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Stonewall News/ Gatlin Marries - Stonewall Items. The farmers from all sections...
Stonewall Items. The farmers from all sections of the county report corn and oats good ; cotton stand rather bad for want of rain. W. D. Alfred reports his rice excellent. The complaint from the curlew buss is as bad as last year. On Sunday the 9th at the residence of Mr. Thos. Gooding, on Lower Broad creek, F. P. Gatlin and Mrs. Mamie Daniels were married. Key. J. T. Broa den performing the ceremony. Better late than never. Frank accept my good wishes. From the way F. F. C. and A. H. W. circulate I am of opinion that there will be other ceremonies to report or some one sent to rest. Well there is nothing like being a widower except getting married. Capt. K. of the clevere t, best merchants of your city, and if any one doubts that, I say just let them try him was down on some business matter, and was accompanied by Mr. H. L. Hall, book man of your city ; -and I should judge from occular demonstra tions that he was on Borne very import-J ant business. May blessings attend his energy not tnat l am ia anywise nos- tile to Steve: all 1 can say to either is, the game is worth the hunt. On Monday last, according to law, the Superior court for this county, was promptly convened by Judge uudger, and as promptly and justly conducted. All who were in anywise interested were perfectly content with the rulings and promptness with which the judge Conducted the court. The Judge simp ly done his whole duty. There was a small docket, both civil and criminal; only one day on each ; no one sent to the pen., and our jail: is empty, and the poor oi our county does not cost tne county exceeding $600 per year. Who can beat that? Mai. Cobb of the Me senger was on hand as jovial as ever,and well be may be so, ror ,na represents as good, if not the- best' weekly in North Carolina; so was C, C Taylor of the Journal. The Journal . speaks for itself, as well as Mr. Taylor.

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Journal,
  2. 22 May 1886, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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