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CLEANING UP WORK CLASSIFYING NEAR END FEW HOURS WORK WILL CON CLUDE THE PRINCIPAL PART OF CLASSIFICATION, AND SOME CHANGES MAY BE MADE. of E. gan, or rather since May IS. The view to making concerning which Tho local exemption board has only a few hours work remaining to bo done on tho grout, job of classify ing tho (luestionna'ires. The completion of the main job leaves the work Car from finished. Then commences the job of going over the list of classifications with a changes In cases complaints have been filed, one way or the other. The local board will probably advance the classification of some who are in the deferred lists and may change to the deferred lists some who are in first class. There is one big problem to bo deali with, and that is the classification of the yoimg married men ,who have taken wives since the war be- board has about eighty of these cases, .it was stated today, ami they must bo «dali with individually, not as a class ; In son Geo. Werner Q. W. Hendricks of men. The school teachers, 7G of them, have consented to assist, in collecting- some statistics from the questionnaires for the War Department. This work Is aside from the work of the lo- cal'exemption board and the teachers were asked to help because the local board, was too busy to halt its work now and gather tho facts that are do- sirod. Tho following is the list of the latest classifications made: Men with no claim or whose claim is not valid: Division'A, Class 1, F. M. Sargent J. L. Donnelly John P. Beall . C. G. Carroll J. A. Anderson G. P. Murphy J. Crawford Chas. Pfelfer Ed. AVhoelHig John H. Baker .Tosi Glaus JJDSJ )V. Lucas,, ^, 'Wm.' Williams Walter Browne Carl W. Hale John O'Hair Wm. K. Bell Harry Krnst Win. Forcade Martin Mahoney Sherman Johnson Harry Miller Daniel Courtney Chas. Bracken Higgins CKarles Allen Chas. pampbell Francis Miller John C. Mosbyi W.J. Richardson John C. Day Wm. Holmes K. Rohlfing Ira Oertli W. H. Lumun Win. E. Markey ^. Baxter JohnUl. Rost J. W. Brown Geo. Greco Ernest Jones John Schroeder Oscar Scbaffer . Jos. F. Ash Chan. Felchlin Clias. Braum Win. H. McKee T. Staten Lester Vance David Young Nathaniel William-Leo Jun -\ym. Leonard ! p. Knowles A. Reader Jos. Campbell A. C/'Ernfif" Wm.'M. Stewart Men with dependent parents: Division B, Class 3. O j'0,1,111 j' ~ z ' hppv . i i, vroil n tv«,, K '. T ".™ ( *" H ' ^- •'• ''-''• •'• Arthur Smith Klmor Miller John Willo Harry Ward Ilobt. Honocke, Otis Montroy (V Hailey O. R. HorrmaiBi John A. Wutzler K. C. Hull S. Gross Wra. Cornell G. W. Claubaugh W. Williams Geo. Ground Leo Boyle A. L. Jones James Bruce A. F. Benner Loran Z urn wait L. Terpenninr' | in 6 J. R. Smith 1'. Wm. Wilken Leo Winsato Wm. Bonish Wm. J. Uright Harry Moii7.nl Link Itakor 10. L. Wallace Joe Kennedy Andrew Burim P. S. Schneider Itobt. C. Smith , ('. 0. ICdwards MOD in class I. not otherwise spool- Hod: Division Llndley Brown Honj. C. Millor ( . j,',.,, M ] t |j M |,. \\-|ii(,. s | ( i o MDJ,, ){ei-|ch T. 'I'liiol'IkopouloK u j ^,,1, i;,.,,,, D-H-IHY. I, Class t. Win. Carter .loo \V. Harry 10. S. llohrman W. slmttuek not entirely A. fallawny .Ins. Wurdlnger Albert P. \Voiil Jih^n whoso wives an dopendcnt upon them: Division B, C lass 2. F. W. .Ichnson Wm. II. Stoffl Men with wlfo or children mainly dependent upon bin support: Division A, Class 4. K.ayinond Hiu-l; \\*. I--I-VIMIIII AI FullaRor M. \Vagunian i :han. \\Viod Win. I'Vodel'Ickn .ll)(> AldllliM Jos. l''iit.|<e A. as the reason ill F. C. J. Kirk Howard lloiiner del H. J. L. !•;. L. j Hoy

Clipped from
  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 05 Feb 1918, Tue,
  3. Page 1

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