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Lizzie 5 - THE THEFT Story ot- llie Late Tucson Kidnaping...
THE THEFT Story ot- llie Late Tucson Kidnaping Case TOLD BY THE VICTIM'S FRIEND Ingenious Manner in Which Miss Malarky Acquired First, Old Miner's Wealth and Stopped Proceedings to Recover It. Kelvin, Aria., Aug. IS. The following following story is told verbatim in regard to the .sensational abduction of John Scanlon by a lifelong friend and associate, associate, frank M. Pool, who had accompanied accompanied Scanlon to Tucson on the day he wa-s kidnaped, for the purpose of seeing a lawyer and commencing annulment proceedings. Some interesting and new facts are brought to light in the recital of the Affair by Mr. Pool, showing that Miss Malarky was not alone, but had .several .several confederates. John Hcanlon has been a resident of Pinol county for the past thirty years, owning some very valuable mining property at different different times. si strong, durable, comfortable garments forJworkincmen Three years ago he and has partner, partner, WallapaJ Clark, bonded part fo their claims, which were located ten miles cast of Mammoth, for $75,000. A year ago they received final payment payment of $5,000 each. Since that time John Scanlon has been drinking and spending his money In a wasteful manner, being an easy prey for all who were inclined to take advantage of him. He became senile and not able to take care of himself. It was in May of the past spring that Scan-Ion Scan-Ion 'became very sick after a protracted protracted spree. A German woman by the name of Sirs. J. H. Hose, who runs the hotel at Mammoth, took the old man to California for the benefit of his health. They were gone three weeks and he came back .very much improved. It was in July that he reached Tucson. Mrs. Bose then took him to the house of her friend, Mrs. Frank Lester, where he met the woman, woman, who later was the. cause of his undoing. Miss Marion Malarky. It was through Mrs. Lester that they were introduced. Miss Malarky had been in Tucson only a short while in the capacity of nurse for some wealthy wealthy Eastern man living at Mrs. Lester's Lester's house. She is 24 years of age and a very striking looking woman, and old Scanlon at once fell for her charms, becoming as clay in her hands. It was then that the thought struck her that with .Sc;.noln's money Tucson would be an ideal place for a sanatorium, and it was with this end in view that she besan working Scanlon for his money. It was suggested suggested by Mrs. Lester that he uight to marry and have someone to look after him in his declining years. With the aid of two of Miss Malarky's confederates confederates she kept the old man in a comatose condition with whisky and drugs for ten days, and with promises to marry him and give him all the necessities for his welfare, induced him to sign over all of his proierty to Miss Malarky, including mortgages held by him on Tucson real estate which amounted to $11,500 in all; also deeds in escrow. . He also gave her power of attorney and made a will in her favor. The power of attorney attorney and contract were recorded at Florence, PlnoI county. Scanlon had by this time spent all his money in riotous living, so he then sold one of his first mortgages and gave Miss Malarky $1000 for "a trip to New York, but instead, as it was learned later, she went to Mcxloo, presumably for the puriose of per fecting plans for the nefarious kid naping she had in mind. In the meantime Scanlon went out to his cabin in the mountains near Mammoth, sobered up and begi.n to realize what he had done. Believing Believing he had been duped, he came down to Mammoth and asked the advice and assistance of his old friend Pool, who advised him to go to his lawyer in Tucson and commence annullment proceedings. Pool then accompanied him there on Wednesday. August 18- It was then that they learned that Miss Malarky was back in Tucson and had sold a mortgage for $4! that had been made over to her by Scanlon. Pool and Scanlon then went to his lawyer and stated his case, explaining every- j thing in detail. The lawyer had him revoke the power of attorney and August Kigel was appointed his guar- dii,n and instituted injunction pro-.j cecdings against Miss Malarky. The papers were not served, as she left ' that night. In some way she had got wind of what Scanlon was doing J and evidently had him closely shad-. owed and was acting on the' advice of her attorney, who had drawn up all the papers and transacted all her business between her and Scanlon. Mr. Pool after leaving the lawyer's office took Scanlon to a lodging house at 114 East Alameda street, and Scanlon Scanlon Implored him to keep the woman. Miss Malarky., and her associates away from him, as he seemed to be under her influence. Mr. Pool, thinking he was safe there, went out, and was not gone more than fifteen minutes before Miss Malarky appeared at the door of the house and represented herself as Mrs. Sibley, a friend of his and the wife of the superintendent of Copper Creek Mining Company, and that she wanted wanted to see Scanlon- The old man wan assisted to the front door and was quickly hustled out into a carriage that was in readiness and taken to a vacant house, where the confeder- ' ates were waiting. An auto was then engaged to take them to Nogales. The rest of the flight to Mexico is alriiuly known. When the case comes to trial the public will be apprised of some very sensational transactions and the parties parties that have aided in the concoction of the scheme to fleece the old man out of his money will get what is coming to them. The shrewd way in which Miss Malarky has worked her game shows she is no amateur. Scanion's last appeal to his lawyer was that he have Miss Malarky prosecuted for defrauding defrauding him out of his wealth, saying he had never realized what he had done until he got out to his cabin in the mountains away from the influence of the woman, who kept him under the influence of liquor. His condition condition is now pitiful. T. A. ltoHIS- THE PERIL OF THE ICEBERG. The fear of icebergs has been partly partly removed in recent years by wireless telegraphy, bitt their presence on the seas is still menacing enough to cause anxiety to many a captain. There is the unparalleled case of the steamer Portia in Notre Panic Hay. In clear daylight an iceberg was sighted and passengers and crew begged begged the captain to approach nearer in order that they might inspect and photograph it. The Portia, therefore, was steered close to the towering sides of the mighty berg, whose highest pinnacles glistened several "hundred feet above the sea. Then the unexpected unexpected happened. There was an explosion explosion like the shock of a volcanic eruption and the mighty berg was riv-tn riv-tn in sunder. One of the pieces split apart grew top heavy, and toppled over, its base far under water catching catching the Portia and lifting her high jinii dry some ten or twelve feet above the sea. The mighty overturning of the berg created enormous swells and these huge waves were the only

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 29 Aug 1909, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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