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 - - - it - - It - RENEW TONG WAR AFTER 12 YEARS;...
- - it - - It - RENEW TONG WAR AFTER 12 YEARS; VISITORS BARRED Safe for Sightseers, for Tongs Are Using Guns Again. has been : deader than Kins Tut - unkh - Amen. The peace pervaded old Chatham club, just around the oorner, in Chatham square, where rlvul white gunmen used to shoot It out about twice a week, But that's all over now. The end of the truce started about six : months ago. Then the police head rumors that a shortage of I40.U00 (had been found in the uccounts at (the On Leong Tong. It was report - NeW York's Chinatown Not'ed'to the district attorney In true Occidental fashion, and the tong expelled twelve of Its members. Dsclars Faith Wasn't Kept influential members of the On Leong Tong held an Important con ference with Influential members of I the Hip Sing Tong. The result was a promise ot tne; latter long mat not By WILSON BURKE International News Service Staff thu expelled members would Correspondent XKW YOKK, Oct. 13. For ten years the human rabbits that inhabit the hutches of Hell and Doyer and Mott streets have not had to scamper to their warrens through a rain of shots. But that deca 'in the narro y0rk's Chinatown - Tong unj nip Sing Tong has been - flnd sanctuary within its ranks. The expelled members moved en masse to Cleveland, O., the police learned, Shortly after their arrival there a wealthy Chinese merchant complained that he had been defrauded of $15,00U In a business ese A The war of the Tongs - On Leong lt.lll(lln mOBt ot lf not ' tn , , , ,j defrauded of J15.00U In a buslnc cade of peace Is ended hrewd (,h(m, w confines of Ne.w'(o MrivA another of $15,000. In Medical lv - 'renewed with k vengeance. Blood "I'lled 'rum th" (,n Leong . . L . . ....i - , - lu,l6' .Tdfe before it .nd7 " 8' And then these men were straight - 10 tile oeiore u ihib. . nav ha d mil i Une man already is dead, three have been wounded in - ," T 'A to ,)rehenslve. Their guard in China de. - d nml!'" bulled UUt the lo ine neaaquarters or tne un ieung rong in .New.iork came underground whisperings that the money for the bull bonds was fur town hlls been trebled. Bluecoats, "'shed by the Hip Sing Tong which . u .... .v.. i.. i Indicated to the members of the fveL nook and cranny of the 111 - " Leong Tong that the expelled - lighted, mysterious streets. Alert mbers had been taken in by uhiln - clothes men with service re - rlvul organization and hence ' ..,.. ... i.,.., that the nip sme Ton had broken vi n vera uuiirauii; " - i ui, IU"U ,., ( ,mtrol the r - i,BP,,i faith. Isn't clubby In .rrirnti vl hflA vis tors i .. . i Breakine faith .. . , ,,., i tongs, even tunxs I ving in ueace. ' n twpn II lie 1UUI nuwu. - Trouble has been expected f0r,narmon' an mutual suspicion. weeks. Inoffensive looking Chi - 1 So "smoke wagons'' belched, and n(.s. e!u.n packing his "rod," have men began falling in Chinatowns been pouring in from Newark, where streets. That's the reason white f,inBtown moved almost en masse visitors and sightseers In buses, who iwhpn Vre and gambling were stop - pay Jl to see Chinatowns wlcked - , Jn New york,g t.nlnatown The m.S9 (?) by night, are barred. Chl - police knew the war was coming, nese are notoriously bad shots. The i but they were powerless to prevent police are careful of the bystanders. It. j'l'hey only wish the tongs wciuld of The story goes back twelve years, learn to shoot straight, and then In 1912 two tong men went to the they'd probably let 'em fight It out electric chair in states prison at of Ossing. N. Y for murder. Their Im.lisR rIM not EO back to China, IIS all good dead Chinese do. important ouin u,, lawyers and assistant district at - torneys got the leaders of the On Leong Tong and the Hip Sing Tong ,.. .., Hor r a rMRt TieaCK banOUet. nn.l the hatchet was burled. Arbl - !,ra,lon wag I? 8ettle ""JV? .might follow a gambling game or . .. ,1..., ,,1. at 'among themselves. BEAUTY DOCTOR WARNS OF POISONOUS HAIR DYE By Irternational News Ssrvicc. CHICAGO, Oct. 13 Uray - headed women who dye their hair are In ixn" wl, an entire sue - .UVoftt "phew of Tom Lee 'retro0df 'J" - ,h hanq" na" v""e l"B m Judge's". aynrt'Snhrdfr"" under during th. fusllade Hut their calmer Judgment pre - ; ! vaTied and on iong Tong didn't QIU. ' And for twelve years Chinatown - " ,ake avenge. The 1FY0URSKIN BREAKS OUT USE SULPHUR Just the moment you applv Mentho - Sulphur to an Itching, burning or broken out skin, the itching stops and healing begind, says a noted skin specialist. Tubs tulphur preparation, made Into pleasant coid cream, gives such quick relief, even to fiery eczema, that nothing has ever been found

Clipped from
  1. The Springfield News-Leader,
  2. 14 Oct 1924, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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