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 - a list of new egg preparations guaranteed to be...
a list of new egg preparations guaranteed to be both refreshing and digestible. Most of these far surpass in nutritive qualities the dry ham sandwich and strong corxee which used to comprise a quick lunch. ' In addition to these nutritive compositions, most of which are refreshing and palatable as well, there Is a long and ever-changing list of sundaes, a modern concoction consisting of ice cream, fruit sirups and any addition In the way of decorative adjunct ' the versatile soda "Jerker" can supply. Where the- term "sundae" originated no one knows, but the article has come to stay at every American soda water fountain and it Is In particular demand among women and iris. . j 'The ice . cream soda . preceded the j sundae by a number of years. It is said that Philip Mohr. of Elisabeth, N. J.. In 1578, first conceived the Idea of dropping ice cream Into flavored aoda water, and thus earned the gratitude of millions of American young people. Mr. Mohr is now in his eighty-first year and ia still an ardent patron of the soda fountain. Be tween the ice cream soda and tbe sundae are many shades of variance. Each week brings out a new combination. while the wise dealer Is always prepared for the demanda in the old stand-bys. In which plain fruit sirup, good ice cream and the proper amount of carbon ated water furnish what many people regard as refreshment fit for the gods. The soda water fountain in many places haa auite outgrown its earlier dimensions. It haa now surrounded Itself with a model garden r rest room in which are email tables, plenty of chairs, attractive lights and other additions calculated to make It a pleasant gathering place In many villages and suburbs. In fact a well equipped soda fouiftain with a progres sive manager can lurnisn s continual fiesta . in communities where entertainments are few. , A New England druggist this spring opened a summer garden in an adjoining lot. It was furnished with plenty of tables designed for two and sufficient larger onea to accommodate larger parties. He announced that guests were always wel come to remain a- long aa tney cnoee. and to conform with the social proprie ties a suitable lady was engaged to act as chaperon between the hours of 8 and 11 each evening. The chaperon, being a woman of wisdom, was only in evidence when she was wanted, although her presence led many a mother to permit her daughter to be In the soda garden -when she might otherwise have required her to remain In her own home. It to aaid that aa a match making insti tution, thia particular garden haa already broken the record, aitnougn rrom the be ginning - the soda - water .fountain has been a favorite trystlng place for swains and maidens. The polite soda clerk or 'Jerker" always has b-en a recipient of tender confidences,' and with the enlarged opportunities provided by the larger soda water station Cupid has increased facili ties lor getting In his work, j . . With the Increasing varieties of refreshments served at the aoda fountain, for they are no longer all liquids, the duties of the soda "Jerker" are far more Impor tant than in the daya when he poured a little strawberry sirup In the bottom of a glass, added a little "flxs water." thrust in a couple of straws and passed it to his customer. Now many of the patrons are real epicures, fastidious enough to be critical of the smallest defect.) Under present conditions - - A chemist you have got to be - , To take a soda clerk's degree. . What used te be plain soda brew Is now a sweetened Irish stew. The composition of an egg drink Is one requiring especial dexterity. The best usage requires that the egg alwaya must bv broken in plain signi ot me customer. It must be neatly dropped from the shell into a glass with the yolk unbroken, which Is not always as easy as It looks. The glass must not be. smeared or the milk splashed, and yet ail roust be done as quickly aa possible. This increased skill on the part of the soda clerk nat urally calls for increased remuneration. and it Is being paid. A good soda clerk in a very smart shop may now receive from 175 to 1100 a month in salary. If be ia skilful in devising new formulae he may receive even more in a large establishment, and this compares favorably with the weekly stipend of $6 to S which a "Jerker" formerly received. With the Increased attention being given to sanitation and the purity of food prod ucts mrougnoui ine country, me soaa water fountain and all of its appliances naturally have not been neglected. Re, cent laws have been enacted regard In a the purity of the flavorings and coloring matter used at soda fountains. Oklahoma requires every fountain using substitutes for tbe natural fruits to display in a conspicuous place an advertisement or to have upon me menu cara, ir one is used, the words "Artificial flavoring and color ing used here." In Pennsylvania a simi lar law prevails, and last month a dealer tried to evade by a sign "All of our flavors are substitutes colored with harmless coloring." The words "are substl-

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 17 Aug 1911, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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