Rowland children in Tyrone school

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Rowland children in Tyrone school - of a of best .the 110 the on of the a of ,of...
of a of best .the 110 the on of the a of ,of Altoona ; a a the the of five and '.the not last Rutledge, and as of construction the railroad of the but TIRONE 1'UllIjIC SCHOOLS. BttpeMnteudent tiUenberger Annpunce* Promotions ot PupiU for the,Next Dfermi The standard of scholarship a'ddpted by the school board six years ago reads as follows: "To entitle a student to graduation of promotion, no branch hall be below 70 per cent, and the average of the branches for the session hall not be below 80 per cent:" Much care has been taken and labor pent in keeping a complete tabulated ecord of each student's work in the everal branches studied throughout the year. The "Report Books" sent to the lareuts or guardians at the close of ach month for their inspection and ndorsenieut fully set forth the requirement in scholarship to entitle the pupil 0 promotion. Hence the publication of he following list of j romotions is but a ublic declaration of what the pupil, arent or guardian knew at the close of ast team on an inspection of the individ- al's "Report Book." Many of our tudents while making a very creditable ecord iu most of the branches, yet fail- d to reach the required percentage of in one or more studies. Such stu- eiits' -names .do .not. appear in the romotion list of their classmates, but re recorded in the school to which they elonged last year. In order to eucour- ge these students to renewed effort on aeir part to excel, and to assure onr- elves that we have done our full duty o our pupils and citizens, an opportu- ity will be given all students who have ailed iu one or two branches to take a pecial examination in the branches in vhich they failed on or before Friday, epteinberl£lf such examination shows bility to do the Svork in an advanced rade the student will be promoted to ull standing with his classmates PROMOTIONS.—HIGH SCHOOL. Room 18, H. S. Fleck, teacher.— leniors: :Bertha Boob, Laura Cauau, George Cnrfmau, Hue Dixon, Walter ^stricher, Karl Rymer, Mary Roamy, Boyd Stewart, Max Shirk, Bessie Wertz. Commercial Department, Wui. R. Pitin, teacher.—Bruce Beyer, Foster Bursy, Stella Bowser, Nell Chamberlain, Jrnest Dawson, Thad Grafflus, Lulu loOans, Grace Mulholern,,'., Florence. Smith, Bertha Wilson, Berta Wilson. JUNIOR CLASS. • '• ' [Junior students may elect either the lassical course or commercial course, uring their junior and senior years in he high school. After :: having made hoice of which cqnrjle ?t{b$|y)yj|l pursue ny further change wity t is requested that pupils consult with lieir parents iu reference to electing the says over Md. and the were to in as fair in lat o - ., 1 Gray, Fred Albright, Hairy Austin/&da Blair,-Mary Boyer, Edith arns, Pearl Copenhaver, Samuel Orab- ree.WjiaryiElder, Clare iFetterhoof, Bess ooduo, Francis Gross, Fisk Haagen, May Haupt, Eth'el Henry,Hattie Hooker, Charles Hunter, Hattie Hunter, Jessie isenberg, Lucy Lehner, Alice Lighty, lel'en Love, Grace Maloney, Viola Mar- McConahy, Nell Thompson, Whitney, Jessie Bell, Ange biues, Ruth Porter, Maui Robertson, Maud Sheerer, Anna Schirm, Ella Sny- dejv : Anna Stewart, Artie Stonebraker, Strohnieyer, Leah Templetou, Trego, LeEmma Trego, John HIGH SCHOOL. Room 17, Mrs. Ifla Patton Smith.