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Cameron/Ross - AIJJUQUEKQUE. NEW MEXICO. 7tl 1 MM ri!). I...
AIJJUQUEKQUE. NEW MEXICO. 7tl 1 MM ri!). I BR1MGS W1ESSAGE TO HOW. L G, ROSS . 1 PEOPLE ADMIT ROSS VOTED RIGHT li Would Have Been Insult to Nation to Have President President Impeached. MAN WITH RElTcAP HAS VARIED CAREER sr.hnMr. Soldier. Politician and Missionary and Unmarried. Kansas Commends Him. Carrying eighty-three years like few men are able to carry three score, with a mind as bright and vigorous 1 antra orn v.l 0-n ill than A. VOllLtl IIC WMjsr i.Bv.- lust entering manhood. Gen. Hugn I'omornn the Kansas 'hermit, called of Th Fvrninf Citizen office this morning to see Thomas Hughes, for mer editor of The Cltisen, who die July 1 two years ago. General Cam AWnr, kndiv rr T-Tne-hes when he edit ed a newspaper In Kansas thirty years ago, but he had not heard of his death. Tik hermit lnnio lust as The Citl .1 ,.,.-i him tL u-ppk or so ago u .a mail nf stature, hair and beard white and flowing, and the clothes he wears are of the coarsest aenim. 10 add a touch of color to his otherwise grotesque figure, the nermit wears Irnlf wiuklon pun. Ua nrrtvarl Rnt.irriflV nlffht On & d6 layed train. It was 3 o'clock Sunday morning when he called at the home of Pitt Ross, on west ltanroaa aye- una w.KarA i--..nn tnr Rdmund ROSS to whom the hermit brings a message of good will Irom tne people 01 aaa 4a m nlflrilT h.H ll HTTl P. T t W&8 I pathetic meeting which took place between these two comraues davs of bleeding Kan Has. The senator Is two years the Junior of General Cameron, but the years hang mucn neavier upon mm The picture of Mr. kobs wnicn accompanies accompanies this story was taken sev -: J ' ,'4 KDMl'M) G. ROSS. eral yean ago. He has had' none taken In recent years, but there have been few changes In his outward ap tearance. His hair is a little wnue probably than the picture shows it to be. It wus In the breakfast room of the Ross home that the meeting took place. Mr. Rosa had been told of General Cameron's arrival and arose early to meet him. Tired and worn out with travel, the general was little late in awakening. Thoy met with each grasping the other by hot hands and for several moments they stood face to face and embraced The general was glad to see the sen ator, and the senator was glad to see he general. All day they talked ove things that occurred during the try lug early days of Kansas. The e centric man, who makes his home I a hut and walks most every place goes, told Senator Ross that the peo plo of Kansas, those of them livln republicans and democrats, were sor ry of their mistake in condemning th action of Mr. Ross, when he voted against the Impeachment of Presiden Andrew Johnson. They were sorry that they burned him In ettigy, an raw the error of their way and th wisdom of his, and from a sadly wor handbag the hermit produced a bundle bundle of letters from prominent Kan-sans Kan-sans testifying to the penitence of the Sunflower state and the righteousness of his pilgrimage. Some of these letters The Citizen reproduces. Cuiiieroifs Ik-ccntrlcltles. ' I never said that 1 would walk," said General Cameron this morning. "That is a newspaper story. I have many queer ideas, people say, but I am not yet so queer that 1 will attempt attempt to walk 9U0 miles." General Cameron wa.s never married, married, and gave the reporter a cue. "Why were you never married, general?" general?" 'asked the young man with the pencil, timidly. "Simply because it was not the designing designing of the Almighty God that I should l" was the answer. The general Is a fatalist, evidently. There was a short silence, then the general got his breath again. "No, I didn't walk; I never Intended Intended to walk. I took the train at Topeka. and would have been here sooner, but I wanted to visit friends on the way. 1 stopped at several place I stopped at Osage City and visited W. J. McMillln, who, by the (Continued en psgt five.) Wk Mi GK.X. Ill (ill CAMERON', OOUfilA BADLY DIVIDED METHOD TO GET am"' While Thus Disputing Reac tionists AreTrying to Get Douma Itself Dissolved. ASSASSINATION IN THE MEANTIME IS ABUNDANT St. Petersburg, March 11. The radical party is hopelessly at odds regarding regarding the manner of raising the question of amnesty. Socialists persist persist In forcing it immediately to the front in the form of an open declaration declaration to the people, which practically practically would be an appeal for revolution. The caucus of social revolutionists and members of the peasant league. last night, refused this as well as the proposition to make an appeal or to demand on the emperor, and it was decided to introduce a regular bill providing for amnesty for political prisoners. This is probably unconstitutional and hence unacceptable to the con stitutional democrats. In the mean time, the reactionist campaign for the prorogtion of parliament under any pretense, is in full swing. I'aihxl ami Killed HinisHf. Yalta, Crimea, March i. Col. Dumbatze, commander of the garrison garrison here, was slightly wounded and his adjutant and coachman were seriously seriously Injured today, by a bomb thrown under the colonel's carriage from the upper part of a house on the street through which he was driven. The man who threw the bomb committed suicide to uvold arrest. Anotlier More Successful. Soda,- Bulgaria, March 11. M. Pet-koff, Pet-koff, premier and minister of the interior, interior, was assassinated here today. CLUB FAVORS AUTO LINE Torrance County Seat People' Afraid Route Will Miss Them. About the first work which will come before the Estancla Commercial club will be to see that the Torrance,- UAIbuuuerque autonio!