Aunt Nikki confirmation 1/24/1938

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Aunt Nikki confirmation 1/24/1938 - Bishop Confirms Class Of 700 At Most Precious...
Bishop Confirms Class Of 700 At Most Precious Blood Church J'IioiishihIs Alioihl Ore-moiiy mid Hear Diormui ('o-adjulor 'IV 1 1 Youth to Follow in I'uitiiIh loot-steps. In a colorful and most impressive ceremony, at the Church of the Most Precious Wood; Fourth and Scybert streets, Most Rev. William J. Hafey, I). D., Co-adjutor Bishop of the Srranton Diocese, administered the Sacrament of Confirmation o a class numbering approximately 700 members. The ceremonies bc-can at 2 o'clock, with a large number of vinitintr priests in attendance. Those assisting the bishop were Very Rev. Monsignor Dennis J. Kane, pastor of St. Gabriel's; Rev. Dr. Joseph J. Gavcnda, pastor of St. Joseph's church, who acted as master of ceremonies; Dr. Vincent ISurke, vice chancellor of the Scran-loii Diocese; Rev. Father Francis Molino, pastor of the Church of the Most Precious Blood; Re,v. Father William Crotti, Rev. Father Otto Jtorr, Rev. Father Martin Yatsko, l!cv. Father Henry Luchi, Rev. Father Anthony Dragowsky, Rev, Father Joseph Megnn, Rev. Father J. J. Angelina, Rev. Father Thomas MrCormick, Rev. Father Thomas jponahan, Rev. Father William Lynch, Rev. Father Joseph Negro, I!ev. Father Joseph Berardi, Rev. Father J. J. Cella, Rev. Father Martin Mecca, Rev. Father Francis Mussari, the latter two assistants at I he Church of the Most Precious Blood. Several Thousand Attended Ceremony. The ceremony was attended by several thousand people, and the church capacity proved far inadequate to provide accommodations for !he congregation, am parents, relatives, and friends of members of the class lined the street to pay reverence to His Most Reverend Bishop Hafoy, as he proceeded from t ho rectory to officiate at the ser- ices. Counselled Class On Faith And Citizenship. In addressing the class, Bishop liafcy dissected his remarks into I wo viewpoints one directed to the boys, and the other to the girls, who received the sacrament. In admonishing the boys to lead a life according to the teaching of the cliurch. Bishop Haf'ey also reminded his audience that good citizenship was hand in hand with a good Christian. In his application of the importance of the sacrament, which the children had just received, Bi-hop Hafey asked each boy to fol- (f nvi in the footsteps of his father . . Vs the history of the Catholic church shows that the Italian race has been practical in its religious obligations. In addressing the girls, Bishop Hafey reminded them too, that iheir mothers had followed the church in' all its teachings. Therefore, they were able to receive this (;f.y the Second Sacrament of the Holy Roman Catholic church. In a very eloquent appeal to the class, Bishop Hafey reminded all that Italy as the seat of the Holy See, .should ever serve as a reminder to them that they are the children of a race that has always been the scat of the Pope, and he admonished each girl to study and to practise the beautiful life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He reminded each member of the class of 700, that the teachings of the parochial school of :he parish will ever serve as a guidance to make each a God-fearing, law-abiding