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McEnroe - A'fflfflBUR 010 TWISTER, Uotaj? at- 1ta...
A'fflfflBUR 010 TWISTER, Uotaj? at- 1ta ¥hfeaieiiiftg Attitude, fefowe^et, feint Many I*eef>l6 into St&fni tht Losses, t the was ' evening about <$ o'clock a whirlwind passed ffOin east of Burt southeast to the county Hhe. ¥he first damage reported is at the Bacon bt'idf e east of Surt. At Den* Palae's* it blew down a barh. South, of Ai L. Seeley's it scattered a camp' of Northwestern road graders working 1 <»ut the railway tax, but did no damage. tt went by Daniel Bice's, crossing the track of the 1894 cyclone, east of his place. His hired man stood within a few rods of it. tt was then a whirl of a few rods Wide with a lot of little whirl' winds following, and being absorbed, At the McEnroe farm it began to do damage. At Henry Calkins' it took all his buildings but his house. It crossed the Milwaukee track at the Stanton {arm, about half a mile west of Sexton. The Stanton grove was demolished and all Mr. Stanton's buildings were wrecked. A mile southeast it struck the Hoppe farm. A big barn was smashed completely. completely. Six horses in it were uninjured. uninjured. The storm was not wide, as the windmill on one side and the house on the other were left standing. The storm passed about half a mile ^ast of the big Prairie Catholic church, and as it left the ridge evidently went up into the clouds or was dissipated. It was not a cyclone. It was one of our little street whirls enlarged to a dangerous size. At different times -there were several distinct whirls. The storm was plainly visible from Algona, Algona, its exact course being located by many observers. It looked like a long serpent with a big head in the clouds and a tiny tail switching along the ground. It looked black at times and white at times. There was but little electrical disp>ln>y and only a dash of rain. It was gone in a few minutes, and the sun shone as brightly after it ^passed as before. Crowds went out from Algona in evening, and Sunday the country full of teams. BAD HAIL STORMS. THE UPPER DBS MOINES had a note last week about Daivid Miller losing 36 acres of oats in Oresoo from a hail ;Btorm which came Tuesday. Much damage was done 'to many farms in Cresco. Wednesday following a very destructive destructive storm began at Algona going southeast. southeast. EVoin the McEnroe farm east of town south and east'the fields were cut badly. C. B. HutoMns loses 35 acres of wheat, Perry Burlingame has 170 acres of oats completely destroyed and his crops generally are damaged badly. ,S. C. TrumbuH's big 'barley • field was completely destroyed. At Perry Burlingame's Burlingame's 51 window lights were broken broken from his and a 'renter's house. Damage was done on sections 9, 15, 16, 22, 23,'and 26 in Irvington, and further «ast. The corn will.oome up again but is seriously crippled.' Mr. Hutchins is 'the only one reported who has insurance. insurance.

Clipped from The Algona Upper Des Moines01 Jul 1896, WedPage 5

The Algona Upper Des Moines (Algona, Iowa)01 Jul 1896, WedPage 5
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