1968 drive-ins

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1968 drive-ins - THE BEST FILM OF X W THE YEAR!" :v ,.V.V--j...
THE BEST FILM OF X W THE YEAR!" :v ,.V.V--j EVEN MORE - c.vV'' FUNNY ON THE Sl-KttlN . . . I MAN IT WAS ON BROADWAY AND CITY TO CITY STAGE SMASH! SteveMcQueen FayeDunaway v.o rJ AIR CONDlTlONfO STONERIDGE RIDpE RD. WEST 621-1550 2:003:555:557:50 & 10:00 MATINEE DAILY TOM W THRU SUN. X A HNt FL CK!" "A TIGHTLY WROUGHT, FINELY ACTED PRODUCTION!" txzz. Lemmon Matthau 'S&iSWm areThe Odd Couple . Sim-iMcd tor M.ilurf Audioes CGI OR hv Deluxe '' ' SPV flf) fTiniP ..say no more. 41 CONDITIONED PANORAMA PENFIEL0 RD. IN PANORAMA PLAZA 381-7880 FEATURE SHOWN DAILY AT 1;30 3:30-5:30-7:40-10:00 .V '?y?S "PERHAPS THE MOST f-, . 'V x"EAUTIFUL MOVIE IN HISTORY!' 'XV? :lrcr . M V nv4 w J . . l-fj'.' Jht btb W? NOVEL lia farrow In a William Castle Production Rosemarys Baby MATINEES DAILY! DOORS OPEN 11:30 A.M. i!f CC flMFMA CLINTON AVE. SOUTH 271-1785 &?f-J;;.;Xyj Feotur Shown Doily ot '.r.;S... ! . .'V .... vS-:' ' ATZ, 4:50, 7:25, ig:iO 'THERE'S A GOOD FAMILY FILM IN TOWN!"wo d,c Positively Last 2 Weefcs! :''t vV: MATINEES DAILY! OPEN 1:30 P.M. v f 'f 4v LITTLE Jlf i''.-X. S til. UAfLT Al 2.00-4:00 vi'. A5 - V . 6:00-8.00 ond 10.00 0pi mATJNEES DAILY! DAILY ! , . . NSfl " Hl iTTl) fsJ yrVrff TECHNICOLOR' 'color A (7 THRE tiTTU KGS A MATINEES DAILY! OPEN 1:00 P.M. . ARcoND.r.oNfo DOORS OPEN AT 1:00 P.M. ! fek TOWNE kmk ctutSON m JEFFERSON RD. OPP. SOUTHTCWN 473-7660 Av"-. V' W I W I JVIM 4&- ;...i-V . .X . - ivV1' -, V,.V STUTSON BRIDGE PLAZA 342-7500 X b v rrinmr niA:i.n kkiu r. f .-- . ,y :- yS. 1 30 3 30 5 30 7 40 9 50 pW:';; ':'::?i:'j;- TODAY AT 1:30-3:30-5:30 'v .'"V; V X Xr5'-r-::-;:;' 7:40-9:45 'Bl Held Over! 4th & Final Week! N0W-IN ORIGINAL VERSION XliliJnW UIl I V WITH SUBTITLES! SAtTi- II I ? jT- f '1 -. i llflf I 1 1 1 1 iminril mirr nnnrnrnnii iiuinr rniinnnn I ;fU M WILLIAM hULUtin - LLIrr ItubLmdUII 'Vlrllt lUWAKUo I imm , I oriciAi. intbv ;J PLUS 2nd EXCITING COLOR HIT! 1 it SCJr Sfe- ilr; JANE FONDA -V1 $X AN ADULT PRESENTATION : ;f;T, , .... f . FINE ARTS ' vi77I7rN O RT H PA RKjM ' V,lX - OUTDOOR THEATRE SOT ;V;:V - 70? SOUTH AVE' 271-5800 XV'F'"VV HUDSON AT RIDGE 342 515? f ; ' W- Sa'- 'O t r.iO ''V :-'S'BR,0A01" :55 1:23 l&'M ONE WEEK ONLY ! What thev did to each other was nnthmo rnmnarpH tn what XffeS'M eydidto the enemy! WME mrnnw SPECIAL! So thai your entire family may enjoy this outstanding entertainment! . . . special children's prices for all performances! 2 SHOWS DAILY AT 2:00 & 8:00 P.M. IN A BIG WAY, II HAS FUN AND CHARM1" WA1WRATH DAC Gilded 4 H .!"- I Produced m I00D A-0 Color By DE LUXE CHOICE SEATS BY MAIL, PHONE, AND BOX-OFFICE! OX-OmCl OPfN DAHV II TO f W MAI1 O ilVIIKA f HIA1RI, P.O. tOX MSI. IOCMIHIH N T. 14.1S EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING RIVIERA 1451 LAKE AVE. 4S8-186S MATINEfS IVININGS OAHY-1:00 P.M. OAIIY-:00 PM. M.. tkr. S.t. . .l.SO Shu. lir. THwrt. S SO .. A H.I 1M rt. . .!.. H.I. . 00 PLtASf MAKl CHICKS OR MONtY OKDiRS PAYABlt TO THIS IHtATRf ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday. July 5, 1963 m iu iuiuvatuu T TTF DT7fTrT7 RALPH MEEKER JACK KLUGMAN LLOYD BOCHNER WILLIAM WINDQM TONY MUSANTE ALFREEMANJR llIilCOUELINE BISSET PANAOT Color by DELUXE DOORS OPEN I P.M. MATINEES DAILY tcATlIRE AT 1:45-3:45-5:45-7:50 & 10 D mMk A SIZZLER FROM FRANCE. Makes 'THE FOX' look like a milk-fed puppy. 