Part 2 of Judge May's letter

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Part 2 of Judge May's letter - tibroen tiy. I insiracted the Bheriff ta...
tibroen tiy. I insiracted the Bheriff ta discharge the prisoners for failure of the pIsJnUB to produce mr witness to sas- sas- tain their charge. The same was donf, eep- represent- dele-; ojer-. be-liered eon-. Twenty- f and so tbe ioTrstieation ended. X learn that some parties are trying to make it appear that the court was intimidated intimidated the last day it was held, and that hit was the reason ol my not pad mg in mj appearance Friday. It it not to; sickne. alone preyented me. I v' One great dimcolty daring tne wnoie examination was to prevent tbe hostile parlies from coming in collision i with ech other wh'le armed. Both partie pledged themselyes to come in and answer answer any charge again them if thfy ould be protected while prisoners consequently consequently there were ten guards on each aide selected that the -respective -respective parties could plsce confidence in to guard them. The msyor of Bos-ellville Bos-ellville Bos-ellville closed the sa- sa- loons and put out a ponce lorce, wuu iu-strncuons iu-strncuons iu-strncuons to compel all persons coming in to put their arms awsy, except the guard and such peace officers a were en titled to wear them in tne aucnarge oi their duties. I . Some capital is attempted to be made ia regard to the prisoners from Dover coming m with an armea squaa. t am informed that there were ten prisoners, ten guards and twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three witnesses in the squad, besides some citizens. When they came in J.hey were inarched to the eoard-bouse, eoard-bouse, eoard-bouse, and tbe sheritt aseureq me that thev were all .disarmed but : the guards. I will state in this connection that CES-TRAtt when Dodson and his poste were on trial his friends would come in town armed, but would put their arms away upon arrival. arrival. As far as I could go was to instruct instruct the sheriff to see that' the police compelled all parties not entitled to be ir arms to put the same away. The only instance brought to my notice of any of tbe prisoners wearing arms in the court-room court-room court-room while on trial was Dod-son, Dod-son, Dod-son, and I immediately ordered him disarmed, disarmed, which was done, anything to the contrary that Mr. "Transcript"; might say. Now Batten field and Barry are trying trying to makeigreat capital, politically, but of this metier, especially Barry of the Tranacript, who is an insignificant puppy an instigator of riots,and for whose conduct conduct in this matter as for contempt, will be properly; attended lo when my court mec'B in Yell county or Pope. i Governor, whatever yon do, I would urge yeu not to declare martial law in Pope county, unless there should be more justification for it than now." I will go down and see yon as soon as I get able ; These lviner editors no here, who are opposed to the state and national admin istrations, are doing, eyeryuung tney can to fqrther their base desires, and you must allow a large margin on uitir iwcukuu in regard to Pope county. ... j j ' : Hoping that J. will De awe to visit you soon, I remain, yours truly, : .Signed j . Wiluak A. uit. 1

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)01 Aug 1872, ThuPage 1
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  • Part 2 of Judge May's letter

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