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Charles Adkins - SEE IK SPEAKER NEXT GOVERNOR Members From This...
SEE IK SPEAKER NEXT GOVERNOR Members From This District Hail j Him As Moses of Republi- Republi- I can Party. ; SPEECH HIGHLY PRAISED' Policies Certain to Win Him Confidence of Public and v j Legislature. .iib ii - the Illinois legislature from this district, in speaking of the policy of Speaker Charles A. Adkins of L.rr.ent. as outlined in the report of ' io speech in yesterday morning's lieraM, were unanimous In acceding v-,at v-,at v-,at Mr. Adkins i.s truly "the man of hour," thy man who can restore -..a'"e -..a'"e in the Republican camp and con-in con-in con-in the legislature to the people. Some went so far as t3 say that he .an in Hno for the governorship. Hav- Hav- teen chosen speaker of the house ; t one of the most critical limes in the riafvy of the Illinois legislature and i i ihe life of the Republican party in 7' s:ate, Speaker AdKlns was referred t... as the Moses of the Republicans. His v-jii.les v-jii.les v-jii.les were acceded to be of the kind !':. lend men to aCccess and his ability a- a- a :an of determination and fairness t.j -arry -arry them out to the letter, in the virion of the legislators of this d:s-t d:s-t d:s-t :c. will give him an excellent chance i: ho e:uers the next gubernatorial ill KrMtore Confidroee. ::.-aMmiis ::.-aMmiis ::.-aMmiis that Governor Deneen will i ry to succeed himself and the fact iir Adkins was elected to the speak- speak- Ti..ip of t'ie house, which is next in j...-..t j...-..t j...-..t lu the governorship alone, is ',.-;' ',.-;' ',.-;' o; the confidence of the leglsla- leglsla- r- r- iu aim. his chances for the guber-: guber-: guber-: v-jria! v-jria! v-jria! i.ominaiion from the Repub- Repub- an ri,tT ;y were said to be excellent. I: was said that if Speaker Adkins j:.:-s j:.:-s j:.:-s out the policy lie outlined and ! f t! at i;v will is everywhere he v i! have won the confidence of the i-H'i'j i-H'i'j i-H'i'j and t-ie t-ie t-ie members of the legis-i:.: legis-i:.: legis-i:.: ;re to such an extent that only s.r-'nt;' s.r-'nt;' s.r-'nt;' opposition conid overcome him i'. he cnoosea to accept the chance to '.'oi.fidcnce i i the speaker's ability, as a mu:i of determination to carry out 'J- 'J- outlined policy, was not lacking. ar..i as a man of high ideas of giving people whan they want he was liaised on every hand. Cyrus J. Ti'ckeri ' " Cyrus J. Tucker, W'urreiiaburg. iK"Se!itative from this district, in -peaking -peaking of Mr. Adkins. saiU: 'l am very much pit-:oeJ. pit-:oeJ. pit-:oeJ. that 7Mr. Adkins ha been elected to the Kpeak--rsnip Kpeak--rsnip Kpeak--rsnip Kpeak--rsnip of the house. I think thiit he i- i- fair minded and accomplished and .i determination to lo the right f.nd square thing, lie will hurry along natters in the assembly and he has a j.kj.j understanding of the needs of the -I'Ue- -I'Ue- -I'Ue- Xo such experiences as were in tiie last assembly will be demonstrated :ti t'.iis one with Mr. Adkins as speaker, 'ih- 'ih- assembly this year is a cleaner ' than that of last year and there a better atmosphere. His policy u'Jined in his rpeech at IJement is -jo.l. -jo.l. That lie will restore the eont'i- eont'i- !,.-,. !,.-,. !,.