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Long Island Automobile Club Sanctions Brooklyn Dealers' Run Consent Given for Two-Day Contest to Montauk Point on July 19 and 20 Meeting Next Wednesday to Discuss TwentA-four Hour Race C. W. Matheson on "Miscalled Stock Car EveVits." The Long Island Automobile Club has consented to a sanction being given to the Brooklyn Motor Dealers AssBOClation run, on July 19 and 20, to Montauk Point and return, by a alg-zag route. A meeting of the Long Island Automobile Club will be held next Wednesday evening, at the clubhouse, Union street, when it Is expected that some action will be taken in regard to the A. A. A. issuing a sanction for a twenty-four-hour race at Brighton Beach, without first obtaining the consent of the local organization. The L. I. A. C. has no objection to the holding of such contests, but will strenuously oppose any such race while the course is In ils present unsafe condition. Many motor car manufacturers, accord ing to C. W. Matheson, are coming to a realization of the hopeless handicap un der which they Buffer in competing in so-called stock car events, the operation of the American Automobile Association's rules applying to stock cars being noto rious in the breach rather than in the observance. Mr. Matheson, hitherto a stanch adherent and active supporter of sanctioned contests, is wavering tn his allegiance, as he feels that specially prepared machines are entered and started in what are supposed to be strictly stock car events, and that cars regularly catalogued and sold as stock models have no chance In competition. "It Is the public that Is being fooled with these mis-called stock car events," declared Mr. Matheson, just previous to Btarting on a lengthy trip around the selling centers. "A false standard of quality is created by the car 'run in' as the stock article In events intended for the simon-pure stock machine. The public is under the belief that such cars are simpler in every respect to tho models they would purchase from the agent's floors, but the motor-wise know differently. "It has been pointed out with a great deal of truth that such departures from regular stock model procedure as special Ignition equipment, reduction in the number of piston rings, enlarged lubrication leads, specially constructed camshafts, specially timed valves, systematic lightening, until some cars vary only a pound, or two from the racing minimum of the class; racing rims and tire equipment, radical revision of the system of control and many other variations, are common. The lay mind is badly fooled, and experts are considerably mystified. "The day is not far distant when the motor public will revolt at the deception. and the manufacturers practicing such evasive tactics will reap a bitter reward. In the meantime, it would seem that the wisest thing for the manufacturer, who Is willing to enter cars representing stan dard construction cars taken indiscriminately from stock and sold to customers had better stay out of competition where trickery and technical evasion of ruleB are the predominating characteristics." Below is printed a list of recent registrations of motor vehicles, purchased by residents of Brooklyn and Long Island. Tho registration numbers and the cars selected follow: John Fortenbach, 131S Sterling place, Brush, loe,65. Marcellius staley, 815 Bay Sixteenth street, Ranier, 106,686. F. S. Aruimbau, Freeport, L. I., Empire, 100.690. T. V. Cox, 2223 Newkirk avenue, Cadillac, 106.696. Fred Wledner, 73 Cornelia "street, Buick, 106.70S. Francis N. Weld, Cold Spring Harbor, I. I., Cadillac, 106.709. . Henry Leach, 1103 Fulton street. Regal. 106.722. Amelia Weaver, Richmond Hill, I... I., White, 106,734. Belle Crandles, 1298 Fulton itreet. Regal, 106.7,17. Robert .1. Johnston, 837 President street, Pope. 106,7(3. Georgo Koewen, 310 Halsey street. Maxwell, 106,745. Anna E. Rublno, 39 Eighth avenue. Maxwell, 106.752. Dan Ryan, coney island, wuick. ioh.