Indian lake legend and Peale museum

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Indian lake legend and Peale museum - U of is clear, to set at de-' overthrow all '-'...
U of is clear, to set at de-' overthrow all '-' 1804. to a prac that your unlawfully are growu i pecpl llv. sootin t mark, th present liava been 25 amis to gemle them and them to their txecllent shots of 4 couplet about me-it .-. knew,- made." encourage birds. One care to have grouse In rigour done there's ' ' about .. , which ap of August, ; " . . JnguttSQ. ". , j of the 23a the jntole-; the trails-. of the the most of the your pa-' very worst it as reach their of them manner in ; your then can them up law. For per this adver-. any di- V P. M. ' spoken uf, but ignorant direc-' in Peters- one luiidle, it of strong a sample fit which and the to add Post Office this office' somewhere Jones will and if the in a bad it cf it, and unjus-' written by at Cadiz, .-' 1804. you of our har-. unfavornbly know not adequate the At-' appearances-of hosti-. have that your actually de before placej measure and informed enclose you from possesses It vill of extent of submissi-. West Florida, a contest, us, and popular by shadow cf " ' ' ISO. refusal Convention by the m-admissilde the our court pretensions to country as however which .... relinquish duts not. ana properly o talJwl, aUhaiih France has never com Jiie.i witntnose. comhtiim hv the execution .f wjitrj ha wws ta -haw acquire a ikht tt that Prevince. In regard to liast and West Flonds, they were oririnully ceded by France to T.nKlaiidb tli'treatv . fm sceot 1763, who at the surname ceded tupain the lalanduf Mew Orlctkiia and territory west cf the AluiMs-wppI, which we have held ever since without any alteration of boundaries whatever. . " In JTfcO, we conquered from Great Britain all the country east of the Almisslppi, then divided Into uit and West , Florida, winch conquests were confirmed to ns by the definitive treaty of peace of li'tS. It is hero to be oUervcd tlwt Wejt riurtdn. has ever since retained t!it name, snd formed no part f Louisiana, as oij;inlly ceded by France to Spain, but having been conquered by the latter it remained a separate government as hcn under lite dominion of England, and independent of Louisiana, possessing a Governor rip-pointed by lite Crown, who was in a sertain degree, as well as the Governor of lmiwuna, dependant ufl the government ef Hnvaims, ' Itis evident that the treaty of Cession of Louisiana, by Spain to France, and r eonJly by Fiauce to the Uuited States, never did or could in th remotest degree xoutem-plate cr include I'cst Florida, inasmuch as that luitrumtnt makes no mention of Florida by which name alone that country has been known ever since 17d3, a period of 41 years. 'The description of the ceded territory Ri ven in the royal order of the Spanish court ad dressed to the intendant of Louisiana todcliver ui that Drovince to General Victor, is . also clvar and precise, it is therein styled a Retro- eetiton ot Jjouiwana, with the same extent it possessed when ceded by Franco to the Crown of Spain. '" , :; , Aawell micht the American Government claim Ratt Florida, mio under her Construction of the terms of the Cession, because previous to the year 1719 France claimed all the Country East of the Mississippi uuder the ap pellation of Louisiana, and did actually grant an exclusive privilege to the commerce there of, to the famous Croail. . " If any thmr furtliet can be required to render the treaty still more clear and definite on his head, the intentions and meaning