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Ridgeway fire - y OCT., 6, 1882. Advocate ratrons....
y OCT., 6, 1882. Advocate ratrons. thlB.establlshnietit for Job work or subscription take the hint that if we money it Is Just about the year. Tho little us by our patrons M ill together enable, us to get shape. We don't make dunning through the The Advocate, hut no law. Friends help Advocatk still waves. wood is worth 51.75 a Morgestcr has eomiiieneed cellar for his new store. Union Tel. ofllco is old building;,east of building. decided to except the attend the Bi-Ceiitennial Philadelphia. MoGeehinJ Is ' building a two stories high on post ofllco. adjusters were on Monday afternoon, ready Tuesday morning. as Aunt Ker.iah at Just Saturday evening; suceess. The Opera crowded. Conference for dwlriet met Wednesday, St .t. 'SI, and A. O. Curtain o:i the The nomination unanimous when the con Is printed this Gazette ofliee by thekind-iiets Brandon. We acknowledge under obligations to ('. the Cameron eousity Karl of tin- Uriiiwood courtesies tendered. was first discovered by Who wan staying Jno. K. liaird, store was also foon Doctor Thompoii went store which was opened and opening the dour under the stairs to the he saw the fire issuing the stairs. Going into store to the corresponding lheriht of the ntoro, he door but saw no fire. the theory that the lire defective line in the l.v-hiocrat bide of the huiMiii;,'. Hardy Kuilis. such, as Tulips ITy-bi'inth, etc., just Imported Holland. We have the of these bulbs evci city. Mend for our Harry Chaupel, Merchant, WUiUuisport, I'd. X CAKIJ. l;i;:iiiy n-i'-iti-d me from the burning mm iiing of the .'(h The Lraee laJit:i lht ever remember gratefully W. X. (-.miviu;:. We Building rchdy to supply anything In the lil'o of Tin wr- Lamp Leave your orders for reparing in., a usual prompt Mt'.-nlion. S. HKKVJl'K, a (Jell t Shop, iti Kllgwxy. having tkeii the the Ttaiycr House, i all kinds of boot nr.d at reasonable price. bet.1 of stock until, wcik satisfactory. Your psitvo-rjage solicited. Mll.I.AHI) Donaciiv. Out Sale. to sell goods re at the New Yokk fdore prices: Ladies' and shippers, $1.25, ladies' laced slippers, ?2.00; ladies' ocva clipper, $1.50; children's and at correspondingly pieces crash, 0 cents, ladies' Newport caps We would particularly of lumbermen to our pants. Best all wool gray good pair overalls at kinds of summer goods corresponding prices. that we still sell our cents. & Bkownstkine. store in the country a show caso of Dr. By a glance at tho be seen that direct acting offered lor many every and as they are all the and experience, their relied on. Fills are taken in n Mr. , Hainblla lost his scoop shovel In the fire. G. W. Nichols has the contract for building P. & It's new building. Dr. C. B. Earley Is putting a building east of the Western Union Tel. ofllce. A son of Geo. Aaron had one leg badly burned by stepping Into a bed of live coals after tho Are. Jim Bliines snvs he has everything everything In his new building but tho rattlesnake, rattlesnake, and that perished In the flames. Col. A. I. Wilcox, Sheriff of Mc-Koan Mc-Koan county, was in town lastJSatur-day lastJSatur-day and wasjwaruily greeted by his many friends. Wo arc sorry to learn that there was some stealing during the progiess of the lire. Tlie guilty'parties should be made to sutler. G us Woodward ami Joe Wheeler caoh had a foot injured by being caught by the falling wooden columns of tho Ridgway Bauk. A Swart z Boss and J. II. Ross, Jr. have purchased of H. S. Thayer the building now occupied by Cohen, Bros. & Brownstelne. It is an ill wind that blows no one good. Tho work of rebuilding after the fire will give employment to a great many men. J. W. Morgestcr wishes to express his thanks to all who so kindly assisted in saving his stock of goods on the night of the lire. M?t. Howard ' Gorton had two lingers of his right baud bruised while moving a safe from Doctor Farley's corner building. