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GabrielMason - From the Columbian Lady's and Gentleman'' Ma;,...
From the Columbian Lady's and Gentleman'' Ma;, " r , J v -.. -: -. - .", i -. - - . : -4. - - -" " Ui :l ill r IkirW or market, went away to tie city, and enlist- "THE TOTE-FOOTED DEEft : - BY WM. CtfXAEN BRYAJST " It was a hundred years ago, . i- ' Wheny the woodland ways, , ; The traveller saw tho wild deer drink Or crop the birchen sprays. - , Beneath a hill whoso rocky sido . S O'er browed a grassy mead,, ,r And fenced a cottage from the wind J A deer was wont to feed. . She only came when on the cliffs , . ; The evening rnoonlightlay, And no man knew the secret haunts i In which she walked by day. Vhit wfirft her feet.' her forehead showed I A spot of silvery white, . That seemed to glimmer like a star . . , U In Autumn's hazy nieht - And here, when sang the whippoorwul She croped the sprouting leaves, 1 And here her rustling steps were heard On still .October eves. . But when the broad miasfcratner rnoirft Rose o'er that grassy lawn, & Beside the silver footed deer There grazed a spotted fawn, 1 The cottage dame forbade her son ; v To aim the rifle here ' ' i "It were a sin," she said,4 to harm Or fright that friendly deer. it: i. places ther's return tcr. ! ed ;ih a regiment about to embark on foreign ser vice. Til two sisters went to take farewell of biro, but never returned j one, it js "id, having died of a fever in the infirmary, just as u she had been a pauper and the; other --for the sight of sinjand sorrow, and shamej and sufferings is ruinous-igave herself up, in her beauty, on ea rim her course of aLnies, and is now no more. Tho rest us of tho fami eighty into inferior s there 'was a the familvV and WU A.m. inma tlf nticn nnrkh s while he. I his i . - I . - - - '.' I. the infatuatbd sinneW whose voice seemea to nave .. 1 in and y dropped idown, one by one, out oi ua itnations in far-orT places j but too. curse, u; was tnougni, nanging oyer uui of none of them did ever a favour- ana '-- : . ., the short term of a day to cease huggmg them to seen, . i 1 ii 1 i i I m,mt worked all iho wo, remained in the chains of his Faul c than tyrannical passion, nor seemed ever, for more the short Jv5 Kpnrt. i Semblance of all that is most venerable in the -character at Scotland's oeasantrv !i lmajre of a and perfect patriarch, walking out rnedOate at even tide I Av hat a noble forehead I Features how hicrh. rnVnified. imd cbmrjoed ! There, sitting in and : tka .k.Jo f thmt rJA ivav eio hi upems some obcv iVUV 944bVI V .w-r -w I- :m - -. . .--.( I Teligious missionary, jtravclling to and fro over the j face of the earth, f seeking out sin and sorrow that are ho mnv tmft them under the word of God. and t I 2.1 This spot has'bee'h my peasaiit hdme Ten peaceful years and more ; , And ever when the moofilight shines,f r ' She feeds before our door." ; ! The red men ay that here she walked A thousand moons ago ; They never raised the war hoop here, And never twang the bow. :i Ul lore to'watch her aa she feeds, i ; And tbink thut all is well, : ' While such a gentle! cieature haunts The place in which we dwell." The youth obeyed and sought for game In forest far away, - Where deep in silence and in moss 1 The ancient woodland lay. But nce in Autumn's golden'timc, He' rangeot the wild in vain, Nor roused the pheasant nor the deer And wandered home again. : Tlie crescent mom anfi criicson eve i Shone, with a mingling light ; m The deer upon the grassy mead Was feeding full in sight. He raised the rifle to his eye, i And from the Cliffs around 1 A sudden echo, shrill and sharp, . Gave back its deadly sound. ! change their very being into piety anefpeace. he Gill him not a hoarvl hvDOcrite. for he cannot help . . T . . - .. - i I . that noblethat venerable that apostolic aspect he toKdirimed;ir1gur as if benTgerilly by time, -werc. loath to touch it with too heavy a hand that ho- ilv srmklinz over bis furrowed temple ol the sil- we ver soft, and the snow white heirf gifts of gracious nature alt and nature will "noT ! tot. aim mem dui in me umiu. iua i yuunn I Mason the drunkard ! ; , From the Baptist Advocate. SAKCT1FIED AFFLlmONS. ; Illustrated by comstock and EVLNS. like plants which throw Their fragrance out of wounded parts, Breathe sweetness out of wo. na ' ' "'. A I It is when the farm oat trendies yet gives noi way before the rush of the torrent and the blast, that the strength and grip of its Viighty roots is totP. H is when thfe crold is rtted -in the cru e Away the startled creatitre sprang, And the next sunrise Jhrew " ;t lis rays on many a crimsbn drop, i Amid the glittering dew. Next evening shown the waxen mooy - As sweetly as before ; s The deer upon the grassy mead; . , Was seen again no more. " ' . - , . - as old, But ere the crescent moo . : i . vStQc. ! By nieht the red ma - ' . , , .ft. to the ground, 1 And burnt (he cott&anddamu And slew the . 1 q overgrown the mwtd, 0W W004?, rliff, fmm titrht - ' aj w' c ' .t Shrieks the hoveling hawk at loon,! r . prowls the fox at night. I curing the stay of Long's Expedition at Eniimetr Can nment, the specimens 9f a variety of the commoq deei were brought in, having al the feet white near the fcoofs' What carl more strongly; illustrate tr.e suprwrt- ing jpowerof rehgionithantheTo extract irqm me journal w ui ueiovcu - I ontrvl .1 ""V i to af- J flict him by removing from him a beloved wife on the 28th of April, and of another on the 1st of Ju- ..i . . . e .i. r thh fnmnrt nnrti. ciple. ana yet comes iurm nvr "rr v oi mtnisbed in weight and ur-inn in lustre that I the purity and preciousr63 oi me nco rneiai is proved.- So is it wher"' "f "f" m "1C furnace of afliictior ib'., . f fires," and gloriesf n tribulation also, that the value and w Ui j , ported himf51 f,dcnt fl feimself and to oth tf - j ' -Doubtk4TmanysldwL h PV?" sed in tcNoveraber numbef of the Baptist Mis eirt-iona Magazine, with a melancholy but tender jntr5. me iiiusuauon ui uus iruui uuuiucuiu uic jus-erience of our recently afflicted and widowed,- ut now happy, triumphant, and glorified brother a VComstock. I h0 It is toucliinrr to uerusein such close tuxtaposi- lion; the letter of the widowed husband on one page, giving utterance to his feelings of tender gnef, but sketch of tire death bed ftene of that same afflict- ed submissive mourncis 1 j 1 1 v w w j After recording the fact thaV since the last in bis journal, it had pleased God severely hly, headds i I doubt not thai mourn not. My afflictionL although very severe and deeply felt, has been so tempered and control- j led by the rich and i abundant : grace of, the Lord S. " . M . I . Vw. tJi.. ' j 1 J. . tVam I m are uoiy u uayyy iu auu . . Jesus Christ, that I have been sustained and ren- ind extending to those on tha hind feet Jrm , a Ettlf dered peaceful, and at timw evenjoyfnl. J had j cu- .. 7 ""r ""VT' ; rj- -TT- r:! ! -Trrr. ided. unon the sides of the foot, by the general j color of the i nffailh tri Christ: till, rrrrthlii source eif Ihiirrm.' : - i I . f t I w j 1- ? j - ' s . i w.xvhich extends d(iwn - near-to the hooft. leaving k L,1-- Vi, r f,; il- rVm ' V ! i 1 " 1 -m whh twjuittmwivw white triangle in front of which the point was Uevated r MArr rnrt Zn,l -.- Hi . . .. 