of tho originally contacting parlies must surely be deemed conclusive and final. The marquis del Casa Caivo, commissioner on the part of .Spain, and Monsieur L'Aussat on the part ot r raiice, had respectively orders, the one to deliver, and the other to receive Louisiana, withont any reference or allusion whatever to Wett Florida, and the act of delivery wssthus completed con-formally to those instructions from the two couits. . !. - "The inurpreution given by the United States to the treaty of Cession, is therefore e qually extravagant andutenable, and will ne ver, be sanctioned or submitted to by the bpau-Ibh court, altho'.the annihilation of the mon- arcliy should become a Kssible consequence of its rejection ot so degrading a proposal" ' " You may judge from the translation of my friend's letter, of the unjust pretensions of your government, an adherence to which, and that too for a barren and ummportanttract ol country compared with Louisiana, would forever tarnishike honor of your nation, and stamp it with the character of that grasping ambition from which she alone cf all the powers of tho earth has been heretofore exempt." ' . , PlIILADELFHIA, Sept. 8. Cant, Hunt of the Sally and Jenny, from Surrinam, (arrived at the Lazaretto) informs, that no American vessel is allowed toclearcut, at that place, unless the cargo is at least one-fourth molasses. . Sir Charles Green, Gov, General of'. th" colbny, has issued a proclamation laying a tax of 200 (talis, on letters of manuinilion tor all slaves of 14 years old and upwards; and 100 cells, for all under that nge, to put a checK to the prevailing fashion of the people freeing their negroes. The LngHsh government, after the capture of the colony, declared, by proclamation, tho paper currency, issued for the pay of the Ua-tavian troops during the time the Dutch had possession, nu longer a tender for debts. Whether the Dutch government, will ever re deem it, is uncertain, but it falls heavy on the people, who were compelled to receive it while their governor had.the command. , ,. t .' . frvn tfc Journal te Varu of July 5. . The Empsror hss decreed new uniforms tor the saiiprs composing the crews ot our fleets and flotillas. Tkey are in future to bo dressed iu blue jackeis, in the manner and of the Cut of those of dragoons ; red wabtcoats, with gilt buttons ; blue cloth pantaloons for Europe but blue NanLepn tor the ast and West-ln-clics. : They are to wear red stockings of wool in Europe, but of cotton iu the other parts of the world. . Their shoes are to be pointed, with round buckles; and their hair to be. cropped, without powder. 1'hey are to change the ir shirts three times in the week, and each sailor is to have three shirts, one white and two coloured ones. When onshore, they jut to wear small cocked hats ; but, when on hoard, except the fore cast'.emwn, tho other may wear round hats. 'Iht-ir wht Ci-ps are to be red, and washed once in the week. ..Their neck cloths ure to be, for full dress, of black silk,, but otherwise f cotton,, dyed black. Each man is to have wo night caps and two neck clotks. Besides a boarding axe, each sailor is to be annul w ith one alnrt sword, a dagger and two pistols, small enough to.oe placed in the pockets of their trowsers- liach man is allowed two pipes iu the week, and half a pound of tobacco for cliewing; and a quarter of a pound for smopkir.g, if-the commanders think the Utter may be permitted without danger. 