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Seley and daughter Joan, of Beynoldsvilie, are at Doctor Bard well's visiting. Mr. Seley is a brother of Mrs. Bard well. -(). O. Kelts and Frank Var.Ors-du'.!, Var.Ors-du'.!, of Kane, are very sick with typhoid typhoid fever. Mr. and Mrs. John Van-Orsiiall Van-Orsiiall have been up to see Frank. J. V. Morgestcr has put up a store at the west corner of the court yard where customers will receive every attention as before. A full line of fciMctries always on hand. Dr. W. L. Williams has -"'purchased of Kdward Derby his property at the corner of Main aud Mill street. The lot is fir, 0 et front by 2i0 feet deep. The consideration was f 5000. Among the many none worked harder, or helped to carry out more l;oO'ls than the ladies of Uhigway. They deserve the thanks of ail interested for their hard work during the progress of the tire. Win. M Sweet, thoftnaker, has e.-lablifhed his business in Buttvl f'.lss' harness r.hop wlure he will lie pleased lo see all his old customers and as many new ones as may favor him with their work. Just the sa.'iio as before the fire. .AttlieM. K. conference held in Warren Warren weik, lev. S. M. Clark was trail feiTcd from Jtidgway to Palmyra, N. Y. ilev. Air. Goodrich will occupy the KhUway M. K. pulpit for the en-Miin en-Miin year. Mr. Clark lias done good h oil; here and h ni.iy fi lends will regret Hist a three-. yearV lew is ail a Aii-tiio(iir.t iiiiiiihlvr isjiilowcd in one plate. H.n. Alfred Short, of Nojh;Eit, and Htzikiah Kor.on, of Helton township wfo here if.t .Saturday. I "i;";,' are part owner.t of the llidgway Bank building. They are urongly in favor of brick buildings, acd pro-jse pro-jse to put up a building '35 fret by 100, tiuxe sU'i'ies high, atidj will commence commence work at once. The owners of Hie mil f t-.tte from Brc 1 to Mill .iruts, t!,o Lamed !is-triet, !is-triet, are making a strung move to build a solid brick row from street to street And as neatly all tho owners of properly on the line are in f.iror of the movement it will Hnde'.ititeih'y suc-HVi. suc-HVi. ('onlracls isxve already ber-n mode hy nonie jsirtles with J. 11. Kc.ji.Jr. for Lviek horn his M. Marys kiln. Btvtral building. will be put under contract litis fad, and work commenced. Nest spring active operations operations will commence, and brick buildings will be theorder of the day! On Monday morning the Borough Council by resolution permitted the owners of real estate in the, burned district to build temporal y structures, eiKht feet high to the roof, on the opposite opposite or court yard side of the street, across from their respective properties. Nearly all the owners of property will avail thenii-.el ves of this opportunity to put up temporary shanties in which business nuy he carried on. Com meneini' at Court street J. W. Mor gestcr began a buildiug Monday morning. The Bhines Bros, followed followed suit, and in a few days a row of wooden buildings one story high will face the court yard. The safes which passed through the fire preserved their contents in every instance. Doctor Karlcy, W. 8. tiervice, K. J. Miller of the Democrat, and A. C. Craig', safes were all in the lire. The safe of Chas. Holes Powell & Kline, A. Swartz Boss, two owned by the Ridgway Bauk, J. W. Morgester's, R. I. Campbell' and Horace Little's were taken out of the buildings before tho fire reached Ihem. One safe of tho Ridgway Bauk was tumbled end over end out the front door, breaking one of the stone steps, . WHERE TO FIND SOME OFTITE BURK ED OUT BUSINESS PLACES. i Dr. C. B. Earley has his: office In the old place next above tho J31k Co, Bank. Dr. W. L. Williams occupies a tent on Earley's comer lot Just back of the building burned. Chas. Holes has his shop in the hand isaficrtrr tho court square. His family occupies two rooms In the Jail. The Western Union Tel. ofllce oc cuples the corner at Hyde's lime shed, corner of Broad aud Race streets, and is under tho shelter of a few boards laid on the fence. Wm. M. Sweet, shoemaker Is lu with Butterfuss opposite tho Bogert house. The Advocate ofllce is at the resi dence of the editor on South street. And occupies so much of our house that our better half threatens to move into the chicken coop. A. Swarlz ltos-s, merchant tailor also occupies his residence on South street. W. S. Service, hardware, has moved Into the Masonic hall store where he did business twelve years ago. The Ridgway Bank is using a part of Hie Prothanotory's ollice. Powell & Kime occupied the shed at the rear of their lot. They have lots of goods in tho court house cellar. Lumber has been drawn for (heir new store on shanty row which they will occupy In a few days. J. W. Morgestcr has his goods stored and is doing business in Thayer's coal sheds. Bol't. I. Campbell, moved his stock in with K. K. Gresh at corner of Main and Mill streets, and is doing bu.