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COMMMY »«eata ptt week y«at li m tkeprlaci thmigh tele- atuatioa of OOMMIIT, *a aala at will coafai at irregularity 144. Works I COL ALEX. GORDON A Familiar Figure in the Iron World of the Great Metropolis. AH INTERESTING INTERVIEW With Hawlllua'a Hm*r»il CIH/»a Ohio nrmociau Muni Cow* to Under for Gubernatorial I I in her-Old Gather* tl « PlaMr-Pro*|iecU Uiowing Hatter. \ dispatch to the Enquirer from ,'orkllsays: Colonel Alex. Gordon, I'res- dent and largest ownei of tbe great Tool Works at Hamilton Ohio, with large onnectlons in this city, pa«sed through here today, en route tc Asbury Park. where |bis good old mother and bright ourteen-vear-old son are guests for the eason. One of the great warehouses on -iberty street, Ithe manufacturer*' center f New York, is occupied by products of he Niks Tool Works, and Colonel btr as become a familiar figure'in the iron ·orld of the metropolis. He will spend a reater pan of the summer between htre cd Asbury Park, where his family is leasantly situated. The Democrats in Ohio have got to Butler County for their gubernatorial timber," he said, referring to the fact Congressman Paul J. Sorg is here. "H be either Sorg or Jimmy Campbell who lead the;D«mocraiic hosts. I fancy it will be the former." "It has been stated that Sorg has his upon the Senatorsbip," remarked The Enquirer correspondent. SoiCforScnatof. ·'A close friend of his out West'informed me that that was not the case," said Colonel. "But then jou cannot tell. Politics are mighty queer and often cause who take a hand to-well, to dissemble a little, putting it mildly. Sorg is a good man \vith a level head, arid will fool some aersoss should he determine to go after Seuatoiship, that is. providing of couist; the Legislature of our state is Democratic, which is not at all likely. But should the Democrats win, Butler County will-'gather C., IS. origin in the money will their obligations in the that in panacea fa cheap mone lightened in honesty o creditor fre the hope o is rani same period of coin of cloth Then cheap difficulties is evidence of the silver advo old "green- money if tbe is only of money prices of to the if the to lighten not be debts? are Mire to depend on cents to everyone what monev, increas- merely i n the plums, if Butler Countv wants Oh, we are a great people out our wav wonderful people. Our soil produces statesmen. Came very near being one myself. Escaped by the merest chance obly. In this statement Colonel Gordon referred o bis stand for the congressional uomina- ion as tbe Republican candidate to oppose Ir. Sorg at the time of that gentlemen's e election to congress. Up almost to the time of the Republican congressional con vention it was conceded that Colonel Gor- cien would be the nominee. Suddenly, bowe%er, he withdrew from the race, and his name was not presented to the con vention. In answer to an inquiry the Hamilton manufacturer explained that turn in affairs. Coloiirl Gordou'a Ca*e. It happened in a queer way. Colonel Gordon was a pretty busy young man and a very active older man with with no for politics. When it came down to nominating him for congress it was suddenly discovered that he was not eligible. Born outside the lines protected bv the red, white and blue, he had not thought of a thing as taking out citizens papers until a few years ago. In fac:. life was too ofahustlefor him. He was therefoie cot a citizen of this country a sufficient length of time legally, and so, of course, could stand as a candidate for congress. He is however, one of the most dashing members of Governor McKinley's staff. But while a the yesterday. warm admirer of the chief executive of the Suckeye state, be is considered as holding the closest relations to ex-Governor Foraker. "The friends of- Governor Foraker'seem o have carried everything before them at the Republican State Convention," I re marked to him. "Didn't they, though." he said, enthusiastically. "Whv. they just cleaned the plat er, leaving nothing for tbe other lellows. ad how easily, too. They had everything their own way and handled the; convention nst as they pleased. The other side got ompletely rattled--Sherman and all of iiem. I never saw anything like it. And he reception Foraker got! It was amaz- ng.' 1 "McKinley ran away from it, didn't be" asked a irirnd. "Xot a bit of it," said the colonel. "Why, McKiolev would have been just as warmly reeled had he been there." "I was very glad to hear of Harmon's ection.'' said Colonel Gordon. in A huge the W. Western G. Dr. r.e^r Riffel ship from home 12 He He is feet light wore light clothes gold for very Information thankfully Ohio. ue entirely to ex Governor Hoadly. He ! Yes, day, EUt a*-ay That was T'wa« M X - Attorney General who With the ould be in svmpatby witb him and b-.\ cas regarding the Pacific Railroad, or tberhe wanted a man who would uot nvite antagonisms. You know Hoadh, by appointraert of Olnev, represents the Government in connection with affairs of that road. There has been a great deal of scandal in connection with the Paci6c and itsa£airs. Xow Harmon and Hcadly can T'wasa bosom Thus IVhil? ii'K. Father, TVtaeli Hor l;s law fiim. 5,0 :be the ex-Govtrnor kept at Cleveland, and selection of Judson io Miccccd Oltity «««. j wta. MW ».*,,,,,,,,.,,,,. Aa^^thc Colonel dropp^d » d interesting bit of new.«. H was ' ~ o Na faun stiuggfed away Biiii»h of ibe*e is one witnessed Rcpub- The of tbe how] she prom cidedlv wsth itlation to the appointment of J«d*on Harmun. 01 Cincinnati, to the puMiion of At'.oiaev-Geneial. Colonel Gordon's works emplov many hundred men, and a i-ference lo this by one of his friends brought out the «3«e»tJon: "Colonel, arc times growing any b::ght«r?" ' j ·WeH. thev give tnomists of growing be!-, ter." he said, "aed J hope the promise:, are realized. Thtse have been trying times, and jf congress will 3o: ns sioae 1 thiak wH3 get along all iig«i. This talk of silver wJU »ot do--never ia tbe wor3d." "The good time *iH come along about New Pr. ces in Webster. ase of resorted tbe tame sight c« is ability. "Ora]ii«e3ater,"s*idthe co3otae3, wish MniJe. -About tlie time a Republican president s:ej» into the White 3ios«e." - Wedding Diestots at He3\ty. Mbtr | Telly The ansua] Field Day of the Y. M. C. A. ook rl«ct this afternoon at the Faij ds- The tffcfrtxuie as piaWijtittl is y«~rJay Km-Bj.jcAX began promp ily at J o'clock. No ciiage wa» jaadc for admittance, and lb«7* was * Urge crowd pTe*tiit. There is a treat ititetMt 3»i«x as Ilie «H3e?cttt easiest*. T?ie iz«-s as pcl;jsWx3 jf*5«3sy are %try 5s« i ?i»d«*3. They can be s**n is Jh» -s-jaawof ' id Do*dise% TJiere ««r« entries :a rmr th» cinnaii «JceaB s Gitoi; Tie J-'iMo-n 3*:?i JOT jb*

Clipped from
  1. The Hamilton Daily Republican,
  2. 18 Jun 1895, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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