The Hillsdale Standard Hillsdale, Michigan Tuesday, January 26, 1869

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The Hillsdale Standard
Hillsdale, Michigan
Tuesday, January 26, 1869 - further H»n Omaha. in was ; ^rogrtM^in;;...
further H»n Omaha. in was ; ^rogrtM^in;; rapidly -- 3G1, tn male at of Iowa, otn who a and illndiu; which of at rtno- a his if the a enforce it. fe- . .fan. 18, 18lt). In thr Sonati- the following bills \yere passed: Bv Committee on Judiciary Homo WH to amend Mictiuti '2 of an act 'ciilitled " A n act lo define thu limits, ju- libdictiou and powen» of the circuit C'lurtr,,'' approved Apiil 8, 1851, being auction 3-112 of the compiled laws, relative to the holdiug of terms of court by the oiteuit judged. Alho a bill to amend section 31' of an sot entitle 1 "An act to provide for as- ses-iing property at HH true valuo, and for Ii:\jiri(; and collecting taxes theieon," app-.ovcd February 14, 15."i;i, being section 821 of tho compiled laws. Also a bill to amend act No. '2^7 of the teuton lawn of 1883, entitled "An act to amend section 1, S, 4, 5, 0 ami !), of the revised fctatuttV being tectiona 5350, 6351, 6353, 2Su-t, 5S55 and 5338 of the compiled laws, touching the limitation of act.on relating to r-al jiroperty. Bv the Committee on Finnnce, The joint resolution to provide for paying publi»h«rs of newspaiwrs for publishing the 4'onstitution of 1SU7, us provided by the schedule of said constitution, witn accompanying amendments, in which the Senate concurred. A bill to enable any city, vilhgo or township to pledge their credit to aid in ifovmtrw«?ioo. of -. »°y VI i iIroai !A or .?' 0 ,; hereafter bo chartered or organized, under and by oi the laws of the State of Michigan. The lir?t two, and important sectioiiR of tho bill are as follows: Srcrios 1. Tht petplt of tht .State of Michigan enact That if shall, nnd may be, lawful for any city, village or town- Hhip to pledge their credit to uid in the construction of nny railroad heretofore chai tered oi organised under and by virtue (if the lawn of the State of Michigan, for iucu sum or Bums, and to Biir.h amount, not ex-re Hi K ien pi-r i-entiini i. r tin- ;i^e-«ed vuluatinii :or the time beint; of tlie jtal and per.Minal propt" ly i f nueli villime, city or tuvvnship, us the tledorb ther«'ol shai'l ut sitiy mt-eting ot meetings cillid for that purpose determinL 1 ; /'/«- zlild/, thut the amount of bonds which nlmll liiC(iiiii-diic t'l any otic year, or the pniici|iii1 ol the money payable, (.hall not evii'ed oiie-flllh of tho amount voted to ii« raised ; and, jjio^iilnl, also, that no such municipality shall pledge their credit to any and all roads to an extent that theii outstanding indehtcdnesn, eiclusive of interest, nn account of aid to any and all iBilroadH, shall exceed ton per centum O f the niherisod valuation for the time be- tng ; anil wtio thai ilie citj- of Dctiuit slull not pledge its credit to an amount excluding per centum of their asse^a- for the time buiiiK, to nny und.nll in DC- the mild a Six. -2. It ahull be the duty of the Mayor ol any such city, of the president prcniiiing oitlcer of any auch village, and of any such township, respectively, upon the presentation t) him of a request, eitht-r written or printed, oi partly written mid paitly printed, signed by at leust ·JO of thu tax paying electors of such city, tilifigc, or tuwiibhip, I6(juec.ting that such cily, village, or township nifty aid in tho construction of any such r.iilroad, and specifying therein the nm«unl ptoposud tu lie raised, the limes ol payment of tho i.imo. and Ihu rat« of iiitfic-st, to call » meeting «r meetings ol the cK'clorn nf nidi city, village, or township, tit such ticto or times as shall be designated in tucii notice, not ICSH than 20 nur more than 25 daye fiom the day of the date of such notice, which nuticctmall recite the bubstanco of the re-quest. Such notice shall be given within five days after the jire.suntation ol such'rcqueBt, by posting copied thereof in at least six public places in