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j yfc FA 4 Jt toy jntAxoisbo ciikoxicle stoday xiBcnr fsw kJJ POULTE Eggs are now rapidly going Inte storage and tb association U exhort - tat Iti member to refrain from washing eggs from now on A waahod egg for Immodlato ooneumptlon ti aa rood aa any othor egg but when placed In Horace ttaoy limply will Bot kMP Nor la It commercially possible for the packera to separate th YUbil eggs from pthori Eggs told by the association for storage are guaranteed free from waahod arcs Apparently the management tear that aomo of Iti membera can not be trusted for It offer to pay during the storage season the same price for dirty em as for clean This pro rata by all thenonest as wellas dishonest members but the msnage - ment evidently believe that the com - pany will lose less by that method than by leaving It to the honesty of Its members to send them no waahod CCS Human nature la about the same In all occupations and the per - - jt lli - v man la aa larae nests allowlnc them to come off only amonr farmers aa amonc other folk 0Bcf a day for fodHknd u 81t General Manaser Barber says The Ideal thing would be to hare bo dirty ages at all but thlsjs not possible It Is possible however lor may be hatehed either naturally or artificially but on practically llof m targe ouck terms tne netcning Is dono In Incubators Strong fertile eggs are a prime essential In good hatching and are obtained only from stock properly mated and kept under the best possible condition to secure health and vigor say United antes Department of Agriculture special - Isle TCK MUST NOT BB OVHK - FAT Eggs from over - fat breeding stock do not usually produce a large percentage percentage of strong duckling Pekin and Indian Runner ducka rarely alt consequently If natural methods of Incubation are to he used the mi are usually hatched under hen Ducks eggs should be washed If Ifferes Saity Cruz Egg - Laying Score Fourth Month of State Contest Passes SANTA CKUfc March 14 The Cali fornia farm bAireau egg laying contest contest has closed the fourth month The leading pen records for the month twenty - nine days follow 3H ne x - HrrV - WsflhlfBr Amm iAt tr will Involve lossjln sale to be bornehnJur tn8lr hatching qualities TC1B OMK IJTiECT POWDKB Before setting a hen dust herThor - oughly with Insect powder In applying applying lhlanflwder hold the hen by the feettlthliejrjMad hanging down and worx It thoroughly Into the feathers giving special attention around the vent and under the wlnga It several hens are sitting In the same room confine them on the 0 0 - Barter list Ores Warns Wood luti Crm D 8 Wilie rvulame Britain Brolkera LasaaMe a w akbaufk Sana Ores w aiamr nacne vox Bntrjra pMltrj Beeek Chile tot Bellows Brothers ef Lakeside bad the highest hen for the month with a record of twenty - els errs For the four months a period of 111 days henN If belonging to D B Walls of Fetaluma law 10 eggs or a percentage percentage of 17 H per cent By the month no if has laid as follows it nee seer G Id meets tl araf U snath II Ujtr u Beats ia ur a UASXXO VATS iU AC roixowii n B Willi rllnm7M W f jieef lint Crm T1 Bsterprjee ponltrc Kiack Cilas 05 r Beet Bud One tit xjcut nrsrrtDuau at xn or ruuaTU nsi He IS B B Willi Petelaaa It P B Walla FetalDaM Si I BetemrlM Beeek Oklee 9TS HeUli Peck 8U Ores f H fS M ST M M U M ending every poultryman to keep down the number of dirties by taking a little extra care if the floors of the houeea are cleaned often and kept covered with reasonably clean litter or hw it nintv r neeta are furnished and are kept properly aupplled with clean dry neet material If the hens are kept In the houses twnerever iv - - - - tloable when the ground ouuldo is aauddy and If the eggs ar gathered twice a day there will be compara - tlvely few soiled eggs We all know that these precautions are observed by many poultrymen but we all know too that soma ot us are not alwaya as careful aa we might be in these roattera I do wish we could get every member of the association to reallre the Importa - nco of these simple precaution The men who are handling the sell - i wn hnaineie are doing all tbat they can to make a succees or It In the face of many difficulties Tou can help them to help you by dolng all you can to deliver a Product of ri - - - ti K nroud Never mnd what the tbr fellow do let u try to do It better That Is the Hal wad and the only road to laatlng alltr date ef February 13 the gen - oral manager eald WM wh The total number of member who have signed the new produce sale rpM they own so that the total number of hens signed up Is no doubt oonld - erably over the above flguree W - IUi the cktngl Mon openlBg n March 1 the question of the price of eggfor storage becomes a matter f Immediate concern The mw who is paying more for teed and for everything else than ho was last rear naturally feele that he should t me for his eggs The queellon fs Sn he get ItT If the can and ended rlcht here In California California w wouldnt bother to m the oueatlon but we are all well aware that It is the price In the great egg - producing Middle West that wl determine determine ovr price as well aa that of very other section of the country What can we do however to a con - alderable extent Is to ee tbet our price represents the full value of our egga In relation to the Restore mar - Trie difficulty is 1hat our peeking season In California begins about a month ahead of the Bast and Middle West so tbat bom oeaiere ana w - dira here Have 10 raiy n 4ji nt mi 4h aDrnlna of the sea son There Is some guidance to l had In the prices at wmen conirari iivrii delivery have been and arc being made In Chicago Such prices represent the Judgment of operators as to wbnt the actual price v Ill be In April Contracts nave ween maoc wo ii t nrlcea varying from 44 ui eenU down to 4 cents for Chicago Slrsts April delivery one oi mu argest handlers of eggs in Chlcevgo told us recently that he believed that Jjvestern firsts ought to go Into Stor - Tire at 85 cents This gentleman cheerfully admits that he Is a bear on the market and ano says mu