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1965 movie listings - 'X. '4t . ' 4 ' t ! H v 7. SALLY'S SERIOUS Fan...
'X. '4t . ' 4 ' t ! H v 7. SALLY'S SERIOUS Fan Dancer Sally Rand Is ac-companiod ac-companiod ac-companiod by bail bondswoman Juanita Martinez, at the left, after arrest for a debt in Cardena, Calif. She is free on bail. (Associated Tress Photo) Saly Rand Arrested Dance OK, But She Didn't Pay Bill Board of Review Hails 'Becket' NEW YORK Hal Wallis' "Beeket," starring Richard Burton and Peter OToole, has been selected as the best motion picture of 1964 by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, reviewing organization currently currently celebrating its 44th anniversary. In announcing the selection selection of "Beeket," Henry Hart, chairman of the board's committee on exceptional exceptional films, said the Paramount Pictures release is "an outstanding example of the re-creation re-creation re-creation of the mise-en-scene mise-en-scene mise-en-scene mise-en-scene mise-en-scene of past time, proving anew that the motion motion picture is the most effective effective art form of the 20th century." Hill SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY!! fo2Q ",; VP JJlAl TOONS doors open it 130 show at 2 00 ALL TIX 50c SMORGASBORD Serving Noon 'til 8 P.M. SUNDAY, JAN. 3rd Adults $2.95 Children $1.25 I'nifed Dinner f lub TiekelM .ot Aeeepled I or Smorgasbord Ovrr 40 palate-pleasing palate-pleasing palate-pleasing dishes . . . like IWf Strogannff, Sauer-hraten, Sauer-hraten, Sauer-hraten, Clam or Shrimp Cocktails, anil Salail.s galore! Iti'iciilur Full Oturt.c Dinner Too! Enjoy Our New Candlelight Room Accommodates Up To 500 Persons ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, Ian. 1, 1965 HELD OVER 2nd WEEK - DinoC TUCATCDll,i illUUI. IHL.HII.I1 I 'CLEOPATRA' ! Illllll WEBSTER, N Y. TR 2-2807 2-2807 2-2807 Willi;: Con't from 2:33 VtAST fToCHESTtA LU 4-1100 4-1100 Ann- Ann- John MARGRET FORSYTHE Plus 2nd Big Hit GREEN LANTERN INN Straight Out F.nit Are. or Kmtern HxftreMway FAIR PORT 4 Corners LU 6-3980 6-3980 6-3980 -yiii -yiii lose your )d, heart jj .n an um again to m GARDENA, Calif. (III'D "Ilorsefealhers," (or words to that effect) said fan dancer Sally Rand when she was arrested early yesterday yesterday for failure to answer a civil suit. Two county marshals took Miss Rand into custody custody after she put on some clothes following her act at a night club in this Los Angeles suburb which is famed chiefly for its poker parlors. At 60, Sally is still waving waving her fans with the best of them. She first won nationwide fnme back in 1933 when she was credited with saving saving the Chicago World's Fair from economic disaster. disaster. The arrest was made on the basis of a warrant presented presented by Marshals Lendon Cramer and Lower Salser. The document was issued last Feb. 27 by Municipal Judge Fred W. Raab of West Covina, Calif., and alleged Miss Rand failed to show up in court Feb. 25 to answer a suit for payment of an alleged debt. Sally was mugged, fingerprinted fingerprinted and booked spending about 23 minutes in jail before she was released released on $550 bond. She must appear in Citrus Municipal Court Jan. 10. The marshals, after conferring conferring with Colony Club owner Murray Rosenfcld, waited patiently for Saliy to finish her show before making the arrest. Sally declined to' talk about the case but Rosenfcld Rosenfcld said, "Sally's