tfemu la Ihe matter or ROBERT S. WATSON. His rreituary interest ia two assif nuieols mad by Waiaoncc Ubl.Tic: One to Georee W. Pomeroy & Wm. M. Holland, SKpieniber 17,1840; and the other on Ihe 23d October, 1341), to Wm. M. Lnthrop, receiver in Chancery. In tlie matter of NELSON PLACE. Twrnty shares Kcnebee Port and Granite Rail Road eoiniany. Charles liairel, Ohio, oote 61087 Dai Inaley.ilue bill 30 00 D.i judgment . 13 20 Dr Burger, half do 63 74 ueore Aater, hair da 75 03 tlirein Kelts, hall da 38 87 Careton, hair do 25 00 John Wilson, two notes 124 13 21 74 28 00 19 58 1897 5S 185 79 134 76 137 1)5 lP.n'1 4t 89 EJm F. Ackley, balance account, 16 00 In Hie metier ..f DAVID HARNETT. braham Alitchell, account, 18.7, J70 00 In the mnltKrof PARK BENJAMIN. Hi iiiinreat in the biuiaees of the late firm of George Dearborn it Co. In the matter or GEORGE & CHARLES W. BAKER. ,M or M....H Ar. I.ilwmivunlll. account. 1340. 182 2o livnjuinin Tuwnaand, do. 1839, 18 4j In Ihe mailer of HENRY CHURCHILL, ilia iuterrat in a mortgage on houaehuld furniture to Jeiao Churchill, tUili June, 1841. InthetiialtrofWlLLlAM N. 1URCII. Ilia reanliiary infeteal in an aaitignnieut made liy tiranf Ilirch or. Co., to lienjimiii F. l.e, on the 7th May,IU.'lU. In tl.e matter ofDN K. GRANGER. Ilia rcaidiiary iuterest in the same kaYignrocnt as lan si t forth. In the mutter of ROBERT LONGMAN. I Ik rxaiJuarv iiitttrri-t in an aaaicnmf-nt ma le to Ilolhnrt Small, nn ihe 27 lh January, 1842, by order of the Court ol Chancery. In the matter of MA AC F. TYSON. Ilia rridunry mierrat io an aaaignnient made by Grorgo W. Tyaoo it. Co to 'I'haodora K. Ille ol New V ik. and James Marhuf Philadelphia, May lolli, 13T. AIo, an aanienment made to Elixabelh Tyson, on tin Flih No. 1839, by bankrupt individually. In the matter or JOHN CONKL1N. Ilia reaidoiry inierrat io an aaignineiit made lo William A. Ilurtia, in the year 1834. In the Matter of GEORGE BAXTER. Mm rreiilunry inlereat in an aaaignment made with ClniJiiophor M. llnsler.oulhe 1st .Way, 1840, to William M.S. Rueacll. In the matter of GEORGE W. SNOW. Inlcreat in theealuteof suow, Rundiet &Saow. In the miller of LOIIENRO SNOW. lolereat in Ihe ealate of Snow, Kuodlel St Snow. In the metier of HENRY A. SWIFT. Ilia rnanluary itiiereat in an aaaiKomant by Jesup Sw.f, V t'a. to Uaorse Folsom. 14th Jaoaary 1840. It DO In Ihe matter nf JOHN KERSHAW. Ilia residuary inteieat in certain notes left as collateral. Ia lha mailer of ALFRED KERSHAW. His residuary intereal incrrtain ootea left as collateral. In the matter e r PHILIP BENNETT, Jr, Danirl H Minilh Si Lniiia ncrnunt 900 00 John C TuBker. do 2200 00 James Uurry, do 250 00 II. r.. -I' s,.,;,h r!o 540 110 Pninaaa Hudson. do &0 00 In the matter or OLIVER HULL. Hie rridury internal in an aaaignment made May 17. 1837. io J ol,n Hull. Alao in an asinmenl made June 7, 1337, by Oliver Hull and Sainuel Bowna lo John Hull and James M. Redmond Samuel Bowoe, account, 1842 923 43 loihe matter of GEORGE W VESEY. Peter V Tilvou's draft, January 22, 1841, on Jobn V Tilytu 25 00 In Ihe mailer of M AHLON RUCKMAN. Hia reeiduary interest on an asrignuwnt made Sept. 9,1810, lo Michael V hania. Alao one half interest in 35003 morus tnulticau'is in trees buried near Dristul, l'enu. In tl.e mailer or CHARLES AlcNEIL. His rrroJu;-.ry iuti-ri-st in an aaaienuicat mnde in I83i) to lien. C Lock wood, Wm. McNeil aud Lorenzo D Kualiiuore. In ihe matter of WILLI AM UTTER ARNOLD. His residuary interest in an assignment mada in 1834 lo Jamra U ArnulJ. Hia ifiiereat iu an agreuroent with Jonathan Labaw i. Co. In the matter of CLARK S. DUNNING. P. II. Shield's, estate account 18 13 Lyman Springer's, two nuies, 1835, 743 45 l)j, two bills of exchange, on Sumuel Springer.lC35. 