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Trousseau Needs - op flow silks of from fab? the frill the ar...
op flow silks of from fab? the frill the ar e'.se and ar T'r on! th a cos ros thi th cord awa? o! b> tht nghi with point joined rose tulle, The heels, orna and DOUBLE BORDER TAELE CLOTH. PRICE, $8 50. THE TROUSSEAU LINENS Are 4?;' Finest Quality Available, Rearing Witness to the High Standards of the New Family? Fads of the Moment. SCARCELY les* absorbing In in? terest than the choice of her wedding frock to the bride-to be is the selection of trousseau lineni for her future home. For there is a tra? ditional instinct that the furnishing of the family linen che?-t ?s a matter of i^rave importance, insomuch as the character and quality of the linens se? lected near silent witness to the tas?; of the prospective bride. 1 Hie damasks were never more beautiful in texture nor more art ?? in design; fancy linena in embroidery and eyelet work or of the rir.e ajour T? - ?a tee* m at e\oggW?g?*amaegtasw w?*--*. ~-g CENTREPIECE AT *8 patterns were never more fascinating than they are to-day. So alluring are they that the girl who goes or. .. shopping trip to select her trousseau linens should have a clear idea beforehand of the number Hnd character of the articles she wants if she :s to insure wise selection. Otherwise she might be tempted to overlook some of the necessary itap'C linens. The Foundation cf ? Linon Chest. A very sensible method is to pick out. first of all, damask dinner cloths, since these are the foundation of any satisfactory linen supply. The newest designs in high grade aarnsv-:'i leave much, of the cloth plain. A few years ago floral designs in what might be termed "all ever" patterns were the vogue. Now fa-hion prefers borders of plain satin stripes or convention? alized borders, some in Imitation of decorative motifs of famous periods, such as the Sheraton and Adam de? signs. New Desiqn. in D'nnor Cloth?. Ar, exceedingly popular cloth is one ?' plain damask having two latin tripe 1 -rdei . one a four-inch circu? lar ring, " "s just around the top of the table, lymj; flat when the cloth is spread, and the second, cir? cling the drop. Thi?; arrangement oi double circle borders, one tor the , ?? of the tabie and the other for the fail or the cloth, ia very new. Some floral borders show this style and gome of the figure designs, such a? a charm? ing pattern of cupids and one of char called the "Victory" pattern, seen in a Fifth avenue linen house ie cently. So popular is the plain satin 6tripe double border design that this is made up in almost every grade of linen. One 6hop has the design in no fewer than fifteen grades, priced from $5 1 ' " in the 2'4-yard size to $20 in the same sire. Dinner napkins in this na? tern lost from $7 50 a dozen to $55. depending U] on the quality of the linen. Scarcely less popular at the moment is the cloth having a centre of tine, al ternating '-tripe*, ione-eighth inch wide) of plain and aatin damask, with an edge border of floral or conven? tionalized design. The "Greek Key" border is a favorite horder for this striped i entre Every trousseau this ?aason -oii'.ht well iriclude one plain < loth with satin ?tiijie bonier and One havi? . triped ?entre with edge border. The Number of Table Cloth?. The girl who wish*? to know how many other dinner cloths she needs m?'ght be Interested In the dictum of an experienced matron, who d?chires: "The girl who is buying a modest trousseau should have a* least six . ? ble at its sma'.f ' l . - and three or four loi ei ":.e:.. including at !rast me four-yard cloth." Cloths should, of course, be bout-lit to fit the dining tab:? i: one is net to have deplorabir misfita. The round table having a diameter ~l 5*1 in.!- . which will seat six persons, takes a cloth ? .... :uare. For each two additional persona an allowance of eighteen in be * ? For eight guests, therefore, a cloth mrasur.r.g 2T4 by _ [*_, or bettet. by 3 yards, will he needed, and the trousseau selection - elude one or two dotht ' ' '? rger size. There hould also l - by 3: \ size, and the 'long" cloth, which may be 21 | by 4 oi 2*4 by ?'? women prefer? ? xtension length. N-jr?. --. " * h Cloth. Each cloth should h - il napkins to ma! of to-day uses on her dinner table more dinner napkii the 2" inch square size than of the .V. inch me:,' <: - - ?.