citizen. Last Greeting To Bishop. The following is the greeting given by Michael DeNoia, a pupil of the Most Precious Blood Parochial School, to Most Rev. Bishop Hafey. "Most Rev. Bishop: "Jt is with hearts full of joy and gratitude that we, the children of the Most Precious Blood carish. elconie you here. As we see you God and thank Him for sending you, His own anointed, to labor among us, to bring to us the blessings of God. We have heard that you left your fidd of missionary activities in the south and have come here, or 1 rather, have been, sent here by Uinstg Vicar, to help our Bishop, Thomas O'Reilly, in his arduous work. We hope that we shall become as dear to you as your southern flock and that your work among us will not be in vain. On our part, dear Bishop, we shall always pray for you and beg God to grant you many fruitful years in His Vineyard. May the Lord prosper your f work and give you the grace to see even on earth the results of your solicitude on the behalf of souls. May you see the seed you plant bring forth its harvest a hundredfold here below and be a crown of dory for you in heaven. "And now, Rev. Bishop, we ask I 5o'i to give us your pastoral bless-I mg and God grant that your bless- mg may be a presage of the bless- 'fig we hope to have from the Di-I vine Shepherd at the close of life's I Spent Night At Rectory. IIt was the first time in the his-of the Most Precious Blood I i'-tiish that the pastor and his as-I ''slants had been afforded an op- Portunity t0 serve as hosts to His jjj Most Rev. Bishop who came here Saturday and spent the night as the si'est of Rev. Fathers Molino, Mus- ana Mecca. Following the confirmation cere-"lonies. Bishop Hafey was driven to 'lie Church of the Transfiguration n West Hazleton, where he broad-('ast an address on the Holy Rosary Hour from 5 to G p. m., and which "Killed .13 national stations and a!io WAZL which transmitted it to tfie outside radio world. Following the broadcast, Bishop Hafpy returned to Scranton with a 'umber of priests from that city, .1 who had accompanied him here, and from which city he left late last night for Detroit, where he will assist at the consecration of a new bishop on Tuesday morning. Class of Girls. Dana Rosella Frask, Rose Jane Petruzzi, (JeneVa Veronica Frask, Paulina Marie Honomo. Anna Eleanor Carosia, Rita Elizabeth Carosia, Angelica Grace Ator, Marie Theresa Sorletti, Grace Ann DeNoia, Aurelia Dolores Mary Fierro, Rita Congetta Belletieri, Luisa Anna Schiene, Carmella Annunciata Denoia, Carmella Joan Ruggiero, Carmella Jean Cerullo, Concetta Marie Libonatti, Marie Theresa Dronelli, Letitia Mary Pecora, Rita Carmella Mary Centobene, Irene Congetta Fescina, Elvira Mao Pic-carise, Eleanor Elsie Spallone, Carmella Monica Lonzetta, Santa Anna Iero, Lorctta Matilda Dutz, Florence PMizabeth Barbato, Marie Angelica Polumbo,- Rose Marie DeFrancisco, Louise Dorothy Palumbo, Raffaela Josephine Bove, Anna Marie LoBraico, Conjetta Rosella Petio, Maria Theresa Rose LaBraico, Anatolia Mary Calvani, Leona Marie Bartol, Julia Martha Capparel, Marie Euphemia DeBlaise, Marie Margaret Curcio, Grace Eva Fran-zosa, Anna Marie Grace Libonate, Grace Marie Fazio, Marie Theresa Concetta Libonate, Angeline Rose DeMarco, Rose Anna Mussoline, Anita Rosalie Fescina, Theresa Celine Sidari, Dolores Loretta