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Russellville  Tribune version part 2 - is the tim-; tim-; can ; -r -r one and to yoa...
is the tim-; tim-; can ; -r -r one and to yoa yoa. ve to in not-your your the fire with judge?"- judge?"- The citizens of Bussellville uetiDsr-ately tbe the in as in your and cover op guilt by fastening crime oa in-eain. in-eain. the nocent citizens. Then the weary defend- defend- kill them. The court is not opened until after dinner. Then a proceeding for con-terrnt con-terrnt con-terrnt of roart tgsinst Capt. Barry, of the Dardanelle Transcript, for publishing an article commen iug on thete proceedings in his new8naner ncbliyhed in another inirg con it was sitting, was taken up by Jouge M it, Bating as a committing msg-htrete msg-htrete msg-htrete of Pone county. This' case had arLen since the othir cae hal been set for hearing that morning, yet it was allowed allowed the precedence, and occupied the time of the court until 5 o'clock. Then Judge May insisted on! adjourning. First, however, the other case was called up and pressed for trial, and finally the prosecution prosecution stated; they would be ready early in the morning, and the court that it should be taken up at 9 o'clock the next (Friday morning, and disposed of that day. With this assurance the court was adjourned until 9 o'clock next morning. morning. . The defendants were allowed to return return home for tbe 'night, - on their promise : f to ; attend ? in the .morning. .morning. Dodson and his gang scattered, and all was still., The next day prom oily the defendants arrived again, with their crowd of witnesses to establish a triumphant triumphant defense.1 Dodson, Hickox, and five or six of 'their followers strayed. in. Capt. Barry's case hsd not yet been disposed disposed of. Nine o'clock came, but no Judge May; ten o'clock, eleven, twelve. lne general inquiry m, "Where the prepared a dinner for the defendants at their" own expense. - The aflerpoon drags on," . but " Judge r May neither comes nor- nor- is heard from..: The court dissolves by ; the operation of .his default.: : And thus' ends i the feeble effort to divert public attention from the horrible record of the late ' atrocity,; and law! i as oy tne ao their - , re until and of the mu our nun- nun- ants and their witnesses, woo have ben torn from their suffering crops snd Compelled Compelled to travel miles to attend court- court- some of them beiog too poor almost to pay for a dinner, ere allowed to return to their homes. This is the truthful record of justice and the law in Pope county. ' We suppose we will not be guilty of contempt of court when we say of Judge May, os a man and not as a cowl or a jvdgt, that the afflicted citizens of Pope regard him as no better than Dodson, Hickox," Stuart or Cloniger, and ss the boon companion of murderers, high waymen, robbers and assassins. We append also an article from - the Dardanelle Transcript (dem.), whose editor was arrested for contempt, review ing the murders by Dodson' and ' his posse. We have previously published the dying statement of young Hale and the affidavit . of Mr. " West, referred to below, but this will be found of interest just now. Bead it carefly ' : The following are the facts of the murder of Willam Hale and Joe Tucker, of Pope county, committed -by -by E. W, lot iui tuunir, cuuiuiuku-uj cuuiuiuku-uj cuuiuiuku-uj u . Dodson, sheriff ; W. H. Hickox, clerk to Bad-ley's Bad-ley's that been since of j 'democratic the determine state- state- of the this : servile 1870, the reform Min- Min- 1 nanawrit-wall. Fitch, Dover, Deputy plot were ' w " conspiracy, left of the be"eves the to be reujnwd their dig of said county, and W. A. Stuart, school superintendent,' and twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one others, members of Deputy Sheriff : Williams1 militia, taken from the statements of Hale and .West, the two prisoners who escaped so miraculously with their, lives from a doom so well planned, yet so bun- bun- glingly executed ss to bring the odium of foul, fiendish murder-upon murder-upon murder-upon the per petratora. snd their accessories, before snd after the facts are submitd, that our people msy ' know o - what ,: desperate strains the "rule or ruin"- ruin"- policy of radicalism radicalism ' is driven in our section, by the Greeley and Brooks ; . reform - party. Here they are : Deputy Sheriff