-iness as though the fire had not occurred. Pemocraiie Senatorial Conforeiic?. On Iho "lib Imllot at, Brookvillc last Tuesday, 2iih ult. the Demeratic conferees conferees of the Ihirty-ciirhUi Senatorial district, composed' of the counties of Cameron, Clarion, Elk and Forest, nominated Jno. G. Hall for another term in the Slate Senate. Cameron county was represented by S. S. Hacket,S. C. Hydetmd Riley Warner. Clarion, by M. M. Meredith,J. Clover, and W" W. Greenland. Forest by John Peterson, John Woodcock and Albert Ilaydcii. Klk, by G. D. Messenger, Sr.. Geo. R. Dixon and C. J I. Mc-Cauley. Mc-Cauley. Cameron county presented the name of . I. li. Newton; Clarion county W. W. Barr, and Elk and Forest Jno. G. Hall. Mr. Hall had one-half the conferees, iuul for a time it seemed as though the dead-loci; would continue for days, On tho seventy-fourth ballot Riley Warner changed his vote from Xcutiii lo Hall, thus nominating the latter gentleman. gentleman. The conferees then adjourned. A lii'iiyj Land Hjle. The Potter Enterprise says that one of the largest land sales ever made lu that county was consummated a few days since. The sale ags-retes H,0un ac res of wild land. The land is located on the East Fork and Cross Fork, and is heavily timbered with hemlock, some pine, and large iuantities of hard wood. Twelve thousand acres are what are known as the Jane Humphrey Humphrey lands, owned by A. (5. Olm-stead. Olm-stead. The twelve warrant were sold In a body to George Howe, Bradford, and a Il nto!i capitalist, for the sum of ilbi.n)') tho Humphrey lands for $U,W iind the Fo-iA Olmstead lauds for Sij,o:0. Wil'lira Penn March. We have ja.-t received from the publisher, publisher, copies of the new Ri-Centen-ni.l music, "William Peiin March" and "Two Hundred Years Have U( lied away,'' bolh composed by Prof. J. R. Sweney, the composer of the popular Sunday School btsiks, "Quiver,'' "Quiver,'' "Garner,'' "Ark of Frai.-e," dc. The great tsieem in which this excellent excellent composer is held by the msssfs, makes it unnecessary for commons commons from us, and we hope that our re.t'Ivr.i will all supply themselves by ordering from the pub'i iitr, John P. D )t !i:Exi v, 1 ',Vtit Third street, Chcst r, Penmt. Price i) ceuts tiieh. Far f by .!l nm-ic tkah rs. A tlrcfit fjhjjft or Hi arch Tlcxi. Oita-.va. Ontario. Sept. 21. Dr. 11. Si?:r,e Vi.;lfis, of the finance department. department. ; ho some time ago published thi-.t the iceeiit i:j'nt would sweep from ea.-t to west over the continent, says a gwat storm will strike this plauc't in March next. He gives this timely warning: ' It will first ho felt In the Northern Pacific, and will cross the meridian of Ottawa at noon (3 o'clock ! m., London time), on Sunday, March 11, ls-i;i. No vessel smaller i han a Cunarder will be able to live in this tempest. India, the south of Europe, Europe, England, and especially the North Americau continent, will be the theatre of its ravages. As ail the lowlands lowlands on theAtlatic will be sulcjierged, 1 advise. hi-buildeis to place their prospective vessels high up on stocks, and farmers having loose valuables, such ai hay, cattle, to remove thenx to a place of safety. I beg further, most respectfully to appeal to the honorabie Minister of Maiine that lie will peremptorily order up storm drums on all the Canadian coasts not later than the '.'nth of February, aud thus permit no vest el to leave the har bor. Jfthisisnot done hundreds of lives will bo lost ami millions of