-. ?. *?*?<* <?* * ___? CLOTH FIGURED IN BLUE which a few years ago was regarded as de rigueur. For formal dinners, however, the larger sire is BOmetil e used. Some hostesses prefer the French ?inner napkin, which measures 2" by 31 inches. r-ogram in Centre. Square dinner nankin?* are now monogl -7-.r7.rd in the centre for the most part, ahhougn aide marking is still correct The character of 7 lie monogram or the initials chosen de? termine the placing. Fifty cents is an aver.- - i e to pay ' erobt ing an i monogi i e ? *o no ere l will shov. outside th( and inside the ] f^^rry - T^B& mm n_F_f_r ? .?*" ' reg* ?W*T fM_ ? . . ?_ ?'? - ?Mi : : ! TRIANGULAR LACE AND LI DOILY. $13 50. ?. et JEN sarv. however, to mark table cloths at ail. Brepl-fast Sets with Co?c*ed Bo'ci-*-, For luncheon and breakfast the tab! ? furnishing! were nevet more simple. and the present fashion is to dispense with table cloths and use a simple centrepiece with doilies to match. The use of colored cloths or of white cloths having colored borders, with napkins to match, for breakfast e ia a fad oi the moment Thia ? ? ity 11 > the ? ? il le. The breakfast illustrated one Ol the new? est hemstiti hed colored Beta, The fleslgn It? ?lone in two Bha?le? of Mue. Green and yellow are also favorite border colors for breakfast sets. Seta of this character, with 18-inch nap? kins, are from $9 up to $2* A new importation of colored lunch con cloths, designed especially for summer use. shows damasks in strong rich colors and of wonderful lustre. One is of bright yellow, another of rich, deep blue and one of sage green. The linen specialty house that im? ported thi9 new lias two weeks ago predicts great popularity for these new .clored damasks. Every trousseau of l:n,ens might well include a half-dozen breakfast sets, with two colored ones among them. Luncheon 9?ts of Exouii'te Needle? work. Quite the latest novelty in linen for e luncheon table is the set of odd shaned do-lie?--. These come in various ;-.s. One edge is usually curved ? How the edge of the table. A luncheon doily in a sort of triangular outline la illustrated on this page. It is designed to accommodate the indi? vidual service of a cover. Whan the doilies ?re laid they look almost like ? solid border of linen, fitting the table perfectly. If relishes or hot dishes are placed on the table wliere linen of this char? acter is used, they are set on a trivet or ' E BATIN STR?PE TABLE CLOTH, $5 50. . - *V least two dozen luncheon doilies should be included in a tr<~u seau out'.-. T*e Quantity to PureK?.?.e Si: e fancj linens are sure to be in? led among the wedding gifts, the ? elect may wish to limit her first isses to the necessary pieces 'ested abeve. She may count on rece: me centrepieces in lace or ajotir^'ework, and perhaps fancy loths, luncheon ind scsrfs . and service table. But ion to buy two sets of linen covers for the dining room si'lehoard and service table, and at les ? -iczen doilies for serv ?ng trays. The folding asbestos cover to tit ?che table top exactly should not be forgotten, unless heavy table felt is preferred. For service lir.en in the house where two maids are kept two cloths and ? r--.r.:-...;:r.-sized napkins (18 ?hould be enough. The younj; women who are enjoy ng the " task of selecting household linens just now are fortu? nate in being able to buy even the fin -, at what might be termed bargain prices. The recent tariff leg on has affected the linen impor? tations and one famous linen house on Fifth avenue announces that It is now able to sell at a reduction of ne_rly ir> per i em ul the bri?i Chiffon Dancing Slip On*? Model \ las Elastic at Waist and Top. Dispensing With Straps Ov**r Shoulders. DANCING slip ;eem more in de ' - lay. A good shop s showing a very attractive one made of pink silk accordion pleated !t is held in at the waist and (round the top by elastic, doing away with the ribbon straps over the shoulder. It is well made and is fas? tened down tite back by little pearl buttons. These come in all delicate les, neta is blue, pink and mauv?. The price is $4 r-j. New Sn'mg Vests. One very charming feature of the ?