Taper Scott - appointed to police force by Mayor Liddell - Pgh Post 31 Jan 1878 p4

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Taper Scott - appointed to police force by Mayor Liddell - Pgh Post 31 Jan 1878 p4 - PEBSOSAI- I man, is the Society. the only...
PEBSOSAI- I man, is the Society. the only Allegheny voted for the tree Allegheny Convention held financial In the city looking who hold at Prosperity He was the oldest Mile Presbyterian Democrat. candidate for County Public of the Triennial in May next. upon his duties on Monday. J. B. Sheriff Walters, replaced by Samuel Supervising In was in the city purpose of oitl- oitl- Inspectors At Warden of Madison, Is In the and inspecting the Allegheny, and the incumbent, T. W. Shaw are or the Central is waxing warm liveliest had for this President of who has been recovered to attend to He announces his from which lie whose resigna issue of this paper, twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years and Jederson successor is in the ot James 1 Esq., and S F. not be announced March 19th. probability of Prof. mon. liar. chairman of a of the bar yea-tTilay, yea-tTilay, appropriate resi-lutions resi-lutions death of Howard Wanted McDonongh, of Temper-aneeville, Temper-aneeville, on Thursday person knowing can be found, word to her 71 Grant street. Moles. Railroad is ex about next will be an old ox roast and We are inform has more than run daily from One day last on one train each with market its convenience same time au awaiting the road Castle Shannon route between There will point on next the taking of road. Washington Kail- Kail- running but one and freight traf trains. Parties i3 in their the fare be figures, and once of riding Into business will b-! b-! b-! Names of LUCKY FELLOWS. Pittst.;; gh'i Sew Police Force. Mayor Llddell's Appointments A Blg-Job Blg-Job Blg-Job New Deputy mayors. Mayor Liddell last evening completed his list of appointments to his new police force. The task was both difficult and vexatious, vexatious, and both the Mayor and Clerk Heisel felt immeasurably relieved last evening when the job was done. The new Mayor was not permitted to retire at all during Tuesday night, and his period of activity extends back for nearly two weeks. In that time he has been bes'eged by probably five thousand persons who had pleas to enter in behalf of themselves or friends. Many of the intexcedenta were women, and in some cases ladies got down on their knees to implore the Mayor to reappoint reappoint their husband even if th ey were Republicans. It is worthy of note that three of the new appointees are colored men, viz : Dorsey Jones, Scott Taper and Jerry Grandison The colored people have complained loud and bitterly recently at Republican leaders who secure their votes and then leave them out in the cold. Although Pittsburgh has tieen governed by Republican Mayors for many years she has never before had a police force on which three colored men had places at one time. The colored people should remember this fact. Policemen whose names appear nnder the sub-head sub-head sub-head "Day Force" will appear before the Police Committee at ten o'clock to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning for confirmation. The rest are requested to appear before the committee committee for the same purpose to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow afternoon. afternoon. After their confirmation members of the new force will proceed to the Mayor's o'Sce where they will be sworn info office by Mayor Liddell. Their bonds will be approved approved on the same day. Policemen who are already on the force will be saved the trouble of having their bonds approved on the same day. DEPUTY MAYORS. Here are the names of the new Deputy Ma vors : 17th Ward Station, Aid. W. H. Porter, tilth Ward Station, Aid. Jonas Smith. L'.lth Ward Station, Aid. Jas. Salisbury. 