— Mary Grazier. Grace Joues, Clinton wis, Elsie Mitchell, Charles Svvope, Grace Ickes, Edward Bush, Gertrude knvher, Ray Davis.Laara Dysart, Alice Farrell, Virginia Fickea, Robert Fisher, Tames Freeman, Myr.i Gates, Gertie Gra/ier,Verna Hamer,Walter Hoffman, Fl-> Hull, Stephen Martinopzs, Arthur McOaun, Edna McOliutock, Chandler McConahy, Jane MoKiuney, OVark Me- itmahan, George,Oberly, Virginia ; ,Vun- Scoyoo, John Wood, Bessie Wooden. T^ressa Cook, Lindu Onrfmau, Edna Goheea, Lulu Keriiu, Lulu Smith, Sarah Wolfe. ; Room 16, J. L. Beyer, teacher.—Ethel Buloek', Anna Diokson, -Helen Graham, Samuel Hull, Cora Kephart, Rtudall Berg, Martha Beyer, Oarey Bradin, Helejj.B^oj^,fiqiy|Bnjrliey,Dea40|i|an, Lilliaq Cob i«.-_ '.:. /. • - '-•"•' *4| Qnlllan, Elva Wertz, Oharles Aults,; merman, Benjamin fiioksoii! Jessel ( Boy Freeman, Aida Bennett, Emma Beyer, Myra Freeman, Einuia Fisher, Charley Haupt, James Leve, Drew Strottp, Scott Sensor, Mary Burley.Mary Bryne, Joseph Gandaker, Timothy Grazier, Henry Kennedy, Mabel Lancaster, Elizabeth Reil«y; Mary Myers, William Burley, Bertram Oosel, Howard Waring, Nellie High, Verna Lebkicker, Lena McMauamy, Anna Ray, Edna Rider, Francis Waring, Ruth Grafflus, "Wilbur Isenberg, George Kienzle, Alfred Letter- mail, Nora Tate, Jennie Widney, Nannie Gettys, Lorena Lucas, Eva Snyder. Room 18, Miss Linda VanScoyoc teacher.—Harry Oowher, Victor Fickes, Morrison Hayes, Guy Kephart, Oarrie Wiser, Albert Bowser, Paul Oalderwood, Don McLanahan, Delia McKinney, John Plowden, Margaret Byrne, Katie Troutwine, Bessie Henderson, Mary Wike t Tamer Plowden, Rose DeFerne, Mary Frye, Elva Valentine, George Barr, Harry Bowser, Violet Gurry, Frances Etter, Helen Galbraith, Karl Galbraith, Albert Haverstein, Linda Hooker, Andrew Keys, Robert Love, Jennie Mo- Murtrie, Mary Miles, Mary Reader, Howard Rowland, Mabel Sensor, Grace Silknitter, George Wands. Room 12. .Miss Bertha. ,T. Smith, teacher.—Josephlua Bell, Pearl Gurry, Edward Ohauey, Haxvy Freeman, Grace Stratiff, Lulu Abbas,John Kienzle.Noua Wiser, Dorthea Henderson,Robert Huss, Edith Berkenstock, Alex. Ohauey, Ray Dickson, Martaye Hendnckson, Belle, Irvin, Alvesta Lancaster, Lillian Mclu- tyre, Mary Parker, Jessie Stratiff, William Woomer, Pearl Gray, Victor Branstetter, Chester Calderwood, Vera Coulter, Minnie Drye, Olara Everts, Dau Fulkerson. Oharles Fry, William Luird, Delia Oberly, May Reader, ,Glyde Scruders, Pearl Wertz, Ethel|$litdeiv Blair Myers, Mac Scruders. INTERMEDIA? Room 11, Miss Mary(jpijfieVte, teacher. —Lizzie Dosler, James laathews.Grover Grazier, Woodring Little, Effle Patterson, John Shildt, Laura Varner, Alva Wertz, Winbert Duulap, Katie Bonnet,, Mary Fisher, Arthur Gibson, Bonnie Gipple, Elsie Gates, • Emma Maloneyy Boyrt Miles, Ethel Morgan, Verna Sheik' enberger, Bessie Uinholtz, Pearl Eva Wertz, Lewars Africa, Mary Barr, Sara Barr, Robert Biddle, Chester a • ley, Curtiu Everts, Edna Lower, Bessie McGowan, Edward Miller* May Moore, Frank Nienghbaucr, John Neff, Fred Tate, Preston Plowden, Roberta Ellenberger, Fred Miller, i ,;!