Dennis refused license to open saloon on Canal St

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Dennis refused license to open saloon on Canal St - the to Ltx-hte aide-walks Jefferson, on...
the to Ltx-hte aide-walks Jefferson, on approval site a was at the and He it The in and the employment up and last presiding bv wily created to the commt-tee bad thus bad the Uncharging avenue the and on and and they and for the met and materials erect a gasoline engine sas favorably reported. A ijuurued. FCBLIC ORDER. The committee on public onier met last s'uht at ! o rbs-k. rbs-k. rbs-k. Chairman Dreyfous presi.. jg. aud Members Guiilaud, Clark and Marnoug-t Marnoug-t Marnoug-t present. The commnnlcatloo from the city engineer relative to the construction ef cl-ts cl-ts cl-ts at th City Hall was read. In this tbe city engineer said the contractor on th work. Mr. L. E Conrad, bail failed to finish tbe work in runet obliged to- to- pay tbe city 2l per day for dav over the time Unit. b desired to notify the Council. During dlscnssioc of this matter Mr. Beli referred to Mr. Ihss. H. Chsritoa ss the eootractiHr. whom he said b believed was the man doing the work. On tb other hand the attorney for th eon-tractor eon-tractor eon-tractor said be did not know any person in the contract but y.r. Conrad, bat that Mr. Charlton was th superintendent of th coo-stniction. coo-stniction. coo-stniction. Mr. Bell seemed to make out a clear ess that he had made allowance for weather and other interferences, but on th other hand th attorney claimed delays on perns ltting nb-eoutractors nb-eoutractors nb-eoutractors to enter the balldlng. By one mesas or another be claimed eighteen days, and that ould give him until the 11th of Arg-ist Arg-ist Arg-ist f complete the contract, by which tlm it would be completed. The motion placing S. A. Calogn tn defanlt on the repair of rrenchmen street and do-nving do-nving do-nving the payment ot certificates ws favor-atdy favor-atdy favor-atdy reported. The protest against th opera'ioa ef s barroom barroom by Paul J. Lecorgnt at Valenc sad Magazine Magazine streets was laid ov?r. The petition of John Wlnherry to operate a barroom at the corner of Magaslse sod Bordeaux Bordeaux was withdrawn. The petition of J. L. Pie to operate s barroom barroom at No. I4."JJ Bienville avenue, corner f Rocheblave street, was giTen a favorable report, report, but Mr. Goebel said he would invest:zat and ascertain If tb report ef signatures was correct. This statement brought forth oter remarks from Mr. Goebel. who aald that Mr. Reynes. the barroom Inspector, bad told blm that evening evening he was in good favor with the omat'tw 00 public order, since he was able to bav barroom barroom ordinances passed that had not sufficient signatures. This brought Mr. Dreyfus t a Best. H wanted to know when the committee had passed an ordinance with an Insufficient number number of signature, and who had the bar. Mr. Goebel stated he had heard at the last meeting of the committee that Frank Frtdel's petition was lacking one signature, and th committee had passed It. He had understood, though, that the committee was ef it. and that th needed signature would be furnished furnished the next day. Mr. Reynes stated that he knew tfe petition was without the sufficient nnmber of sigastwves and made such report t the city engineer, who ln turn so sd-rlsed sd-rlsed sd-rlsed the committee. It was found sfter a b.k up that the city engineer had so reported Ira writing, and that the committee had unwittingly reported favorably favorably on the ordinance. Mr. Dreyfoos was indignant tftst a member ef the Council and th barroom inspector had known there was a signature short sod did not mske it known. Mr. Reynea said he made tils report to his superior officer, snd Mr. tioehel said be anler-srood anler-srood anler-srood the commiitee aware of tt. and that they expected tbe signature would be forth- forth- ' coming. The -ommlttee -ommlttee then decided to Introduce a ordinance repealing the ordinance grsnrfng Friedel a bar privilege, and thus require him to get out a new petition. The ordinance granting permission to . Tus to operate a barroom at the corner of Laurel and Eleooore atreets was favoraMr rpo-d rpo-d rpo-d The ordinance grating permission to Frank-I Frank-I Frank-I -afl -afl more to operate a barroom at to. . Cinal street engaged discussion also Mr. Geo. Flynn attomer for the pe-jtlocer pe-jtlocer pe-jtlocer declared declared that his rtnf had the raatorttv of signature, signature, but Mr. Dreyfotia. in looking wrr the signatures, had some drmhf abit the right of some persons wboee names he found theeeoo 'o s'jd. and considered thst tbe petition should be reehecket. MA rlrk Mid ne was opposed to barrooms on Cansl street, and the oorrtrtrree was noss-t'.re noss-t'.re noss-t'.re In denrfng Mr. Dennis Casey fie rgh to locate on Cansl street, and bad rerptlrM fcira to rernoye to Roth I street. After considers Me taik oa th subject th ordinance was laid oeer for one week and sent Tv nior for s rerberk. The ordinance granting permission to H. T-e-tspe T-e-tspe T-e-tspe T-e-tspe T-e-tspe to ooerat s barroom at G-asd G-asd G-asd and Ei-alsn Ei-alsn Ei-alsn Field street was reported favorably. "ci:nnce gran'lr remission to S. Ma- Ma- loo to operst, a 0,r ,t 93SJ JoJVt street ws forab!y renortiul The ordtnsnc granting permission to p TJn-"" TJn-"" TJn-"" to operate a bar at No. 513 M-iral M-iral M-iral rr w"s favorably reoortd Adjourned.

Clipped from The Times-Democrat25 Jul 1899, TuePage 12

The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana)25 Jul 1899, TuePage 12
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  • Dennis refused license to open saloon on Canal St

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