story is that she was doing engagement engagement around the country last February and she wants to know how could she appear to answer this judgment when she was out of state earning a living?" living?" WITHOUT QUESTION THE LEADING CONTENDER FOR 5 ACADEMY AWARDS RICHARD BURTON mm r-.mm r-.mm r-.mm HH IGUAwa BEST PICTURE BEST ACTOR BEST ACTRESS Works by Claude Bragdon On Display in Rhees Library Original theater designs and paintings by Claude Bragdon, one-time one-time one-time Rochester Rochester architect, artist, author, lecturer and philosopher, are on display in the lower foyer of Rush Rhees Library Library for the month of January. January. Bragdon left Rochester in 1923, and from then until until his death in 1946, made his home in New York City. There he began a new phase of his life by association association with Walter Hampden Hampden as stage designer. In all, Bragdon designed sets, lighting, costumes and properties for 15 plays produced and acted in by Hampden. The display has been prepared by the Art Department Department of the Phillips Exeter Academy, where Claude Bragdon's son taught for a number of years. It is contained in panels presented to the library library by Henry and Chandler Chandler Bragdon to be added to the large collection of Bragdon manuscripts now in the Department of Special Special Collections. SHOWN AT 7:00 & 9:25 at; A 7 A The CHAD m TRIO in person! SATURDAY, Feb. 6th Reserved Seats Now $1.50, J2, $2.50. $2.75, $3.25, $3.75 EASTMAN THEATRE A jl - V Jt Jie t . . 1 a W i nil f'om (Stomal W as I rresisti bf e r r mini M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M Cl5 tiVtil TECHNICOLOR 1 .50-3:505:507:509:50 .50-3:505:507:509:50 .50-3:505:507:509:50 tl..4n A CM. A. Presentation ....- ....- EXCLUSIVE WILL NOT BE SHOWN ELSEWHERE IN ROCHESTER STARTS THE NEW YEAR RIGHT With the Biggest Laugh In 60 Years of Motion Picture History Stanley Kramer ;. "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, STARTS NEW YEAR'S DAY!!! Filmed in 70MM Reg. Waring Prieei No Advance Shown at 2-5-8:30 2-5-8:30 2-5-8:30 2-5-8:30 2-5-8:30 P.M. I ... mmsm MAD, WORLD" 1 MVmWdMlMmydim '. lTfirrPT ZSmmi gSWSXf fWV W mP" "jjH Waring Rd. Plata HO 7-1897 7-1897 7-1897 ! ! I) ; MILLARD TAYLOR I ft! wrm M Im n 1 ffl i J l kr U 1 a.m. DAILY Lvii mbi Pi" .glb asai "wEEK! All Cilor Show COME EARLY LEAVE EARLY COME LATE LEAVE LATE EAR I Y B'Pn SHOW ROX OFFICE OPENS AT 5 00-SHOW 00-SHOW 00-SHOW AT 5:30 a) 124 Albert Finney "TOM JONES" af 7:13 Cliff Robertson "633 SQUADROM" at 5 30 Rory Calhoun "GUN HAWK" i B At 1 30 Elvis Presley mm I "ROUSTAROUT" color I it 7:17 Susan Hayward- Hayward- I n Bettt Davis I "WHE"E LOVE HAS GONE" l at 5 30 Audie Murphy B "GUNFIRE AT B COMMANCHS CREEK" color puff ssw C mi n&FN HAYCiitOUNa J Tickets Now for mi: MirrnopoxiTAN oii:iia's Thrilling Soprano H'pdnoMlay January 6 8:15 Tickets Now At Box Office: $2.50, 3, 3.50, 3.75, 4.25, 4.75 EASTMAN THEATRE Civic Music Association Presentation Violin Soloist uilli the llotteier Philharmonic Orchestra LASZM) SOMOC.YI, Conduiling Program: MOZAH I : Violin Com rrto. A Mnjor RAVEL: Tzisane for Violin & Orrh. Mr. Taylor, Violin SoluUl SCHUMANN : Svniphoiiy 4 HANDEL: Watrr Musir Thursday JAXUAUY 7 at 8:15 Tickets Now! $2.75 3. .125 3.50 4. 4.50 EASTMAM THEATRE Tunc Tuesday to Travel! La Galerie presenti THE JAZZ BROS. Every Frl. & Sot. 9:30 P.M. 'til 1 A.M. From 2 A.M. 