$M line, oon to be established by J. W. Stockard of KoHwell, the present manager of I the Koswcll-Torrunce line, will In- j I elude Estuncla in its route, suys the! , Lstancia News. If an investigation , of the various routes Is made, it will, I bu reaJl y "fen that the most feasible . i route will be from Torrance to Ks- tancla, and possibly as far north as Mcintosh, thence westward through t'hlllli and the Tijeras canyon into the Duke City. To turn west before reaching Kstancia, and to skirt the mountains tuning in tne mountain towns, win not only cut ort a great ,ueai or business which woul.J be se - I cured by coming through Estancla, LUl W ITUltA W ail llliptltlULaUIC during the greater part of the year. Not only would this be true during, the snows and Htorms of winter, but; during the spring time, the floods from the melting snow would make the roads ulong the, mountains soft and boggy, and necessitate numerous bridges over the arroyas If this is presented to Mr. Stockard fn the right light, Kstancia will be connected connected with Albuquerque by a very few-hours few-hours ride a saving of more than half the tlm now necessarily spent in making the trip 1 391 K AGKD "K ANSAS J1KU.MIT." NOT ALWAYS IS HONOR THIEVES McNalley. Green Goods-King. Asks, For. Workhouse as Refruge From Starvation. SAN FRANCISCO STIRRED OVER TRIAL OF GRAFTERS New York. March 11. A man. who said he is James McNalley, once "king of green goods men," walked Into the Center street police court Sunday and with tears asked to be sent to the work house He said he was without home or means of support. He was sent to the work house for three months. He nun In a pitiable condition from druKs and exposure. McNalley is said to have saved JfiOO.OOO from his swindles at one timp. He spent his money lavishly but had $100,000 left when the postal authorities sent him to prison In 1S96. He entrusted this money to two men, and when he got out of prison the money and men had gone and his downward career began. GREAT EXCITEMENT OVER SCHMITX-Rl'EF TRIAL San Francisco, March 11. An im mense crowd today surrounded the temple where the Schmitz-Ruef proceedings proceedings are being held The court room Is jammed. Technicality Not Justice. Judge Dunne adjourned court until until 10 o'clock tomorrow, pending decisions decisions on technical points submitted to the federal and supreme courts. The understanding is that If decis ions adverse to ltuef are handed down before that time, his trial will proceed. If not, Schmitz will be placed on trial. Stale Supremo Court Refuses. San Francisco, March 11. The state supreme court has denied the application of Uuef for a writ of pro hibition to restrain Judge Dunne from proceeding in Ruefs trial NEWS WRITERS ACOUIT HARRY KENDAL THAW. New York, March 11. If the ques tion of Harry Thaw s acquittal or conviction were left to the newspaper men attending upon the trial It would soon be decided, and that very effectually. effectually. They would turn him loose. There are only two votes for conviction out of fifteen of the lead ing experts and correspondents at I the trial. This newspaper jury has I evidence, every word of It, as has th-j I 1nt. rao-nlarlv Innnnnnli) lavpn island unequlvnrally for acquittal. One believes that the evidence so far produced is not sufficient to convict 1 On0 correspondent thinks that Mat- I an s wie p.u- .or j aou ! two would convict him. MOVING PICTURES OF FAMOUS THAW TRIL. Pes Moines, la., March 11. This c ,.xpe,ts BOrtn to e ,he Tna ,rla, , movUlg pictures. A deal hen? ha rtcelved word that pctur u a r.n,j Bnrt a,..! .nnn l a A er tures are being prepared and will soon b sent out til over the country. They will show the entire traglo story from the time Evelyn Nesblt was a young i girl to the thrilling episodes in the I court room now. The Lubensture company is getting up the pictures, , and tney have Becured the requisite ; m0(1(,u as nearly like the real actors j ,n tne tragedy as possible. BUFFALO TO SURPASS IT- SELF IN SPUING OPENING. Buffalo, March 11. The executive hoard of the merchant's board of the chamber of commerce declined to have the spring opening during thla week, and accordingly elaborate preparations preparations were made to have the opening eclipse, if possible, that of any previous year. Every mercantile firm proposes to do its best. A banquet banquet will end the event, that will surpass anything that the merchants have hitherto attempted. the of dav. I out of Monroe as his I the educational Minis-tor to I British ed

Clipped from Albuquerque Citizen11 Mar 1907, MonPage 1

Albuquerque Citizen (Albuquerque, New Mexico)11 Mar 1907, MonPage 1
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