30th Ward Station, Aid. B. A. Hartman. ."Hth Ward Station, Aid. Sheehan. The names of the new police appointees are as follows : FORCE. McCormick, Wm., posed sustained otaers." The and wretchedness. matter, attention Board. The report Superin-tendencv Mr. was the could assumes The and and adjourned. Farther BAY Alper, Tlios., Beckerr, Albert, Bennett, John, Braddock, Peter, Breining, Michael, Broderick, Thos., Carline, J. A., Carney, til ward, Carey, Francis, Cochran, Henry, Daly, Hugh, Davis, John S., Donahoo, James, Downey, Patrick, Downey, Wm., Flynn, Bernard, Fowler, Wm., Freel, Kdward, Good, E. B , Gorruan, Frank, Gorman, James, Hanlon, Peter, Hemminger, A., Kennedy, Patrick, Kountzman, Adam, Langenhecker, F., Ieioer, Nathan, Livingston, Wm., I.ippert, John, I-oughrey, I-oughrey, I-oughrey, John, Maeee, Casper, Maloy, Kdward, Malonev, John, Miiier, Peter, Moran, John, Mulvaney, M., McDermott, Hugh, McFadden, C, Mc Faulty, Thos., McKenna, John P., McMally, Geo., McTighe, Edward, McWilliams, John, McWilliams, A. B., Oppenheim, David, O'Connor, John, Patterson, James, Tender, Patrick, Kapp, A. J., Reed, S. B., Keilly, Patrick, Kielly, Michael, Soberer, Aloise, Scheirman, Michael, Sill, C, Smith, Geo., Smith, James, Snyder, G. S., Stapeiton, Mieha.il, Stewart, Wm., St. Clair, Edwin C, Sutter, Jacob, Taun, Ueo., Taper, Scott, Tippett, Wm. T., Toner, Peter, Toner, a. J., Welnb, Michael, Wright, John, B., Veager, Michael, Young, John, McCall, A., SIGHT FORCE. Kimm, AlDhonse, Lehman, G.. Y. Posi at Spartens James Titus visiting her Squire, on last way to the her little son boy. It carried a two attempted Patneh l'.nn. fell through below, leaving his mother's the light mother waded in search soon arrived at last found the driftwood crazed by father has as he is ab I.AKIO.f . Slrurk With struck near the front of the Monday night, three brothers one of the insensible and sinking was momen-t momen-t reports and this time. subsequently of Cla assault and a farmer, and lived between He was a The oc excitement in KV. Paat Year. and Thomas to audit James report that duty and The report the year 07 less on hand year. The for the 82,813 50 as salary of were also of 7,000, on hand of the cemetery liabilities in favor of The rgport forty-seven grave of 84,125, lots sold to two hundred Barry, Michael, Booker, L. J., Boyd. Robert, Brady, John, Carr, Michael, Carrigan. A. J., Costelio, John, Crooks. W. S. Crossen, Garrett, Cronin, A., Crispens, Henry, fuiliane, John, I elaney, John, Delanty, Nicholas, Distler, George, Dressier, Phillip, Donnell, Lewis P., Duane, Johu, Dugan, John, English, I. J., Fainan, Win., Fay, Patrick, Fitzpatrick, P. H., Flvnn, Michael; Fork, L. H , Fritz, Charley, Gallagher, Wm., tiallagher, James, GibbouH, Nathan, 1 Joudy, James, Grant, Arthur, Green, George, Gross, F. F. , Hamrnill, Patrick, ffaueh, John, Harrison, John, Hester, Thomas, Hunziker, Rudolph Jai-kton, Jai-kton, Jai-kton, Wua., Johnston, Wm., OTHKU Baxter, Wm., Beardslev, Wm., Bleil, KoWt A., Hreen, Tliomaa F., Hreen, Walter, Carl, David, Campbell, David, Carviile, James, Carville, Thomas, Chalfant, James, Collins, David, Craig:. Daniel. Demmel, Philip, Donahue, Thomas, Kdge, Win., Kaia, Thomas, Keld, Christian, Fewer, Iiichard, Foley, Michael, Garr, James M., Geary, E. S., Graudison, Jerry, Gumbert, Jerry, llayilen, A. B., Haney, Josenh, Harvey, John, Harrison, Michael, Herron, John, frvin, Samuel, - Jones, John H., J one, D. C. ohnston, Oeorge, Kuukle, Frank, l.ong, Samuel, Lusk, Samuel, Maloney, Jerry, SUB Anderson, Henry, Berger, Frank, Buehler, G. W., Buck, G. M., Calahan, Thomas, Carrick, Henry, Cronin, Thomas, Evans, David. Foster, Thomas, Gildenbue, Arthur, Goddard, Matthew, Hastings, Chas. W., Hawkins, Thomas, Holmes, Uoltert, Kelley, Anthony, K nox. A., Lyons, Thomas, Maloney, John F., McAflee, James, McDunn, I. N"., McGuire, Michael, Mclnerny, Patrick