'Therese and Isabelle' will be the most talked-about movie around." -WINS RADIO lill iKj radley MCTZC.ER ll'lIrlV M Praducllon TONITE: 2 Theatres 7:15 , & 9:45 , WO,, iimm tarring ESSY PERSSON A Womnn) as ThcrcMO and Anna (iarl as Isabella with Barbara laageAnneVfrnonMaurlce Teynac HUSOMt UOt t CM MOT II tOmtTIO HOW SHOWING! 2 TIIEATRESI r.iorjnoE StS MONRO! AVI.-471.064 CORONET S5S THURSTON ROAD-43.2M IIASI NOTI SHOW TIMISt MON.-'RI. 7:1 S A ti4S SAT. SUN. J, 00.4:00.1100.1:00.10:00 Students' Opener. A Lively 'Knack' By JEAN WALR.TH In a few days of summer University of Rochester students created a theater, which opened last night with a performance of "The Knack." They did it with speed, talent and abvious knowledge and with hot and hard work. Now all they need to do is cool their creation. They're good actors and their production moves with good timing but like many college troupes they give the impression of performing for their own fun rather than that of the audience. They do it more with splash than style. Where the situation calls for a clatter they provide an explosion. A jump is a crashing leap, smugness is a sneer, hysteria serves for nervousness, a scream for a giggle. That jars because It is the flaw in the most interesting young theater development around Rochester in a long time. The old storage shed in River Boulevard converted to a summer playhouse has been done with a flair and defies its origin. The theater is amall, the seats are comfortable, the view of the thrust stage is good. The atmosphere is intimate and a touch "mod," but unexpectedly luxurious, for the walls are hung with unbelievable lengths of black velveteen, no less. Ann Jellicoe's play seemed to us the perfect selection for the opening. Three young men, in various stages of experience with women, test their powers on a young girl from the country who happens to be passing by on her way to the YWCA. Only two, actually, are interested in the game and the girl, of course. The players are David Met-tee, Daniel Jones, Michael Conant and Charlotte De-Croes, directed by John F. Leyey. The production is designed by Victor Becker, producer. Ralph F. Dressier is lighting designer, 'and Mari-lynn Abbey in charge of costumes. Musical Theater for Young Plans 2 Shows at St. Agnes Two productions, 'Cinderella" and "Peter Pan" are planned for this summer by Storytellers' Summer Playhouse, a young people's musical theater conducted by nuns. vinaerena is seuor Thursday and Fridav. Julv 11 and 12, and "Peter Pan" for July 25 and 26 in St. Agnes High School Auditorium. The playhouse, in its fourth season, was originated with M. Claudia Hogan of the Sisters of St. Joseph who wanted to provide opportunity for talented children to take part in theater productions. Boys and girls have been chosen from more than 400 who auditioned last spring. Rehearsals are in session daily, and children are trained in dance, voice, dramatics and pantomime, costuming, stage techniques and theory. About 130 youngsters attend the sessions at St. Agnes. 