Jtasnt sold any futures for less than 41 rents If the export situation could be cinnii ii n bv some ndluslmnt f Mini AxehinfB rates we viould ase to worry 1 here vjouM be noth - Ira to worv about Without tlat ad niii i ma likely that we A markers will have to eet more of our on eggs tills var Keit u re lurn to normal exchange would not r now now euvoiuieir fiau ut inw i ivi liiislnces we v ant There has lately v veleped a poiHibililv of R islu opening up ond Jiissla has lwa ruppiled a largo prorortlon the fin used in Knzlaiid end other nountrles of Western Lurope So the eltuatlon Is full of possl fcllltlis the beet of whjrh Is thai there Is still u profiulilo demand In New York which senna likily to lonlinue well Into March Taxing this Into account with the sales of April fulurea In Chicago make us feel quite hopeful of storage prlees at least as nign as list year u noi higher We ourselves feel ttut wc taa well afford to store our eggs at last years prices with apreakonafcle rertalnty of not loelng an thing on tliera Our policy will be determined by lhi feeling and by the fact that the Sioultryman must have prices at least is good as last year In order to feed Us hens to say nothing of getting luiythlng for nlmseir The Raising of Ducks t Requires Much Care Duck raising Is conducted success - ally both aa a aide lesue on general arms and aa a special business on a arge scale The sale of these birds not confined chiely to the holiday Season like turkeys but the demand i an all - the - year one On a general arm they add variety both in meat nd la eggs to tha farmers table Ducks lay their eggs - early In the lay - and should bo confined to the ones or pen until 110 or 1 oclock i the morning If allowed to roam arly In the morning they may lay n a pond r stream and the eggs xtr be lest rmtfOD tF IlfCCBATlO Tba narled of nenbatlan for ducks eg Is twetyelght days except fer he Mbsoovt dnek which I thirty a once a day for teed Hind water Sit ting hens should be fed whole or cracked grain euch aa corn or wheat Place nine to eleven ducke eggs under a hen depending on her slss and the season of the year using the smaller number of eggs In cold weather and the larger number In warm weather Confine the hena at hatching time and do not disturb them until the hatch Is comcleted unless they become restless when It may be best to remove the ducklings iimi naicnea iirst Hens must be well cared for in hatching ducks eggs as tha period of Incubation Is a week longer than that of hens eggs It usually takes ducklings from twenty - four to forty - eight hours to hatch after tfley pick the shells therefore It Is adviaable to allow the hen to get off the nest for feed and water when the first ducklings pick the ihell and then confine her to the nest until the hatch la over Ducks eggs need more moisture than hens eggs at hatching time as It take the ducks much longer to get out of the shell The eggs therefore should be sprinkled sprinkled with warm water previous to hatching Incubators for hitching ducks Cgs are usually kept at a allghtly lower temperature than for hena eggs Keep the machine at 101 degrees degrees F for thefirst three weeke and 10S degrees F for the last week The temperature ma J go above 103 degreee F and sometimes will go a high as 104 degrees F st hatching time Operate the machine according according to the manufacturer direotlona METHOD OF BROODINO Ducks are much easier to brood rtinclally than ohlckena but they may also be raised under hens sue - cessfully It raised by the latter method It la advisable to confine tha hens and allow the ducklings free range as the hene are apt to wander too rar away witn their broods After tha duckling have been confined confined to the Incubator for twenty - four to twenty - lx hours after hatch lng remove them to the brooder and rive them their first feed The brooder should be operated at a temperature temperature of about OS degrees F at tlrst and gradually reduced to 0 degrees degrees or IC degrees within a week or ten days The temperature may be reduced suite rapidly depending on the season ot the year Aim to keep the ducklings comfortable Clean and spray the coops and houses thoroughly the same as for poultry mites also wet or aprar the yard or run especially any dry aoll aoout tne poultry - houses such as dirt floors or ground underneath a Doara noor with a solution of salt and water which helps to keep the ground moist and prevents the fleaa from breeding 22 O O Barker siate Crvs ITT R 0 Olbm Newkallc T1 DB WllU Petlloni - iu le - Mn Bratbara Lakaaloe 101 a M Webb Bieta Cros 2S Dr C K Bile Bite Cms During the past week March 10 a new seven - day record waa made for the contest by O O Barkers pen hie hens laying an even 10 per cent High pens for the week follow O O Barker Bieti One Bellevs Brataera uteuei Tt re A New Process For Preserving Eggs Kxchenge A process for preserving eggs Indefinitely waa Invented soma years ago by Victor Clalremont a well - known figure In the egg world and after a long and eihauetlve series of experiments was pstenlej by him In Its present form Its use on a large scale by the poultry producers association will mark en epoch In the conservation of one of our most Important Important foods fresh eggs Like all great discoveries the process process Itself Is quite simple but thoroughly thoroughly effective It praaerves unaltered unaltered for an Indefinite period the pristine freshness fit the new - laid erg The process consists ossentlalljr In subjecting the freeh egg to a hirfi derree of heat for a few seconds only This rapid application ef Intense heat completely eternises net only the out side of the erg but tlso the small amount of sir that exlnl Insider the shell of a freeh egg Simultaneously the outside of the egr Is coated with en absolutely neulrel preservative substance which eeala up the poree of the shell preventing the acces of other air and also preventing evaporation evaporation of the contents of the egg The entire process Is accomplished In a few seconds by the operation of an electrically operated automatlo machine and takes