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1958 drive-ins - Swede to Be Bergman's Third Mate Show Times 4...
Swede to Be Bergman's Third Mate Show Times 4 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, July 4, 1958 I JONDO.V, July 3 (LTD ; J Screen star Ingrid Berg- Berg- t A J man announced xonay mic plans to marry Swedish busi man Lars Schmidt Miss Bergman, . who expects expects an annulment of her marriage to Italian movie director Roberto Rossellini . in Rome, made the announce- announce- ment shortly before she flew ' to Paris to meet Schmidt, j In Rome, the news was con-, con-, con-, , sidered the latest of a long scries of bitter, personal setbacks setbacks for Rossellini. His Stromboli romance with Miss Bergman, who bore him three children, went on the rocks last year following his return from India, where his name had been linked romantically romantically with that of Indian script writer Sonali Das Gupta. The couple was separated legally last Nov. 7 and annulment annulment proceedings now are underway. In addition, two Italian business yesterday filed bankruptcy bankruptcy petitions against the movie director for his alleged failure to repay a $34,768 note. Miss Bergman planned to spend the weekend in Paris with Schmidt, who has been escorting her around Europe ever since her split with Rossellini. She was expected to return to London Monday to complete her latest movie, . , - i if V - f - i ; J DOWNTOWN MOVItS Leew'e William Holden and Sophie Loren ta "The key." 11, 2:35, 6:10, I 9.V Palace And Griffith in "No Tim : lor Serjeant!,1' 12:2?, 3 35. :50, 10. rarmmoanf fclvia rrctiey m Kinf Creole." 12:30. 3:40, 6 50. 10. Regent "Attack of the Puppet People." 11:35. 2:15, 4:50. 7:30, 10:05, and "Tlie Colowal Beat." Ciaraa Alec Guinnea and William William Holden in "The Brldee on tha River Kwai." 130. 4:10. 7:05. 9:55. f ine Ana "WitneM for the Prosecution." Prosecution." 7:10 and 9 15. Little "Seven Bride for' SeTen Brother!." 1:45. 3:45. 5:45. 7:45, 9:45. NEIGHBORHOODS I Inrnla Italian filmi. I yell "Around the World la SO Davv" Rialte, E. Roch. "Scared Stiff and "Forest Ranfteri." Warim "Around tht World la 0 Davv" Webster "Mr. Robetti" and "Battle "Battle Cry." World "The Vampire" and "The Violator!." DRIVE-ENS DRIVE-ENS DRIVE-ENS Central "The Pride and the Pis-lion" Pis-lion" Pis-lion" and "Sad Sack." Empire "Merry Andrew" 'Toward 'Toward the Unknown" and "Column "South." Lake Shore and Washington "Perri" and "Gunsmoke." North Park "Pal Joey" and "Utah Blaine." Rochester "Three Facei of Eva" and "Deep Six." Starllte "Tarnished Angela" and 'Long, Long Trailer." THEY'LL MARRY Ingrid Bergman and Lars Schmidt were in Gothenburg, Sweden, when picture was taken last March. (AP) "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness." Happiness." The planned wedding would be her third attempt at finding happiness in marriage. marriage. Chamber Orchestra in Varied Works' By HARVEY SOUTHGATE J THE EASTMAN Chamber Orchestra gave another of - its well balanced programs, ', designed for pleasant summer glistening, last night in Kil-; Kil-; Kil-; bourn Hall, Frederick