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Collector Malloy - f« , Little .04 oar Palestine, 3 RY. Easo, all...
f« , Little .04 oar Palestine, 3 RY. Easo, all m. p. m. with T. and North. with the Paso and all Exhibitors'* will oJ Tery even- unbalanced, at the term the for hoar- Tremont of leading followed the 1 p.m. today, of definite association to in' payment might informed in to the my this of alone, of from the not hours. the Criloaao. 111. Ot, LouiB.-Mo. CITY COUNCIL, THE WATBKWOBK8 QUESTION BELE- GATED TO THE COMSI1TTEK. A Quibble Orer Technicalities -B the Appointment of the Special Deep-water Committee Alderman Cuney FlghU the Hub«lUut!on oa ttoftUainmJuee. The city council met in adjourned regular session yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. There was a full board present, and at the request of Mayor Pulton Alderman Grothgar took the cb'air and called the council to Chairman Grothgar stated that the mayor had informed him that he did not intend going to Washington, and that the reconsideration of the motion granting him leave of' absence would be in order. On motion, tho ao- don taken at the last meeting was reconsidered, and the resolution granting leave of absence was withdrawn. Tbe streets and alleys commlttea, to whom was recommitted the report regarding the opening-of Twenty-second street through the Beach park, submitted a, letter from Mr. Dalian stating that he agreed to the proposed. extension to time being given tho Park association. On motion, the letter was recelvad and the matter recommitted' to tho committee for report. ,_ The streets and alleys committee returned the bill of Thomas MoKinna for $19_50 for shells furnished the city, recommending tbat the bill be paid. Bill recommitted to commit- tes and city engineer. -A petition from Buttlar McCormlek, Insurance agents, asking for remission of occupation taxes paid by them, was referred to the committee on licenses and assessments. An appropriation of $25 was made to pay Auditor ^'Estrange for services as clerk of the budget committee. A resolution was offered that any alderman be-permitted to transfer the shell and gravel- fund to the labor fund in his ward, whenever he might see nt during the present municipal year. Adopted. A resolution was offered by Alderman Smith that owing to the prevailing distress among the laboring classes, $8000 bo appropriated ont of the nnforseen contingency fund, to bo distributed among the twelve wards labor. This resolution was withdrawn temporarily, and Alderman Iievy offered tba following: "Whereas this council did, o» «*" 21'*- *y January, 1885, appropriate t! isum tdSUOout of the special reserve fund, to Jefray expenses of additional committee to Washington m the interest of deep water; and Whereas the said committ o, from information recently received, deem i-: unnecessary to go to Washington, and only one- meniber has gone therefore, be it ' Resolved, that the sum oUgfSOOO of the 83500 be, and the same is hereby reconverted to special reserve fund, and the remaining (500, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be used for the purpose of defraj ing the expenses of Mr. Moller, the member that is now in Washington. · ~ Alderman Musgrove said tl rt two commlt- teemen had gone to Washington, one in the place of Captain Fowler, w:io was reeom-. mended by eight aldermen, and he thought that this commltteaman, Genml Malloy, was also entitled to his pro rata, ol the appropriation. The recommendation of the eight aldermen* was then read, as follows: To His Honor Mayor Fulton: Captain Chas. Fowler having declined to ser^e on tho deepwater committee appointed 'no uf to Washing- ion and having -recommended General A. G. ttalloy as a substitute, and Sir. S. Heiden- iieimer having stated that business prevented his accepting the nppointmen-, wo designate Mr. C. C. Sweeney as a sub-fltnte, and the undersigned reccommend them to fill the vacancies, A. D. Smith, A. 3. Mnsgrov, Louis Falkenthal, John Grothgar, David Fahey, Jas. D. Sherwood, John Wegner an 1 Isaac HeflCron. The letter from Captain Fiwler was also read, stating bo could not go to Washington at present and suggesting Genjral Malloy as suitable party. Alderman Sherwood said he had signed the .recommendation under protest, arid now desired to avail himself of that protest. It had been represented to him that the substitution of the names was at the request of the Alderman Cnney said that he did not see that any number of aldermen had a right legislate for the city on the street Captain Fowler's declination was furthermore not positive. He merely stated tbat he was unable to go at the present time. Alderman Musgrove thought: that the declination of Captain Fowjer was sufficiently plain and nnequivocable, and the emergency ot the case was the excuse |f or hasty action, no time was allowed for a ifurther meeting the council. He said Gijtneral Malloy had gone to Washington in good faith, expecting to have his expenses paid 'by the city, and would be an outrageous action on the part the city council to repudiate now their former action. Alderman Sherwood Insisted upon She right of withdrawing his name. He did not balleve in having parties go to Washington to lobby jn "their own interest. Alderman Cuney insisted upon hia position that the declination of Captain Fowler and the appointment of General Malloy i* his place had never been conSnned^by the council,'and any action was void without the con flrmation of the council Alderman Wegner was doubtful that this fund could be diverted for a purpose other than that Tor which it was appropriated. Alderman Heftron said hf» .had signed tha request to substitute General Malloy for Captain Fowler to go to Washington, and did ft with tbe intention of having bis expenses paid, as thoso of Captain Fowler would h-\va been. He thought the expenses of Mr. Holler and General Malloy should be paid, and the other three members of the committee should be discharged from service. Alderman Cunoy said if the eight gentlemen felt under any moral obligation to pay General MaEoy's expenses, they should pay them ont of their own pocT,-"ts. The council was in no way obligated, ley;, i:. . t' defray the expense. The chair ruled thac Captain Fowler's letter. was equal to a declination. Alderman Heffron then offered the follow- jKeBOlved, tbat Capttfln Fowler's resignation as a member of the deep-water special committee be accepted, and that General A. G. Halloy be substituted in his stead, and that the remaining three members of the committee be released from further services. Alderman Cuney opposed the resolution as being but of order. Alderman Wegner raised the point that Alderman Cuney should not intrude his personal feelings upon this council. Alderman Corey toot umbrage at any one impugning his motives In this matter, or endeavoring to attribute motives to h/ m without: foundation* - Chairman Grothgar ruled further discussion as the to alderman's personal motives out of order. . '·Alderman Hfcffron amended his r^- wi^-in that the 52500-expropriated ha r=J of as be met its following for the be the per to the than and very was of was the near on so bringing the a upon the the the the tho tbe any that disposition was with securing supply He and Is not but in the oil The .customhouse and . this January down end 2536 She ka, with Union club 7 I to i tuitr,

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 06 Feb 1885, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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