place so rapidly that the delicate contents of the freth egg are not in the least affected Both the white and the yolk remain absolutely absolutely unchanged and best of all their freshness and their unrivaled nutritive qualities are conserved Indefinitely Indefinitely by this remarkable aterllli - Ing prooea In the ue of this process by tha poultry producers of Central California California Inc even the heat will be applied electrically and controlled by delicate thermostats to a fraction of a degree Only absolutely freeh eggs of tha highest quality will bs used The Clalremont prooea Is not a new thing It Is long past the experimental experimental stage Egg conerved by this pro cess have been marketed for several years oy two or tne most raatiaioua sgg dealers in San Francisco but only In a email way for the simple reason that they were not able to obtain a large supply of the high quality ergs which are neccary for the porfoot sterilised products BltmT NOT MAKE WINKS Men who Illegally manufactured wine In Nevada during the paat sea son will bo turned overjo the District Attorney by the Internal Bevenuo Department according to an announcement announcement mad by ths Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue Tha department has a list of people who manufactured liquor and felled to make any report to the internal rev enue officials or to pay the required revenue tax Tne liquor win be cen - d tie offenders pra - flscatad gad W K BUIBey raiwaDa P B Willi PeUlaaia nntaranie aaaen vaiae a Saa4Ut Paaltry Beack klrerehlei tl Warreo Wood liata Cfaa M B L Olbaeo Baata Crat M A W jUmbmia gaota Ores M Mrs at B WUaas Bait Baa Blase 0 e Success in Incubation Depends on Operator Exchange Succees or falure In ualng an Incubator depend In ninety - nine caee out ef 400 on the attention attention given to its operation The ordinary ordinary incubator Is easy to operate but for good results regular and painstaking painstaking care must bs given from the time It Is started until the last hatch Is out v Incubators can be operated In a great variety of places with lueoess but where only a few small machines are used they are generally run in a room or the cellar of the bouse A special cellar or Incubator house should be drovlded If the Incubator equipment la extensive The main essentials essentials are to provide for good ven tilation and against great variations in temperature SBTTTNO VP TUB INCUBATOR The ineubetor phould be set up according according to the manufacturers directions directions with rare that it Is perfectly lever if a spirit level Is not avail able a long shallow pan of water eet on top of the machine will serve Us purpose Be sure that all parts of the Incubator are In their proper po sitions and that the regulator works freely If the door of the incubator sticks do not plane it until the ma chine has been heated and thorough ly dried The machine should be run at about 102 degrees for twenty - four hours before before the eggs are put In It takes several hours for the machine to come back to Its correct temperature after the eggs are put In therefore the regulator should not be touched In that time It Is best to see to the regulation ef the temperature before opening the door to attend to the eggs but do not change the regulator any more than la absolutely neces - rary The eggs tend to throw off more heat aa the embryo develops so thut it may be necessary to change the regulator slightly during the latter latter das of incubation The manufacturers manufacturers directlena regarding temperature temperature should be followed unices considerable considerable experience Indicate they can be improved TUFUIIJKU AND C0OI4NO TUB BGCS Turn and cool the eggs according to the directions furnished with the incubator The eggs are usually turned for the first time at the end of the sscond day and twice a day through the eighteenth or nineteenth day or until the chicks oommence to pip After turning the eggs reverse the egg trays end for end and from one aide of the machine to ON ether In two - tray Incubators Keep the Incubator Incubator door rlosed while turning the eggs The length of time to cool egg de pends upon the temperature of the room A good general rule Is to leave the eggs otit of the Incubator until they feel slightly cool to the band faca or eyelid Plaoe the trays on the top of the machine or on a table In such a position that they are not In a draft and so that the tray does not project over the edge of Its support which would sllow part ef the eggsi lo cool much more quickly than the rest NINSTEKN DATS NORMAL TIKE In a good hatrh the eggs will start to pip on ths evening of the nine teenth day and most of the chickens will be out of the shell On the morningmorning morningmorning - of tne twenty - first day If the hatch la much earlier or later than this it Indicates that the condition during Incubation have not been right A high temperature may hatch eggs too quickly and produce weak chickens while a continuous lew temperature temperature throughout the hatch will delay it fer ssvsral hours After the eggs bsgin to hatch leave the machine alone until the hatch Is well over Do not open the door to see how the egg ar hatching as It allows the escape of moisture which Is essential at this time Keep the Incubator dark at hatching hatching time by covering tha glaes In the door with a cloth or burlap sank so that the chicks will not be attracted to the front of tha machine by Ph light and become restless When the chicks are all hatehed remove the egg traye and open the ventilators Aftsr ths hatch kesp the chicks In th Incubators Incubators fer from twenty - four to thirty - six hours bsfore removing to the brooders TO PAINT NEATTY 11 any farmer d a great deal at their own painting Interior and exterior exterior An amateur painter cannot avoid getting noma paint on th hardware such aa look hinges pulls handles etc This give th finished Job a botched appearance and partly poll th effect of th new coat of paint Htrt Is a little trick of the paint - er trade tbat will serve the amateur amateur painter well