GIBSON, Maurice Linn

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HACKED VICTIMS TOBITS WITH AXE "SLdW TIIINKINft,(JOOD IIKAKT- .HAN" KAX WILf). j^. .i: !;- ii.; SLAIN IN THEIR BED AMilMPLE Kli.LING BY M. L. (;iliSt>\ STAKTLED K. C. ,• : I (>i :ro a Faniipr, tJilKon Turned lo ! tiarau -^e l',i;sliirss Uiit Was Tn- ^iK ami Despondent. ll;y t!,.. .\ -:-..i ;Mt .-il I 'riss.) I-:;ii!-;.s lily. .M,-ir. 1!.-.Maurice L. Ciiisiin. ol Prattler Hill. .Mo., .\ortIi l-'an^-is City, killed his I'lur il:ildr'i! \'ith an early tod.iy v,!:ile his wife was in aa- Dti'.er part of the house and then iiat-keii l>in:>< If \V^ith tlie and l.'t.r sli'.sli'.d his wrist. He is ex- l.ecidl to live. -Vo reasons has been assiuniil lor the ((uadruple killin.i;. '1 ii.^ childri.-n were .Maurice, jr.. and .Majorie. twins, 7 years old; li.i/.l. -'• Helen, one and a half i \<':l!S old. tl.r- slayins Cihsan ran ID th-' home of liis sister-in-law. a jhiindri'l y:i:-ds aw.-iy. where he lh:u-;:-d !ii:.i---lf with the axe. I.aier. , wl -i n - an li was' beinK niadt- for to ar.other [lart of v.ii .-lasliid his wrist. j;ii:.i. Ui- w ltl>.' hoM-;.' I, le 1-i 1-i V.! .-n v>:; biou.uht to a hospitti !i ::a rMni'.Sfii'.u.i cnuilition. v,:ii> and Ha:'el were dead ;,,iiad and ll;e baby died on j-i" w.-y \r, the ho-ipital. I I.'.- n. a :;araf;e nian. lived with : liis I,'!:iily .a a two st-.)ry house at ;:i..'ii('r ;iill which U a sn;.ill siim- 1 !!.• 1- ( amp near North Kansas City. !'.\ !.•-1 .MI . (lil .'sou arose shi- heard |':'r bi;-band runinia.iins" about in th-' liviii.u' room. She prepared I br.akfasl ami not loni; afterward til-' :eream of tlie baby. 1!- Sh(> hurried to the stairway. Me ordin.L' lo reports and met her lr;sl;anU cot.iing down a.\e in hand. i.\t her exclamation he seized her I V. rist. she said and made a mo- as if to strike her. "Di -n't strike me, Maurice," she xf laim- •!. ' He nusheil her aside, ran down- I' j j^e house. 1 Qji,^,-,n screamed and nei.sjh- found Hazel one bed. asleep in i of j rush d in and ^^igjor-e. asleep In r,.. ,-,,^,3 ,1 .Maurice, jr., , I i„:,i. al .so was found dead ; ..-as gasping in its 1 ^ ,.,,t, ^.^^ summoned and i ord'-ied the baby taken i ....j j^e w; • Hacks Own Wi'.i n neii;hbors Head. searched jj 1 I " ' for nj,;;;,,; •p;';v ;;'^'7oun ,f i i,,-,.. .si.<ter-in-iaw .Mrs W H j f.,..;,,,,.^ pratherWas not nt' ... Cil .'^on lay on the kilcheii i Ills head hacked and appar-•'""•'e I .-nily !•• -s. I i! 'lievi.';:; the rhildrcn needed j iiiMi:. .liai" help, the searchers - left ' (;il,.;-on on th.. floor and returned ,1^ ih" Cilison home. Later, when iilxy rtiiKi .-i t.> the I'r.-itlier house had tone. Near by fiel'ls ' v.-.-r.- M :.,rcli.d and v.iien they re- I iiriu'1 |.i th.' house; ih<-y found . 1 ;;ii-.iiji in ;'iioi!;i'r ro'iui. 'wrists I i!,.. ho. nii.-il it was s.-'iii (lib- Ill li.iil p. e.jod (lianci. lo r.'cover. .11 v.iiUTiii W' re coilliteil on I 'i .s Ii ;:l noil,, fraci.ured the :-.killl. .\r'ii :i: in •••Mil wrist were ciii. . .•\ - :!ili. 1 i.prlay w -re na.ibli' to ;i ii:.--ii for the trayily I :(••}>•} . riii' d Cilison as a slow- I ;liii;|> IIIL;. L'.jod-lii-arlid iiuiri. lit l!i2U w. ni rr'::i h .-rc to Iov,-;i lo f.iriii In;; 1:11-uccevsfu'. He returned a!., c a y :ir .-ii;!) and for a tini" )'v;. • I'liil'iy. il as a ni'.tor niechan- j-. |,; 1 ,11.1111; r he bnllt a .carai;- :.,.::r hi-, h-jai... xsl'ich neinliliors i r .ii .l v.-,'.- )')'>rly located for busl- : r'l --. 'i'!.;-; he i.-< said to have hi- :i i.r.iyi.' to iij-et expei:ses and v;; .-• d.-i- [•oi.d--t'.' ai perioils. nei--;hence. bor-^. .-• :iid. Tj.'- iioa'!. v.Iicre ihe C.^bsons liv- j ed l!'.- pioi 'i ^rty of .Mr|;. llibson's ' par 'ii! -. .Mr. and Mrs. K. V. I'ratli- Tli'-y •.ver.- visitinc in Kaiisas ! city l .i-t n:;-'ht. ! "a P t< -

Clipped from
  1. The Iola Register,
  2. 14 Mar 1925, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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  • GIBSON, Maurice Linn

    cjimcamp – 22 Jan 2013

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