-ioh. Oscar SehleKol. 218 Lenox road, Reo, 106. 7G5. R. C. Watson. Babylon, I. I., Reo. 106,761. Theodore Auerboch. 278 Hamburg avenue, Crest, 106.762. Charles Hermann, 63 Elton street. E. M. F 106,769. Herman Meyer, 19a Lincoln place, B. M. F., 106.771. Martin D. Meyer. 35 Marcy avenue, E. M. r., 106.771. Dr. A. Raynor, 639 Flatbusn avenue, irora, 106.773. Dr. It. F. Walmsley, 491 Putnam avenue, Buick. 106,775. Louis Terrarosa, 166 Olen street, Chalmens, 106.779. Tobias Asch, 1349 Tutnam avenue, Wlnton, 106.787. Dr. P. A. Kell, 164 Arlington avenue, Overland. 1C6.793. John Hemingway, Huntington, l.. i.. x-ora. Wlnfred C. Ryder. Vincent avenue, Lynbrook, L. I.. Ford. 106.S21. Mrs. A. Copley Thau Heathcote, Westbury, L. I., Renault, 106,823. F. N. Doubleday, Locust Valley, L, I., Buick, 106.830. W. M. Dow, 805 Fulton street, Dealer, 106.842. Edward M. Roe. 681 Broadway, Flushing, L. I.. Chalmers, 106.848. Jane D. Cock, Locust Valley, L. I., Buick, 106.852. S. E. Denny, East Seventy-first street and Avenue V, Mathlson, 106,856. Frederick H. Klep, 622 ureenwooa avenue, Buick. 106,858. John A. White. Front street, Hempstead, L. I.. Jackson. 106.861. Frank E. Wilson, 1243 Bushwick avenue. Ford. 106.S62. John F. Archbold,' Southampton. L. I., Cadillac, 106.804. Pinion tiatt, ooa tnrsr street, uios, j,,so;. Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Renisen street. Buick, 106. S70. Brooklyn Union Gai Company, Remsen street. Duick. 106,871. H I Holbrook, 617 Forty-ninth street, Knox, 106,872. A. W. Whlttake, Northport, L. I., Mitchell, 106, 576. Willis T. Hallock, Rlverhcad, L. I., Ford, 107.037. Mr!. E. E. Hewlett. Cold Spring Harbor, L. 1.. Stevenn-Duryea, 107,038. Charles Small. 1031 Prospoct place, E. M. F.. 107.052. Frank D. Sutton. 177 Sixth street, Elmhurst, L. I., Mora. 107.057. Dr. S. Hermann, 4903 Fourteenth avenue, Chalmers, 106, 895, A. H. Maustmch, 1854 Eighty-second street, Chalmers, 106. R97. Edwin W. DuBois, 63 Marlboro road, Knox, 106.919. William C. Qtiackenbush. 12 state street, Abendroth, 106.927. James L. Hutchinson, Flushing, L. I., Buick, 107.09.V Frederick C. Budden, Richmond Hill, L. I., Cadillac. 107,102. Edward s. IIowm, 9& Livingston street, Cadillac, 107.109. John J. Jung, 1426 Glenwood road, Buick, 107.112. Frank C. Peterson. 131 Fnxall itreet, Pope fIKra1mj'UA. Schmltt, Richmond Hill, 1. I., Thomas, 107,117. Adnlnh A. Wels. Bar, Shore, L, I., Cadillac. JO7.120. Peter Blank. 1018 Bushwick avenue. Stearns, MMlnnl H. Herle, 313 Floyd itreet. Hupp, W.134. , , , John F. Marsdon, Far Rockaway, L. I., Overland. 107,141. p. Anderson, 370 Fulton street, Stevens, 10Martln Tablonski. 396 Shepherd avenue, Wlnton. 107.162. . , Kasper and Koetgle, 565 Bus,, wick avenue, Reo. 107.162. August Bauer, 240 St. Nicholas avenue, Overland, 107,176. Fred B. Daliell, 111 Balnbrldge street, Chalmers, 107, 180. Frank Hug, 710 Flushing avenue, Ford, 107,- Fred Johnson, Freeport, L. I., Cadillac, 107.1 'I. Isldor Klein, 367 Fulton Itreet, Abbott, 107,-185. A. C. Welch. 1268 Pacific atreet, Chalmers. 107. 190. Dr. A. P. Northrldge 221 Covert street, Ford. 107,245 R CI. c Somonlto, 010A Oresne avenue, Buick, 107,233. William Watson, 231 Warwick street, HuVp- E. T. Hurlbert, 183 Bay Nineteenth streefl E. M. F.. 107.272. ' Louis I.eavott. Drlggs avenue and' Eleventh and Twelfth streets, Chalmers, 107,274. A. H. Levlnson, Inc., 630 Sutter av, Jackson, 107,275. D. C. Pennly, 196 Lefferta place. Moon, 107,278. H. C. Trogauza, 603 Tenth itreet. E. M. F.', 107,284. William McKcnney. 