Heidi beilnjilin to paint th woodwork apply a coat - lag of vaseline te the hardware let th Ipalnt dry thoroughly - thee wipe th resells off the metal ptrtaxand th paint will come off with It Thr later a aeat c lob - r which Ut Items of Interwsffo theFarmers Tha Farmer aad Prult arowra Legislative Committee which was ap pointed following the annaal convention convention last November of Stat fruit growers and on which are ranraaan tatlres of most of ths large Important Important horticultural sectloa aad inter asia got together recently In San Francisco and definitely started It programme of permanent progress The committee Is styled thef California California Agricultural Legislative Ccmralt - tee and tha varloua Interests con - corned In California In this matter win contribute funds for th committees committees active support and development development The committee opeaed 0010 la Sacramento Mreh 1 aad will maintain maintain hsadquarters there and ha appointed appointed R N Wilson aa secretary and manager Wilson has been county farm adviser of Riverside county Ho I moving hi residence to Sacramento Sacramento This look like good newa No statement however has yet been mad as to who is providing th money Whoever provides It will control control the action of th committee far aa It care to do o Through th Farm Bureau there I tpportunlty forth rank and file ef us to express opinions on policies to the extent that such Opportunity Is given will be the limit of the authority ot the committee committee to represent th farmer OREBN FORAOB FOR rTOCK Th growing scarcity of green feed tor live stock caused by th plowing u of alfalfa and other forage for the f planting of other crops notably cot ton compels tne farmer to turn nia attention to th planting f more acre which shall produce hait or pasture for animals Inquiry among seedsmen Indicates that many thousand of acres will be planted in Southwestern localities this spring to forage crops other than alfalfa although there will be many thousand acre ot the latter planted But the soil climate and water condition will not alwaya support the culture ot alfalfa and the grasses especially those which were successful last year ar getting an unusual sbars of attention Among the grasses which win be plsntsd both on tne oescri ana oiner sections are Napier Kneaes ouain Teff and Smllo grass The Napier grass has produced the greateat amount of fodder per acre and en dures low and high tempereturoa It 1 propagated from cuttings which makes It costly to plant But if 1 a perennial and one stalk cut up and planted will produce eight or ten huge bunches of fodder Where the water supply Is small and the rainfall not over eight or ten inrhea a vear Bmllo crass ha been known to yield a good crop Thl grasa too Is not partial aa to olI is a hardy evergreen perennial and thrives on dry hills among rock and brush and unasr trses m Ideal ranee trass stool freely and nronaa - ilaa Itself by seeds It may also be nronacated from divided stools One ounce of seed will grow AMAiai nlanta to let OUt an aCTS Rudan era is hss been Introduced for manr years and has given general satisfaction In irrigated die iriMa aa aulck rrowlnc annual en during much alkali Three or four tone of hay may be cut each thirty daye until frost gets uio grasa seed mav be planted with a beet drill or may be broadcasted This grass hriva under excessive molsturo con dltlcns and sndures considerable drMiiht A eland of Sudan may be - r matured and thrives under th 1 - f treatment Ta mu Is not particular aa to soil and will endure mueh drought It brlne - a a quick crop ot nay wnen the seed lo sowed In May two tons to tha cutting having been reported The virtues of Teff grass center around th fact that it will gYow where little elee will grow on dry mesas and rocky sons LOOK OUT FOR M7NBWRN Th spring Is th best time to provide provide summer protection against unburn unburn Very frequently this vsry Important Important stsp is put off until too late Female for Whitewash Quick lime unslaked lime I pounds salt half pound sulphur half pound water about Ave gallons How 4 Prepare Slske the lima with hot water adding the ealt and aulphur while It la alaklng When the lime le thoroughly alaked add water to make about five gallons of whitewash As lime varies in quality more or las It Is not possible to state the exact amount of water to use but growers who have used the abova proportions proportions have had good resulos Try this out first In a small way and If th proportions seem about right use It on both young and old trees to pre vent unburn Most bad use of whitewash comes from making tho waah too mica freely when used and net be whit until after It drlee - vaiu Treee NwTung trees hould b protected by whitewashing whitewashing or other means a soon as they are planted Older trees should be pructed a early rt th season as possible A cost of whitewash I one of th best method of protection If applied early e-ii e-ii mt sjabane injury from sunburn causes a rimml ng on - - m - a niH which offers a cm - mv uw - ii v - tia eo irable plac tor a - w deposlt eggs iZV2Zrrimri which hatch from these ogr ar - m Mb - - kalJal - LDDCsP - lluo ----me ----me V - - - ihv tri often SelSr - ThY b7r cau th death of many trees SAIAD FOR SIDBI - - UAenar hlLS a favor - for his flock Usually U is one that can b supplied with Li - - and effort Providing It is relished by th fowls there probably is little difference 1 JJ kind of green feed I specialist say Cabbages turnip and w tt - hlj far tnia nur - ueeis are - - - - - - - - fc pose The larger roots and the cab - bares may be suspended by a wlee or they may be placed on th poor In which case It la - well to split the turnips or beets lenglhwlo with a large knife Potatoea may also be ted and ehould be cooked The mangel I excellent for feeding raw Clever cut up and oakd In boiling boiling water I ad whn fed with mash a Is clover meal and ground alfalfa Pproutod oat prouted grain may als b - fed and make exoellent green feeds but require require considerable labor Aa a general general thing the flock