Fennell ; conducting. It was the second of the season's series, and the I audience, if not quite as large I as the one at the opener last week, was as quick to recog-i recog-i recog-i nize the superior caliber of this small orchestra reduced last night to about 22-players 22-players 22-players jr( in which each member be-i'comes be-i'comes be-i'comes in a sense a soloist, carrying an individual respon-i respon-i respon-i sibility in the total sound. No chance here to cover up un-' un-' un-' der weight of numbers. V The audience left the hall with the melodies of Mozart's No. 36 Symphony providing a happy last impression. Mozart's Mozart's symphonies have a ma- ma- ' gic quality of sounding equal-ly equal-ly equal-ly well with either large or small orchestra. One advan- advan- tage in hearing them per-" per-" per-" formed by a chamber orchestra orchestra is that one can catch at close range the aristocratic elegance elegance of the Mozart themes, the unfailing flow of melodic ideas, the skill in giving each instrument a special part in the texture of the music. A THE NO. 36 SYMPHONY (Linz) is said to have been written in less than a week as Mozart hastened to put together, a program for the theater in - Linz. He was only 27, still borrowing ideas from other composers, then 1 employing them in his own way. The No. 36 has marked . suggestions of Haydn in its 'rhythms and structure, at the same time it is real Mozart, cheerful, delightfully melodi- melodi- ' ous, with true classic distinction. distinction. The performance, if a little self conscious in details at times, brought out the rare flavor of the work and was rewarded with long drawn out applause. The Brandenburg No. 1 Concerto was likewise a sheer . delight. One may prefer one or another of the six gems that make up the Brandenburg Brandenburg series and still conecede that each has its special charm. The No. 1 is exuberant, irresistibly "dancy," with gay moments sobering down to a lovely adagio and ending with a menuetto of grace and beauty. The work went with great zest and won a special acknowledgment for Mr.Secon and Mr. Schweikert for their French horns. QNE OF the less remembered remembered works of Dr. Howard Hanson is the music from the Forest Play, "The Soul of Sequoia " which dates back thirty years or more. Last night the orchestra played the prelude and ballet from this really charming poetic work, in which suggestions of old American tunes glint through a broad pattern of pastoral color. ' The program opened with the "Capriol" music of Peter Warlock, modern English composer, consisting of six short, interesting movements, and included the seldom heard "Italian Serenade" of Hugo Wolf, transcribed by Max Reger. This is a work of real substance, abstract in style, but orchestrated with great skill ' and demanding virtuoso playing. It was heard with interest. L I Lv- Lv- w LJ SOUTH AVE. at GREGORY Bit 1-5800 1-5800 1-5800 - FREE PARKINS HELD OVER 2nd WK. ONCE IN 50 YEARS SUSPENSE LIKE THIS! TYRONE POWER MARLENE DIETRICH CHARLES LAUGHTON UffilESSEI. Piio:nmc:i Show at 7:10 & :15 EE? lerh In Color Hanry Fonda & ama Caqnay "MR. ROBERTS" Aldo Ray In "BATTLE CRY" EAST ROCHESTER TODAY Conr. from 2 P.M. Martin & Lawia "SCARED STIFF" F. MaeMurray Paulatta Goddard "FOREST RANGERS" ENJOY THE FRIDAY EYENING DANCES AT THE LAKE BREEZE CLUD IN ONTARIO BEACH PARK "The Most Beautiful Dry Wte-Club Wte-Club Wte-Club in the U.S." City-Owned City-Owned City-Owned Friendship Club Operated Tonight 9:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M; CARL DENGLER'S ORCHESTRA pfii Tha DEI0N4IR'S Mala QUARTET DANCING EVERY FRIDAY EVENING DURING THE SUMMER IN THIS GLAMOROUS PLACE ON THE SHORE OF LAKE ONTARIO FOR SINGLE YOUNG PEOPLE ONLY NON-PROFIT NON-PROFIT NON-PROFIT ONLY 90 CENTS EACH 3 JULY 4th WEEK-END WEEK-END WEEK-END E Sea Foods, otc Stop In Triday, Saturday, or Sunday for Our Charcoal ?in irr ALS0 g&IU Chick. Chops UATCI M Route 104 WOLCOTT. NX"S" iFrom 12 Noon to 9 P.M.f STMTS . TOMORROW H aX. J j i&aal-av.. i&aal-av.. i&aal-av.. . mi ' a1J ii.f.H.l 1 I -A -A Ka Wanted Llcney and Pcxer-Ke Pcxer-Ke Pcxer-Ke Faced Jastice and Kate! LATl FEATURE TOfWf 10:30 P.M. uouT 15C NTt f ' " - Pit ) f .4 fc-r-.. fc-r-.. fc-r-.. fc-r-.. fc-r-.. -,.4a -,.4a . I ""'" I ia MM 4 V ' TODAY'S MOST , EXCITING SINGING j STAR IN A STIRRING DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE! CAttotTH mlteh eouxfj w vc SO HAL WALUS ooucr 3T1 UllANfMONHCCHI ""J - m STFWflRT U.ll PLUS .HB EYES RAIN DEATH 5213 , (MO ROD GTEIGER rJ V., A CtAHAM CENri $TO O tIJfMMI tusmsi ucoms UVMOMAMAI "J riirbl DAVID KNIGHT , ' LAST DAY: "7 BRIDES FOR 7 BROTHERS" LING RD. BETWEEN DEWEY AVE. I OEtENLEAF UX PHONK CHarlotta 2-222 2-222 2-222 From long Pond Id. or Ml. Itaod BM. aily eccaurbl mo Dowoy Am to ting M. tmm loko Am. to ootxk Ay. oad GcMnbof td. WASHMCTON ST. N. NEAR E. ROCHE5TER " PHONE LU 4-4864 4-4864 4-4864 haipoft td. Pwfiold (d or IMoa A. to Woikiogtoa Si. N. rer H noMovio PalilunJ to Wotkinykjo St. H. YOUR KIDDIES WANTED THIS SHOW . EXCLUSIVE DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN THEATRE HOLIDAY PROGRAM. DISNEY'S BEST and ACTION PACKED WESTERN. THREE HITS at BOTH THEATRES. I m ...... -j. -j. - I n SHOW STARTS AT DUSK Loeortod btwtra Lytll Ava. ad Rldq Rd. Long Poad Ed, pifrfatmaa' Park Let the klda tee Santa and hit Castle Ride "Tiny Tractor." and Pontes Pet Live Animals OPEN 12 to 6 EVERY DAY BUT MONDAY Snack Bar On mile wait el Albion ON ROUTE 31 Home oi Santa Claus School JSsWEsV WTeVOXjaf SaiaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaaBaeg jjjj EXTRA COLOR CARTOONS Wlt Disney, Y " R THl STOtY Of - First trie-life trie-life trie-life TiataCy at .eoioa ar TECHNICOLOR AUDIE MURPHY "GUM SMOKE In Color r rntmt a r a m iMntf tire. - I I ' I r mm nVtms ' I - -- -- 3 Ho HHi In Color "MERRY ANDREW" Danny Xaye William Holdon "Tnwnnn tv. a uwmrsvivi w ww aas.v W ... .1 W V A. Kurp'hy "COLUIDIS SOUTH" vi Hour Kiddie Kartooas Bafora Show mm un w I acoTTmui aa. rt STAWTS W. HtMUtTJA IB. . All Color Sfto Joanna Woodward David Wayne "THREE FACES OF EYE" Alan Ladd Dlanna Footer; In Color "DEEP SIS" EXTRA CARTOONS All Color Show-Rock Show-Rock Show-Rock Hudion Dorothy Malone "TARNISHED ANGEL" I Cintmateopa Plua lucille Ball Deal Arnaa "THE LONG, LONG. TRAILER" t Color Cartoons on Kiddie Scree at t:30 7 WEEK! 