Hoard White 1906

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Hoard White 1906 - McKlNWBY, TEXAS. PRIPAt EVENl!>r<i>. HV.iTKMimi...
McKlNWBY, TEXAS. PRIPAt EVENl!>r<i>. HV.iTKMimi 2H, I 90 ÍI. IN THE REALN OF SOCIETY C1APT. AND MRH . J. L. iJllKKH nor A IJ.V E VTKHTA IX. pragfon belni? a rcffption to tha young people to meet I>r. and Mrs. Hoard. Capt. and Mrs. Greer received the guest» at the entrance door, while ( In the parlor T)r. and Mrs. Hoard. ' Mr, Sam Neathery and Mnry | Hf)ard welromed a<T! Misses Mar * smret Krwln and Kl.ara IfamnKmd pre»lde<l over the piineh howl. The ^ hands of plea-^nre w«>re p taken up ! where they ended in the afternofin | and this eveninir refeption prved to I LARfiE NUMBER PRESENT ' I Gijrireou«ly jrowne.l vfinne Indies ■ ----------- I handsome gewlenien. ent hanflnii re , j treats t»f vines anfl nowers an<l the Inspiring rntiefc eau-ie.! the hours tn ' ftass fjukkly and late it was when : the merry party bade at) gor>d night ’ th.inking Ihem for an evening of { Joy. Many Tlironged This Hand tKHiie Illune to Meet Hr. and Mrs, iionrd. Sumnier's social sea has long been quit, (he whllesallS of Its pleasures boats have been furled and the harbor harbor has furnished rest and shade for a period. But yesterday the wateis that hhve been as a polished sheet H. Jl T. C. H|M‘t lal Ilafe». Kansas City, Mo- Arcount American Royal Livi Stoik Show Rate of |t 5 ,r »5 for the round trip of silver, began to ripple, and soon j Hates of sale Oct. .'iih to hth, 19 Ufi whltP <‘appf*d wave» klH»ed the »bore and numerous barges, with silken sails, placed Its cargo of hand»ome gowned ladies ashore to attend the brilliant reception given by Capt, and Mrs. .1. L. Groer to meet Mrs W T. Hoard. This niagnitlcent home needed nc>t Hie touch of the artlHl’s hni‘<h. so Handsome fire its furnishing», hut the beauty and «olorlug» were heightened heightened by the vines and roses so g'u- eefully and tastily placed by tio* hos- itesH ami her aHsistants. As the do(»rs were opened to receive ihe gnesta little Klizabeth Ditto, a fairy ■ with the daintiest white froi k and blue ribbons, held the basket for curds. The colc»r scheme of green pink and while was at once noticed ■ The receiving Hue in the parlor wa.s a» follows: Mrs. J. L. Greer, wliite IrniKtrled net rol>e over silk: Mrs. W. T. Hoard, a princess gown of real lace embrodlerle in pears over silk; Mrs .f. E. Gibson, black .spang- led net robe over taffeta; Mrs. I-T A New'sonie, enihroderled net robe ov er «Ilk ; Mrs. George Wilcox, w hite net robe with full trimmings of Val lace. This room furnished an exquiste back-ground for this line of hand some gow'ns. Southern suailax fUl- ed to drooping with its berries, form ' ed a frieze, that stood out in such j beauty and naturalness. It caused | I many an exclamation and admiring | I glance. The electrolier from the; center of the room was gracefully ¡ i wound with green, while Ihe hrilli-j rrnf bulbs shadcnl with 1“ *cate pink | shade* sprinkled .a sof* l»w.ht over * ferns and amllax formed a hank of of green on mantle while from large i cut glass vases perfect roses of white and pink rested their heads against the brilliant foliage. The banisteis and railing leading to the secoml ! door were draped in the same poi>u- lar vine, while pink and white ruses í were everyw’here in evldeme From a vine lovered recess tuost beautiful music floated out on ih > perfumud ludened aid Th*- mit*-s seeimd to dance and b-ap to .greet you and flllei! each soul with still happier thoughts. The wedding j presents in the hall alone, were gorgeous In the extreme, cut handpalnti (1 ('htna and linen, decorations in the dining room wc>re ^ elaborate, an abiiudunce of green ^ fcustooned in ciirves and the c hoice • roses in their dainty tints added j grace* to hcauiy. .