shonld have one a day about all th green feed It will eat PERMANENT INITTTtTTB CRKATHD Tho value of the annual citrus Institute Institute to th oraog andlemon growing growing Industrie waa ampaMlaod at th tlO meeting at San Bernardino February February 10 and 11 during the National Oraage Show wbetf It waa voted to place the Institute on a permanent basis and to give It th official title ot California Citrus Institute Bylaws Bylaws were presented and approved throwing t Instituts open to membership membership to any person interested upon payment of annual dues ot Th winter aeision will alwaya be kM at Ban Bernardino th tin te correspond correspond with that of th National Orang Shew A summer convention of cltrn grower belonging to th Inotltut will alto be held probably In June th plac to b announced later 1 Prefeiter J T Barrett aeilag di rector of th cltru experiment eta uan tx niTnide director Iai week at th etflco of th California Fruit Orowers Kx Chang aad Dr L O McBUvmaa - ager of tee uetflngwell rftS - UL - U Whtttler waa named vice - president Other members ot th board arc A D Shamal Rlvereldei W L Fleet Reaps V V L Roy Claremont R C Allen Benita R E - Swing San Bernardino Bernardino C C Chapman Fullert J U Straight Klvenrtdt TCRLOCIOC BIO SHtPPINt TSAR WAS Ther were 1711 carloads of prod - act hipped from Turlock during the year lOIISrhlch la tk largest la IU hlstsry Cantaloupes lei th list wits n n car Th list aa given out by th two railroad Is aa fellows Beans 111 ear barley tl cars cantaloupes cantaloupes tilt ear caused good 101 car casabaa 111 care dried fruit 71 can grain lit cars cr II cart frapet 107 car bay It car honey dew melons 41 car live slock 170 ear peache cars Beech oira I cars Persian melon 1 ear sllnCchl t car sweet potatoea 1 ears wa - l - ruieina iwj car miscellaneous 14 oara DAVIS rroCKMKKC MKBTTNO In pt of drought troubles which are In every farmers mind in California California Just w a representative gathering gathering participated In Stockmen week activities at th University Farm Representatives of th chief beef cattle braada a in - r - a dairymen were on band t attend thi moiling ana aaie and listen to Information Information a to the latest experimental experimental work being conducted at th University Farm Davis CrVKI IDBA The Stockmens week Idea originated originated with Professor Cordon II True bead of the animal husbandry division and It ha proved an attrso tlv feature of th spring bringing the live stock men together for friendly discussion and education at a time when they can get away from their work eaoleit o GOOD AVERAGB PAID Considering the ohertsge of feed due to lack of rainfall and the fact that th amount of water for Irrigation Irrigation purposes next spring Is problematical problematical the two beef - breed cattle ale Hereford and northern were highly satisfactory though the high prices of last fall were net - realised Th Horeform brought an average ef 331710 and th iherthorn a u - pror Jet brought fill In their offering th Hereford people did not aim to attain such an outstanding lot of cattle aa th shorthorn people con - aimed and their average waa comparatively comparatively a good one the result ot a vlgorou advertising campaign Most of tho eld officers of th breed aisoclatlon were returnod Saul Caaler of Wells Nov ss president president of the Pacific Coast Hereford Breeder Association and C N Hawtons of San Francisco a president president of th California Shorthorn Breeders Aaaoclation IIORCB8 DO NOT SEM An attempt was made during Stockmens week to sell some young draft stallions st auction to the farm ere and ranchers aasembled Ths Idea wn to furnish these stallions at the farmers own figures without the enormous expense usually accompanying accompanying the sale of such animals It was hoped that at th annual event and gathering of stockmen at the Unlver slty Farm the public sale of dralt etilllone at rcaeenable figure would become one of the featnres Whether it la an abselute fact that ranchers and stockmen ot California do not want draft stallions at all or whether the threatened drought was the cause or Just what was the trouble the stallions offered did not sell at anything Ilka remunerative prices only two wer put up aad of t - iese the best one sold for th nasi money and at a figure less than he would have brought as a gelding There was but little publicity given the sale for fear the offerings would far exceed the demand People were not prepared to buy stallions they were looking only for bulla FUMIGATING FOR FIJ HCAIB During the last month sn emerl raent was carried on In the fumigation fumigation of fig tree for th new fig eoale Lepldosaphes flcus at Fresno bv Marry a Smith of the pest centre office of this department la co - opera - tlen with Commissioner Roullard ef Freeno county Liquid hydrocyanic acid was used the object of the experiment being to obtain data on the possibility of exterminating the scale If ths experiments prove successful successful an attempt to entirely eradicate eradicate the scale will be made slaca It occurs oa only about 10 acres this being the only known Infestation in California SEED CROWING INCREASING Seed retains as a California Indus try la becoming more and mere popular popular each year and 1120 will se a record crop of aeed gathered U II Ilodebaugh trafflo manager ef tho San Francisco - Sacramento Railroad report that th greater portion of the Holland raaeh near Lisbon Italian Italian ha been planted to seed pea for a Detroit concern The ranch I on the reclaimed valley land and eomprlies mere than 10000 acres Adjoining the Holland ranch Is a property recently acquired by a leading leading seed company ef San Franclaco alio t be used for growing seed DECIDING ON BREED OT FOWL A mIl floek ef hen can b kept with profit by many city dwellers who have a backyard Bvea ae few as eight or ten hens should produce eggs snough when used economically for a family of four or five persons through out the year except the molting period of the fall and earlv winter Heuaeheldera usually desire not oeb eggs fer ths table