•>: Room 10, Miss Mary Huil,-;teaeher.— Harry Gates, Adolphus Hays, Beuuie Weiser, May Gibson, Ethel- Igoa, Jolui Livingstou.Leo Proctor,Thomas Hunter, Flossie Abbas, Violet Drye, LeRoy Houck, Alonao Hull, Walter Igon, Elias Keys, Gifford Lytle, Grace Lukehart, Donald Malouey, Verua McGlintock, Edward Miller, Ernest Neff, Ruth Bowser, Kenneth Boyer, Bessie Colt, Virgil Crawford, Forrest Eyer, Charles Fickes, Edith Fisher, M ;rgaret Guudaker, Sarah Hamer, Herbert Isenberg, Oscar Kennedy, William Lytle, Raymond Mc- Kinnoy, Katie Moore, Clara Stewart, Paul Stratiff, Frank Trontwine, Chester Waite, Helen Wighaman, Carrie Yarnell. Room 9, Miss Virginia K. Smith, teacher.—Annie Ammertnan,Bessie Calderwood, Mabel Drye, Ethol Drye,Joseph Kieunle, Irvin Little, Victor Wike, Maude Stratiff, Mary Colt, Nellie Gallagher, Ward Hamer, John Hitupt, Lester Igoa, Harold Lever, Rose Lewis, Guy Miller, Margaret McKinuey, Harry Trego, Karl Wood, Melvin Wood, Ernest Woodring, Maud Flemming, Charles Beunet.Ruth Oopenhaver, Ruth Coulter, Jnle Curry, Joseph Dickson, Ray Drye, Mary Haverstein, Helen Hesser, Annie Irvin, Herman Kearns, Alfred Kline, Minnie Lott, Emma McMullen. Elmer William Kennedy, William Little, War Long, Charles Markel, Pearl McAlister, 'Amber. Mclntyre, Mary Oberly, Howard Oberjy, William Rymer, Margaret Shnmapr Mad^e holly, Grace Milligan, Lyclui Mock, Annie Marry, Hugh Porter. SKCpXDAHY OKAUE. Room S.Miss Jennette Wilsou,teacher. —Alva Smith, Stella Focht, Amelia Fotst, Walter Siuclair, Exmest;, Eleanor Bbreman, Edward Bell, Gladys Dunkle, , Neil jQray,, Ruth Smith, Myra Vin^t.Bdniund Waring, Sarah Wertz, Erma 'Wlghaman, Ray Wilson, George Gray. , ORAMMAH QRADE Room 15, S. L. Glasgow, teacher.— William Bennet, Elizabeth Burley, Robert Kline, Mary Lebkioker, Vera Logan, Edith Lord, Edith Myers, Marguerite Riley, Roy Shirk, Edward Snyder, Victor Waite, Elizabeth Waring, Thomas Henderson, William Atkins, Edith Atkins, Either Black, Grace Oal- derwood, Lois Carton, Earl Ellenberger, Gertrade Ellenberger, Rachel Ooodno, Edmund Goodwin, Edna Hamilton, Mary Kienzle, Esplen Kloat, Frances Maloney, Edna Meyen, Cooper Sheerer, COairiefitSohirm, May Tate, Elizabeth Willey, Alice Abbas.Sue Beyer, Fred Gettys, Lizzie Miller, Carl Piper, Bessie Reader, Ira Robertson, Lulu Rowland, Catharine Sprankle, Walter Waple, Stella Widney, Helen Wilson. Dopaid Gray, Eleanor Francis- ous, Nina Miles, Emma Uhl. Room 14, Miss Bertha Africa, teacher. -rEarl Funk, Charles Hull, Ray Mo. Hull, John Keith, Logan Kennedy Edith' lyftncaster; Irella Matter n, Wesley Patterson, Alma Price, George Reader, Millie Rodgers, Frank Storms, Edna Wighaman, Mary -Hughes, Elmer