AE Bennett, R.T. Bennett and secession

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AE Bennett, R.T. Bennett and secession - WADiiaij'o'. April 20,' 18C1. 'On Saturday the...
WADiiaij'o'. April 20,' 18C1. 'On Saturday the meeting tb.t had adjourued on Xoudxy eonerned In the Court U .Oje. 8. W. Cole. W. -Hl.-KlrtiBd -Hl.-KlrtiBd -Hl.-KlrtiBd -Hl.-KlrtiBd 8. W. Kel acting aa Urtreuriefc trti BMUoaor ur. A. JJjera tba rollowiag resolutions were Introduced nod aeuuiinoaaly adopted:. WattCAl, In ibt present eieited state of tli country, country, wa leara that eur woriby Ooteruor, his Excellency, Excellency, John W. Ellin, baa aaun proper to take possession possession of tba forte, therefore, reawleed. 1, That tbecitina of Anaoa aoaaty do meat bear. liljr approee or via course, ana are reedy and willing, -. -. with all oar power, to support Aiia In this wise sud patflolle BBdcrtnking. 2. That tha Ooremor ba requeated to adept the aet speedy ax tbod ef eeaeaaing tha people of tba Slats, la their sovereign capacity, to oeterarhae tbe coutse of Sorts Carolina ia the present crisis. Us motion, a comaiittae Ira waa appointed, con eisling of A. Myare, li. . Hammond, Col. U m. C. Smith, A. fi. Uennatl, aad U. Oiarditaut, to nominite ub-cemmitteaa ub-cemmitteaa ub-cemmitteaa of public safety ia the different dis tricts of the county. After tha aboee bsd aeev disposed of, B. T. Bennett baring ticea called, appareJ, and alluded, ta a la conic, but pertinent (peach, the flag of the Confad eracy, which wa boteiing over the soil of North Ca rolina, tba wreags we aad ecMtaiotd, tbe worse than I'unie faith of Northern meo,.aitd eoocladed by asking wbrther or not we would ouawent to be eoaUmiaated t-j t-j t-j a Tertiga of Abe i,ianatae autlierity? After Uie clear ef Mr. Di-nort'i Di-nort'i Di-nort'i remarket Mr. W, M. Uemmond, aUer loud aUiit, preaantad bimwlf. He reviewed ha nee and auprl!'eJ progrtsaof tliia faBaiieal apfrit, comuteaoiag, at be daciered, with the pernios of alissnart, durma: tbe year 132, tt be ad mined hbto tht Cotoa as a til ate, and showing by the abose of tba right of petition, that the Abolitioniutt or tut Korm Bad greatly lmperrllied to a country. After tbln Mr. HsmmoHd ahowed by the returns that no political ergiaixalina bad growa with half the rapidity rapidity of tii alrpaldioaa. Hit remarks were concluded concluded by dee'aring tbel 4ae a gra Wat tha Imm i f CotitrotloB. During Ms speech la hofe freqoenlljr buret forth with applaa. . Kef. 8. H. Browse waa Beit called tut. He staled that it wai not bit province to make political rpeecars, 4t that thia criaia da-Biandid da-Biandid da-Biandid that every man take a position "be that - wae not for the 8nulh was against it." Mr, Browne spoke wli-ghty wli-ghty wli-ghty word, and appealing U Heaven to at tift tbe rrluctanee with which we entered npoa the C B'S-t, B'S-t, B'S-t, raqu eted the Chairman that tha meeting be closed by prayer. Eee M. C. Faraooe alsa addreaaed the mretiiig Is bit usual forcible and elegant rt)le, thoroughly caBvasainc ear dtfliealttrs. Dr. Harlc, who bad just returned from South Carolina, wae re qaeated to Inform us a to tba latest Renr rally accredited accredited intelligence. Ha did in, and aaid ba had de frndrd tbe caue of North Caroline whi'a gnvta, an-l an-l an-l had declared the would go with tba C'Bfederaoy. AfirrthecloMnf Mr. il.'s remark tha maettag eloaVd with prayer by Rev. 8. U. Broowue. ii On motion tba proceeding were rrqaeeted to be published ia the Koitt. Carolina Acgu and otlter ftateptprt. J ?. W. COLE, CAatrn. 8. W. Km, I"'- I"'-

Clipped from North Carolina Argus25 Apr 1861, ThuPage 3

North Carolina Argus (Wadesboro, North Carolina)25 Apr 1861, ThuPage 3
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