-u.ts this spring is the vest. An ex? cellent style is made ot sheer white organdie with pleats from the shoul? ders to the waist. The neck is finished by a band of the material around the bottom of the high flaring collar, which, of course, hag its inevitable Wa vest i y be put inside pen neck ind is fastened ? n\ with lit! e pesi tons. It is priced at $<j. A Pleasing Neqliq??. Negligees, slippers and boudoir caps are always in demand, and some very excellent ones are being sV The negligee illustrated on this has the feminine charm so : de?ired. It is made in the Er style, with a yoke of w! ' .* sh. lace which has a little design i The main part of the negligee accordion pleated pink silk ma sette, the short sleeves being e with a ruffle of sheer white net I ed with a band of tiny pink ri roses. The neck and front edge? finished by net ruffles and pink ril roses, which add much to its da ness. This comes In pale shade blue and coral. The price is $13 Chiffon Boudoir Cap. Newer than the Castle cap is piquant pale pink boudoir cap of i fon and sheer white lace, which is sketched on another figure, main part of the cap fits close to head, and is edged with an ador brim of the lace, which is wired comincly and outlined by tiny rib roses. These caps come in deli shades of either blue or coraL T are priced at $4 50. Pretty Heelleae Slipper?. The slippers that are sketched the same group are the heelless mi made of lavender charmeuse and : lace. They are prettily trimmed tiny ribbon rcses across the tops I a lavender silk cord outlines the so Like the tango suppers, they c_n laced up the leg. They are to be 1 in all colors at $4 50. A golf or tennis petticoat is a n essary part of any sport-loving gi wardrobe. One noted to-day is hai made of quite heavy white cotton I scalloped at the bottom, where I hard wear comes. It is also remai ably satisfactory to wear with tailor suitc. liner, skirts or morning dres.? and costs only $1. Odd Collar and Vest. Rather unusual is a Robespierre o lar and vest of white lawn, having olor note given by a band faille ribbon which finishes ea side of the vest. This is nicely ma throughout and trimmed by sm? pearl buttons in the direct front. Sui a style mav be easily tacked into ? open neck wai*-t. This becoming no elty comes with either plaid or bla? ribbon. In moire it is sold at $8 7 In plaid the price is $10 50. New S;lver Veil P;ns. One shop haa on snle some very b tractive veil pins of sterling silve some are plain, while others are ci graved in simple designs. Althoug inexpensive, these pir.s are a very usi ful accessory of cress, as a neatly ai ranged veil is an Important factor of well turned appearance. The plai pins cost 65 cents each; the fane ones $1. New Cut Steel Chain. A novelty which is most attractiv is the cut steel bead chain that hang to the waist. Two rather large jadi buttons of green are placed at eacl side and match the slides, which an ove them. These chains an Do You Know? That care must be taken In select? ing the swathing of the bridesmaids' hats and heads with a transparency? When the color scheme of the wed? ding follows the pompadour combina? tion, the hats and the necks of the bridesmaids would best be swathed with the pink tone If the swathing is of chiffon. But blue can be safely employed In malines. In fact any color is safe so long as its material is of cloudy lightness. a?, te, at 9* That t?te-de-negre hats are excep? tionally good looking, worn with black, blue or green suits? These are smartly m*?de of hemp or split straw in the smaller shapes, usually with si*-p!e matching trimming?*. All the iridescence of a humming bird's col? ' quite They A the lawn, of and nek. to a wh:te the tor ore (juills mings. nent faces the ish A* srtU ?-icy <-.-'# 1 His pi?**, r-,h '? '-'. . SELECT In the Fifth GOWNS. A. P. JAMOTS?S I Ml|l I -XI? I M I I -l\ I r iKIHIAM NOVfcl iii I .:r . -... : ? ? ? . ? Exquisia Perfumes "u? 11 il \\ I . \ : \ i I5TH at -?2 UNDERGARME'.TS. _ IOI \ V\ I IG II I ? ?? *"*? I in...St. I .it..- N_( ? I ?l --I II \. I ! ? ,1 I . \,r DRESS FORMS. _ n \*?i i? dm as i hum. Y?->nr emu- ?? ft ...I i? fe??. Tou r?. || i. ,irm? It. - .: - for Bin i?m "*I *? ? HI S-.lvii.ll i ? ., In?*.. i?m aca Am I'ntriinr? en "l*? Ht. "TIIK - 1840

Clipped from New-York Tribune30 Apr 1914, ThuPage 7

New-York Tribune (New York, New York)30 Apr 1914, ThuPage 7
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