McKeever, James, McMahon. James, McTiernan, James, Metealf, Wm., Miller, Harrison, Moran, Bichard, Mulvehiil, Daniel, Murphy, Joseph, N'eubert, Geo., O'Brien, James, O'Conner, John, O'Donnell.P., Oob, Ambrose, Peacock, Charles, Potter. Alex., Quilter, John, Bosenberger, A., Sheilds, James, Stack, P. M., Sweeny, Dennis, Sweeny, P., Toole, Henry, Trimble. John, Ward, James, Warden, David, Wagner, James, Willey, H. J., AVillard, Jas. M., Woolridge, James, Wymard, Wm. H ., Zoog, Lewis, B. , OI'FICEIi.S. Marimer, James, Markrell, Johu, MeAlease, George, McCandless, George, MeGovem, Charles, McGinty, I J., MeGready, John, McCormick, Alex., McBride, P., McCandless, James, McCormick, W. H., McConnell, Wm., Messner, John P., Mooney, James, Montgomery, Sia'h., Murphy, Wm., Ort-t, Ort-t, Ort-t, Andrew, O'Hara, Michael, O'BrieD, S. F , O'Dounell, K. G., O'Mara, Itoger, ) Hara, John, Pender, Thomas A. Itosenthal, Morris, Scott, James, Sylvus", Daniel, Stewart, David, Smith, James, Shannon, James, Snyder, N.P., Tobtn, Edward, Ward, Thomaa, White, P. J., Wilmot, Seth, White, Wm. J., Young, P. J., LIST. Kirsch, Philip, Maohalewsky, Felix, Marland, George, Mertz, George, Morgan, Martin, Moorehead, Thos. T., Murray, Thos. J., McCaffrey, Jos., McWilliams, J. G., McDermott, T. F., McDowell, 11., Buckerr, F. E., Rock, Joseph, Stemler, John, Woodward, James, Wilbert, Mathias, A in the General the Convention. attendance. The as Mr. S. will be dift'er-ent iron on for the workmen appointing the Similar the Works, Painter's & Co 's st it d manufacturers, demonstration, to Committee interview purpose transportation Ihmsen today to the that the soon, for the A various the were McCarthy Kil-gore Mr. added was also Edge The Park, in Exposition building meeting. during the offer was Mr. processiou possible of most believed wouid was put adopted. to the agents England. however, active in Joseph Amalgamated that his circulating names to signers setting tariff V Mr. assured and fully demonstration. Donnelly after meet at Saturday About South call of tariff meeting was introduced seaker. on the He was J. C. crease in of A arguments. Hamilton of be held tariff discussed. of five be bearing was was ISall, Benj. Johnston. EdenbuTgers leas A REIit't'TIOK LIKELY TO COME. The awiolntinent of Pobert Hague as Chief of Police, and Wm. Peed as Captain of the Central Station has already been announced. announced. Adding their names to the above list, we have a to'al of two hundred aud thirty-six thirty-six thirty-six names. The new ordinance now before Councils provides that the force shall consist of two hundred and twelve men. It is expected that the new ordinance will go into ftteut on the first of March, aud some of the present lucky fellows will then come in for a share of misfortune. l'KOTEtTINU THE HELPLESS. Tlie Hnmane Society Joel Kerr Sn perlntendent. The held an House, on Pipe bill uresseu James and others. drTtel w mk.i:eas. oil to piaee lowest cotl profit to attempt are tending to this monopolize o I: and, parainoui. branches ol it and are therefore Resolved, producers ol purchaser competition discriminating I'ree Pipe therefore, we actment ot kesolved. and (trave power of oppress tbe cities and checked, may tei-niinate In Krtolred, of either the public regardless of pirtv have honest corporations Company Company. tnolrrd. Pittsburgh, re-Kardin the Legislature attitude, has to tne uii; uflered tec policy practben rvherrl-y rvherrl-y rvherrl-y much Inieiests of pay tribute to Chamber ot willingness to heavy hand gase uer uh-iujs: uh-iujs: Henolved, producers and taken by course of the

Clipped from Pittsburgh Daily Post31 Jan 1878, ThuPage 4

Pittsburgh Daily Post (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)31 Jan 1878, ThuPage 4
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  • Taper Scott - appointed to police force by Mayor Liddell - Pgh Post 31 Jan 1878 p4

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