'k'l I , fW'SVIISTS GRAND HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE FAMILY i mtm-mwmmm mtm-mwmmm mtm-mwmmm j"J IV J- J- -V -V mWr, I e l1 I UW M A King of the Monsters with TV's Perry Mason "GODZILLA". D COLUMBIA mm freest 1 SIM SPIEGEL PIOOOCIIOI - WILLIAM HOLDEtl ALEC GUINNESS JACK HAWKINS. VCG DRDDGG Oil uCG LlOVGQCrJAD IOI SXSSUE HATAKAWA JAMES DONALD ANN SEARS an3 lotroduciRE Ct Of FRET H0RNE ONS)MScOPC TCCHNICOtjONe EXCLUSIVE ROCHESTER ENGAGEMENT SHOWN AT 1:30, 4:10, 7:05, f:S5 AT BUVTiriL Altt-CONDITIONID Altt-CONDITIONID Altt-CONDITIONID tmnrn sooth at ooomaw FREE PARKING STAR MARKET PHONE BR 1-1781 1-1781 1-1781 2$ 1 OPEN ALL DAY FRANK MARSHALL'S 630 Ridge Rd. W. West Ridge Shopping Center Si al vino Creole Lounge 9 p.m., DIXIELAND RAMBLERS Don Manning Trio July 8 thru 13 . BOBBY HACKETT TflKBS Formerly Golden Grill 4775 LAKE AVE. CH. 2-1711 2-1711 2-1711 Jik etrMKL: saVsMstWWM! I II HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED AIR-CONDITIONED AIR-CONDITIONED FOR COMFORT . MICHAEL TODD'S . In feor'a Moit Corgeous Snow In Technicolor "PAL JOEY" Plus "UTAH BLAINE" Kldil Free Real Pony Ride Every Friday ft Satvrdey Hang On Everybody.. I. A&. aMEVrSAlww: .aaaWeaaaW.1 ' i. f rf . e TX. I 1 NOW SHOWING KARTOON KARNIVAL IN COLOR I I nu t T.nn ta . n..b kinniac HMrtre 11 tp;s I 6 1 ANT PLAYGROUND . . . MODERN CAFETERIA. tffflWjRMAiimW. free lollipops LffltWl& WfittT " ' ; i MATINEES j "fi il JSWfe' '" i1 JuWA-SS-, JuWA-SS-, JuWA-SS-, JuWA-SS-, JuWA-SS-, h ; r ... liS .... ...C, VH Adult fOe . Child. SOe , ! f 3 V-.My V-.My V-.My EVENINGS 1:30 ' ' y j Adult $1.25 Child. SOc ; I I 1 A ViilJ rronkSinatr, i I - .f IA '...with this key f wfe J hi A I thee wed... I feU jJaWI GALA . I H;lVj; i j HOLIDAY HliffiJ l.V1 MO). FOR THE FAKHLY X lt Md fill fiE ' V : nl'l tv'W L I Ua TREVOR HOVYAQD' llu''X tTll fen jsliSi . bM A Vi' " ) KKwart . BeavMrfl . Brym . .Noel ENJlHi J SyjjTkA OSCAR hCJMOLKA j' JJ T-S-iS T-S-iS T-S-iS T-S-iS T-S-iS fUN S I I W A HIGH ROAD PRESENTATION I w4 mwm mmwmt-tmmW mmwmt-tmmW mmwmt-tmmW wf JfiK DC HAfiTOC WBw fcw e w ni i CAflLFQRCMAN CAPO. REED a.jljh jewi. TOBHtTBAWKia I -k -k 7 AIR-CONDITIONED AIR-CONDITIONED AIR-CONDITIONED - i -K -K STARTS r-t r-t r-t 7K7innn CLINTON Plus: Murder on the High Sea! i TODAY y7 AT COURT "MONO O'BRIEN-MONA O'BRIEN-MONA O'BRIEN-MONA FREEMAN r II III II 1 1 1 1 I 1 tttmrnwrnm n. ti m m ! Iirnl ll.nn A.M. 1 llUiJ Lfl I ll FJ I BA 5-5005 5-5005 5-5005 wuhlu wa b juai FROM WARNER BR0S.W FUNNIER THAN THE PLAYl HAPPIER THAi'i THE BOOK! MYRON McCORMlCK li fKa I AM, Mieai a (MMa. ta, l aann aAia Aid AMI IW I l 1 I LL I III . w- w- - 11 iu i it lipr rr in , jfj RKkMOM-MioMt RKkMOM-MioMt RKkMOM-MioMt nnui uiviiiini jw Cta GEORGE MONTGOMERY In B ADMAN'S COUNTRY OLYMPIC PARK JET t DISPLAY Z Famous for KIDDIELAND FREE PARKING SCOTTSVILLE RD.

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle04 Jul 1958, FriPage 4

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)04 Jul 1958, FriPage 4
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