Sidari, Angeline Barbaria Markione, Nico-lette Longone, Pauline Theresa DeNoia, Carmella Rose DeN'oia and Genevieve Jacqueline Calarco. Rose Rita Agnes Lyons, Angeline Theresa Matz, Josephine Marie Man-tone, Maria Guiseppina Camilla Cac-cese, Rose Mary Angeline Lamont, Carmella Jane Theresa Lamont, Anna Marie Martha Vito, Frances Mary Theresa Stola, Anna Marie Dcnicola, Marie Madeline Bove, Stella Margaret Assi, Esther Rose Leperc, Anna Thomasino Compagna, Caroline Elizabeth Veet, Matilda Joan Scaran and Pearl Anna Gabriel. Carmella Sylvia Gennaro, Rose Mildred Mott, Anna Marie Jacqueline Olivia, Frances Virginia Forte, Marie Ruth Rose Aleandro, flora Maris Colicigno, Elvira Grace Mary Fedullo, Mildred Rose Ann Lamonica, Beatrice Theresa Damian, Marilyn Ann Ferdinand, Annunciata Pauline Turs"e, Concetta Anna Fescina, Ida Mary Scorletti, Mary Joan na Capparell, Carmella Theresa Curcio, Lucille Jane Albano, Mary Frances Rose Riccio, Rachal Catherine Callovini, Rose Marie Stanziola, Anna Patricia Fricchione, Marion Martha Cerullo, and Angeline Ann Cerullo. Anna Theresa Calarco, Isabel Creasi, Anna Grace Gentilcsco, Anna Mary Barbaretta, Antonette Kath crine F'errari, Mary Jane Plesce, Dol ores Dora Scaran, Louise Marie Pa tricia Scatton, Carolyn Anna Louise Colicigno, Maria Lucia Anna Bono. mo, and Grace Marie Altavilla, Rose Anna Mussoline, Bridget Rose Aicllo, Frances Mary Villano, Irene Pearl Mary Lapetina, Rose Marie Triano, Rose Marie Peluso, Dolores Marie Ferdinand, Carmella Theresa Pecora, Jennie Beatrice Albano, Catherine Barbara Fusetti, Mary Catherine Camise, Rose Mary Avillion and huncy Carmella Pacenza. Fiorina Dolores Olivia, Marie Louise Esposito, Marie Rose Petruz- zi, Lucille Marie Palueci, Rose Ma rie Frances Battagliese, Michelene Cecelia Yanuzzi, Anella Felicia De-Nicholas, Mary Anne Dawn Petrilla, Josephine Catherine DeFluri, The rcsa Helen Andreuzzi, Jean Ruth Andreuzzi, Anna Therese Crocamo, Martha Madeline Pozzesscre, Rose Ann Orlando, Geneva Flora Basile, Antoinette Anna Plesh, Marie The resa Belletieri, Alice Rose Adeline Giovanini, Adeline Marie Pacelli, Amelia Marie Palmasano and Anna Marie DeFluri. Marie Agnes Stanziola, Ruth Ma rie Dolores Cerillo, Marie Josephine Immaculate Angelo, Rose Geraldine George, Cecelia Frances Dolores Angelo, Carmella Dolores Romano. Marion Elizabeth Crease, Antonctta Lucy D'Amato, Elena Carolyn Romeo, Marie Theresa Walker, Eliza beth Louisa Marshall, Eleanor Marie Barbush, Mildred Lucille Palumbo, Angeline Mary Totor, Rita Marie Scattone, Madeline Mary Barbush, mid Carmella Rose Iro. Philomena Mary Pape, Roccotella Francis George, Cecelia Clara Ci- enke, Letitia Marie Vallare, Viola Marie Vallare, Marie Theresa Du- batto, Emily Rose LaRocco, Marie Joan Evangelista, Lucille Patricia Scaran, Marie Theresa Ann Evange Lsta, Theresa Cecelia Cerullo, Jose phine Stanziola, Anna Lucy Mento, Fannie Lucille Beltrami, Theresa Marie Barbatta, Josephine Lucille Votta, Constance Marie Dragom Carmella Rose Astorina, Marie An tonette LaRosc, Genevieve Rose Cas-sarella, Flora Marie Theresa Bolt-ley, Caroline Marie Rita Rentz, Eleanor Anna Marie Jeanne Neapoli tan, Anna Marie Margaret Dalo, Catherine Mary Vitacco, and Filo-mena Rita Greco. , Rita Florence Martoccio, Pauline Eleanor Capece, Christina Ann Rug giero, Philomena Angelina