The Junction City Weekly Union 12 Feb 1881 Death Notice: Part One: Hon Robert McBratney

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The Junction City Weekly Union
12 Feb 1881
Death Notice: Part One:
Hon Robert McBratney - HO.f. KODE.RT mcbratsev. rtBHta Sinee the Ust...
HO.f. KODE.RT mcbratsev. rtBHta Sinee the Ust issue of tbis paer tba s i Mfiliirifjfa iiaa ! ri rcvive by hU daughter, Mrs. C H.Tmt on the 61U inat., at Kauta Fe, 2rw Mxic the Hon. Rbrt McBratney experienced the last n earth. This affecting event was unexpected, since, bat a few days befere his death Aud 1 . tltol fa .nnnnncedtohUdanzhter b Jetitr Mr. fais purpo-e purpo-e purpo-e to return to Junction City on on the Uth of this mouth. Tfce career tnat has just elesed in deuce the death of Mr. McBratney required horses the di9Dlavf versatile powers and a aide ins display it r H vtry consideraoieoraero. aoiuiy. He was born January 1, 131S, at MrTiile. Ofti.. married at Daten, t Ohio March 23, 1S4S. F-r F-r F-r several yea during tbi period be edited and alarm published the "aenu iouculight, cue of the ablest and moat fearless auti body, slavery newspapers the publiph-d publiph-d publiph-d in their OhkJod I., "login. M.p-rtdcn,he that direful qufstiun brought faih It and courage to fainting heart in the about ranks Duringthis peried alts tbe underground railroad was in active was operation in Oiiio of which Mr. Mc- Mc- and Bratney wts a manager. In conduct- conduct- the inethisenterpri- inethisenterpri- by which many a He trmbl.ng9Uv,fromlh.8..u.b f.B. turned Hght and liberty, he beeame the wit nees of, and coanected with, miDj thrilling scenes and adventures. In 1857 be eameto Kansas, settled in Atcbiton, then a pro-9lavery pro-9lavery pro-9lavery town and became the editor of the Squatter piiy ger's the Savereigu newspaper.which previous- previous- f the I ly had been the mouth piese southern party in northern KaiiS i, but which now beau to send forth ?treng word for free Kansas. In 1S61 Mr. MeBratuey wasappeint- wasappeint- City ed by President Lmcolu, register . of 1 tluU th IT. K. land office, then located at Junction City. From tbis lime he became idsBiined with Juactieu City, which has continued to be his home. In 1864 he was elected a republican presidential eltctor, and beeame a member of the first electoral college ever appointed and convened in Kau is. He. befere this election, resigned the cflics of tegister, and in 1875 became the attorney cf Kansas In-diausin In-diausin In-diausin Vashiugion, actingl in tbis capacity until 1S77. He was at tbe same time devoting himself to tbe practice of the law in the city f Whini7tou. contrivine however, to are oat of a ride the are view take an active interest in the develop I meat uf the varied interests of Kansas. Associated witk Col. Plumb, P. B Maxon.N. B. G s, Capt. McCiure and the editor of this paper, Mr. Mc-Bratney Mc-Bratney Mc-Bratney was one of the original incor porators of the U. P. B. W. Southern Branch, now the M. K. & T. R. R of in the He was unwearied in hiseadeaton to j by promote the success of this enterprise, and was largely instrumental iu secur ing the splendid franchises that ultimately ultimately secured the building cf that great iine of Mil read. Though he and the other gentlemen named maintained maintained tae corporate organization ot that oompany ut their own personal of Du blv The exopnse. and bv tedious negotiations 1 with tho Atchison, Topeka and San-a San-a San-a v., c fu.r, Fe company and by securing favora .. ble legislation, the means ware gather ed which ensured its speedy construe of ian tha whnln wa relinaubhod to I the construction company without a dollar ot gain to the corporators and dm ctors. Indeed, it ?as cfcaracteris- cfcaracteris- Uc of Bobert MeBratuey that he never permitted his own selfish interests to I interpose an obstacle to the success of an undertaking to which he devoted bis energies. He was piesident of tho First National Bank of Junction City, from May 15, 1S72, to July 10, 1ST5, the whole period of its existance. Iu 1S71 there was organised the Kansas and Nebraska railroad company, of whieh he became president. To insure it success he spent liberally of his time and money, and finally in 1S73, entered into a contract with a Phila deljhia company for its construction, which.however.was rendered nugatory by the memorable panic f that diastions vear. From 1S75 to 1S77 Ei by to Mr. McBramey remained mot of his timu in Washingtou parsuicg the I priciice cf his profesio. Iulb77 he w eut to Cherokee county and bought an interest ia lead then just dtscovered on Short creek, but in thi was not successful, and returned to Tm-.r.tinii Tm-.r.tinii Tm-.r.tinii Citv. and in the summer of 1370 he went to Colorado and frem I t.h.nce finally to t?anla Fe to take Hrr of a newspaper. In tbe earlier histtry of tho Uniox Mr. McBratney was a (reqmeat cen- cen- u a columns, lit was a rtointed and forcioje wriier,exprcsiBg i always WitU OUergJ, " ' " I . . r , infinn.. From his first dsciaeu .amum KAi;.wAii tB entrance into n.. " th fnture greatness or me stair, uu purs ued the policy of devising libt ral

Clipped from The Junction City Weekly Union12 Feb 1881, SatPage 4

The Junction City Weekly Union (Junction City, Kansas)12 Feb 1881, SatPage 4
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  • The Junction City Weekly Union 12 Feb 1881 Death Notice: Part One: Hon Robert McBratney

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