-,. th people in the assembly, IV confident. "If Si'eak-r Si'eak-r Si'eak-r Adkins succeeds in car-yUix car-yUix car-yUix out his policy, which I believe he ' I.s chances for the governorship "e : :.jst excellent. I think lie will V able to restore confidence in the ''rsiatiir and bring" peace to the Re-! Re-! Re-! ni'iican factions:." E. C. Perkins. T.. C. Perkins of Lincoln, also a state " r:-'s--n!ative, r:-'s--n!ative, r:-'s--n!ative, r:-'s--n!ative, r:-'s--n!ative, r:-'s--n!ative, said: "1 think I know Speaker Adkins' 'Imijcs in reference to his policy and ' i.-vf i.-vf i.-vf h v. ill carry it out to the Ict-'. Ict-'. Ict-'. r. Ilr will do the best that can be ''n- ''n- toward restoring: peace, which is Tlie only thing that can save the party. I believe Adkins is fair and don't think ' is in iihu to be any other way. While :e may not agree with anybody on Mn measures he stands for a majority majority rule on nil ihjngs. "I t-iink t-iink t-iink he will make good and if he restores confidence in the legisla-;,ire legisla-;,ire legisla-;,ire and some good legislation that i.e people want is put through this session his chances for the future, in-"ludir.g in-"ludir.g in-"ludir.g the governorship, ai-e ai-e ai-e good. The speakership i.s u chance that a man has. in which he makes or breaks his reputation. His future depends largely largely upon how he goes through this ses-"i"n ses-"i"n ses-"i"n and he hs lis good a chance as uirone for the governorship, considur-ni; considur-ni; considur-ni; the position he is in. If lie suc-:-"is suc-:-"is suc-:-"is suc-:-"is suc-:-"is in carrying the thing out he will i-'C i-'C i-'C a strong leader-Senator leader-Senator leader-Senator Henson. Stat Senator James A. Henson, in n statement made yesterday, predict-'1 predict-'1 predict-'1 laat the term of Charles Adkins of l;einrit, as speaker of the Illinois ')j.e of representatives, would he one '' the most fruitful in the way of "ood lav. s aid mcnaganierit in tie - L-tory L-tory L-tory of tl: Illinois Irgl slater', and ! e P;:-aV.t P;:-aV.t P;:-aV.t r Adkins was y.-t y.-t y.-t youn; in -' -' " bright political '-areer. '-areer. '-areer. .jTij-.r .jTij-.r .jTij-.r Her.ron sahl: ' if:-" if:-" if:-" 'jpi::ion of irp-aker irp-aker irp-aker Adkins' pol-VT. pol-VT. pol-VT. as he outlined it in his speech at Toent Saturday night. !s that it is 'ne that will bring harmony in the larpjblt'-an larpjblt'-an larpjblt'-an party, both at Springfield t"l throughout the state generally srid -i;h -i;h the working majority In the '"Sisiatye will bring the results to t.-. t.-. t.-. people that they are entitled to. 'And it will certainly aid in carry-out carry-out carry-out the pledKes of the Kepubliean Ii'-y Ii'-y Ii'-y in their convention, and restore lonfidenee in the legislature. It will ' a tendency to relieve the stigma liat Is now placed on the state " nd 'eprive Cook ceutity of its domlna-jlun domlna-jlun domlna-jlun of legislation in Illinois, whlcn ';i the past his been a very bid thing :r the people. "From my personal aetiualntane with 1Tr. Adkins 1 know that he Is thor-'" thor-'" thor-'" iChly capable of handling this position position and of putting these policies into "I predict that by the time the leg-1 leg-1 leg-1 at u re is ovf-r ovf-r ovf-r Adkins will be one ol Indent of fie Kepubliean party ;.i'I win be heard :ror.i in mar.y direction?. direction?. "Speaker Adkins has the kind of a '"rsonality and the peculiar qualltl- qualltl- Continued on I lfth I'ugo j ; ; i i7 in j ! I ! I i .-.pnoint .-.pnoint "f of

Clipped from The Decatur Herald09 Jan 1911, MonPage 1

The Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois)09 Jan 1911, MonPage 1
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