dollars' dollars' worth of property destroyed." Hillioas Ghca Away. Millions of Bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have been given away as Trial Bottles of the largo size. This enormous outlay would be disastrous disastrous to the proprietors, were it not Firciia jRiilgway i LOSS nearly $70,OOOinsurance$31,- 773. TITE BUSINESS PORTION OF THE TOWN IX BUINS- Friday morning, Sept. 20, 1882, will long be remembered by the citizens of Ridgway. At about 21 o'clock R jre was discovered In the Democrat block, byasonofa. T. Wheeler, and at onco tho alarm was given, Jno. R, Kime, night watchman at Ilydcs's store heard the cry, saw the flames, and at once ran up Centre and South streets giving giving the alarm. The Codrt house bell, Grace Church bell,' and some other bells were rung, and in a very short time the alarm was generally given throughout tho Borough. Soon tho news was received at Grant's tannery, and its whistle aroused tho people there. From all directions crowds of men, women, and children came running running to the scene of disaster. Wm. McVey and Chas. B. Earley climbed upon the awning in front of tho tew oarat ofllce and saw flames Issuing from tlie-.slde of the wall next a Hue at the rear of the printing ofllce. E. E. Willard looked up the stairs, and saw flames issue from the Democrat office, office, or right hand side of the hull. Mrs. Wheeler who occupied rooms opposite tho Democrat ollicc was awakened, and saw flames issuing from under the door of tho Dctnocrut ofliee. Mrs. Wheeler und family escaped by the rear of the building leaving their clothes and household i fl'ucts behind. So that It is quite evident that to a defective iluo may lie attributed another great loss of property. Aud another warning that the building of flues .should be in tho hands of men who are competent to do tho work in a manner insuring safely to property. This particular flue was built after night by men working on the court house during its erection, aud by lamplight, so that is not to bo much wondered at that "defective flue" should be written as the cr.u.-e of Ridg way 's greatest lire. The work of the lire was rapid and i:i both an easterly and westerly direction. The theatre of tho fire wa.i on the north sido of Main , street, being bounded on the east by Broad street, on west by Mill street, and on the north by a street running aiong Hyde's raco by liie Jiyde Ss J loss planing mill. As building a tor building caught and was being devoured by the flames hundreds of people wre busy carrying goods from stores, house hold goods, ami all manner of articles to places of safety. People who had no interest wlmsever in the property worked like Trojans to save property. Of course the excitement was groat but there was not many rash acts to be recorded, such as throwing the mirrors mirrors from upper windows, and carefully carefully carrying down the more delicate feather beds. Wis ere all did well it would not be in good tasic to single nit any particular individual to whom should be awarded the crown of super iority. The entire territory from the tailing point of the fire to Broivl street on the east was burned over. Vn old barn twenty feet at the rear of Powell & Kime's store being the solitary exception. Across Broad street front the fire a distance of 71 feet, stands the Hyde House a large three story building, Which was saved by a great effort. Carpets were thrown over the exposed end of the building, and a stream from Jlydea fctore hose was constantly playing on the building until the danger was jmst. Twelve years ago last. June Main street was burned from the Ridgway Bank to Broad street, and the Hyde House was saved that, time, allhou ;h the exposed end was black and blistered by the tire. This time the jaiiit is scarcely colored. On Mill street, at the we.Urn bound- arvofthe burned t;i.i;rict stands the house of Edward Derby, an old ai.d estceu.e I citizen of this place years of age. This hou:.e, a one and one-half story structure was saved by almost superhumuu efforts, and ?tands as the sole relic of the great .'ire. On the street running along the race: one lot from Mill street at the rear of Campbell's Campbell's buildings was situated a dwelling dwelling belonging R. I. Campbell and also one belonging to Mr. M. L. Ross both of which were saved. At the rear of the row burned there was a great many sheds, lumber piles, etc, And some of the lumber piles were in close prox imity to the planing mill situated on the north side of race street. By put ting carpets on the planing mill und keeping a steady supply of water on the building it was with great dilli- cully saved. Tho moil on tho mill worked like heroes. There was scarcely a breath of air stiring during the progress progress of tho fire, while tho moon shone brightly down on tho scene of desolation. desolation. In a few hours, or at six o'clock the flames subsided, aud where was once a row of prosperous busiuess places, was at that hour a smouldering mass of ruins. THE LOSSES AND INSUKANCE as near us m be ascertained are us follows: Commeneingat Broad street Dr. C. R. Earley losses tho building on the corner, vulue $3,001); no insurance. Doctor Williams in the Earley block saved his ofliee furniture entire. J. Powell, Vuilding, loss $3,050; insurance $1,000. Powell & Kime, stock valued at $22 000, two-thirds; .saved; insurance $0,000. Elk Co. 'Advocate, up stairs, loss $2,000; lnsuranco $1,000. Books, files, letters, and bills and a small amount of stationery saved. Newspaper type, stands, cases, racks, and job cabinets saved. William M. Swcct.shocmaker next tho Advocate, stock and tools nearly all saved. R.'V. Kime," building loss $3,ri0; no insurance. A. Svnrl: Ross, merchant tailor, large stock of goods nearly nil saved, on which there was an insurance of $1,000. Loss $150. James S. Maginnis, building, loss $3,000; insurance $1,200. Loss on slock of wines, cigars, etc., and billiard billiard tables $1,200; no insurance. One billard table was taken out tho back door and burned in the yard. Fred. Soh(c:iingui:diiig,loss$3,000; insurance $2,000. W. S. Service, stock of hardware, loss 810,000; insurance 2,000. John McGrady, saloon, under hardware hardware store, loss SoOO; insurence on billiard billiard table $2ol). 7Vtc Democrat, loss iM,C00; lnsvrauco $1,500, E. J. Miller, proprietor, arrived arrived on the scene just as the firo was breaking out, but having no key to his ollioc lie was unable to cuter, and nothing was saved. Presses, paper, and card cutter, files, and furniture a total loss. In his safe were his books, subscription lists and valuable papers, which were recovered alter the lire. Mrs. G. T. Wheeler, up stuirs across the hall from the Democrat otllco lost her household goods and clothing; loss $1,000; no insurance. A. C. Craig, drug, book, and stationary, stationary, loss fti.OOO; insurance $2,000. Union Store Co. building, loss 000; no insurance. Ridgway Bank, loss on building $2,-030; $2,-030; insurance $1,500. The Ridgway Bauk also bad $l)00 worth of safes, and furniture; insured for $800. Nearly everything saved. II. M. Powers, lawyer, notary public, public, insurance agent aud clerk in the bank, saved everything. Geo. A. Rathburii, upstair? in Ridgway Ridgway Bank buildiug, loss on library and safe $13,25; insurance $2000. Part of the library was saved. Geo. W. Bhines, & Sons, buildiug loss $3,n:yj; insurance $700. Billiard and beer saloon. No insurance, billiard billiard tables saved. J. W. Morgestcr, building, stock of groceries, and household goods. Loss on building $2,500; insurance $1,000; stock valued at $'',0WI; two-thirds of which was saved; insurance $2,.r00. Household goods nearly all saved; insurance! insurance! $100. R. I. Campbell, store building, stock of groceries, etc. Building valued at $V.:00; insurance S 1,600. Stock S,0y0; insurance $500; stock nearly all saved. Horace Little, real estate agent, safe and papers saved, no insurance. R. I. Campbell, dwelling house occupied occupied by Geo. A. Rathbun, loss $1,-C0,i; $1,-C0,i; insurance $000. Mr. Ratiibun saved nearly all his household furniture. After Hie Uorsfi is Stolen. An old adage runs : "Shut tho barn door after tho horse is stolen. This might be made to apply to