1338 70 Intereal in certain notes delivered to Charles IL Taylor, receiver, appointed by Court or Chancery. In the matter or THOMAS B. CODDINGTON. His residuary interest in an assignment made 23J January, 1310, lo Charlie Davis. In the matter orSAMUEL CONG DON. Job Jenckes 6c. Sons, of Cumberland, R. I., account, 4523 02 Daniel Uunington, account, 3127 46 John Monlilia. do. 622 40 The two following Notes left as collateral with Ihe Providence City Bank, viz. William li. Drown, Keb'y It), IBoK, moo John Jsuckea, Feb 10. 1833, 5336 75 In the matter of JOHN FISHBLATT. Simon Fialiblatl.of Boaloo, Mass., account, COO 00 F. II Ke.vnulds, N. Y..ooto 216 25 Simpaon Fiiiier, account, 350 00 In Ihe matter of GEORGE W. GRAY. 108 aharea nf Bucks Harbor Slouotuio Granite Company stock $100 each. In the matter or JOSEPH W. READEL. Hia reaidnary iuterrat in an assiKonwot made with Moaea Beadel, Dec. 13;h, 1839, lu Edward Pigot and Julin 11. Biower. In the matter of MOSES BEADEL. Hia reaiduary interest in same assignment ss set lorth iu the matter of J. W. Beadel. In the muter of DAVID A. COM STOCK. His residuary interest in an assignment made by Cumstock &. Andrews, Feb. 1st, 1839, lo Simeon Dra. per, Jr. In the matter or DANIEL W. GANTLEY. Ilia reniduary interest in an assignment made Jan. 23J, 1840, to Henry Liverty. In tho mailer of HENRY P. CROPSEY. Hia reaiduary intrrext in an assignment mada June 25ih, 1840, to laaac B. Van Houteo. In the matter or ALEXANDER GREAVES. Hit reniduary interest in an aaaignment made Aug. 30ih, 1837, to Charles Edwarda and Wm. S. Mc-Coun. In Ihe matter or A MAS A NEWMAN. His residuarv intereat io an aaaignment made in Ihe year 1833, to William 11. Seely and Geo. Crawford. Io ihe mnlterof JEREMIAH G. HAMILTON f u Ohio Snow, In In In 6 It. . 18 1 la John In E-lwar.t Mur In In Jn' E Wm ary In June J Mr F Wm Tea 13 D L Tiokham it Hart, New York, account 274 74 750 89 C498 14 22 71 3000 00 John J. Swift, balance account Io ihe matter of SETII CROS B Y, J r. Prail Sl Dodge, check, 1835, Sewell Bulterfield, account li.t 2nolea Isaac I'eaaendiD, do In ihe matter til ELI DF.VOE. CharleaSieaina, bond and mortgage,", duled lit AuRUit, 1837, for In Ihs matter of CHESTER CHILDS. IIk inteieat in huusuhold furniture, mortgaged to William Cloie. In the matter of OLIVER HEWLETT. Ill reaiduary interest in sn assignment made Oct. Ti, 1839. lo Henry 8. Hewlett. KJarJ Brennsn, sccounl 253 75 In the metier of JOHN L. JOHNSON. Ilia reaiduary intereal in 2 assignments made in South Carolina in the years 1838-39 In Ihe matter or NATHANIEL P. BAILEY. F.atate of James O.. Bailey, (dee'd.) account due, about 302 07 John S.Crsry's. esiste, Do J, L.& S.Joseph St Co. Do Temple Fsy Do Stephen Hendiicksoo Do Cbsrles Fsrringlon Do Jonathan P.Clark Do Abner Fay(inauit) Do do do judgment account do judgment account, with 24000 00 10500 00 15000 00 3149 87 10000 00 7000 00 500 00 Ruaaell Nell's note, $300, aa collateral. 210 00 Hia residuary interest io an assignment made 3 let Dee., 1838, to Elisha Morrill, Esq., of certain real ealate. In lha matter of HORACE PLIMPTON. Hia residuary interest in an assignment made Dec. 8th, 1841, to Charles Sherwood. His interest io certain articles of household lurniture mortgaged, as follow f, viz : To Daniel Carpenter, Oct. 26, 1841. To Do Nov. 6. ' To John Blackburn, Oct. 26, In the matter of JOHN W HITE. His residuary intereal in four notes left with F. B. Rhodes St Co. as collateral. His rasMusry interest in three notes and one bill or sichsnge left with tho Newburyport Bank as collater al. G. W. Griawold's oote, 183G, 452 25 S.Si II. Waterman du 1836, 292 09 IB n

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  • 1842 General Assignee's Sale by US District Court

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