Marinelli, Lena Josephine Calucci, Florence "Agnes Scarano, Pauline Mary Andreuzzi, Genevieve Andreuzzi, An-tionette Mary Cuntro, Pauline Fornataro, Donna Ann Esposito, Mary Theresa Pctruzzi, Antoinette Joan Bartcnope, Maria Theresa Passenet-ti, Josephine Congetta Dragani, Mary Grace Carsia, Amelia Theresa Marino, Rose Anna Damico, Eliza beth Mary McCoy, Mary Verna Rossi, Josephine Carmella Calucci, Elizabeth Marie DeCosmo, Gloria Eleanor Parnell, Mary Rose Ferry, Rose Elaine Carsia, Rose Mary Culicigiro, Anna Dolores Stanziola. Dorina Ann Avillion, Grace Rose Bove, Amelia Grace DeMarco, Anna Marie Louise Ciocci, Susia Louise Romeo, Theresa Marie Marchese, Anna Marie Joan THE PLAIN SPEAKER, HAZLETON, PA., MONDAY AFTERNOON, Rv. Father Francis X. Molino. As pastor of the Church of the Most Precious Blood where 700 chil dren and adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the hands of Most Rev. William F. Hafey, D.D., Co yesterday afternoon, Rev. Father Francis X. Molino and his two assistants, Kev. Father francis Mussari and Kev. father Mark Mecca, saw the efforts of many months of preparation realized. The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood convent also spent many hours weekly to help the class in its preparation. Mussoline, Mary Anna Forliano, Grace Marie Esposito, Dolorato Angeline Totera, and Antionette Rose Sorletti. Catharine Lucille Monticello, Lucille Joan Fiore, Ruth Carmella Gloria Potenza, Rose Marie Josephine Capparell, Geneva Veronica Fran-zosa, Congetta Theresa Franzosa, Carmella Joanna Diana, Rose Mary Pacelli, Mary Antonette Rose Foder-aro, Carmella Ann Sharp, Frances, Mildred Crocamo, Dolores Antoinette Januzzi, Marie Louise Chcrilla, Anna Janet Marie Nastasoc, Orten-zia Mary Onore, Grace Ann Vitacce, Rose Mary Matteo, Marie Congetta Scialpi, Isabel Ann Palazzi, Ninziata Theresa Beltrami, Lucy Agnes Mac- cale, Lucille Anna Nicolanli, Phyllis Anna Cerullo, Christina Victoria Macale, Botty Yvonne Pane, Lucille Pane, Rose Marie Fanelli, Pauline Margaret Esposito, Rose Theresa Pacelli, Carmella Margaret Joan Martoccu, Evelyn Elizabeth, Ciotola, Rita Carmella Joan Veet, Lucille Victoria Aleandro, Florence Rose Anna Veet, Marie Carmella Bognet, Antonette Carmella Schieno. Jessie Marie Mento, Nancy Mary Guido, Florence Rose Guido. Caroline Gertrude Bonomo, Florence Carolyn Mary Rentz, Bonita Assun-ta Congetta DiSabella, Josephine Rose Albano, Rose Marie Ellen Monticello, Genevieve Lucille Ter-racino, Carolyn Elizabeth Scatton, Angeline Marie Cera, Marie Antonette Catherine Yaeonelli, Carmella Elaine Dorso, Carmella Louise Vito, Carmella Frances Rita Smuraglia, Florence Anna Carosia, Palma Paulina Passenette, Antonette Margaret Passenette, Grace Mary Ruggiero, Catherine Christina Cavalier, Virginia Johanna Martuselli, Anna Marie Damico, Anna Maria Passan-ettij Antoinette Rose Cavalier, Carmella Elizabeth Antinozzi, Marie Antoinette Albano, Sabetta Anna Lucia DeLuca, Maria Teodora Catherine DcLucca, Angeline Maria Marrone, Rita Gloria Patricia Ry-mond, Mary Theresa DeFiore, Sarah Margaret Fruka, Rose Theresa Mariano, Thelma Earp Valente, Maxine Mary Copenhaven (Serany). Mary Raphaela Ycntz, Anna Monica Belletieri, Rose Margaret Turse, Jean Madeline Esposito, Mary R. Angela Tito, Gloria Cora Esposito, Anna Theresa Sarlo, Marie