Ridgway in tho matter of tho recent disastrous fire which has made such a largo hole in the business centre of our Borough. Of course we can bow in acquieseucc and say that all is for the best, which is true beyond a doubt, and yet a rebellious rebellious spirit prompts us to wish that it had been otherwise. Even with tho prospect of a stately brick block to take the place of the less pretentious pretentious wooden row burned, we cannot cannot help regretting that part at least of lliatrow was not saved. The theory is advanced by many that the fire could have been stopped at Rhine's hall, as well mid easier than it was overcome at Derby's residence. And some even think that tho firo could have been confined in the space between Powell's store and Rhincs' hall. Be this ns it may of one thing we are all certain oCir arrangements for putting out fire were of the most primitive sort, aud wiih theexcciition of Hyde's hose and water arrangement at his store, the facilities were confined almost exclusively exclusively to the bucket brigade, composed composed of volunteer workers, while they did nobly, the means was at best a primitive one. Water plugs there were along tho street but no hose to attach to them or else they wero in such condition that it was impossible to attach to them. The lesson is now learned that a well directed firo company company could have confined the firo to tho building in which it was first discovered, discovered, and that a few hundred dollars Invested in proper firo apparatus would have saved thousands of dollars' worth of property. For years The Advocate has urged the necessity of having an organized force for protection protection against lire. And now the horso is gone. May we learii wisdom for future emergencies. By tho time the brick block is ready to be occupied let's have a fire cngiue and hose company. company. Wedding. Rarely Is one privileged to witness the celebration of a Golden Wedding without having the Joy of the occasion occasion marred, in a measure, by vacant places, and yet this was the peculiar joy of Mr. Rasselas W. and Mary P. Brown of Jones township, Elk Co., Pa-, who celebrated the golden anniversary anniversary of their wedding on Sept. 25. The day was all that could bo desired desired for beauty. All nature seemed to unite in making It a day of rejoicing. rejoicing. The sun never shone brighter and the few fleecy clouds that here uud there decked the deep blue sky brought their tribute of loveliness to add to the perfection of tho day, while the few highly coloreil .mtuni-nal .mtuni-nal leaves on the maple mid sumac gave an enhanced beauty to nature, they also spoke of the summer season as past, but the mass of bright green foliage told of a freshness and vitality which prophesy at least some days of life and usefulness yet to come. About noon the guests had assembled. assembled. It was lu fact a family gather lug, consisting alone of near relatives except tho officiating minister and wire. All the children (six in number) are living, married, and with their partners partners wero present, save Mr. Geo. R. Allen, of Syracuse, N. Y., whoso ab sence was exceedingly regretted, but compelled by busiuess engagements. One brother and two sisters of tho aged groom wero present. Ono of these sisters being bridesmaid fifty years ago. But ono death has occurred m the family, that a grand-child, an only child of Mrs. Olive Brown Mover. After an hour of social intermingling intermingling thucoiupany repaired to the parlor, where after a short appropriate address to tho happy couple and prayer by Rev. T. S. Neglcy, commending them to the samo loving Heavenly Father who liars supported them in tiuies'of discouragement and guided them in times of perplexity in the past, they, witli joyous tears, received the hearty congratulations of all present. present. Among the many presents received were finely ur.holstered easy chairs and tctcu-tete from the children. A large group of the three sons. A set of delicate china cup and saucers from Gen. Tlios. L. Kane, and a pair of gold spectacles for each from Col. A. I. Wilcox. The summons