and for cooking but also an occasional chicken te eat For this reason ens of th general purpose breeds such a Plymouth Bock Wyandotte Rhode Island Red or Orpington Is prsfsrabie te tne smaller ere breeds such aa th Lag herns Not only do th mature fowls of thee breeds because ef their larger also make better table fewts tban th Leghern but th young chickens for ths same reason make better fryer aad roasters waereas cblckeni ef the egg breeds are suitable suitable only fer th smeller broiler Th general - purpose breeds ar alio broody breed the hen mak ing good sitters and motners waien Is a decided advantage when It I de sired to hatch and raise chickens since tb hens ef the egg breed eel - dom go broody and are In any event rather unreliable titter and mother If however tb production of gga outweigh th deelr fer aa ecca - alenat table fowl tbe lighter egg breed undoubtedly will be fond bt tar beaaaa they lay a many eggs and do en lea feed with tb result that they produce tho egg mere cheaolr It I by all mean advisable t keep aom pur breed er variety Where thl I ne ale at a profit able flrnre cau often be made ef breeding stock Intended for market er of egg fer nateniag i A COW GET RABlXB Tha Stat Bureau ef Animal In - dnstrr reports that a peoollar disease was recently reported by a rancher ameag his dairy cow Th symptoms symptoms described appeared to rssembl the of forage poisoning It was noted however tbat th eews shewed decided tendencies to b r1clur and would attack ether anlmala and va men when they were approached although although the tadaels were aet dot had been at large la thl district soma mentna previous wnten oau eabeequeatly beea killed Examine - tlenjof the brain by the Bute Hygienic Hygienic Laboratory - shewed It te be a pesttlv ease of rablea The brain ef one ef the cowe waa submitted t the same laberatory aad Negri bodies fund ew CAR OF ARTICHOKE Bom enterprtolnr publicity man traced all the market artlohoke III America to their thome aad found It a email atrip of land lying between the - mountain aad the sea In San Mate couaty California This edible product 1 grown elsewhere la the United States but oaly here commercially commercially The vicinity of Halfmoon bay appears to be Just right for the artichoke which temperamental like all Thevle folk and - Insist that th watbr and location be uiubla Southern Pacific officials ssy that from 101 to 10 eerUede of artichoke go out from San ifateo county each season and M peifcpnt ofth ship - msntr ar bOJed to Nvr Tork Aril like th ecan - t - oeean ll5ntlr - amnl of WiAe Fruit Express Jtreduced the Ufe iad Aetveptarea ran - Artichoke In two reufer Vtekodiacatlon ef Wt era fruit Jobbers and the education a vi uUn brethren Th In - dotry wahow from planting te tickler 8CAWKKD rfilde was rjuda - BTUI - J marked c I uroal In cut ef fartcaa Loaeklag CATTLE FEED FROM American Cennl Maorlc P Duu - lap at Copenhagen pert the exigencies of war have caued a number el attempts mor or 1 ueofut to utilise Denmarks Denmarks natural rcsourea and among th Invention reported I a proc for producing a cattle food from eea - weed Several method have already been proposed for producing euch a food especially from sea wrack This riant Is abundant all over the world The present process I described foltowel The plant Is thoroughly wshcd to get rid of tbe salt then It is treated with alaam craferablv under rather itch pressure which cau th cells to buret and allows me protopiaara come out This maes is placed under under high pressure and formed Into cakes which are dried In a vacuum and ground into a coarse powder The juice of tne maes is oouea in a vacuum vacuum to a high grade of concentration concentration which cau th salts to crystallite crystallite and they are ecparated from the Juice by means of a centrlfucnl separator The Julc is then mixed with the powder and tne mixture Is pressed Into pieces of suitable sis The analyst of the food is ss fol lows Water S per cent protein 1311 per cent fat 107 per cent dlgeetlbie carbonic hydrate 1171 per cent cellulose cellulose 1 per cent mineral ealt i03 per cent The analysis would seem to shew this food to be nourishing and th rattls are asid to eat It willingly It can be mixed wit oil cakca BREEDING FROM RECORD JIB Aa corroborative of what has been said en mere than one occasion In these columns on the advisability of not breeding from 100 - egg record laying laying hens we quote the following from a paper read by A S b - til ton of New Zealand revealing aomo ot the experlenres and observations of ad vanced breeders In tbat fir aw ay cosntry A hen that poaaeaeea the high fecund factor and Is a record - breaker produce her egg ao rapldlv and In such number that as an arlh1 of food for thn em or chicken they are not at all favorable and leave very much to beIeslred Chlekene hatched from Mich egg are what jou might call starved during Incubation so that those which menace to slrugrle through tho shell start life Mrv murh handicapped What chance lias this high - fecund factor to develop 1 would My very little Because cf the neavy laying propensities of the farent she ha been unable to pio - Mde In the egg sufficient food of high quamy ana in onsprlnr has been suffering from malnutrition - during the embryonic eta gas Does this explain why we often see bird Inferior alike in production production and physlcsl vigor from nigh - lecerd laying hen GROWERS TO MIII RICH Rle miller ef California having failed to buy up 400000 sack of rice of the lilt crop the Pacific Rice Orewers Association owner of the rice has decided to mill it and win take over a mill In Sacramento for this purpoee According to eetlmatea furnished the directors the rice will be milled for 41 cents a cental from which can he deducted 11 cents which will be realised from the utilisation of by - products in the milling - v I BEE INPfBCTOR FOR SANTA CRIS A county bee Inspector for Ssnta Cms county has been appointed by th Board of Supervisors Phil Slru - bel of th Western Bee Farm Com pany ba been appointed to the office He will have charge ef all th bee culture