Soruders, Joseph Ammerman, Mary Beyer, Helen Gillmeu, Margaret Grazier Helen ; Hamilton., Ohajples Johnson, Arthur Jones, Harry Kearns, Ada Laport*, Susie Love, Sarah McAfee, Edward MoMurtrie, Robert Parker, Dorothy Reed, Emaunel Rogers, Fred Bhelow, Florence Smith, Grace Smith, Minnie Whitney, Maud Worley, Louisa Stine, James Fleming, Mabel Gray. Room 7, Mi« Nellie Stewart, teacher. —Edna Oarson, James MoMnllen, Mary Morgan, Elmer Umholtz, Allen White, Josephine Hummel, Edwin Ammer man, Margaret Ebling, Freeman Freeman, Viator Havens, Gertrude Herzog, Paul Lower, Sarah Lewis, Beatrice Meehan, Annie Milter, Margaret Rowland, Emily Slanghters,Oharie§ Snyder, Susie WatMm, Leo Watoon, Mwgwet Wood, Milfred Woodring.Andrew Barr; lona Bonner, Bra Dearment, Richard Dry, Boyd EbUng, Bertha Brans, Edna Evert*, George Haverstein, Raymond Igoa, Fred Kienzle, Earl Kieth, Lydia Mattern, Mabel MoOarl, Harry Peters, Joseph Piper, Ebiert Robinson, Earle Russell, Beulah Stitzel, Harry Wiser, Arthur Yarnell. Room 6, Miss Ada Wooden, teacher,— Harry Oox, Clifton Smith, Eugene Am- I Heverly, Lavitiia Russell, Edna Suyder, Gladys Benson, Florence Hamilton, Eva Hainple, Eva Irvin, William Neff, Louis Obdyke, Ruth Pascoe, Ralph Patterson ( Charles Soruders, Alfred Siuclair, John Smawley, George Worley, Stewart Whitlaw, Virginia Boruiau, Hazel Oal- derwood, John Colt, Gertrude Dicuel, Ruth Drye, Ralph Eyer, Mary Hall, Pearl Jones, Gilbert Kanour, Grace Kennedy, Carl Kieuzle, Read Miller, Ruth Murry, Paul Milligan, Hurry Oberly, Joseph Parker, Helen Sensor, Flora Shelow, Jesse Shildt, Ralph Tate, Gretta Weekley, Burns Livingston, Wil- lurd Elder, PRIMARY-GRADE. Room 5, Miss Mary B. Sausser, teacher —William Miller, Minnie Stratiff, Ernest Albright, Samuel Cnuan, Mabel Gibson, Margaret Drye, Myra Henderson, Warren Heeter, Annie . Kienzle, Ruth Keys, Mary McMulleu, Annie Miller, Forrest Oakwood, Bertha Russell, Henry Savitz, Clair Snyder, Susie Trout Ruth Miles, Margaret Aurandt, Myra Johnstonbaugh, Olive Biddle, Hawlie Everts, Milton Eineigh, Ralph Haupt, Oscar Hainple.Ruth Igo, Margaret Joues Rosa Kienzle, Edith Lukehart, Paul Luse, Lena Miller, Elmer Myers, John Reader, Ethel Suyder, Edna Scrnders, Charles Shellenberger, Roy Uinholtz, Deama Stouffer, Elsworth Weaver, Naomi Apple, Edna Carson, Myra Eby, Naudain Russell. Room 4, Miss Annie Simons,teacher.— Charles Evans, Albert Slaughter, Margaret Bennett, Margaret Bartholomew, Russell Boyd, Clark Benson, Robert Charles, Harry Dossier, Kay Dunkel, Sarah Grazier, Virginia Hesser, Ethel McOormick, Charles McCarl, Fisk Morrison,Eva Patton,Harry Stratiff, Lemuel Kaylor, Emma Lewis, Agnes Hughes, Clay Arnold, Joyce Bonuer, Donald Ber- keustock, Wilbur Cowher, Donald Eyer, Lizzie Gallaher, Harry Hoffman, Joseph Hand, Irvine Harner, Russell Isenberg, Ethel Keith, Paul Kienzle, Elizabeth Livingston,Virginia Little, Annie Miles, Nina Miles, Helen Meehan, Esther McMay Morgan, Selma Patton, •Henrietta Waite, Mary Lang, Cynthia Snyder. Room 2, Miss Lina Reese, teacher.