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87.74 10.60 22.78 .35 4.02 9.37 2 .95 10.55 9.10 13.77 11.39 20.32 9.74 6.27 3.50 2.31 . 9.45 . 4.16 15.23 . 1.12 4.40 16.62 21.84 0.46 . 2.45 . 52c 8.53 860 12.11 11 .71 5.31 8.38 2.21 187 14.61 3.86 10.26 8.28 15.79 7.01 6.41 5.W 13 88 6.26 4.77 8.34 8.8P 4.40 7.03 .31 . 5.12 4.45 7.33! 7.91 26.80 6.74 .74 8 .10 5.84 7.88 11.98 7.84 26.06 21.72 13.00 2.04 16.26 9.70 119 6.41 4.75 18.28 6.05 7,33 Published July 3-10-24 and 31 1930. IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN WITHIN AND FOR M'INTOSH COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Louis Brown, plaintiff, vs. Emma James, et al. defendants,. Civil No. 6205. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA to: Paulina Echols also known as Paulina Paulina Eckells; Delia Moore, individually; individually; Maris Hope; Velma Hop,;; Sharper Hope; and Cleo Hope, minor? minor? and Delia Moore as the l;gal guardian of said minors; Martha .dope, if living, and if dead, her heirs, executors, administrators, business which does the public convince the that service. take saying of development. "It must of modern whatever Institutions take, monopolies, such a power as to undue Influence finance or public's right competition Must "I|' must devisees trustees and assigns, im- ( ageaient that mediate and remote, whether liv- opportunity SALE OF that in pur sale issued of Mcintosh .Oklahoma in day of , wherein Company, and Edna r defendants; under>- County, commanding without described * * of section „ - to>wnship fifteen Meridian.' the sou^ southeast I ng or dead, of Sharper Hope, deceased, deceased, and of Dinah Hope deceased: deceased: You and each of you, as defend ants, will take notice that you have been sued in the above enti Jed and. numbered cause in the District Court of Mcintosh county, Oklahoma Oklahoma upon the petition of Louis Brown, praying for a judgment quieting the title, and establishing and determining the heirs in and to the following lands situate in Mc In tosh County, Oklahoma, to- wit: Lots 8 and 10 and the south half of the southeast quarter of section section 29, township 11 north, range 15 east, and being a portion 01 the allotment of Shaper Hopo, deceased Creek Indian, by blood, roll Number C-4323; and, The south half of the southwest quarter of section 29, and the north west quarter of the northwest quarter of section 32, all in town ship 11 north, range 15 east and being a portion of the allotment of Dinah Hope deceased, Creek Freedman, roll Number F-3798; and being owned by and in the possession of Louis Brown, the petition filed herein. And said petition prays for a judgment quieting title, and establishing establishing and determining heirs of Shacnr Hope, deceased, and of Dinah Dinah Hope, deceased, to be the identical identical persons denominated to be the heirs of said deceased persons, as set forjthvby the plaintiff in his ;>plaintiff in his petition filed here in. And you are further notified that in addition to establishing and determining determining the heirs of said Sharper Hope, deceased and Dinah, Hope, deceased, plaintiff asks for judgment judgment decreeing that you and each of '"ou be declared to have no right title, interest, or estate, in and to any of the lands above described. And you are further notified that you, and each of you, must answer the petition of plaintiff filed in said cause, on or before the 14th day of August, 1930 or said petition of plaintiff wity be taken as true' and 1 a* judgment rendered for-said plain tiff quieting, his title in and to tho above described lands,.and a Judgment Judgment establishing and determining the' heirs of the said' Sharper Hope, deceased, and of the said; Dinah Hope, deceased, will be rendered by the. court. Given under my hand and seal of of f ice this the 30th day of June, 1930. B. F. Venator, Court clerk Mcintosh county, Okla., (Seal) B. p. Hopper, atty for pit. Published JuJy 3-10-17 and 24, 193Q. Ahterica In the !ts"-progreas there«-are or business advancement for initiative. that it encouraging by every Individual ambition itself most them. within an organizations, institution from maintenance recognition of principles of the industrial started from beginnings. executive men in speaking, I, personally, that the tions.which necessarily employees with achievement "Again, a administration banking lio relations touches. must be the economic community. No tolerates whose are suspected economic enlarge the The local part and where It which does principle of and not whose Growth BBNYBR, Institnte of tyjgra lea* eiwrt among -vtib ttti was portea hxojw tets. today' meat Itt the from ll.OQA or over SOO, number is the can JBtafcers which bari* tlon In jecte relating

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  1. The Indian Journal,
  2. 03 Jul 1930, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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