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 - G. workers militarized and subject to the...
G. workers militarized and subject to the tyrants. exercises 1881 when n u a l n g to say at this tiino. t h him to t h e November "We have n d ninoe Mr. now to city attend the an County, DUMB WOMEN OF MEXICO FOLLOW WARRIORS OVER ROUGH TRAIL OF VILLA By SIDNEY M. SUTHERLAND f)N GEN. JOAQUIN AMARO'S MILITARY TRAIN SOUTH OF ORTIZ, Chihuahua, June 16.--I have found in my snail-like pilgrimage through the awful deserts of Northern Mexico a human expression of deathless possibly unsurpassed in the annals of our evolution. t h subway was anil she a the tie was several scratched the he" a ?1S. HO ttbe I refer to the "soldadera"--the woman who follows to share the fortunes anil Cute of the Mexican soldier. Unlettered fettered as to o u t l o o k , other t h a n the n i g h t m a r e of her pant, the serfdom of her present and the b l a n k w u l l of her future, f i l t h y as to Lvgk-ne aud incredibly degraded as to everv item in tbe catalog of American civilization, yet these poor wom- cii are s u b l i m e in their d u m b acquiescence to (lei*tiu.v's decrees. On this train alone are more than 500 cavalrymen. The convoy contains 24 cars, not I n c l u d i n g Gen. Amaro's reconstructed passenger coach uuU the water and oil tank cars adjoining the engine. Twelve of the cars are cattle cars loaded with horses. Four box cars also contain mounts. Six refilled with troop supplier, such as blan kets, saddles, fodder, ammunition and the miscellaneous equipment of tho Mexican army. The other two arc converted bor cars for the! Staff, telegraph operators, other officers and their female companions. And yet Ibis train, with every car thus accounted for, carries more than 1,400 people. Where Is the multitude accommo- datedi That Is one of the marvels of Mexican military transportation. These iXX) soldiers, their 500 women and a b o u t .100 others travel In a leisurely maa- jjcr. Tliey USD tops of cars, on planks tied [(» the rods, on tbe trucks, on the cow t-atchfr, on the eliuk's made of Cora--shucks and b l a n k e t s between the cars and on shelves made of lumber t h r u s t between tbe p l a n k s of the tattle cars over the backs of t u n horses. The tops of the cars loot like a Bering of l i t t l e Islands whose every available inch Is covered with wlgwatus. They build tiny t e n t s out of guns, blankets and twine g u v s fastened to the edge of the roofs. There they live and cook and eat. Above, below and all about are b u n d l e s of clothing, boxes of such simple food as the faml- lleri eat--beans, corn, Jcrk?d he;/, chile and onions--babies, chickens, dogs and even l i t t l e pigs. When the train is In motion a remarkable bedlam of sounds and smells and tights endue. Arriving at the evening's stopping place, the l i t t l e t e n t s disappear suddenly only to reappear a moment later on the right of way, nnd all parts of tbe train begin to disgorge t h e i r h u m a n freight--men leap to the ground with a yell, the women toss babies to them and then climb awkwardly dt.wn the ladders. The men are hard and cruel, both to their horses a n d to their women, who are subdued nnd uncomplainingly submissive. Something displeases the lord and master; there Is a string of vicious oaths, a cowering woman, a niotv. nnd a sljnw]-covered head and bowed shoulders, a pause nnd the f i n a l echo of oaths, her strangled sobs-and p r e p a r a t i o n s for supper go on. The women nurse the screaming babies, fnsten them to the smnll of their backs with a siiawl, papoose fasniau, bend over their tasks and croon lullabies to tbe infants. No matter bow far the objective, bow h n r d the road, bow hot the sun, tbe women manage to come straggling in iu time to cook the meal. If along that load motherhood mnk»s Its claims on one of them two or three drop out of the caravan, help perform aboriginal obstetrics, and in an hour or fio mother and new baby get up and follow the distant throngs. f R. S. Marlow,

Clipped from
  1. San Antonio Evening News,
  2. 16 Jun 1920, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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