Anna Sarlo, Theresa Mary Avillion, Theresa Edith Grasso, Olinda Anne Saullo, Anna Victoria Porpiglia, Anna Rosalie Veet, Josephine Dolores Gabriel, Maria Joanne Pozzesscre, Regina Josephine Macali, Mary Grace Veet, Susan Loretta Vizentine, Carmella Vizentine, Mary Carmella Merash. Domenica Gloria Matz, Jean Dolores Matz, Mary An- tonette Cienki, Arlene Johanna Ven-eroso, Palma Joan Avigliano, Rachel Ann Provanzo, Carmella Martha Bottlcy, Carmella Ann Rodinio, Rita J Rose Grimo. Class of Boys. Ambrose Nicholas Dalo, Vito Anthony Tito, Vincent Anthony William Villani, Louis Eugene Parell, Albert Frank Bartenope, Philip Michael Joseph Ferro, Joseph A. Parosia. Fred Frank Maiorano, Joseph Nicholas Perilla, Silvio Ed- ard Spadafora, Frank Josepn rovanzo. Carmen Daniel Corrado, Daniel Michael Veet, Joseph Mar- tuscelli, Joseph Palaggi, toward Daniel Aneelo, Francis Cienki, Sal- vadore Paul Astorino, Benjamin ushinati. Roy Nichoals LeRocca, Joseph Frances Barbaretta, Antonio rank Beltrami. James Anthony Pecora, Vincent Fanelli, Emmanuel Pasquale Leotito, Benjamin Michael Barbato, Dominic Donald Matteo, Salverio Pozzessere, Roceo Joseph Leotilo, John Martin. Palumbo, Daniel Libonate, John Anthony Scat-ton, Morris John Segaiia. Carmen Frank Stanziola, Anthony Kobert Scattone. Anthony Scatton, Frank Dominic Scatton, James Scarcella. Ralph Ernest Scarcella,, Pesqual Montone. Louis Joseph Astrino, Michael Joseph Ator. Guido Dominic DeMonte, Nicholas Bonomo, Josepn Anthony Mussoline. Samuel Stelluto, William Cortlandt Riccio, Jacob Anthonv Rin.i. Girard Michael Law rence Scaran, Gene Gennaro Triano, Casmir Joseph Pahnasaiio, Peter Samuel DeMarzo, John DiBlase, Carmen Salvatore Tito. Daniel David Rodino, Dominic Iero, Michael Anthony DeNois, Guy Guerrierri, John Lazio. Rocco Michael Altavilla, Leo Dominic Bartol, Pan! Olivea, Ed - adjutor Bishop of Scranton diocese. mund Michael Parente, Joseph Vin-cente James Fescina, Rccco Daniel Fescina, -Michael Hude, James Joseph Roman, Anthony Joseph Maiorano, Anthony Gerard Cera, Samuel Lomando, Dominie Anthony Romano, Emellio Michael Franzosa, Carmen Emilio Stola, Ralph Stola, John Michael Riccione, Thomas Jas. DiBlass, Anthony Richard Scaran, Santo Joseph Prete, Michael Rocco Picola. Nicholas John DeJoseph, Michael John LaRosa, Dominic Anthony Marino, John Albert For-sella, George Thomas Yentz, Joseph James Jamelli, Michele Aniello Cher-ico, Frank James Stasi, James Merola, Anthony Nazario Foderaro. Antonioro Guiseppe Cosoleto, John Ralph Mantone, Louis Gabriel, Alfred Emil Guarino, Rocco Emilio Damico, Anthony Joseph Cioccio, John Carmen Romeo, Daniel Charles Parrel, Paul Anthony Lamont, Peter Michael Scattone, James Robert Sa- beginning tomorrow . . . an event that moans real savings on SALLIES Davenport Cover 2 Chair Covers This is a most unusual sale . . . unusual because these are not ordinary ready-made slip covers, but made-to-order models to fit your furniture. From our selection of Dotted Jaspe Cloth, shrunketized fast color prints and novelty weaves, that are regularly 59c a yard, you choose the pattern and color combination best suited to your decorative scheme. Then one of our slip cover experts will call at your home and cut the covers right over your furniture, assuring perfect fit. These covers may be purchased on the budget plan. Samples of these materials will b? sent to you on request. 