and will lnapect bee which are Imported te prevent the arrival of dleessed bees and also to inspect inspect all bee product Cause of Tuberculosis In All Animals Department ot Agriculture The direct and primary eauee of tubercu losis Is a rod - shaped germ which can be seen only with tbe aid of a mioToacepe of high - r magnifying power The prossnee ef thle germ In the bodies ef human being or live stock Is abaolntely neceesary to produce tlie disease The germs of tuberculosis may also be grown artificially artificially In proper materiel at a tern - Serature of about 01 degrees Fahren - elt Outside the bodies ef snlmals th organlsm Is not capable ef reproducing reproducing itself When exposed to the direct ray ef the sua M dls quickly a fact te be noted In the disinfection disinfection of pastures paddock and barn lots Th organism may live for moatha however when It Is protected protected by dry manure and other materials materials which form a crust over It and prevent Its destructlen by the suns ray It Is of extreme Importance Importance therfere do clean and die - Infect thoroughly all barns stalls and ether laclurs - which contained tu - j bereuleus anlmale before healthy ones ar again placed In them While It la neceearyfor th germs ef tuberculosis to be introduced Into the body of th animal before the disease can be Brodueed there are many conditions or accessory causes which tnak anlsaals fall victims to tubereulela Anlmala which are fed on nea - vutrl - tlejia feeds aa well as these that have too little feed become weakened constitutionally aad lose the powsr to resist th Invasion ef the organ - lima Stabling animals in dark poorly ventilated and dirty barns help to ejread tuberculosis among th stock rhnvr th germs are present Introducing a tuberculous animal lr almost sure to give tb disease disease t healthy animal la a short time If th healthy - animals drink water from the oame trough or bucket th taJberculoM animal uses and if that animal I coughing up tubereulel sputum alt the animal are in irlu danger ef Infection Ay condition - that produce constant train upon th system ef animals ueh aa th continued forced laeUtlea Borltd f dairy ewa renders them LIVE STOCK Throughout the country there Is Tory active Interest in tbe Improvement Improvement of livestock by weeding out and prioes which seem prodigious are paid for the best animals In accord ance wltn tne tendency ot tne age the art of Judging has become spe cialised and tendi to become stand ardised According to a bulletin of the United states Department ot Ag riculture the rules of judging vary somewhat as between fat cattle feeder and weeding stock The class called fat cattle Includes fat steers and heifers calves cows ana bulls Fat steers and heifers consti tute by far th largest percentage ot fat cattle Keen must bs considered from tha butcher point ot view and hi Ideal must be tho deciding factor In placing the awards In Judging fat cattle the tinlsn ana quality of flesh are of prim Importance Importance A well - finished animal when of tha rlrht breedlnr has layer of fat Interspersed among th tissues of lean meat In tWtxnnApn it may ivMHdhiIfi ie aaia rase cscua orea especially for beet purposes have a tendency to produce marbled meat or to deposit levari of fat tbrooahout thn lean toisat In cattle bred exclusively for dairy products the tendency I to de posit the surplus fat principally around th Internal organ where It isecemee a part of the relatively cheap suet ana eoeanot tend to improve tne quality of the lean meat There I dlsijja difference In th quality of the fat in the - dairy brecdalt Is more or less yellow while in the beet breeds It Is much lighter In color and meets with more favor In the hutcher trade In fat cattle Indications of a high drseslng percentage are of Importance Importance A pliable and medlum - to - thln hide fine bone end soft silky gloeej hslr are Indications that the animal will dreas out a large percentage of meat of good qullt JUDGING FEEDERS In Judging feeders It must be borne In mind that thoy aro unfinished cat tle and therefore do not have the width and covering of flesh of fat rut - tie In general the same qualirtra tlons apply to feeders as to fat rat tle except that certain points of tho score card must be emphaslxed and othera minimised The desirable feeder feeder 1 one 4hat will dress out a high percentage of high - priced meats when finished and slaughtered The feeder ehould have a rugged constitution and middle enough to Indicate that large quantities of feed can be consumed and converted Into beef A good In dication of constitution in afeeder is a large heart girth short thick neck and thickness In general Tne ren - eral features especially those of the head ahould receive cloee Inspection A good head short and wide between the eyes with a large mussie ana mouth together with a prominent eye Indicates a steer of quick fattening qualltlee The body of tho animal Should be essentially of the same gen eral conformation as that of tne nn - Ished animal The body should be short wide of good depth and generally generally emooth throughout There should be no undue prominence In the shoulders shoulders and the hind quarters should be ide and letdown without toomucu prominence In the hips s The handling qualities of a feeder are not ao pronounced as In a finished animal but are rood Indications oi thrift and feeding quallttee The hide should be pliable and thin because a coarse bids Indicates coarse meat of inferior quality The hair should oe soft silky and mossy and not present a rough harsh appearance Small Farm Flock Proves Profitable W If Ileileman secretary State Farm Bureau Federation The Glenn County Farm Bureau lias the past tew years encoursced the production of small flocks of Bheep on farms In the county The Industry In the county baa become fairly well established and has merited the encouragement given In an Interview with B A Kirk of Orland the owner of a small flock on a twenty - acre farm the following Information Information was obtained Kirk reports that two years ago he bought thirty - nine sheep at a cost of 140700 During these two years ne has sold wool to the emount of IS2I0I end has sold to the butcher 117110 worth of lamb lie has oii hand at preeent sixty sheep juat lambing which he values at 114 per head or which are worth 1010 flS4S VAICE HOW The credits on the initial flock of Ihlrty - nlne sheep have reached by the above figures a total of 1545 Deducting Deducting the Initial rest of the flock there Is left 1107106 which repre sents the cost of feed Interest on Investment Investment rare and profit in the venture venture for two sears The cost of care and feed in handling handling this flock are only nominal Between October and March each year the flpck Is at large on the ranch cleaning up waste and winter growth For summer pasture the flock occupies a three - sere plot eown to al falfa reinforced with a fall plaatlag of barley The sheep ar kept front tbe pasture plot until the bar growth ia well advanced after whle rl the nastura Is used daily Parbanr not more than four tona of alfalfa hay 1 la used durlnr atormv weather andt lambing time throughout th yealk T0aU CASH RECEIPTS r The sheep are graded Rsmboullles headed by a purebred Shropshire buck Aside from the fact that there has been an increase from thirty - nine to sixty in number there be been reeeivod the paet wo years a total Ol t70tee In cash from this flock Kirk startc In tho main with broken mouthed ewe from the range He appreciates thet with younger ewes his returns would be greater and he appreciates still more that - flock of purebred would rpreeent real sheep husbandry for his limited undertaking With a farm bureau market depart ment at hand for pnAUng th small w6ol clips and for assembling and selling car lota of lambs th small flock man has little fear for the future future There ar opportunities tor sheep raising on hundreds of small form In the Sacramento valley Feeding Sheep on Small Pasture Area Department of Agriculture Th eld dctum of making two blades ot gnuus prosper where one formerly suo - - umbed has been applied to sheep farming In an experiment conducted by aprclalists ef the United States Deportment of Agriculture A field of thirty acres has been used exclu - rively during the last four seasons for producing foraro crops to be bar eated by sheep The field Is divided Into ten plots and during the recent season every portion grew at least1 two different crop while on aome of the unit areas three crops wer grown and grazed Fall - sown wheat provided tho - earliest available pasturage In the spring and after this was exhausted the sheep were shifted to an early spring sowing of oats and peaav 1 hence they moved to another tract of oats and pens where they erased luxuriantly and well until the supply of green stuff wss curtailed when1 they were transferred to alfalfa and rnpe pasturage This medley mixture of green feed furnished good grazing until about the middle of July when soy beans were available for pasture purposes As a rbnsequfnce of tho Intensive utilization of pasture crops for mutton mutton and wool production this Held of thirty acres furri Ished sufficient feed for seventy ewes and sixty lambs for a 200 - day period The belt grating resulied from a patch of three acres of soy beans which carried sixty elieip for thirty days with aatlsfao - lory results The sjstem of management management followed waa to move the lambs and as far aa possible the Old ewes at regular intervals of hot less than two weeks from one patch ot green feed to another This practice of moving the sheep frequently to fresh ground as well aa the plan of plowing the land for tho subsequent crop eliminated the danger of loss from from stomach worms t Although ihe sjstem requires soma1 extra preparation of the land and seeding hi well as shifting of tho sheep from one plat to another and providing plenty of water for the mutton - makers It nevertheless I believed worthy of trial especially In arctlone of high - priced farming land where a maximum return must bo resll7ed from every acre used There would be s higher expense for seed than In ordinary firming but the amount of lAbor ranu1ed anif t Its distribution throughout the year w ould afford a very marked advantage advantage In favor of sheep farming a compared with other agricultural activities activities producing an equal revenue nay United States Department of Agriculture specialists iikidv for senn sale Kxpansion of the dairy industry in the Southwest and the excellent offerings offerings for the forthcoming Burr farm sule have Induced many dairymen and dairy cattle breeders to visit the Burr establishment during the last wuek o look over the registered and high - grade bull calves and the cow of high milk production which are to te put up at auction on January 17 He - ores of dairymen have in tbe paat strengthened their herds bv buying good bull culves and cows from the Burr people and with few exceptions It Is a - Ud these producers will appear appear again at the sale e MD TCSTS AT HOME Seed tests sufficiently accurate to answer all practical purposes csa be made by a beginner with very little practice specialists of the United states Department of Agriculture The younger members of the home circle should find - such work not only comparatively eaiy but very interesting interesting Testing of locally grown sssd is aided by the possession ot a correctly correctly named aet of the seeds of crops snd of weeds prevailing In the vicinity vicinity 5JJ2sosfJ t lit aabjacta far tiyt ljfMJtm9ttk V taBaS1 1 rf ia Your Hair Needs Danclerine Save your hair aad double lb eauTy You canhave 1ot of lonr thick strong lustrous hair Dont let It stay lifeless thin scrafjly or fading Bring back - is oloigor nd vitality Get a 35 - cent bottlfi of fdelijhtfjil Danderine at any drur toilet counter to freshen your jalprchictajidrurT and falUn hair Yc - uJr hair needs stimalitfnr beautityjFHuRicrllie toWtkW - mjto color brirhtrarlbiffidxaCa twnjrMtl u 4l - ti

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  2. 28 Mar 1920, Sun,
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