1900-12-05 Coach alias Sherman part 1

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1900-12-05 Coach alias Sherman part 1 - AKRON. OHIO. WEDNESDAY EVENING. DECEMBER. 5....
AKRON. OHIO. WEDNESDAY EVENING. DECEMBER. 5. 1900 I K.-a n ei w s, it n a - uvj say n Lti m M Are making thoir purchases niul lmv--ing th6m set nsido while stocks arc-full and the crush of buyers is not so great as it always is just before Christmas. Wo aro prepared to show tho Finest Lot of Christmas Goods In tho line' of Furniture, Draperies, Lamps, China, Dinner Sets And all sorts of Art Pieces For house decorations ever shown here, and would like the pleasure of showing you through. BURDETTE L. 124-126 S.Howard St SSSSSSSli! sat an Afrikander Con-gress Thursday. Thousand Cape Colony Dutch Present and They Up hold the Boers. Fighting Going ' on For Four Day3. Town, Dec. 5. (Spl.) Tho authorities aro taking stringent to prevent disorder or talk at tho meeting of bond Congress nt Worcester, Capo Colony tomorrow. It Is that 15,000 Capo Colony will be In attendance nt tho and as most of them lmvo Boer leanings thero Is danger threatening action will be Australian regiment with two guns will bo stationed near meeting plnco at Worcester. 80 Boers Killed. Dec. 5. (Spl.) A- dispatch Centra Nows from Pretoria, lighting has been going on days at Bronkhorsls' Spruit Iietorla.) Commandants nnd Erasmus with '-',500 Boern surrounded. Eighty Boers killed. ooiua mi ca tieven. - York, Dec. B.-(SpI.)-A tnblu compiled shows that during past Benson, 11 deaths, 02 serloim nnd 150 minor Injuries lmvo on the gildlron hi this eoun. number Is lu excess of last y (fnl O 2& SHERMAN Has a Rich Brother Who Will Make fight to Save Him. Had Investigated the Stone Murder. Officials Claim That Sheriff Kelly Has Told That He Knew DetectiveWhen Both Were Boys..' A rich brother will cotne to the rescue of Detective Edward 5$. Sherman. This information was given to a Democrat reporter by Shcilff Kelly. H,e said that Sherman had a brother who had all kinds of money and that ho would make a great) fight to save him from going to the pcultentlnry. It has been learned that Sherman did not devoto all his time to an iuves- i tlgatlon of the" riot cases. While In this vicinity ho looked11 up evidence connected with the death of Pat Mullen nt Cuyahoga Falls. and tho famous Stone murder. oBth of' these matters received attention In his report. DETECTIVE ' s . Has Not Yet Been," Arraigned In mmem3&& Detective Edward B. Sherman, wrho was taken to Cleveland Monday night by Detective Paikcr to answer to a serious charge, ocuples a cell In the Cuyahoga county jail. A dispatch to- the Democrat from Cleveland Wednesday afternoon states thnt Sherman has not yet been arraigned. He will probably bo given as hearing Thursday. The excitement created by tho news of Sherman's nrrest has largely died out and people are beginning to again discuss other matters. His futuro career will be carefully watched by the citizens of Akron. WANTED By Police of Cincinnati Had Headquarters There. Edward B. Sherman was not unknown to tho pollco of Cincinnati. Rc-ferrlng to his nrrest the Enquirer says: Koch has been wanted In Cincinnati for many a moon, nnd Is reputed one of the most dangerous swin- (Contluued on eighth page.) 1,500 DELEGATES Expected to Attend the Grange Convention. Mayor Young Wants Officials to Act as Reception Committee. Tho annual convention of tho Ohio Stnto Grange Association, which meets In this city next week promises to he tho largest convention Akron has ever entertained. Mr. H. L. Snyder, secictary of tho Chamber of Commerce expects nt least l,f00 delegates to bo piesont. This estimate Is based upon Information received from tho Stnto olllclals. Tho Chamber of Commorco Is taking nn active part In making the convention a success. Places of enteitnln-ment aie needed, and citizens aro asked to accommodate as many dole-gates as possible. Secretary Snyder stated Wednesday morning that tho delegates would pay a fair rate for their accommodations. Thoy ore coming to Akron and the CSSa!lHi!S5sSE;S B.c3ciSJ3c3fiKi3ri!fcS ES Watches ! pjij Surely no one need be without H bought as low as $2.D0 each , Boys' Watches from $2.50 to Girls' Watches from $4.50 to Ladies' Watches from $6.00 to Gents' Watches from $6.00 to Wo can show you tho finest selection of watches In Akron very handsome engravings and Jeweled thnt were selected with special references to this year. If you want a ItKLIAULE time piece at the possible price, our stock is what will Interest you. Come your selection, from a full stock, a-U we will reserve are ready to take It away. Chains that always please tho eye nnd that turning black, l'ou can give awny with satisfaction. STORE OPEN EVERY NIGHT I V5 11 Frank, Laubach I I. 0. 