'Her First Roman' Taken From Play by Shaw NEW YORK - "Her First Roman," the new Ervin Drake musical starring Richard Kiley and Leslie Ug-gams, is in preparation for its Broadway premiere Oct. 8 at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre. The musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's witty classic "Caesar and Cleopatra" and will be Broadway's first new musical comedy, inaugurating the season with lavishness and glitter representing an era that produced two of the world's greatest and most glamorous rulers. Michael Benthall is directing the musical which is based on only the third work of Shaw's to be adapted for a musical. Kevin Carlisle is staging the dances and musi cal numbers for the show. Michael Annals is constructing interiors of the palaces with the Egyptian baths, throne room, and the queen's chambers, as well as the mysterious surroundings of the desert All Family Show! WALT DISNEY'S "THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND" plus "WHERE ANGELS GO" FIREWORKS FRI. 6 SAT. Ml All Family Shawl WALT DISNEY'S "THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND" plus "WHERE ANGELS GO" FIREWORKS FRI.-6 SAT. William Hold. "THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE" Jans Fonda "BAREFOOT IN THE PARK" ALL COLOR SHOWI iri'i'rii'iinimi.i't-tfmtH.i "SAVAGES OF HELL" "YOUR BIG ENOUGH OLD ENOUGH" PICTURE! 'Shams of ths Sobins Women' Complsts Show 11:00 P.M. Sphinx, roof garden, and of course, the lighthouse. Annals is also designing the wardrobes. of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and Caesar, the Roman conqueror. The Ervin Drake score will be orchestrated by Don Walker. "Her First Roman" will have its world premiere July 29 at Boston's Colonial Theatre where it will continue for a five-week engagement. The next stop will be Philadelphia's Shubert Theatre for a three-and a-half week run beginning on Set. 4. Joseph Cates, Henry Fownes, and Warner Brothers 7 Arts are the producers. ' Minister Gets Part in Movie HOLLYWOOD - The Rev. John W. Guscott, recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal award from the Free dom's Foundation at Valley Forge, will play a key role in Paramount Pictures' "T h e Molly Maguires." The film, which stars Sean Connery, Richard Harris and Samantha Eggar, currently is on location in Pennsylvania. The Rev. Mr. Guscott, who was honored for his sermon on "America's Great Need for Patriots", will portray a bailiff at the trial of the leaders of an Irish secret society which fought to improve living and working conditions in the 1870s. The clergyman is an oustanding speaker in the conference of churches in Pennsylvania and resides in the town of Jim Thorpe, which formerly was Mauch Chunk. Garden Group Meets Youngsters 9 to 14 are eligible for the new junior Horticultural group at the Garden Center of Rochester, 5 Castle Park. Classes will begin next Wednesday at 10 a.m. and will be held on successive Wednesdays throughout July and August. UMli -JluLZZ ki.oai. ii mf i 3STr iiii . rr?? PLUS 2 HP HIT! LATE SHOW TONIGHTI

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  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 05 Jul 1968, Fri,
  3. Metro Edition,
  4. Page 24

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