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 - C. Pownlns. Editor A Proprietor THURSDAY lUGUST...
C. Pownlns. Editor A Proprietor THURSDAY lUGUST 10, 1U2. TOWN AND COUNTY. A REXO CLERK'S MISTAKE A War in Po»|«et. There was a beautiful young lady, of temperance girl--who has a pair of eyes that sparkle BO that a stranger would think she was winking when she looked up and smiled. She ·would cot wink for anything, but when smiles the selvage around the eyes to draw up, and--well, if it isn't vrink it is wall calculated to deceive. She was on the way to the temperance lodge last Tuesday night, and stopped at the soda fountain of either Queen's or Shoemaker to get a glass of and when the clerk asked what flavor she would have, she looked up at aud, smiled a Keno smile, and said: will leave that to you." The clerk said afterward, when her brother came in after the lodge was out to whip him, he would have sworn she winked. [t seems that some of the customers want a little brandy in their soda, and proprietor told the clerk that when winked and looked sort of cunning, to put in a little bnndy with the He thought she was one ol the winking customers,, and he thinks now that he might have put in a little much. The Noble Duke of the lodge refuses to accept the explanation up to this time, though it is thought he get over his annoyance before the meeting, and let the girl remain a if she desires to do so, though says she does not see how she can look the brothers and sisters in the They tell two or three stories about it, but the version of the Granc Chaplain of the lodge seems to accepted as the true one The soda began to take effect on the jnst as she got into the ante-room, and instead of whispering the pass wore the outside sentinel, that worthy official, who is a young married man, employed on the K. B., says she put her up to his ear and bit it, and her arms around his neck. He would not have cared so much about only his wife wa» in the ante-room on her regalia. The soda gir caused remark in the ante-room by getting into her regalia feet first, and pulling it on as she would a pair of drawers outside sentinel says that struck him being more unusual than the way she him the pass word. However, he her into the inner room. There ia in the door which the applicant for admission puts her month up to and the pass word into the ear.ol the inside sentinel, who is a lady. The girl put her mouth up to the hole, giving three distinct raps, and as ear of the sentinel covered the hole the opposite side of the door, the soda girl said, "Set 'em up. Soda with in it." Ai the regular quarterly pass word was oon drink is raging," and the i sentinel smelted liquor on the j are of the applicant, she thought some saloon character was trying to get the lodge; so she drew her stuffed the badge of her office, and opened the door. Seeing that it was a member, the guard let the girl in, after reprimanding her for levity, and the girl marched to the middle of the floor, a shaky in the legs. The custom is for a member on entering to go to of the floor, look at the grand chairbolder, and place the right index finger to the right side of the nose keep it there until the chairman responds, when the newcomer takes a seat. The girl, instead, placed her thumb to her nose and wiggled her fingers, and went and took a seat beside chaplain, and put her feet upon the in front of the gooJ man. If a demijohn loaded with Beno whisky had exploaded in the lodge- room it would not have created more consternation. The chaplaiu fainted, the worthy chairman declared a recess, aud the members all gathered around the sister, face was flushed. Her hair was caused by taking off her hat removing the hairpins, her ' frizzes were around on her left'ear, and bang was on the back of her neck, the place where the hair wits parted ran across her head from ear to Her brotliei came up and put her down off the desk, and asked her bad been run over by a wagon or by a dog. Everybody suielled the liquor, and when the chief accased her of having tampered with the soul- destroying beverage which steals away the brain, she told him he was a "pre- (hie) ator," and hit him on the enr a gravel. The sisters tried to get to go into an ante-room and soak head, but she said she wanted to the goat, and she took a run and aat npon a table at though it a side saddle, and laughed so loud brothers and filters thought she would disturb the worshipers in a sa-

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  2. 10 Aug 1882, Thu,
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