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Russian company - it tir? TKcposftor? of Ccnfus- WIFE, C1I1LDK EN...
it tir? TKcposftor? of Ccnfus- WIFE, C1I1LDK EN AND FRIENDS BY MR. SPENCER. If the stock of oar bliss is in stronger hands ' vested, Th fund ill securM oft in bankruptcy ends. But the heart issue bills which are never protested,.' When drawn on the firm of wife children sh1 friends. - . Tho' spice breathing gales o'er his caravan hovei, . And around him Arabia's whole fragrance descends, . ' The merchant still thinks f the woodbines that cover; The bower where he satVith wife, chil dren and friends. ' Tho' valpr still glows in his fife's dying em" bers, The death wounded tar, who his colors defends, Drops a tear of regret, as he dying, re members. - How blest ivas his home, with wife, , children and friers. The day spring of youth, still unclouded by sorrow, , Alone on itself for enjoyment depends; Cut drear is the twilight of age if it borrow, No warmth from the knitles ot wife, children and friends. From the DEW YORK COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER' The following account of the Russian Massachusetts etiterprize, atmthe west coast of Nwrth America, was drawn up by Ja cob Crowninshield, i-sq. ot Salem, for Tr. Mitchell. It is highly interesting, and has a near connect ion with the per severing aueropt makinjr by Capts. Lewis and Clark, to pen su ave by land to the Pacific Ocean. l Ifear it will not be in my power, dear sir, to give you very correct information, as to the points of your; enquiry. You ask, whether I am in posse ssioa of any facts relative to the settlement or migration of the Kamschatkatlales,, or subjects of Russia, by land or sea, along the north western coast of America." I am in possessioa-of no facts, except from the informa tion of others, but I believe it is certain that the Russians, for S or 10 years past, have been on the American ccjfet, and that they are extending their settlements, if they m3y be called suih, to the sciuth-wartl.M They came irfm Kamsshat- It a, and their progress is to the J snuinj wnerc 1 nave no uoudi nicy will prove troublesome, either to the Spaniards or to ourselves, if we should ever take possession of that part of the coast (and we can produce better titles to the country than anv European nation what-ever.) Alibo' 1 am not nov able to point ctit the places where thoy hit ve made, establishments, yet I have been Tniormed, and I think 1 Tt F coast of ' America ; they made ivnpcrt'Sr-t. discoveries on$ took ft--- . . Oisessiin 01 a censiaeramc of tcuntry, : and Capt. . kendrick actually received deeds of a large nart' from some of the principal Chiefs. The river Columbia, it I am not mistaken, receives its name from the Boston ship I have mentioned I saw ; the. Columbia in Canton, on her return with a car- nroofsea otter skins, which were dvatageously disposed of in that market. The Marc Washington afterwards came to China and made frequent vov ages back to the coast, but I beiieve never returned to the U. States. Cant. Kendrick having sent the Columbia home under charge or Capt. Gray, re mained in the sloop, and finally lost hi life onthe coast, in saluting another vessel. I was acquainted witjh Captain Mttcalf, ot New-York, who com mandedthebrig Elenora,he was car ly on the coast, and told me he had taken possession in behalf , of the U. States. Captain Metca'.f was either cut oil bv the natives or lc on the coast, on his second trip af ter he had visited the Isle of Y ranee Captain Roberts and others from Boston soon followed C;pt rea duck. : bmce these voyages were made and they were th? lirst undertaken from this country the Americans have carried on a con slant trade to the coast, where thoj collect otter skins ond carry them to China, and for ten "or fi'tten years there may have been from five to ten vessels, principally irom Massachusetts, engaged m tms trade. I have only referred to their voyages, particularly to Capt. K.endrkk's, with a view of shewing you that the Americans have as good, if not better claims to the country than the Russians, can possibly have. I wish a collection could be made of all their voyages; the information to be derived from them would certainly be interesting and perhaps important, m tsta- a & blishing our title to the country em braced within the limits oi their discoveries. ..Captain Metca'l wjs a very correct navigator, and ha made valuable charts and drawings of the coast and harbours which he had entered, but I presume they were lost with him. The first navigators are chiefly dead and it is doubtful whether