'til 5 A.M. 247 Broad St. EM 7-8929 7-8929 7-8929 (Frank) MARSHALL'S STEAK HOUSE Wishes All A HAPPY NEW YEAR OPEN WEEKENDS 2 BEG HITS HEEtS PLAYMATES" Adult Entertainment wMm And Serving From 12 A'oon Today 9890 DEWEY AVE. NO 3-9836 3-9836 3-9836 ii and 8HIRLCY VVfS IOWROH MID-SEASON MID-SEASON MID-SEASON CHAMP. w...m fi in v I PLUS Rochester Championship a SPORTS CAR RACES Sat. Nite Jan. 2nd, 8 P.M. gJISpeclal Guest Appearance WBBF'S "Emparor" Fogel 'jjVAR MEMORIAL fj Tickets on sale at the rfj War Memorial Boi Office S3 Adults $2.00 IS Children $1.00 'ffli m rs n n All-Chopin All-Chopin All-Chopin Program! !UB!ISTE1 MONDAY January 138:15 Good Seats Available! $2.25, 2.75, 3.25, 3.50, 4, 4.50 EASTMAN THEATRE I A CIVIC MUSIC ASSOCIATION PRESENTATION THE CIVIC Ml'SIC ASSOCIATION S 193 WINTER TRAVELOGUES FOl'R XEW COLOR FILMS JANUARY 12 THAYER SOULE's Trailing Lewis & Clark to Oregon Reserved Seats Now $1, 1.25, 1.50 JANUARY 1? WILLIS BUTLER'S CANADA JANUARY 24 PHIL WALKER'S SWITZERLAND FEBRUARY 2 NICOL SMITH'S MOROCCO Series Tickets Now at Box Office! $5.00 Save 20 Eastman Theatre "DELIGHTFULLY FUNNY MOVIE" COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE .. . - . . ? A ,v y j 1 "ff,!r' - llf.'"'!.! 4 1 1 ' Meiro Golowyn Mayer Martin Ransohoffs Production He. .. . . . mm via im ia n of V K 2 .1 tl .l mm EI I t'll El k JAMES " JAMES RJULIE Garner -Andrews -Andrews TISO AEI2CIHCOI1IZSTBDS1 OF Grenfell&Wynn r-MELVYN r-MELVYN r-MELVYN 2 GALA HOLIDAY SHOWS! MAT. 2 P.M. EVE. 8 P.M. TICKETS NOW AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL! 1 V,ost, i7? I loverly ( 4y H moiioii Afr jtfw ; & event ', ) . r ' tr-S tr-S tr-S n f . , -ljkMUii -ljkMUii in. - EPBURN-REX EPBURN-REX EPBURN-REX HARRISON - sTaTieyhouoway H Id UOUGLA; 2ND SMASH WEEK! -WHITE -WHITE sukmiimwi lA&"lF;N'lR JACIOWARNER GEGifC TECHNICOLOR SUPER PANAVIS!0N70 FROM WARNER BROS. rfSBT r I SMEZvif I ( I II llTirrir"-L llTirrir"-L llTirrir"-L im 1 f",i nr!WnsiM ii!HMjf) mmhia .iiilil'' kh-i:.)i-'1,I kh-i:.)i-'1,I kh-i:.)i-'1,I kh-i:.)i-'1,I kh-i:.)i-'1,I IkiaiSwgtilimilw PIUS "YOGI BEAR" g eortoofl feature HURRY, Yogi leaves Rochester in 2 more days I I I 4 sons 1 hi nts about 7" "Charlie99 and yonHl I " lord ttii?. ISbe comes on HELD OYER 2nd WEEK! , y llke 3 sirl looks ;Vi vliteagirl.laiighi like a girl.,. yet she says she once was Charlie Sorel, my best friend and he got y. m shot dead tor making 4 W m;W-M m;W-M m;W-M w npcicpo Rut nnw V W " ' he's back in great A, 9 1P v. tony i debbie i pat mftis i reijnohls I boone JnowrM Jorn Laura Uevon (SSC waiter mattliau . NOW TMI MOOH frP HITS I EAST AVE. at CHESTNUT ST. M. VQ A Itappji Nrw ywr en All! OPERATION FATHER GOOSE CAP.Y GRANT IS GREAT AS 1 CODE MAM FATHER GOOSE THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER SECRET AGENT IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC MATINEES AT 2 P.M. Monday thru Saturday 51 75 Sunday and Holidayi S2.D3 MATINEES STARTING JAN. 6 Wednesday and Saturday $1.75 Sunday and Holiday 12.00 EVENINGS AT 8 P.M. Sunday thru Friday $2 50 Saturdayi and Holidayi $3 00 Boi Office Open Dolly 10 to 10 Sun., 12 Noon to 10 LATE SHOW SATURDAY NITE TlekeH Alio At Monger Hotel; Seort Stores; Central Trust A Offices; Arbro Stores, Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. SCHINE Read Plata; Monroe Union THEATRE Optical. RIVIERA i U5I AKE ,VE. CaRy GRfiNT Lesue CaRPN TATHeR Goose' TECHNICOLOR JrevoR Howaro eMM n v ..she's Sk.-I Sk.-I Sk.-I

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