Williams Williams reported that he had been fired upon , while . fetumg his horses, the balls taking effect in bis hat, through his shirt sleeve," and through a heavy braes belt-pla'e, belt-pla'e, belt-pla'e, and. a glancing shot on the' leather belt. Whereupon Dodson, Hickox, Stuart & Co. proceeded to a point nine miles north of Dover, to the residences residences of William Hale and his father, N. J. Hale, without any warrant of arrest, and took thm prisoners. When they asked upon what grounds were they ar rested, Dodson replied,' "By God, you'll find out soon enough." Upon inquiring where they were to be carried for trial, they were informed by the sheriff, to Dover Dover Ihe county seat. When they arrived at Dover, they arrested Joe ! Tucker snd Perry West, and theu staled to the pns- oners that Judge May (anothetof Clayton's Clayton's appointed tools, and just about as much tit to be a circuit judge as Di.ason, Hickox: Stuart & (Jo. are to execute well- planned ku-klux ku-klux ku-klux outrages for political capital), had ordered them to bring them (the prisoners) before him at Dardanelle, Thev then announced to the prisoners that they were arrested lor tne muraer are citi-ncad citi-ncad of tbe death the pris deeds ing up children, of a counties. large, them sworn not arrested. Co. sre the circuit invited with shot-gun. shot-gun. of Ku-sellville Ku-sellville and court, si , prose 1 he within counsel, assisted the cir-have cir-have May and for at the of mur- mur- Morrison Williams, who was murdered two years ago, and they be d d if they didn't have revenge. 1. hey then started with the four prisoners, as. they said, Dardanelle, in Yell county,: stating that they expected to be bushwhacked, -i -i ar rivine at the Williamson camp-ground, camp-ground, camp-ground, about . a half an hour by - sun, a distance distance of three miles from Bussell ville.4.; rivine: them an .- .- hour - and half to reach Bussellville before dark. Here they stated tbat if they, could forage they would stay all night. ; From the close private consultation. - and the general manner of tbe actions of Do Ison, Hickox & Co. at- at- this J place, v prisoners became much alarmed. Some time after dark the prisoners were placed oa tbeir horses in front of the posse, ex cept iodson and llickox, who were front, when Dodson locked back and said, "By God, it looked like half his men were gone," with a tend is h Jaugu. Alter starting, starting, some one said, ''It's dark aa Eeypt,' Dodson said, " Eitypt has no eyes j?'- j?'- having proceeded but a short distance, about one quarter of a mile from camp-ground, camp-ground, camp-ground, witnesses heard a voice from the roadside say "halt," and eight or ten guns were fired, .'the romz directly upward. Dodson Hickox having turned to one side of road, the prisoners were then fired by the posse, resulting in the death of bonds the ptr- ptr- the affidavit of Judge the first bi ought charge which it posse. is set of these come declere at the each of of and over from The day and to I he rs-caia rs-caia calLeuanJ Tucker, and mortally wounding William Hale; the bullet-holes, bullet-holes, bullet-holes, silent witnesses, pointing directly to who were their derers. . One of the escaped witnesses, covered by the darkness and wood, remained in full hearing of the dark bloody tragedy, . and heard the groans bf his companion, poor, bleeding Joe Tucker, and the imprecations of hendish gang of outlaws, end especially, the oaths of Had ley's pet, Djdson, "Ob by Ood, I've got you now where I wanted you," and then with a double-barreled double-barreled double-barreled shot-gun shot-gun shot-gun blew off one ride of hU head, the voice of poor Joe Tucker was forever. Around ; this Bcene of death, fiendish laughs and blasphemous imprecations made night hideous, fellow countrymen of Arkanf a, are main facts of Hadlty's innocent murderers, murderers, whom he promised the people be brought to justice, and at the turn time sent two cases of arms to the renewal of their bloody work. ther, in obedience in Ila J ley ' his tool, one Jude AV'illiam N. Hay, odi-Daired to IoVer to hae tlue criminals arrested and essiuined, and ntl jail, a by iLe law required, Oa

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1
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  • Russellville Tribune version part 2

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