their journals were preserved. Captain Kendricks is said to havef alien into the hands of a Mr. Howell, who, it is understand, died in Manilla, where it is probable they were lost. Capt. Ingraham, who sailed under ; Kendrick in tr.e Columbia, afterwards mi'de a voyage to the north west coast, and thc-nce to China, and on the passage discovered a vrK"& ... ..... ''t'i -t .1 . ' liscej ' 1 11 v- '.T Hi iiru L ieu lh.ii- .V : - . - Ton principally . directed to disco veries 2nd settlements on our wes? te?nshores. .. The extreme p6int 61 their south ern discoveries I, canncTrscertain. The)- collect the skins of the sea otter and other animals which thev carry to Kamschatka, and by that route they reach Europe and Chi na; nor do I think that any1 Russians have as yet undertaken any commercial voyage from the eastern shores of Asia to China, except indeed they may have passed into some of the ports on the northern and etstern coasti of that country, which are not frequented by our navigators. 1 he H.uropean and American traders are only al lowed to visit Canton. If the Rus sian government intends to make permaaent settlements on the A-merican coast and extend to them southward, there can be little doubt that they may interfere with our claim to the western part of Louisiana, provided we secure a title Co that territory as far as the great western ocean. fan.l as the pf the cjtiensof pleasant arid i measures jn the body of American and therefore festo" should tice. ' Hihis is not l the 'fS amine thiern fer a true one can From the I have been ny for some velled through kingdom, in search thev contain ; experiments to -1 r r ties, ana 1 Fton ttic Hit ti son Bee. TORYISM. We have net be-fore mentioned tlm the common council of the city of Albanv. n.sseil a resolution a-gatrt redoing the declaration of independenc e in the public celebration of the 4th July. The tories had recommended the suppression of this instrument ; but few Americans supposed a munhipality ex isted in the United States capahie of countenancing, much less of sanctioning ucn a proposition. And for the corporation of the seat of government of the state of New-York was reserved the distinguished infamy (to speak in plain terms) of first prohibiting the accustomed recit.d of the charter of our libet-ties. There is no fer.r that the o- dious example will "ver be tcllow- ior bound, to this hot and the yeates: The Hop, Is one of antiputre-scents that can continent of that even their a piece of very hot a beer made the juices of any other J cause that take place in unices something excite it. I believe, made use of in seaports, which with epidemic yellow fever, of very few to its virus. The virtue it will very and even liver, and sand and tarrv off the by its quru'ty. Those who beer, will not jaundice or no occasion cathartics to lar. The voporic and much so, that fai-UJ to give hanging them oid suewinc i- sntciil cius'-cr ci islands ; and I have cp.-ralv. twaisevrmi iiussian tra- j. hei,rd thAt his journal was preset Gcrsirom Kinwfhatka have fixed i; tcd to General Washington, and themselves at Queen Charlotte's- jj it is very proDiLble it may be found Islands, and in that neighbourhood, among his papers. It is possible, where they can y on tn advantage- ji tht Capt. Xvlaget's may be preser-ous conv.r.crce with the Indians, jj ve'j'ov is friids or relations who They remain over winter, -and col-1! ri.s ;n Boston, .and if a copv can lect large quality ot sea otter, ana i at. anv future p'eroJ be obtained. otuer sltms, wnicii are ueuvereu iu j Russian vessels that regularly visit j the coast from St Peters and other places on the eastern parts of Karn-1 schatka. Th?re vessels make ire- J quent voyages, and supply their, j trad r with such articles as . will I eilto advantage among the natives. I I am not positive that I.' heard of the Russians making permanent; p elements', but I am sure that the PjHi KICWiaC ucteen tiic will res. c-isy ed in republican America though mrvr.v of our municipal bodies are entirely federal, yet no one of them has ever had the hardihood to progress to so daring an outrage on the spirit of the coun try as that decreed bv the Albany council, the republican memoes of which ;withr-ur doubt are guiltless of any shruv in the gnrn. Were the prin ".piei of the: i'p'-dent tories to prevd, we shra'.u next ' see the declaration ' eracU from our statue book 3$d its place supplied by an act of oblivior. ; ttir oath cr abjuration struck ouiri our lavrs ; and every thing detr'yei i which can remind us th:tt w- rrc not siill subirct to the m-rcifir ; wvl : ' ai-mi? u. liberal do minion