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Mancuso, William Michael Pachence,, Thomas Neil Stanziola, Samuel Anthony Morola, Dominic Thomas Marrone, John Bartol, Hilary Anthony Clatc'i, James Michael Clatch, Daniel Stel-lute, Dominico Fanelli, Rocco Marino, Anthony Caccese, Thomas Anthony Cacccse, Bernard Francis McCoy, Pasquale Raymond Bellizia, Louis Bellizia, Joseph Esposito, Rocco Michael Coladonato, Neil Angelo ' Durso, Anthony Salvatore Cassano, Jr., James Anthony Biscello, John Joseph Persico, Anthony Michael Marillo, Dominic Cundro, Rocco, Sharp, Anthony Peter Sharpi, Pasquale Vito DiLuzio, Daniel Lepere, Dominic Lepere, John Lewi3 Romano, Leonard Anthony Dettore, Norbert Alfred Yannarella and Anthony Petrilla. Oronza Nicola Scarcella, Jr., Frank Eugene Minneci, Louis James Yannarell, Rocco Yannarella, Jr., Joseph Kocco Cipriano, Salvatore Neil Martini, John Frank - Ciotola, Daniel Girard George, Peter Joseph Marino, William DeCosmo, Anthony Thomas Grazio, Joseph James Grazio, Roy Belletiere, Franklin David Roman, James Petio, Steven Michael Roman, Louis Michael Marinclfl, Nicholas John Scaglione, Carmen Michael Vito, Jame.s Michael Martuscelli, James Nicholas Lamonica, George Robert Lendosky, Anthony Camise, Frank Anthony Marino, Michael Scatone, Neil Polumbo, Angelo James Matz, Michael Frank Pctruzzi, Nunzio Albert Ferrara, Alfonso Mauro, Pacelli, Nicholas Michael Franzoso, Michael Robert Scatton, John Vincent DeBloas, Anthony Salvatore Porpiglia and Paul Anthony Porpiglia. ' EISROTH'S y- BROAD AND LAUREL colorful Made-To-flDrdcr (LWei- Setts aZ7 J-L complete JANUARY 21, 1938. Samuel Franzosa, Frank Joseph Antinozzi, Girard James Plesce, Nicholas James Damato, Daniel Joseph Scatton, Jr., Frank Paul Ator, Dominic James Carosia, Girard Anthony DeMarco, Nicholas DiLuzio, Calvin Richard Pane, William Pasco Lamont, William Anello Merola, Anthony Joseph Gennaro, Peter Paul Belletiere, John Robert Basile, Benny John Onore, Joseph Cuore, Otto Barbush, Rudolph Leonard Smcraglia, Peter Edward Frask, Rocco Mussoline, Pasquale John DeCusatis, Rocco Michael A. Totar, Philip Joseph Nastasee, Ronald C. Fierro, Michael Anthony Ferrari, Anthony Mussol'ne, Leo Anthony Hyde, Nicholas Rocco Palumbo, Francesco Carmen Nilo, Joseph George Petruzzl, Samuel Matt, Nicholas Michael Leperi and James Joseph Crease. Joseph Conzola, Stephen Leperi, Anthony Aloysius Cusatis, Ralph Neil Yanuzzi, Cosimo Ralph Pic-cione, Leonard Louis Bove, Frank Leonard DeFluri, Joseph John Bove, Anthony Nicholas Damian, Anthony William Ross, Dominic Joseph Cerullo, Daniel Louis Brogno, Julius James Franzosa, Anthony DeCosmo, Henry John Solon, Joseph Frank Zecca, Daniel James Fornataro, Nicola Vittorio Chirico, Rocco Joseph Capece, Joseph James Iero, Vincent Anthony Terracino, Salvatore Esposito, Michael A. Colicigno, Anthony Esposito. Daniel James Dutz, Joseph J. Plesh, Anthony Michael DeFrancesco, Pasquale Daniel Garramone, Joseph Charles I " jcca, Joseph Michael Lonzetta, Anthony Carlo Ferdinand, James Rocco Basile, Joseph Carlo Lonzetta, and Pasquale Prete. Nicholas Paul Carosia, Anthony Joseph Marinaro, Salvatore Rocco Cudro, Nazareno Rosario Finocchio, Lo-.iis Anthony Colombo. 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