'When at anchwj.tliey are to bathe morning and night for half an hour each time; when at sea. they are to wash their bodies all over twice a week. They arc to comb out their h.ur three times in the week, and to be thaved once every four days. When in Europe, they are, for exercise, todancc for an hour every Sunday ; butjwlienin warm climates, for" half tn houi'every second day. They arc to a void sC'H-butive complaints, to wash their ' mantles twice in the we-k with vinegar, and once every day with fresh water. For the atnaserrieiit of Mr JefT-rsoo. , ? WltKSBAiE,(Penn.)Scpt.3. , An old gentleman of venerable appearance passed thrr ugh Otis country a few diys since, an:! gave to a number of our citizens thefol. lowing infornmtioB : ' ','.' , ', , Tliu? he was from the ne'gnbourhocd el the .journey, he saw k man alio informed Kim that iwa mtjn wr niMi!g on t laixc:, when they .beheld at a little dManee. a monster in Uic i ii in ot a snaKe, rise out of (he lake and stretch hlmsfif on the bosom tf the water. Tliat his appearance waa . ' " Fieret as ten fiiriei, - : 1 , TrrrMc at Htll! ' . that the fishermen with more than ordinary courage ventured near enough o reach him with a riflo ball, and both firing at t-r.ce ortu-nataly dispatched him. ' ' , . . Tho people of ike neighbourhood were Ini-mediately called together and the, Uquatic Mammoth drawn in triumph tadie sore. On an admeasurement it was found to be 10J feet 4 L2 inches In length, knd his sixo was proportionabh grest. From, his head proJcteca horn of considerable length, The old gentleman added tha,t in ghing Into Owego he met three of the inhabitants going out to see the extraordinary erearu'r. ,! tli.f iL skin was to be saved for Mr. Peale's Museum. there is an Indian tradition that u monster of the kind doWribed. ldnrr inlmliitivl tlm ljk. and they believe it stilt continues liiere ; they nq on men uiai k was an evil spirit una as such they worshipped it. '-- MAKHltU, At Newhorgli, on tlie'i;li ult hy the Rev. John M'Jimscy, Mr. VitHAM :Jckion to Mus Cicili a Buf.'t. - 1 ..evening post Marine list. , Aaaivaa at ran roar. awte Ship Oneida Chief. Keaip; London, 43 UnlUp,cn. Masiertoa, Lishon, 5S Scjruliuii, Hammond, 1 Mutinique, 28 VaakJIy, Thomas, St. John's,. 13 , . Vigilant, Ozuil, ' Trinidad, 20 hOM 6AaAVTINB, Dr'g President JtnVnoii,' . Martinique, , CLiAneo,-' , . Ship Swan and SarAh; Marner, Iiiilis, by Gouv-emeur and Kemble brijs C.ll tto, Sinclair, Cadiz, by 1'oar and Kustell J.urd Nelson, Cunning, lJitt'. by, fey-S. Toukfri schrs Lark, O.iik, St. John,. (N. B.) by the captain t Only Uaughte , Amane, West-liidics, ii. V. Ougeri l'crscvtii;e, George St. Martins, 4y the captain Alliance, Jtae, Jamaica, by do i M'Crath, Utt. Havanua, Grant Forbes fcCo. i Miry. Ann, Vn Vuiliit, llavanna,- by Grant Forbtts it Co. i Emehne, Moran, Bordcsux,' S. Jumel I Nancy, Uurfee, 'bavaiinah, by the capt. Ship Oneida Chief, from London, with a valui. bis cargo of dry goods, to the captain. Jacob Schef-fi'lin, John Warden and Son, 1.. Viut blndcrcn and Ot. It. Coleman,' J. Kcherwin and Co. N. Van Antwerp. Wm. Hill, J. Dawson,' 11. Hendricks, Jona-than Ogderi," Francis Wunn'mburgh, Isaac Carow, A. Robinson, C. Hobt-ns, E. Hari, John Ellis, J. Mowar. jnh. ' Wm. NeHson and Co. J.B. Dash, Si. Sshennerhbrn and' Son, Thomas l'earsall, John 1. Glover, Willet Seaman and Son, T. and A. Oiche, H. Ugdeu, Lemuel Wetls Sd Co. Thotnus Uurle, Robert Lenox, J. D. Martin, Corp, Ellis and SliaW, Joan Murray, J. J. Urogdule, T. Cadie, N. Law-reiK-e. Kibbs and .Tims, J-Doty and Co, Thvmas Westeru, Major, .CUk.tno aiui Titus, Crenel and Squire, V, I'. Goelel, Wm. Uarlas, J..I111 Uary; J. J. Astor,' B. j. M.opieaiid