of the Brit'uh moh- li urxommonly arch v. . Tne P. S. It should be added, that jt.l beer u in consequence of the murmurs of ' s'.ifii icnt. th citizens, a meeting of the corporation was called by the mayor advise to quit u-quoj-; such mous and m:;Vc use f ml I think an putrid you may depend 1 will not fail td present it to,-) ou. I do not recollect a single vessel ever having performed a voyage from Salem to the western coast of. America. Our merchants having generallr been engaged in other enterprizes, particularly to the East Indies by the 'way of theCape of Good Hope, few or' none from our port, I a a - ' S wuhm my knowledge, have dis on the morning of the 4th, when the proscribed instrument was restored to a forced favor, and the de claration ordered to be read, Americans have -frequently mctil atch d s , , c tneir iraiiers v11 umcisut ''' v . the co&t toe North of Nootka, Sound? sad they mix freely 'with the natives, Team their lanr: guage, andthiftleavouf to conciliate; -them br evVrArmeans in their pov! er ; tuu l. was ouce mwrt '-'j gentleman who hid been on the coast,, that they possessed a very r.oih-r.mle influence over the northern tribes ; and it was his o- J nm'nn. as it is mine, that the Rus-1 sian-poernment contemplates mz O - , ... i Horn, upon voyages for sea otter skins, which are only procured in high north era latitudes, on the west side of this continent.. 'Ine eastern extremity of Asia is so near the western partofftorth America, that the Russians have ' ... . . easy ana lrequenj communication'.. I have not the leastdoubt but that thev have views of takinjr possession of the whole coast, from the northern extremity of the con tinent (as far 'as the ea is naviga- to 1 'l " "7 v i me; totrtc Spanish settlemenW ; ward, muu nicy oiini ut swuuui tK- t,.,ru..,,. . , x , ' i 'i-u a : .i14- -uui'm iiiu . i;ua i uiii Oi opinion wv l , 'tne Lite. Russian voi:rc-of diSco before the Russians, except, in-cl-d, that a Russian vessel cr two nV:ght have visited that -py.rt of the coaslf immediately opposite the eastern etrciity of Asia, a fe v years before. It is almost 20 y ear since the ship Oolmr.bia, Capt. ivenuriclc, ami ihs s.oop u,apt. (uray, Washingion, Mary were very is, connected wilh the general system of extending their Settlements in that quarter of'our continent. The Russians, for the first time I think, ar now passing Cape Horn, 2nd their snip are destined teKamschatka and die N. W. coast of America. We must wait the event, but it I am not very much i ruore at ! but v.i-1 ore to mv gc-ne.r: ro vs and nuo-ic. The Albany Gazette of the 8th ult. gives us (in ironical language, letailcd at length) " Six reasons why the tory federalists of that city object to reading of the Declaration of independence ; thote are, 1. It excites unpleasant sensa tions towards the British and their old friends in this countrv. 2. It characterises the king of of Breat Britiah . in an unamiabie light, even as Thomas Paine, does, while he vt is considered in the Li nked States, as a very virtuous and good man. 3. It contains principles of re publicanism offensive to certain fe deralists, who, though they mar have fought for independence, are not so weak as to wish to support it when they are no longer at the head of affairs. 4. It gives occasion tp emigrant republicans to describe their discarded sovereign in authentic terms which would send them to the pil lory in', England, .and to speak irreverently of majtsi.y, which ought not to be permitted in this country where our liberties should be regulated by the British standard. 5. It was written by Thomas Jefferson, and may revive ideas of his talents and patriotism, subjects very muth desired to be forgotten by certain old fashioned people. G. It is odious to the corporation ofAibaiiy, which v is federal, a. Sirr.on Bacer To tne STATE of TT having Court thet common of the Inhabitant of this That Nonce, 1803, be given forward at our Monday of if any he can, Petitioners Petition will Witness, STATE of Hardy Murfrsc, v John S. Hill. Attached one Willis, (tc Ifabn S. Hitt T appearing- A Defendant limits of .the motion, of Notice, be for three pear and putting in will, at the merit and a Test, J Gales J pply .e. by tit MM Piiie th-f-'f-viSn v JvAi.Ei.C?ff . Pmint&i3,J (i ALES, iaiN teh TOTiiii U ZStWn 7 0neUarf.n?mali: to be paid in adv,nce..Subscripti-ns .ns.mus nut cxc.ttd.wg lv,x;v.y tft inserted the first time fo.- IWf a Dollar and for a

Clipped from
  1. Weekly Raleigh Register,
  2. 12 Aug 1805, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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