Charles Stewart Shot During War, the gun Argus

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Charles Stewart Shot During War, the gun Argus - or that we was On voice will also lovely any at...
or that we was On voice will also lovely any at in Harriot sent That $65.75 por ones of and year she joining W. J. nonliving to half New Details In Civil War Episode By SHIRLEY DONNELLY Several tiroes in years past this column has referred to early medical practice in Wyoming County. There was the case in the spring of 1852 when the 11-th Ohio Regiment was stationed here at Beckley in the Civil War. An old gentleman by the name of Stewart, livdng in Wyoming County,some 35 miles from Beckley, was shot o n e day standing in front of his home by some person concealed in the bushes near by. Before Stewart recovered from his wounds, erysipolls set in. He was treated by the old doctor in lihe neighborhood. The remedy used was black cat's blood; the animal to be caught (care being taken not to kill i t ) , a piece of its tail cut off, and the blood allowed to fall upon and around the affected part. .Dr. Gill, assistant surgeon of the lil-th Ohio was sent to treat Stewart, sent under cavalry escort of 12 men. It took Dr. Gill all of an afternoon and nearly all nigfh-t to reach Stewart, About daylight the next day the doctor and dozen cavalrymen pulled rein in front of old Stewart's house in Wyoming County, Stewart recovered from his wound in spite of the local doctor's work. Dr. Gill made two trips to see the wounded Wyoming man. Two balls had struck Stewart and it looked for a t;me like one more clean shirt might do the old gentleman, but Dr. Gill got him through safely. After relating this story to Mrs. Mary K. Bowman of Pineville, that very erudite lady with her enviable flair for the historic, set about to ferret out further facts in the foregoing case. As a result of her research she came up with some interesting material. ·"As soon as I mentioned the first details he recognized t i h e story and -preceded to give me his recollections of the affair as told to him many times by the parties involved, his parents, and others. But, before going into that a short explanation of the background of the participants and the circumstances of the shooting will a d d greatly to your understanding of the story and its interest. You well know that Wyoming County is the home of the Cooks and Stewarts. John Cook Sr. and Capt. Ralph Stewart, both veterans of tihe Revolution, were two of the earliest settlers in this county. Both raised large families and scene of their children intermarried, and their descendants have intermarried extensively down to the present day." WRITING FROM PINEVILLE on Dec. 13, Airs. Bowman states: "You will recall that I took notes on your story of Stewart, the Union man. shot from ambush, etc. . . . and remarked that I believed I could discover the particulars of the incident and names of persons involved. With this in view, I hired a taxi on Nov. 25 to take me to Jesse to the home of E. G. Cook, an old gentleman several years past 80 who has a remarkable memory and recollection of old facts and traditions of his community and its inhabitants. COMING THEN to the point of her story, Mrs. Bowman says: "In the Civil War most of the Stewarts were Union; most of the Cooks were Confederates. Needless to say, there was a great amount of personal animosity and 'bad blood' between the two factions. There was little reason for either Regular Army to enter into Wyoming, and they seldcm did so, but the 'Home Guards', both Union and Confederate, roamed everywhere, stealing and terrorizing the people. "Charles Stewart was comman'* er of Union Guards. Russell Cook was commander ot Confederate Guards. Botlh were grandsons of the above named early settlers. Charles Stewart was the man shot from amibush as he stood in the yard at his hccne. His would- be assassin was Russell Cook. E. G. Cook who told me the above facts is a nephew of Russell Cook who did the shooting and is a great- grandson of John Cook Sr. His wife is Virginia Stewart Cook, a great-granddaughter of Capt. Ralph Stewart. "E. G. Cook did not recall the name of the local doctor who attended Giarles Stewart after the departure of tihe army surgeon. One bullet had beer, removed. The other had Dodged so close to the liver that it could not be safely removed, and Stewart carried that bullet with him to his grave many years thereafter." IN HER EFFORT TO FIND OUT who that local doctor might have been. Mrs. Bowman says that "Unofficial records reveal that Dr. William Thomas Lamibert, formerly of Tazewell Co.. Va., came to Oceana during the war and was practicing medicine there in 1865, and the name of no other doctor serving that region appears in writings covering that period. An account published in 1888 by the 'Wyoming News' states Dr. Lambert was there and remembered the town as it was during the but did not go into details about it. This account gives a short sketch of Charles Stewart, t past 80, stating he looked half age, and was active and vigorous .until far up in years; that he a great fighter, wrestler, and hunter, particularly of bears. He owned a rifle which once had ·the property of Daniel Boone, which rifle was named 'Argus' which was his favorite 'shooting iron'. It is more than Likely that Dr. Lambert was the local doctor who treated the erysipelas w black cat's blood.'- Doctors were very scarce in Wyoming at that time, and one living as close as (Bear Branch, less than ten miles away, would not have been overlooked." And thus it is that light is on a noted episode in Raleigh "Wyoming counties of some % years ago! Mrs. Mary K. ·has rounded up a raft of County history and typed it up form that is most readable. She "·Ikes history and goes after it a relisft. Few folks are smarter than this Mary K. Bowman! Merry Washingt Tm. Hf,. U. S. ft* Off^-AI Copt. 'f58 by V*Ud F^fNift 5y»$«t»* "Don't shake hands with Senator!" Drew Pearson-Alaska

Clipped from
  1. Beckley Post-Herald,
  2. 26 Dec 1958, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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