soon came to repair to the dining room where a rich repast was in readiness. One of the extension extension tables upon which was spread the wedding feast was the product of a tree (golden willow) planted by the aged groom in ids young days.' And it was loaded as only our good farmer's wives are accustomed to spread such a festal board. But the best wine had been reserved till the last, which was tho gathering of the entire company into the parlrir, and several hours spent in the richest of social enjoyment. Incidents in tho early struggles and pioneer life of the bride and groom were detailed aud also brief sketches of the Uvea of each of the children wero given by the second son, W. Walaee Brown, Esq,, of Bradford. As the lights aud shadows which had checkered tho lives of each of these were painted lu word-pictures, smiles and tears chased each other in rapid succession over the countenance of each present. Words, never to be forgotten, of affection, counsel, encour agement and hope, coming from full and joyous hearts, were spoken by the aged parents to their children, reminding reminding us of a patriarch's blessing. These exercises were interspersed with appropriate music. It was with regret that the company separated late in the evening, having participated in the celebration of a golden Wedding which in striking points of interest was remarkable. May these, their sunset days of life ever be tinged with golden colors. T. S. N. Kotics to Holders ofCoany Bonk TvTOTK'K Is heretiV! Ivcn to the lioli'.eis of L tlm f 1 lou-i l-i-i i him, Is ,i- I II I1 1 v If. prc-.rnt siiUl holms it tlio ( on i it y i rciiMOvr lor i-n.vi.K in on or lici'oru -MO VU.VV, NDV. il. lJ. us Hie Interes t tin reou will ccuso on taut iliiy, v iz. : N". i ic.ui 'J, ouch SW. Nos. :j, I, (1,7, s, li, n, -J. n 11 15. II!, 17, l-s 10, 2 i. L'l, ami L' !. r-iicli !('". ios. ii and ill, issuetl lo J. V, Simontr-n, i iil-U sl.:ji. No.-, us, 7u uuil T-i, ksiiuU to .1. W. himoutoii, eiieh ",itl, Nos. ."i" iiml li,;, l-Miod to M. K. Olmsted, ciidi i!,iW. Nos. (i'J, 7J und 77, issued to .M. K. Olmsted, oik-Ii t Nos. -J , at, -J7, 2). HI. 31, 32, 33. 31, 31, M, 37, 3-, :, in uiul 41, eucli sum. Nos, 13 and 1 1, eia-li swa, ' Nos. I.",. -17 and (3, eaeli slivl. Notlro is also hereby t-iven to tho holders of tliu followim; recited homls of Kll; county to present Mild honds to the County Trei, Mirer for payment on or before V,'i;iNKSli. V, Dl'.C. 0,'is.a, as tliu Interest tiiereou will oei'.yu on that day, vl.: Nos. "S, "11 and S I, canli tiOO, Noh. S- and S3, eaeh S.H. Nos. SI, S"), m(, S7, ks. mi and no, cachSllX). JlIltAM ('AHMAN.1 J. K. OAUli.NEU, V Co. Coinr's. JOHN NISSKL. I Attest V. S. JlonTuN, Clerk. S -lv. j THE HULL VAFOll COOK S TO VE, mc.UUJUl JIKU UNLT ntlLIAbLc, In tho only de vice of lu kimlj Unit has stocdn bit a OF YEARS, vcrsal imlilica COU)Uicnuatiou. IS Does every fl Jn...;..tl.... ..f!l Cuokinir, Wash-jj Ini!, IrouiiiL'.H j; . .il'-i-idt Cunning, 'oi uuieruunieH-tiu uuieruunieH-tiu work Utru-tiifiirn Utru-tiifiirn iliiiif, Li the ordinary couk move, and without ita iutui-leraliie I Main Particular examination and patent Office in street, J. PHYSICIAH Over Oillco on opposite- tho hours from If. Coroner Eorloy's House. 3 to 5 r. st. DRUGGIST N. W. corner Hide-way, carefully selected Dru'jrs. dispensed at yln3y J. D. PHYSICIAN On- irn aud 7 to 0 p. resilience, opposite) CALlii DAY A fair solicited. OFFICE EI OFi-ICB Vr. H. Thankful heretofore so tho new strict and'eon-veiiieneo of continuance of the Vi'alnut ft is others. It its name Vegetable Hair immediately free restore gray and produco has fallen manner Sulphur, Sugar Silver will change few days to Ask your is warranted. CO., and V. N. u 17 1 y. N1! EW LI GOOD and Ru'ggies reasonable Jo'He Stable on at the Post .mention. AuOlSTltt Ilay YALE - Hii Eost, Jjurable, Bend for HEW Wfiitiiriiuui- . , Jelectoj Iniprovcd Luk 'J u ' : WUU tvru i board

Clipped from The Elk County Advocate05 Oct 1882, ThuPage 3

The Elk County Advocate (Ridgway, Pennsylvania)05 Oct 1882, ThuPage 3
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