Co. W. tt. fast, lien, jamin Hide, J;sW Waddington, Cornelius Hay,' G. Drinker h-rT( Wckoffand Koberison, C. Drake and Co. K. Raskin, J. l'rall, Noah Gaidner, Ccit and l'liillii, C D. Dowering, T.: and J; Swords, Rogers and Lambrrt. J. C. Little, Wm. Ciimmmg and Co. K. J. Tucker, G Rolieiison and Co Fun. ning and Cock. John Thomwnn, ti. 1'ell and Son,' W. Harlow, Mti. frost, Mason andSmedcs, MouU tea and Livings) Ootliont, J. Lenox, 1) De Ihune, N, Tulcoti, Cmd and Danker, G. and J Aspinwall, A. Bruce, and Thomas Codd. 1'ss.en-grrs, Messrs. live White, Archibald Bruce, Francis Jtiuce, Matthew Ttllery, Eliia Knox, Hannah Birch, John berry, Harriet Berry, Michael Uo) K JrS .ph Sayer, Christian Sayer, Sharp Taylor, Ji, e C.Taylor,' Samuel Hiigh, Wm. Rose, John Row, Henry Sliejier, Junepli Hartley, and Beavel Hub-ban. July 2, off Dover saw the ship Venal, of New York, beating up Channel. Augu-t 2lst,spokc brig Frcelove, from riiilwlelphia bound ta Maligi out 12 days in long 75. ; - ' Schr Julian, from Martinique, with coffee and sugar, to John Juliet, and l'ott and Russcl. The schr Nancy, of and for New-Haven, was to tail on the 8th of Aliens'.. - Schr Salty, from St. John, with grindstones to the captain. . .. , Schr Vigilant, from Trididad, with sugar, ium' and molasses, to Gilbert Robertson. August ?oih, was boarded by the I'rtiiclt privateer La Dcteic, of Gu .daroiipe, mid treated' poliiely.1 Spt."6ih, irt Jul 39,8, sp'-ke brig Johannah, fiom Norfcflv, bound t Madeira. I.cfi at Tri.ji.UJ, schrEhza, cf Norwich to sail in 4 or 5 days for New-Londan 1 aclur Hampsr jre, Crafts, tailed theday befbie for this port. Httg Dtrpatrli.from Litlion, lus wiu and talc, to W. Codmanaod J. Spires. July '2i, tpoke ship BirininEham Packet, EUvcil, from Greenock, for Charleston. Aug. C9, lirij tVashintun, Arnold, from Liverpool for Ai. 5, ship Ann, , from Bordeaux for New-York'., Aug M, brig Aurora, Wuisey; frtw Natuckct, hound uo a whaling voyage to the coast of New-Holland, out 6 dnyt. - ' - . ' ',-"' The Spanish Vrig that was taken about seven days aco off the. Hook, was the lirig Desindo, Ro.ich, from Laguira, whh a cargo of coflcc and bides." .', , ' - Litt of Amnican Fittstfi remaining in lh river of Sum-Trarn. Aw'utl S, , ' tr'gi Bee, FIctclier, Sc wbnryport ; Gov. Strong,, Board man, rvnunouih 5 K:ucy, Arnold, Newport ;' AralatrtJ, itimpjin, Boston j Funfce, Smrth, tio. i Two.O'.vpcrt, Ulynci, MansoDr Bath I Ontario, Detliong, M. Loudon i Indutrry," Cook, 1'roVKloiice : Hope, Spooner, du. j Albert,' Webb, Norfolk ; George, Lnlkin, Gtouctitcr Sihri, Webb, Fcrtlar.rl j' Atlantic, Lea-; rat, S.ilcmj Margaret, Coniin.gti.'.m,. N.' York y t-'srmcr,, Fielil, Hroklcnie j-Mechanic, Kailcy, Midd Cton Polly and ftZlt, beaC, Norfolk j Union, Bcrkfard, Salem federal tt, Sandtord, Alcaandrut 1 Laura, Trcltthcn, Raft. ' ' "' Bhip Olive, of l'ortjn'l, f.ifBcrintci'ta.ldd frorn Sumrram (nly Ml; thipM-try.of Edenion, for do. tailed July 17; thip Jersey, for New- York." tai'etf Aug. 1 brig Enterprise, of Marulehead, tjr De-rnarara, tailed July 4 brig Martha, of N. Lvrirlon,' tor d' sailed July 7; ting Arte?lop, o( V. York, for Ucrhice, railed July !S ; srhr. fatty, iifOltm-cctter, forDcmir.ra,ailcl July Jj sthr Mira,if PlnUd, fot do. tailed July 2 ; schr. Jack, Stacy, lor Gloucester, tailcd'Aug. 9. ..-....' . ytrto)VkilwUjJun,Sfpl.. . Arrived, brir Mercury, Gardner, St. Ci'nx. ; Arrived at ibe Lazaretto, schr. Industry, Abbot, St. Thomas 4i. , "' - ' Yr Lilty,Town, Point Petrc,Guad.-iloiipe. 