0. F. Temple, Main UM fiSSfiSSsSSSSSgi SoflcS arte! Dolivered Yesterday ou foaeS bo'th'Sior atonceifYOU Hamilton Olock Howard Street. city must see to It that they have a place to sleep. The delegates arc not objects of charity, but upon the other hand thoy represent the most proges. slvc farmers of the State. The Grange Is a secret, organization composed of the best fnrmers In Ohio. They are banded together for mutual advancement. Tho Grange recognizes no political party In its orgaul. zatlon. Mayor Young, chairman of tho gen-eral arrangements committee, desires to publicly request that all city and county olllclals form themselves Into a general reception committee and assist In offering hospitality and en tertalnment to the "delegates who will attend the convention. Mothers' and.Jeachers' Meeting. There will be a .meeting of the Moth, crs' nnd Teachers' Circle at Crosby school 2:30 p. in. tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 1. All Interested are cordially Invited to attend. Another Interesting program hns been prepared. DON'T WEED REST. Starved Nerves Need FooJ. A food thnt will naturally stimulate nnd nourish a man so weak that ho cannot nourish himself, must have Intrinsic merit and be worthy the attention of any person with a weak stomach. S. D. Horlno of Grlnnell, Iowa, writes: "By pure food seems to mo to he the true way to get well. After a long time at one of the best equipped sanitariums, without benefit, I was put under a famous doctor who bald thnt I did not need rest so much as I needed pure rich blood, made from pure food, and I was put on Grape-Nuts. "At that time I had to bo lifted from my bed like a baby. This was only a fow weeks ago. Now I can walk, read wilto and perform many little tasks. I have not fully recovered my strength, by nny means, but I have inndo n most wonderful pi ogress on Grape-Nuts food. It leads mo to tho knowledge that nervous prostration Is simply nerve starvation, Tho nerves are prostrated because they aro starved. A starved mnn does not need rest but ho needs food. "To be siiro the famished nerves nro forced to rest but rest cannot restore them. Thoy can build up on food along. AVItU my first meal on Grape-Nuts food I was too weak to food myself, but after partaking of tho food n hopeful spliit, almost nmountlug to buoyancy, 'possessed mo. . 'I can account for tho speedy effect of tho food on nb other ground than that It Is so easily digested that only n little tlmo and force Is required to prepare It for tho, blood, whereas ordinary food requites so much force to digest It that It exhausts what strength a weak man has and leaves the food undigested, ready for decomposition, nnd changes what should bo good food, Into n veritable poison, 13iif.y digestion mid rapid assimilation mako Grape-Nuts tho Ideal food for nny one." XSESJISSifejESslEesilBSICEiESEJSlEK??! La3A5cil3a35c3SlES3aaafiLfSi3gsraffTt a watch since they & Clemmer Making a And Victory In Beer Tax Reduced 25 to This Is a Big 40,000,-000 Strong Lobby Has a Chicago, Dec. 5. Washington special to the The brewers are appear to have control means committee of likely to score a big reduction bill. The an active lobby here and nt last things wny. Thoy not only the ways nnd means House but tho Sennto bo favorable for relief. Unless tho beermakers nro Is won nnd the tax duced from 25 to 35 The production least 40,000,000 cents a barrel off in tho pockets of tho Thirty-flvo cents a barrel 514,000,-000 saved to the Alleged Embezzler For Flmllay, 0 Dec. Hay, threo Hancock county, was morning at Ft. Wayne, registered under an is accused of embezzling funds In his care. here today, Hay's supposed to havo last threo jears lu o 111 CO,

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  2. 05 Dec 1900, Wed,
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  • 1900-12-05 Coach alias Sherman part 1

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