Petrolia Canadian Oil Refinery Closing

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Petrolia Canadian Oil Refinery Closing - Two Leap Year BY KENNETH A. THOMPSON Free Press...
Two Leap Year BY KENNETH A. THOMPSON Free Press Financial Writer There are an extra 24 hours this month on account of Leap Year. We've already put them to use. We've looked and found two business items that couldn't happen oftener than once in four or 40 years. This spring, our Sarnia correspondent correspondent tells us, Petrolia, an Ontario village just 40 air miles from Detroit, Detroit, will sever its last link with a golden past. Its 50-year-old 50-year-old 50-year-old 50-year-old 50-year-old Petrolia Refinery Refinery will close and all oil activity will end. An $18 million refinery on the outskirts Thompson of sarnia will take up the operations of Canadian Oil Refineries, Ltd. JUST 90 years ago Tuesday at Oil , Springs, near Petrolia, a mighty gusher shot high above the tree tops. It flooded the neighboring flatlands with "black gold" to the depth of a foot. News of the strike shot to the farthest corners of North America. America. Hundreds of fortune seekers poured in. In le than a year 500 other wells were hand dug. Over 5,000,000 barrels .rushed out. Then the wells dried up abrupt- abrupt- If ly and Oil Springs became a ghost town. Hugh Nixon Shaw, Port Huron tintype artist who drove that first well, made a fortune in four months and died penniless a year later. LONGER-LASTING LONGER-LASTING LONGER-LASTING wells were discovered then at 'Petrolia to stamp it as the "cradle of Canadian Canadian oil." But again by 1880, the oil zenith passed and Petrolia's well-digging well-digging well-digging sons, went forth to find oil in Germany, Austrian Galicia, Turkey and Peru. Then the refinery came in 1902 to perpetuate Petrolia's oil era. Now this phase too is ended. A little farther away in Alabaster, Alabaster, Mich., just below Tawas City, lies the other item. A few houses and some pits mark the town but these make Michigan a big producer of alabaster, alabaster, better known as gypsum. GYPSUM is a .material that surrounds you andgets in your mouth. It's used as an abrasive in toothpaste and as a water softener softener in beer making, Mostly you'll find it in walls and ceilings everywhere. . Just Off George E. Gullen, Jr., director of industrial relations of Detroit Lubricator Co., was named president president of the Employment Managers Club. The organization, sponsored ly the Employers Association of De- De- of in a Co C.

Clipped from Detroit Free Press17 Feb 1952, SunPage 12

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)17 Feb 1952, SunPage 12
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  • Petrolia Canadian Oil Refinery Closing

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