Mich city, village, or township, at least lii days before tho day specified therein for such meeting-*, and by publishing the same in at least one newspaper published in Mich city, village, or township, if there shall be one published therein, in each issue of fuch newspaper previous to the diy of auch meeting. Such request and notice shall bo recorded in the record book of such city, village, or 'town- «hip ; and, also p;oof by affidavit of the posting and publication of such notice by iho Clerk or other cifUcer acting in such capacity,'of such city, village, or township; frotidtd, That no city, ; village, or township shall, under the provisions of this act, hold more than two meetings in any one year.' Sections, three and four, and five, merely provided, for Inking the rote and the duties of tho Board of luspectoru, and the nfisessor. The sixth section provides that bonds shall be issued until the road within the city, village^or township limits, (where said vote is taken) is completed, or ready for'the iron. A bill authorizing the city of Lansing' to vote nid to the Ionia ami LaWmg railroad hag passed both Houses ; also, a joint resolution instructing tbe Attorney to ute all practical diligence in collecting the claims of the State against the Phoenix Bank and Detvey4 Haiolton. The President of the Senate has an- nounccd u the standing. committee on Amendments to the constitution, Senators T. Q. Smith, W. B. Williams and E. L. Koon. The following resolution relating to Tax satw was adopted : JltatJffJj That the Committees on tho Judiciary and Finance, jointly, bo nnd are hereby instructed to inquire into the expediency of changing the tax laws o f this State as to make the amount paid for hinds at Aax sales, a lion'upon such lands as a mortgage^ at a high rate' : of Interest, for a certain number of yearn before a tax title is granted ; also, to Inquire as to the expediency of makng it obligatory upon pcrnona bidding ofTlnmlf), to notify owners of ihe,fact. · ' Tuesday the 10th., the business of both Houies were principally local matter, legalizing and extending the time for 'thu collection of taxes in certain town- Rhip.9, until HVclock, which hour was made tho special order for tho election of IT. S. Senator. -In thu Senate the vote wan as follows i For Zachariiih Chandler--Senators Andrews, Boies, Bonine, Conklin, Fitzgerald, Jenks, Joneti, Koon,' Mills, Pearl, Pierce, Phillips, Kicli, Slocum, A. Smith, I '-T. G. Smith; Standish, Thomas, Turner^ Wo9d."Wopd r For Sanford ,Greene--Senators 'Aunlr, I limited trliidi toll, tube) compilation names who lie f*irn. In the University The Oovei United be hundred bill annual The Judicial St. Circuit next The questing to aid reported mpnts the electors, of tlie not to iron Both recess I|H i The to:id eYcnin^, inoilic linn thoy at company. meeting through road tlioho report this ftum and this committee meeting, men in the .-ftble action tlier There in the through puns, citizens number Michigan 'inI a under tho A laiga ctipital of §10,000 pat amount, all for fiom 0. II. Saline, from Much was of thu and or, in ed and October. at wheru Jackson process which Northern men are rapidly It is Central double Ypsilanti, Detroit, complete. many by thoso route, the full be completed. ' fertile our Detroit. Tlie Tho Michigan 'the The is 0. Beck 0. F. ids j Barker, Manly E. N. Pontiac Dean, E. W. of Ma-ion,.Morton and,"\VHIa:d-- J. Absent--Senators . Bitely, ,," Oarlfon, Norria, Pruuman--i. ' Th« Senate then adjourned. .,. . ' ; ', '' I" · TheJoltowing 5« : th«rwjult'bf,-'thi 'vof« S.. in th«Hou»e. ;· T , , . / , ';; .. .-' · Zachnriah Cbandlw-^-MeSEri. Ash- Avery, Barnaby, Baiter, ' Beall, Boynton, Prawford, .dispatch leading arrived .representation condition thwo insurgent 'izoil, 'soon as Stales, All they of war.~ belligerents, "V. 'A 1 fused to giraphio because

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  • The Hillsdale Standard Hillsdale, Michigan Tuesday, January 26, 1869

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