— Helen Mathias, Herbert Mitchell, Edward Rowland, Ray Sigel, Neva Miller, Ruth Bice, Lulu Barr, Raymond Branstetter, Norman Boyer, Amoii De- arinent, Grey Fonst. Mary Graves, Wilbur James, Foster LaPorte, Harold Mock, Robert Morgan, Gertrude Mc- Kulvoy. Bessie Smawley, .Florence Shellenberger, John Trout, Jesse Walker, Robert Wighaman, Hazel Shiris, Tina Kahler. Room 1, Miss M.iry Foster teacher.— Eva Ourtiu, Esther Emeigh.Lily Graffius Clarence Herzog, Orpha Hample, Plum- nier Irwiu, Choster Miller, Charles Robinson, Edward Worley, Joseph Dry, Alburtioe Skipper, Elwqod Stoafft-r, Olair Stiue, Thomas Von Trott, Edwin Hoffman, George Thomas, Margaret Boyer, Sara Ebling, Elizabeth Laird, Beatrice Mathias, Helen Pascoe, Verua Stouit'er, Constance Sinclair. PARK AVESUB BUILDING. Grammar Grade.—Room 4, H. Stonebraker teacher.—Eighth Grade: Clair Bolinger. Guy Cowher, Clarence Galbraith, Harry High, Charles Schirm, Everett Sherrick, Claribel Burley, Abbie Burley, Salome Oorle, Aura Gray, Nora Hiukle-, Gertrude Hoffman, Margaret Lord,' Leah Myers, Vera Ickes, Lloyd Tyson, Jane Graham, Rhoda Oster, Lulu Herzog.—Seventh Grade : Paul Ermine, Rogers Franciscus, Paul Recke, George Sprankle, Earl Oster, Charles Diokson, Sadie Cox, Anna Cryder, Edna Funk, Paul Gray, Ruth Henry, Robert Hull, Edwin, Lebkicker, Earl Markelf Eclitn Montier, Arthur Replogle, Edith Schirm Emma Thomas, Frank Thompson, Minnie, Thompson; Alice Wooden, Grace Hull, Ida Herzog, Margaret Hicke, Florence Woodi n. • Intermediate-Grade.'•—Room'8, Miss Augusta' Hoffman, teacher. —' Sixth Grade • Emma Burley, Edna GouneU, Donald Cryder, Henrv Davis, Alma Hinkle, .Fted Miller, Mabel Mouteir, Paul Thompson, Anna VanScoypc, Flor- ence.VnnScoyoc, .Walter, John Herzog, Hazel Baney, Stella Myers, William, Waring.—Fifth Grade: Virginia Bouse, Hugh Ellenberger, Robie Ermine, Mary Freeman,Edwajrd Kinoh, Roberta Myers, Audra Baney, Luella Billetts, Pansy Oowher, Cora Fonst, Verna Funk, Edith Gibbe, Claire Hoff- man, Margaret Hull, Robert Koons,, Robert Owens, Blair Replogle, Margaret Sherrich, Margaret Thompson, Charles Waple. Secondary Grade.-»Room 2, Miss Florence Finney, teacher,—Fourth grade,: Wilbur Gibboney, Arthur Nonamaker, Alma Uhl, Carl Atkins, Archie Diokson, Rnth Bergstreuer, Samuel Briner, Rath Cox, Eleanor Oryder, James Davis, Foster Grazier, Robert Miller, Austin MeManamy, Caroline Poorman, Orris Sprankle, M. Waldschmidt, Robert Waring, Wilbur White. -Third Grade: Ralph Wolf, Hazel Atkins, Donald Ooohran, Harry Herzog, Leo Williams, Paul Bookhamer, Willie Ermine, Gerald Grazier, Florence High, Esther Killer, Margaret HiUer, Carrie Little, Robert Markel, Walter Myen, Hoover Noal, Dorothy Scbirm, Helen Stratiff, Neal White, Edith Aster, Frances Mnrdock. Primary Grade.—Room 1, Miss Belle Snyder, teacher.—Second Grade: Fred Hull, Hazel Cox, Oloid Fonst, Gilbert Gibboney, Katharine Gray.Sallie Keith,

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  1. Tyrone Daily Herald,
  2. 15 Aug 1901, Thu,
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