-\s we looked upon upon these jierfet t rosc's the folbiwing c-ame to mind. “The rose is fair but fairer w'e it dei'iu for th;it sweet od- ' oor which doth in It live ,. .\tt e\- qui.eite doilie adorned (he table, on the center of which a circulai minor furnlsheil Hu* Inise tor a cut glass | vase of white roses, while oi\ either side silver candalahras holding pinp pu|H*i'H with silken shades of the , same hue. the two cobus blending perfeetly witli the furnishings of the room, IMnk, whiie. and green cream, white cuae with pink Him mliigs, almonds ami mints of Hu* chosen i-olors were si'rved ^ From the tllning room the guesis repaireil to cozy nook in Hu* tuuk hall where delU ious piliu h was s*"< veil by Misses Florence Ht*iud and ^ .N’orma I’ardue. This reception I i>roved to he one of the prettiest and most enjoyalde ever wituesseil tiy .\lc Kinney’s charming women. The snn | was just hovering over the western horizon when the guests of the last hour baile hosles.s and lumorie good bye, with pleasant memories of a de lighthil afternoon voting Mrs * Hreer and her eorlerie of entt'riain latuers iileal 'I'be following kulies composed the ever watchful house parly, whose happy hearts and faces made each guest feel 4ha( mulh joy had been crowdeil into one after ' noon; Mesdanu*» E. X. MeAula>. E. i E. King. T. H. Emerson. .1. L. White. .1, L. Lovejoy. Jno Ferguson. W. E. Ditto, D. T. Fardue. J, 1*. Neivney, G. M. Oueal, G. Stiff, Howell Smith, Robert Erwin: Miases Mary and Florence Hoard, of Denton, May Greer, Mary Ferguson, X'orma Iktr- due, and lust and least EUzaheth Dit lo. Evejiiuft Ue4*ept toil. After a lull of a few hours this inaguiflcent home was again the j^ceue of .beauty resplendent, with *|iumerou8 electric lights llullnmhsr |iuraerou^ electric lights Illuminating Illuminating the iuxurloua apartments that were »o gorgeously decorated, the for return Oct.inchislve. IJmlt irth. 1906 . Fort Worth, Texa? Arcount Grand Chapter Order Eastein Star Rate of $ 2.35 for the vound trii Date of sale Oct. sfh 9 th, 19 '' 6 , Limit for return Oi t. i lih, 190 C. Kansas City, Mo; Anount Trans MisHisHlppl CtinuaerMHl Fongress; rate of for Hu’ round tri|) dates of Sale No., 12 » and 2 1 . lituit for retu n X'co L’**, Atlanta, fSa. Arioijnt Homecoming for Georgi.ins; rate of |-j 7 .')n for the round trip- dates of sale Oct. ^ and 9 : limit for return thirty da>> from date of jgFie. For further Information call on. J i: CLARKE. Agent. FIrsI Momia J Itini **r. The Woman'« Foreign Mission :->o« iety of the Methodi.-^t f hurch wii! give a dinner Firtt Monday in Hu* iluttie building -ide of stjuare wltdtt Fur Sab* The old Baptist »hurch lot, on South Tennesae ittrx*ef. and Bapti.st persunag^ 1 oi’ i>ai-Hculftrs. etc., se«» Capt. J. S DowelT. J W Webb or Dr W. T. Moore. 2 7~-2 w C<^nete^y AsM>»-iati«*n The Ladies Cemetery iat i»ui will meet toimurow aftern»*on a» J o’» lot k with .Mrs T. H Emerson You need gr.* n pepper fa* k*t> up. Vv »' havt* it. I’rice Stir'^. tf “Dr. tiunn’s- glass I city. The The old reliable guaranteed rem eily. Fir. Gunn's .Ant’^eptic. »*an now he found at thr»*e places in MiKin ney: at Mate Barnett's residence, at Goostree Bros , an»i M»'Kinne\ Bros. iVIivere»! to any part of the Try it. Prepare For Cold Weather We Have What You Want ^f-SiRANOt^ b^ATIONAL STOVES *1 RANGES AWARDED GOLD MEDAL WORLDS FAIR. 1904 XllITi K in «<» tl<*;der out of U»wn or in town that Will »irter you >k stovo aa U*w iu i»no« us we sell »>ur NATIONAL Stove* and Haug«í*. *' e liuyllein »»t speci»! pri»»t*.s an»l wall them Iwlow uU iK)ss»ble ov>mpetitiou. luvvst* Igat»*« Coiiin County Implement-Vehicle Company R E CiRPiNiER, Pres, and Mgr. West Louieiana St., McKinney, T

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