290 Hewes street. E. M. F.. 107,285. Dr. O. F. Sammls, 64 Decatur street. Maxwell, 107,289. tJ' .DV, t?rfav''"- Oriental Hotel. Manhattan Beach, Buick, 107,292. James S. Maun, 368 South Third street. Pope-Toledo, 107,293, LARNED HAS TO PLAY HARD! .national Tennis Champion Finds; Stubborn Opposition in Metropolitan Meeting. Tho prestige of being a national champion did not save William A. Larned yesterday in the metropolitan tennis championship from being beaten in ona set and then having to play hard to win out. Peculiarly also the doubles champions, Frederick B. Alexauder and Harold H. Hackett of .ie Crescent Athletic Club, were similarly treated hy their follow clubmates, C. M. Bull. Jr., and Harry Martin. By winning bis match, Larned landed Into the final round for the championship and he will meet the other Cali-i rornia boy, Uustave F. Touchard. The I latter quite surprised the harns bv tak ing Theodore Roosevelt Pell into' camp in straight sets of 62, 86. Peil never had a chance against tha slim West erner. The two survivors will meet lor' the title and cun thin nftprnonn In the doubles the fact that Bull and Martin could take a sot frrtm a iv,,.,.i. - - wu, 'iicvnuu: and Hackett caused surprise.l The score of tho match was 36, 61, ft 1. There appears to be but little hard opposition in the way of the national tltlto holders. In the final of the Amackalsln Club singles yesterday, N. H. Bundy Von from Dr. Kosenbaum by 6 4. b 4, 1X6, 64. The result was somewhat of a surprise! Metropolitan league honors betwoen th players of the Park Slope Lawn Tennis Club and the New York Lawn Tennis Club were won yesterday by the prayers of the latter organization in three straight victories. R. F. Bryan and D K. Roberts did all tho nlavinir V By defeating Miss Browning in the Arte! round for the women's tennis chamnimi shin now nrne-rpftaino- nf Phn.j.i.kV MIbs Louise Hammond, a New York play? er. yesterday won the riu-hr tn h,iinuJ Miss Hotchklss. the present title holder ior me national title. (Brooklyn ARCESSCR1CS MART1N EVAN3 co- ti3i HUUCaOUMCd Bedford av.. Phon. ai88 B.d. Roadster Traveler Tourlau aiiivi man AUioaiODli! UO., way. Phone 1454 Flatbush. Repairing. BRUSH AND PALMER-SINGER The Allen Mwan Co 1384 Bedford. Phone 6a Pros DIIIAI Uotni. fn DUIIllV Break.;;,' 41 Flatbusn As, Phone 4176 Main. CADILLAC CA"; Vart' fl"'"- Oarace, 13 , CARTERCAR Williamson. 203 Monro. f-Hil VFRC ulincnu Bruns Auto Co., 1294 Bed. av. Phon. I70O CONTINENTAL ? w;,.Fu"'t ?. J.'f"." a , c, ruuuv oik xieaiora. CRAWFORD "Peo' Park South Qaraga) ' Coney Island and Churah av uuu, uw 0 latDUsn. CUTTING 40: S I65G Ialai"1 "TUVJMANi. MAar?or.t. - - , w w "nil w S.UW d I Ull Carpenter Motor Vehicle Co.. 1238 Fulton it. lARHillL s AUKNCY. Used csu'i taken to exchange. Tir, vulcan-Izlug; M htuul tires and tubes loj Reid Ave. .tel. mi-J Bushwick. FIAT HERRESHOFF OIdSMOBILT A. W. JSLA. N CHARD, INC., 342 Flatbuah. rUnU Haliey Phoni 8902 3rd. U-2S HAYNES C; ii hT: Phona 8730 Bed! INTER-STATE Ji'7i- h. a Martm.1140 B.d-' JACKSON JACKSON MOTOR CAR XHUrVJUH im curt ,t. Phone 14.4 Phone 144 Main! KNOX 1'OWNSBND, 1148 BedtoTd I niAUADH p r LUbUmUDILCBortav; Reouon Mfg. Co., Ui i-none 2S2f mm MARION-FLYER Phon C. T. Sllrtr. rflwcxm LioS BKeK AuTOMOiiLir jiepuon woo uearoro. MITf!riFI I Kosciusko it, near Bed torn mi I Until. av. Phone. Bud. 1199. NATIONAL OAKLAND EMPIRE Standard Auto tc Bales Co., 1281 L'edford as. flUFtfl AUtl M FLATBUSH AV. Phona PENNSYLVANIA HAI I ADAY I37I-B BEDFORD AV; 'phone 2431 ProiDeot. UKAJST SQUARE UARAOB. PETREL FRICTION AUTO CO.7 1249 Bedford " 1 av. 'Phone sso Hertford PIERCE-RACINE" Pferco Motor Co., Di& ureene av. Phone Bed. 6240. POPE Mont&uk Qaniga Co., exoluiiv HARTFORD "."""i"? wh uni Phone 4400 Prospect. riYnAa "r"' Repair!. Oarage. JJVWJVW KENNY MOTOR CAR CO.. aiuiuu av unu bjkui liaift) ftimta. t nun mj STEVENS. DIIRYEA .A .. U - - - - om. ruruana av. TsL 4026Proi. STIinFRAsf FR Carpemer Motor Vehlele Co" aiUUEBMH-ll 1239 Fulton st. Phone 309 Bed. A- t THOMAS13 v- motor car co.. an cm J Livingston it. Phone 1085 Mala. High grade supplies. WHITE GAS norough Auto Co., 12S3 Bed- ioru sit. expert repairing. MANHATTAN DIRECTORY ALCO ISOTTA American Locomotive CompanrT 1886 Broadway. Tel. SSOO Col. J. K. QIHNIIY & CO., Newark. . J.

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 25 Jun 1910, Sat,
  3. Page 24

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