JW Linton Confederate pension part 2

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JW Linton Confederate  pension part 2 - Mr. M. A. Norman, hatband did not dl in...
Mr. M. A. Norman, hatband did not dl in aervice; Q. W Thoma. indigent. vice; C. V. Hacklar, W. VV. Bammood and u. w, voie, not weunaea; u. u. juong, injur injur tnufaoiot; JS. AV Jackaon,. husband did not die iaeervict j B F, Uatliagenead not in difent. Fulton Joel McLamore, Insufficient proot ... v Grant Geo. Parr." not wounded; J. Atehier. not indle-ent. indle-ent. indle-ent. ; ; Greene Ulrain C9V. net Btntlunabl Jnjuryt Mra.., I 0, HarrelL hatband did not dl In tervioi T. M. Leroy, Dintel Own, Reuben Beay and w. w, Waraer, ao proot of ervlce. Garland B. F. Bayant, J. W. Bounda, Joecpn Hormao, ore. ituaberrv. A. t. Davia. 1aot aroundtdj T. B. WUliamaon, tvia uarr, ao , proof oi aerviee; vr. YV Johnton. relected bv Countv Board. - Hempstead F. H. MoOlallan, not woundad. ' HowardLion Wlllard, not approved by vounty tfoara; - u. A. Morria, not wounded i W. B. Alllaon. n6t Indieent. lurd J, T. Bsagan, not uonalonaW v Indepndno-'LTt Indepndno-'LTt Indepndno-'LTt 1. Booh, 3. VV. Stile, N. 4. Uairttoo, & J. Taylor and I. a Wrirhk no evidence of ohvaiaian. : Jackaon R. p. Daniela, no proof ot ervioe; O. GrllBl, not auffloient proof John Norman, not wounded. , Logan B. F. Davit, not raoommendad by County Board; L W. Hamilton. Wro Weaver, and G. W. Young, rejected by County Boardt W. 8. McKnlght,, wounded; u. u, itaev and Wm. pugreen, not indigent, : ' Lonoke VL L. Bord, Samuel Glngle and -J. -J. A. Hugh, not pensionable in-jury. in-jury. Littl River W. M, Keodriok and H. C Kingaton, no proof ol aervice. MadjtonMartln Bltohl and J. P. Hammtt,"aot woBnded j F. M. Byart, far auffloient proof; J. K. HJavet, notpsnaloa- notpsnaloa- aoie tniuiy: jann Koger, not todig--r. todig--r. todig--r. Monroe LjvI Worthingtonnot wounded. wounded. ; - ' Montgomery B. H. Herd and J. A. Hughlett, not allowed by County Board; W, H. Watkln, not iodfgeut, " Nevada 3. J.. Neat, not pensionable tu-Jurr. tu-Jurr. tu-Jurr. t Newton B. E. Martin, not indigent. Ouachita Ed Bilev, no prool ol aervloe; W. W. Jonea, not indigent. Ferry M, E. Murpljsa, no- no- prool- prool- of ervlc. , Poinsett B. F. Hughes, not wounded. Fopa-W. Fopa-W. Fopa-W. MBranch and J. W.Linton, not woundad. Pulaekl-B.F. Pulaekl-B.F. Pulaekl-B.F. M. Crw, not wounded Mary J. Gladdey, butband did not die In ervioe. Sharp J. B. Baker, doubtful eaae. Bt. Franoia J. W. Stout, not wounded. Boott Oornellu Barnee, John. Cox, T. J. Farut worth, .VI. C, Fizell, B. L. Gentry, Butui Hale, W. & Jones and B. F, Btrickt land, not indigent: W. M. Craig and E. T. Kitidetl, no wounded; W. M. Jo net. Insufficient Insufficient proof; Mrs. A. 2, L'ster, hus band did not die In servhe. ' Saline T. J. Galea, no proof ot tervioe. Baaroy Henry Hits, indigene not thown, Sebastian Mrs. Alpha Boblneon and Matilda A. Taylor, husband did not die in aervloe; Itaao Dvle, not wounded; A. J. McClain abd B, T- T- McClury, no prool ol service) J. T. Waliac. rejected by County Board; J. A. House, not penalonable In-urv; In-urv; In-urv; 4-. 4-. 4-. A. Bryant, unsutttoient proof of aervloe. Bton O. W. Pilgrim, rejected by County County Board. Sevier M B.James, not resoramended by County Bsard; II. W. Runnels, not allowed allowed by County Board. Union J. B. Steel. Wm. Earnett. W. C. Jackson and W, C. Owens, n t wounded: W. A. Barnes and J. W. Piokertng, not Indigent; G. VV. Carmisbael, no prool ol aervice; Mrs, W. G. Hammond, husoand did not die in aervio;. Van Buren 3. A. Bruce, did not die In ervice. While R. A. Qerdrv. R H. BmUh. J. IT Parrolt, T. J. Quick and Jam Mynui, indigency indigency not ahown. - Watbington John If Ham, Indtgeney ad J. a. LintWoum, not wounded ; Mrs. Camalla Barrow, husband did not die in ervio. Yell J. M. Kins and John Boear. oroof not aatlafaotorv: W. J. laibert. no oroof ofeervicej M. B. Nseley. not wound; H. E. George, not peneionable injury.

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette04 Dec 1894, TuePage 3

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)04 Dec 1894, TuePage 3
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  • JW Linton Confederate pension part 2

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