22. Left, brig Lyon, tVatsun, forilnt port, in 3 itAyi ; S-phia, . do. in 7. lo lat. 3?, long. 49, tjMike tchr. Active Trader, from iirnportfr lamaiia.' - Art of Norfolk. Sept. 4. ' Arrived, ship Ju'ia, Carver. Bordeaux iti) Kri-tish ship Helena, St . wart, 5o days from Liverpool, via Greenock. ' - Sclir. I', Yroom. Trnidad 19. Spke brig Amelia, Hirioid, 'from South Carolina.- Lxr. 29. t9, long-1, spoke lr:R Lark, from Grenada for PoppcrelWourh. , ' ilup 'igiiaiit, U-aoti, tufcdaa Sj'tkc, July Ii, from i-r-.ig.ii,)i ralmer, tnm Denmark;' Cathsilne. Lswiencc, arcii." Aur. 3, tchr. (01 Vcw-York, Aug. 1'Oruiiioutli fur SL Lucis irom' Wistid. lor Oporto. pm llalnmptfor Leghorn. iM. , UB$ra:cTruLLY intcacnl, that at the and Getttlemen, made in extreme heat and weather, hit ItEMEKiT rOI'-aed 10 Wsdmsihav next, will eenainly t.ilse ,. jAMliS - ...... ,ii rt aL-Tktr, HAS received bythn the Llvvrpuol following Gnodt, viz,- ; 93 balct U.inocli,reJi CO do., iO da. Point do, fit) do. Sniped do.. 12 chesu Manchester , 3D baletCloUn, blue, v 3 - do', f wantdowtia, 1 di. Stuff Goods, 10 do. hombaaeits, . do. Coating, . t! do. i'cai noughts, 6 baxet S.wicnet VJO ttunkt Pnntt, 6 catut Camei.Mair i t 'do. best Suttont, 10 balct Checks, . 6 do. Hocking Naizet, 3 baxel men and septemt'er iu -, DNtlS, 8tc....Joutl have received per Kickeunn, from Liverpool, ; 7-(and 4-4Liocnt, 5-4 Sheetings, 3-4 Diapers,' and , -Long Lawns. For tale at their September 10 . Wm. W. . no rixat. TJ AVE received by LI-XX verpool, an cxteutive Hardware Goodt, amongtt 3 catct Fowling Piccct 4 caikt Card Wire, 41 dov Nails, and .4 do, Carolina Hop, Shorclt and Spade, .. ' Trace Chalnt, Axel, 13 catkt Birmingham tortmcnt of Plated, Lockt, lllnget, .' c. kc. fcb. ' , ' 74ey lmt 3 casks Dutch Wool Wqol and Cotton Ccrmafi $tcil, Sheet Iron, Frylri'g Wagon and Cart .; Sawt, Chititlt, and , t . Carpenters tools, . ' Writing Paper, and ' hardware line, for - 40 libit. Cargo Beef. W ANTLU, a Yoang years ol age, lo Good Stte -he mutt commendations. Apply . Septcmhcr 10 . TMKCITIZKNS OF KtW-YOBK KSTECT-fUttY THE OIUXD THE BATTLE It now ojicn IN A RIW SRICitO srassT,' wmiii -A w THIS animated ndmirition of Iho Ireland It is executed Artiis Robert Krr.torier, crtmpri.'-bonding 3000 sqoarc feet oh view, the mottttrikmg contctt between tho Engliih the memorable I at of of AUxamtrta, in Egypt. , Ths Picture it painted communication! of the-very first idea of the situations and iho-whole Line of both Armlet, variout groupet which hove 00 Portrait! of British . The place day o'clock tiil Admittance, fj At a companion to had at the abovs plate, tize, price nne' iiarter hhirch 'J (lie Until of r.ij'ri 1 with a -Skctdi of Sir HM Altai ammhie-STn uf the 1I11U Alexundria, officer of deduction, with, cxpl.mntory. .' lShOL(jVlOI....ilm DIOGINS st by its own limitation.- taid firm, arcrcpiited mcnt to Auginlm Difim-tni any dumandt againsti preicnt their accounts, Au&Htmt IJiggint, alhis who isauthoriscd to settle Sept. .. CUGAH, HAMS, O suo boxes white 60 casks Burlington . 60(r. caskt Sherry 300 hlilt. supcriine t"U caiktbetlEnttlith fortaleby : 4ept. 8 . tut ' - ' AHiiU.SO reams larce, ' " -: 24 reams', 100 do. eoarre It- dor fcog. Book ditto. W do. Kentrth Cfp,- ' 4U bondret Sheathing 30 do. Sugar Loaf To Faper A quantity f Fchiug, oftuperiatflinhtv. - . . - To 50 dozeoErislith Sheep 'ii do. ' do. Ctlf Fcrtil? by , WILLI ?rM 5 - JUTE LliAD.400 ground in oil, irom Hull, and for sale by ' - - JOHN Srtxmbcr5 t" IN. 200 pipes of J the Dimllcry .A Andcr-soa jiit received ins-ore, terms by '. LEFtKiCV-'ll.L Angus; J4

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