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polio scare and fair 3 Sep 1947 Beza - Industrial Exhibit To Open i Monday In City;...
Industrial Exhibit To Open i Monday In City; County Fair To Continue As Scheduled Fair Program Will Depend On Polio Cases The Clinton County Fair will go on as scheduled provided there .is no major increase in the number number of infantile paralysis cases in this section. The fair will be held at the Clinton Auction Grounds at Mill Hall, opening Wednesday, Sept. 10, and continuing continuing through Saturday. All the exhibit buildings will be sprayed with DDT. * This sixth annual gathering sponsored by the Clinton County Grange Agricultural Association will have about the same amount of prizes last year with premium money totaling about $1,500. This money comes from a state appropriation appropriation of $1,000 extended to each county fair plus funds obtained obtained from the small admission fees and concessions. Exhibitors are not charged any entrance fee. Judges Frtm Penn State The exhibits must be entered beginning Tuesday evening Sept. 9 and through Wednesday until • 6 p. mi The judges who will be supplied by the Extension Service of Penn Sate, will inspect the exhibits Thursday. -It is planned then to have the premium money ready for distribution to the exhibitors exhibitors by the close of the fair Saturday evening. Special interest has been expressed expressed in the flower classes and to farm and garden produce. First, second and third prizes of 50 cents, 40 cents and 25 cents are awarded in each division. There are 25 flower classes including including asters, petunias, marigolds, marigolds, zinnias, dahlias, gladioli, roses, potted plants, p a n s i e s, snapdragons, calendulas, b a c h- elor buttons, flower arrangements, arrangements, plate gardens, basket arrangements and miniature arrangements. There are 45 farm and garden classes including eggs, corn, grans, vegetables, melons, fruits, nuts, potatoes and other classifications. classifications. Special classes may be set up if five, or more persons exhibit exhibit the same variety of apples or potatoes. In addition to the regular farm displays of all types, there will Be two special exhibits-of commercial commercial products—one of all the latest types of electrical equipment, equipment, and the other exhibits by local industries and merchants. Many Livestock Classes The premium list includes the following sections: horses, 13 classes; dairy cattle 10 classes; beef cattle 7 classes; sheep, 6 classes; swine, 1.4 classes; poultry 12 classes and subdivisions; canned goods, vegetables 15 classes; pickles, 6 classes; dried foods, 5 classes; canned fruits, 15 classes; preserves 6 classes; canned meats, 5 classes;- baked goods, 17 classes; needle work, 13 classes and subdivisions; girls 4- H Clubs, 9. classes, club exhibits, girls and future homemakers work, and future homemakers, 4 classes with subdivisions. The Future Farmers of America, America, the boys organization, will show work done in projects and will compete for prizes. The Boys 4-H Clubs will also compete, compete, and the various county granges will have special booths. Special Events On the Wednesday opening there will be a band concert and show in the evening. Thursday the judges will view the exhibits, with another band concert in the evening. Friday will be school day if the polio situation is checked. Saturday afternoon there will be a baby parade and livestock parade, with a band concert and awarding of prizes in the evening. Officers of the Grange Agricultural Agricultural Association are Lester McGill McGill of Salona, president;. B. C. Dotterer of Mill Hall, R. D., vice president; Walter Knecht of Mill Hall, R. D., secretary, and J. Rex Haver of Lock Ha"ven, assistant secretary. , There are eight granges in the county: Avis, Beech Creek, Lamar, Nittany, Pleasant Valley, Sugar Valley, Tamarack and Woodward. CIO May Bypass NLRB WASHINGTON, (JP) — Strong prospects arose today that CIO unions will bypass tire National Labor Relations Board for the time being without announcing a clear-cut decision on the issue of non-Communist affidavits. County Fair Takes Precautions .Against Infantile Paralysis The infantile paralysis situation situation here may affect the County Fair-Industrial Exhibit Exhibit plans for next week. Boys and girls under 18 are, of course, banned from attending a special movie showing at the high school auditorium. The County Fair will continue continue as scheduled unless the polio situation changes sharply for the worse. Most of the county schools outside this city are closed this week but will open next week. Plans have been made to spray thoroughly all barns and exhibit quarters with DDT. «—MO^^lM^B^BB^^^V-*- ^ Arrested In PRR Car For Burglary RENOVO—A man recently released released from Rockview Penitentiary, Penitentiary, who has spent some 30 of his 61 years behind bars, is in the County Jail after playing a game of serious hide-and-seek with police police officers through the Renovo PRR yards. Raymond Randall, who has bee'n held for court on a charge of burglarizing railroad cars* was capiured yesterday morning in a PRR camp car by Sgt. Enoch Williams, railroad policeman and his son, William. He had been seen at 2 a. m. trying to force entry through a window at the master mechanic's office. The watchman, Andrew Regis, fired a shot over his head, but Randall escaped. He was sighted twice in the yards as a general search followed, but it was not until later yesterday that the Williams father and son battered battered down the camp car door and captured him. •The man refused to budge from his Renovo