7 , iii- 1 .... VJ : ther than the spurious hoofs. J. - : i : lit 7 I - : , : D e ta save unto t ie ultermnst." v inrnist nrav. ,f k - . i w. ,i , ,1' ' ; i I ! . i i I -t ptllta f mrrhlDnnenovs ml ran i far ma In if nnrt PORTRAIT OF A DRUNKARD. From on Edinburgh Review of Dr. Jtf Ornish's Jlw atomy of Drunkenness. Look at that grey-headed man, of three-score and upward, sitting by the way side ! ; jWhatcye beheld the" many hundred steps," that, one by bnep with imperceptible gradation, led ,hirA dowa i-down, down to the lowest idepth'of shamev'suju'er-. and ruin 1 For years' before it was bruited abroad through theparish in his native Scotland, thatj Gal j briel Mason was addicted to drink,"his wife used to sit weeping afone when -ber sons and daughters were out at work -in the fields, and the antdtuatetll man, fierce in excitement of raw ardent: spirits kept causelessly raginj through every nook of that once so" peaceable tenement, which for: many hap py years had never been disturbed by the oud voice of anjier or reproach. His eyes were seldom turned on his unhappy wife, except with aul!eri, rcowl, or fiery wrath ; but when they 'did 'look oil her with kindness, there was also a rueful jself upbraiding in the expression of his eyes, on r.c count of his cruelty ; and at sight of "suth Hransi- torv tenderness, her heart overflowed with foririvf irrr affection, end- her sunk y es with uoendurable- tears. ' But neither domestic sin, nor j domestic sorrow wilf be concealed from the eyes and the ears of men i and at last Gabriel Mason s ; oatne was a byword in the mouth of tbe scofler.:, To regain his character, seemed to himv, in his desperation,beyond tlie power of man, and against the decree of God, So he delivered himself up. like a slave, to one flppeiite, and in a few i years his whole household bad gone to destruction, ls 1 wife was a matron, almost in the prime bf life, l when she died ; but as she, kept wearing away to 1 the other world, her face told that she had felt her ! years had been too many in this. Her eldestjsoo, j unable in pride and' shame, to lift up his head at i runs ci riirnteousness. anu: render me tu v ana permanently upartaker of God's holiness. These w'ords of the sainted Comstotk recall to my; rrrind, he Cxperierrce of a kindred spirit the INevfl9. inreadmgthepraeticaKhoughts of thiiholy man, noone can avoid being struck wiUi theincreasedspirituality whch pervades that portion ol the volume which follows the account .f,uJj.,w rivr- nr e vvt. ... . 1 ... 1 1 ui u.c,ucau ui ui.a. m. . levins, uisoeiuveu uT!u pious wife. In those sweet utterances of a heart crusnea ana oieeamg, yet soothed ana comiorteu and resignedentitled, What strange tain gs' we are, w What very strongs be'mgs we are," ouoDitt u oeaccoramg winy mina,"-.- v ny loth to me Jleave, attractions,' kcJ- unaaoeau uu embodied m the motto at the head of this art.cle 1 ' ' . - . . fc . . burely. the sainted JNevtns must have been breath- ing tne very atmosphere; ol Heaven when he perr- ned the following, closing pangrnphsjn the last named article. Heaven's aUrarlinn.n " " t I t : . f Perhaps thorn hast a brother or a sister there that should draw vou towards heaven. Pcrhans a . . , i . . fc i . r -i-vncjr mother-$he whose eye wept while it watclred oyer thee, until at length it grew dim, and closed. Took she not in her cold hand, thine, whih yet her heart was warm, and said she not, "I am gr ing to Jesus. Follow me tberer Perhaps ; one neater, certhtocMd, than Iw the? nearest, dearest is ture. Shall 1 say who Christian female, thy husband Christian father, the young mother of thy babes. lie is not. She is not ; lor UoU toofc them. lias heaven no attrao lions 1, . ; ' ' f Heaven is gaining in attractions every day, True, pe principal attractions continue the same, But tne lesser ones multiply, borne have attrac- en', gains. Tbey who have left w man, duelling

Clipped from
  1. The Biblical Recorder,
  2. 30 Nov 1844, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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