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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, I960 BACKWARD^mGLANCES * *• ,*• * *- * (From.tht Scropbooks of the late A. AV. Neville, Editor of The Paris News, 1936-1956) an to February 20, 1954 Death of. Henry Starr at the hands of a bank president i n Arkansas thirteen years ago reminded reminded Captain,T.J;.Vansanti for years a citizen of Paris, • of • his acquaintance:with thc;Starr family,- family,- both in • Indian Territory and in Texas. , Captain Vansant ; was born : three mi 1 e s from the. 11 n e of t h'e Cherokee Nation in. Indian Territory, Territory, and _wheh a small' boy used to see Tom Starr, head of the clan and grandfather of . Henry Starr. Tom Starr, Captain- Van- ant .said, was reputed'.. to' have cT 63 men at. one time and nother, but-the government was ever able" to convict him. It was aid that the 'authorities^finally made Tom Starr a proposition that he would, agree to stay at home nd s,top marauding; about the ountry his past offenses would >e forgotten, and as -Tom was etting old and tired of dodging e agreed the to do this and kept is word. After • he was grown, Capta i n 'ansant moved to,what was then •amar County and'""established a tore near the present .site-of Ben f anklin, .-now. in Delta •.. cbun t y, vhere he 'lived until coming to Paris some, years later.-AVhile at iis store early one morning Cap- ain Vansant saw three persons ide by on horseback. One.of them n ; . particular rode a • very fi n e lorse and had a pair, of pistols strapped- about the :> waisL : They appeared: to 'be in: a hurry and mad.e no stop. Presently ah officer rode up : from the -south on the sajne road.; on v which the • t h r e e travelers had come, and' askec Captain Vansant if -anyone H hac passed. Vansant told him of the hree that -had ridden by x shortly before-, and the... officer told him one of the "men" was Belle.Starr dressed in. male- attire/ which she frequently wore when out with her lusband, Jim Reed.- The woman's name Was not Starr, though by reason of her association^ with the gang she was so called and she afterward married one of th Starr sons. : , Captain Vansant and sever a other men, including Judge D. H Lane who was ;afterward • countj judge of Delta County, went witi the officer in pursuit of the riders and after going to Honey Groy concluded they had made thei escape, so the party started on th return to Ben Franklin. Just be fore reaching Roxton. they met a woman on 'horseback. She wor women's clothes but Captain,Van sarit recognized her as one of th three travelers" that had worn th pistols' and so charged her. Sh denied, it at first but afterward admitted she was trying to get he usband, Jim Reed, out of Teach ol the officers. She told the party eaded by Captain' Vansant that if hey attempted to detain/or, molest , they would -be;fired.'on by^her riends. from the bush 'and th e y eplied that was just what they vanted so they could locate the men. -There 1 was no firing>and the 'oman was brought back to Rox- on/and turned over to the local fficers who put her in jail in axis, -but as there was' no evidence evidence of anything she. had done of- ered here she was soon released, soon after this Jim Reed was .illed in the northwest part of jamar county and Belle went back b the Starrs in Indian Territory and some years afterward was hot and killed in that. country. 13 YEARS AGO Monday, • March 24, 1947 Parisians were feeling the. increase increase in the. 25-cent raise in the ost per barrel of crude oil,, niost wholesale and retail gasoline being up one cent per gallon. Miss Matlie, Belle Crook and Miss Stella Mae Grain were named co-chairmen and Mrs. Will i a m Heath, .secretary, of the English section of District 8, Texas,State Teachers Association, at its Tex-~ arkana meeting. Lamar County needed about five years strict economy to get out of the red, according to John S.. Baker, county auditor. Bible Thought I have learned, In. whatsoever state;I, am, therewith to be con- tent.—Philippian* 4:11. Our contentment can! never be apathetic acceptance; of things as they were, but we can rest in the conviction that all of life is in God's hands. • Free Railroad Looks For More Passengers LYNDHURST, N. J. (AP) — Though the day of the commuter railroad may •;. be ending,' there's a railroad here that is looking' for more passengers and doesn't charge one penny. • ' The railroad runs on : 722 feet of track raised, three feet above the ground. The locomotives are one- twelfth scale and are real coal- eating, steam-driven engines. They are :built by amateur engineers engineers from : miles around who call themselves "Eastern Live Steamers." The engines can pull 12 grown men—and even more children—at a: time.

Clipped from
  1. The Paris News,
  2. 24 Mar 1960, Thu,
  3. Page 15

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