jail cell so that the hearing was held there. Later he had to be carried from the jail to be taken to the county lock-up. Ask Bulgarian Review 'WASHINGTON, (&>— The United States has demanded that Russia -join with America and Britain in a review of the "repressive "repressive campaign" by the Bulgarian Bulgarian government against Bulgaria's Bulgaria's Agrarian union and its leader, Nikola Petkov.. Petkov, whose party is anti-Communist, is under sentence of death for allegedly allegedly plotting against the Communist-controlled Communist-controlled government of his country. Jews Ask Action By US LAKE SUCCESS, (JP) — Pressure Pressure was being put on the United States today to back Jewish aspirations aspirations for a national home in Palestine in the United Nations Assembly's forthcoming fight on the Holy Land. The American Jewish Conference demanded the United States take the leadership on the proposed Palestine partition partition plan. Local Plants To Display Their Products In a resumption of industrial exhibitions which have not been held here since the war, Clinton County industries will show the people of the community next week the latest developments in their products. The exhibits will be displayed in local store windows beginning beginning Monday evening and will be on display there all during the week. The Industrial Exhibit has been lined up by the Chamber Chamber of Commerce to coincide with the Clinton County Agricultural Agricultural Fair at Mill Hall in the latter part of next week. Store Windows Ready At last night's meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, it was reported that store windows would be made available to the industries on Monday morning so that all exhibits could go simultaneously simultaneously on display Monday Monday evening. The exhibits will be moved Monday, Sept. 15. The Chamber of Commerce will be host at a dinner at the Hotel Fallon, Thursday evening at 6:15 o'clock to representatives from the home offices of all the local industries. The speaker for the occasion will be Raymond Smith, of the Pennsylvania Department Department of Commerce. Tickets are on sale through Joe E. Anderson Anderson and Harold T. Cornell at $2 for merchants and others who may wish to attend. Reservations Reservations should be made with" Miss Marian Kyler at the Chamber Chamber of Commerce office by this Thursday. Movie To Be Shown A technicolor movie showing the progress .of Curtis Publishing Co. magazines from the planting of the first pulpwood seedling to the sale of the magazine to the customer will be shown at 8 p. m. Tuesday at the Senior High School auditorium. The movie will also be shown to the Rotary and Lions Clubs at >their meetings next week. City Ministers Speak At Citadel Services at the Salvation Army Citadel during September will feature guest ministers from local'churches. A special service has been arranged for each Thursday night as follows: Tomorrow, the Rev. I. L. Miller, East Main Street Methodist; Methodist; next Thursday, Rev. L. W. Bartges, Evangelical U. B. circuit; circuit; Sept. 18, Dr. J. W/ Dean, First Lutheran Church; Sept. 25, Rev. E. Paul Coiiley, Missionary Alliance Church. Salvationists and friends are invited to these meetings, each Thursday at 7.30 p. in. Sign Rio Treaty RIO DE JANEIRO., (ff)— The treaty of Rio de Janeiro, an unprecedented unprecedented pact pledging nations nations of the Western Hemisphere to act in concert against any aggression aggression in the hemisphere's security security zone, .was signed in formal ceremony yesterday by 103 delegates delegates of 19 nations. It is subject to ratification by the congresses of the signing republics. Elliots Home After 12,000 Mile Trip To West Coast Mrs. W. Brown Elliot, son, William William Brown, Jr., and daughter, Miss Emilie, returned home late last week after a 12,000-mile, nine-weeks trip to the West Coast, by auto and trailer. THey have hundreds of interesting interesting experiences to recount from their travels, which included visits in Dayton, O., Chicago, Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park, Spokane, Wash.; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Angeles, Hollywood, the Grand Canyon and Little Rock, Ark... plus numerous side trips to other scenic spots. Guests of Ditzlers In Los Angeles they were dinner dinner guests of the Rev. and Mrs. Harold E. Ditzler, who had invited Dr. and Mrs. George G. Culbertson, Culbertson, other former Lock Havenites, for the same party. The Culbertsons Culbertsons were unable, to attend. The Elliots are today returning the Ditzler hospitality by entertaining entertaining Mr. Ditzler who is now in Lock Haven for a short visit. In Little Rock, the local travelers travelers visited Lt. Col. and Mrs. Richard Zahnizer, who lived in Lock Haven some years ago when then Capt. Zahnizer headed the Waterville CCC. Their side trips included visits to the Winds Cave in the Dakotas, Crater Lake, a trip through the Redwoods, Catalina Island and Pike's Peak. Only scenic spot they had planned to see, and missed, was Carlsbad Caverns. Had Job Offers They had some amusing offers of jobs enroute—once as fruit pickers when they arrived in a community at harvest time. Bill Elliot was offered a job at a handsome handsome salary as" a barge worker, and Miss Elliot, a teacher of mathematics and speech at Riverside, Riverside, N. J., was offered a teaching position in California. They found exce'llently-equip- ped trailer camps throughout the West, and lived-, and often ate i their meals in-^heir own trailer. to ' of a off the be the of his 26, 16 to as Lt. the

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