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 - WASHINGTON, May 20.--"Millions :·;· bonds,...
WASHINGTON, May 20.--"Millions :·;· bonds, but not one cent for'a tax on soda pop!" Thus does the American public reply to the demand of the administration for a tajt on luxuries. The experience of the revenue office in collecting this tax shows conclusively that i he American people are Just as averse as ever to paying a lax 'ooks like a tax. and which has jaid every aay instead of once a in a lump. . , . H also shows that the attitude of ;he average man toward being taxed i* much the same as his altitude toward having a tooth pulled. He the thing done Quickly and painlessly, and just as he trusts the dentist pull the rijht tooth and n«t to an indispensable molar, so he trusts eongWBB to levl an economically soiiad tmx, and refuses to worry that abase of.the matter himself. He wfll toy liberty bonds with whom* at Joy, stimulated by a anTi HtOe oratory. He will pay heavy tax to tli* way of a tariff without a -whimper because he doesn t the money-He will pay an income after some swearing and perspiring, becawe tte thing is done all at and his injured finances and feelings have time to recover belore the dreadful dav comes aroufid again. But he will not daily plank down an extra uennv or»o for soft drinks. It liim constantly that he is being and it causes him to carry around lot of small change, and the chap runs the store is always wailing it. and the cash pirls gets all mixed up, and it's a general mess. The i hat a luxury tax is the most and economics?' tax which .can be levied does tf r mean anything to him. And he is goSC 16 have his The republicans are pledged to repeal the tax, and the democrats will not 10 stop them, for the revenue office admits that some parts of the ;ax are alnost impossible to collect. From all parts of the country, petitions are pouring into Washington, protesting against the new tax. Nearly everv soda fountain, which has already"sent one, is preparing one. once every protest against The high cost of soft drinks is cordially welcomed. All indignant customers are -·miled upon, and led up to a Jong sheet of paper bearing a great deal illegible -writing, where t h e y are ;i.-ked to add their names to the accumulation of disapproval. \Vhile there are mild reverberations of discontent concerning the tax on »uch luxuries as umbrellas, shoes, nefkties, silk stock-ings and hats. t h e y are drowned in the iiowl of disapproval concerning the lax o-n soft drinks. The public is angry, and the of soda fountains are outraged. Not. onlv is it a great nuisance for them 10 collect the tax on every sale, but t h e y believe that they are the oi unjust discrimination. Thev point out indignantly that the person who cats a plate of ice cream al a soda fountain is taxed, whereas he is t o buy the same kind of ice a nearby restaurant without paying tax An'establishment in Washington. which has a soda fountain and ' -it ore downstairs and a restaurant Mairs. sell? both taxed and untaxed croain. And it is complained by several stores t h a t their cashiers i "ft *ince the new rax went into Most of the larger soda fountains lone since adopted the ticket, system " in selling soft drinks, and the cashier row has" to do double work on sal(-\ Every customer must, be given least two tickets, and some must re- ceivp three or four. These miisr be kept track of by a separate system bookkeeping, and carefully cherished for the inspection of the government as«*nts when they appear to collect " To complicate matters, the law pro\ ides - several exemptions,- which particularly bewildering when the «oda fountain patrons are coming ; h i c k and fast on a busy day. According to the lucid regulations, ' t h e ai-f certain drink? sold at soda fount a i n s ice cream parlors or similar t«lace« of business, which are not re- -ardcd as soft drinks, ice cream products or similar articles of d r i n food Such beverages consist, of such articles as hot beef tea, coffee and (hot cold or iced), buttermilk, milk, lint choeoljite or cocoa, hot clam iiot clam bisque, hot. tomato bisque, and hot tomato houllion." Sandwiches and cake, sold in connection -with soft dridnks, are also exempt from taxa- t i o n Beverages, such as ginger -oot beer, rnoxie and mineral water arp not taxable when they are sold ·heir containers, nor is ice cream taxed when you agree to take it in a container. Only when you sit eat it at an ice cream parlor or fountain does it he-come a luxury. Before the new tax went i n t o it was a comparatively simple matter TO buy a light luncheon at one of larger soda fountains. You figured t h e cost yourself, asked the cashier for a check for the total amount, proceeded to entice some waitress to notice you. Now when you ask the cashier'for a check, she has to exactly what you want. "Let me no tax on the sandwich or the she' t h i n k s hurriedly, "and three on t h e plate of ice cream." With relief and appreciation, she turns to t he next customer, who wants a purely non-taxable lunch of cake and coffee. In the smaller stores, which no checking systems, the complications are so many that neither the owners nor the government agonts have any hopes of collecting the amount "of taxes. "To go over the books and collect the proper tax for every soft drink sold at every soda fountain in every city." said a deputy commissioner of the internal revenue

Clipped from
  1. Lincoln Journal Star,
  2. 26 May 1919, Mon,
  3. Page 13

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