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hitting was Front were the Lyons died the well-known well-known 80, the a of died the a and of a on the it his is the and to seen the play 18, first 11. few and for ID D E Bal-inese inspiration), a sunken tteasure, head-hunters head-hunters head-hunters and a volcano eruption. And all in color. Add it up and you have a long line at the boxoffice. And that's what happened at the Paramount yesterday when "Road to Bali". opened. The show is everything of which dreams are made for the combined followers of Crosby, Hope and Lamour, which amounts to quite an aggregation of moviegoers. The pro duction is popping with gags, and not bad ones. Burlesque romps merrily along with Hope and Crosby, tossing out playful spitballs at some of the other boxoffice winners winners of 1952, including Martin and lewis, "King Kong," "Tarzan," Esther Williams and "Oscar" winner winner Humphrey Bogart. CROSBY is the "brains" and Hope the fall-guy fall-guy fall-guy ,7 Australia "mZ , embarrassing cir- cir- team, stranded in nonsense begins, cumstances cause the team to jump off a train, on which Crosby is riding riding the cushions, and Hope is down below, on the "rods." After pulling themselves to their feet at the track-side, track-side, track-side, they are in the midst of a herd of sheep singing the "Whippen- "Whippen- poof Song" with Ihe chime chiming in on the chorus. Three of the sheep, incidentally, are Technicolored in different tints, because they are the ones "they make argyle socks out of" j In search of employment the vaudcvillians meet up with an island prince, seeking to hire divers for a sunken treasure. Whisked off to the prince's kingdom, the Messrs. Hope and Crosby meet the prince's beautiful cousin. That i Miss Lamour. Lamour. "I he island is crowded with beautiful women, enough to stage a girl show in a manner that does credit to Hollywood's best extrava gance producers. The show over. the heroes, prince and princess set out to find the treasure. BF.FORE it's over a great many impossible events have occurred quite plausibly, partly due to the photographic Houdinis abounding the orbit of Hal Walker, the direc tor. Women rise like vapors from jars wnen tne proper music is played, and disappear from whence they have emerged, and sea ser penis, apes, alligators, lions and monkeys all hobnob with the heroes, in friendly fashion or otherwise. The old mud, slime and pie throwing slapstick which has been inescapable in Hop pictures of the pasl, has thank you, Mr. Pro ducer been replaced with more original gag stuff in "Road to Bali The production has a fresh look- look- even including Dorothy 1. amour's South Seas costumes, which, if they are sarongs, have gone sophisticated. Hope and Crosby, too, are the best dressed South Seas travelers of the year in striped pajamas with match ing turbans, for instance, or in cere monial wedding dress with witch masks, or as Aussies with wide hats and beards. Ml KVl-N KVl-N KVl-N v i ft is an impressive villain as the prince who is trying to do away with tht Americans and do the beauteous cousin out of her treasure. I ne niirirsque of the hosottu-e hosottu-e hosottu-e giants is a good part of the fun, and we'll say, that considering Crosby's singing and acting contributions and the all-out all-out all-out production fanfare, this is the best of the wild, Hope-starring Hope-starring Hope-starring screen sprees. Stage, Screen Here Today stsok Anna Molnar't "The Thins." t(). Pliy's tht I Ofw'l Fslhfr Willi.. inH Virlnr Mitutt in "Million Doll.r Mfrmud " II s. : ss. n is. g is. Plc R.v B.iijrr nd Dori? rmt In "April in Puns." 12 ss. j:ss, 7, 0. Paramnunl Boh Hon. Rin rro.hv Porinhv lmour in "Rond (n Bali " 1 4. 7. til. ReifnlJohn Tsvne. Artfn nhl anil Cfdnc Hardwicke In "Csnhhcin," I, 4. n ss. 9 ss. Clnrm Rn Harrl.on and I Ittl Patmfr "The Fourpositr." 1:40. i tn. I M. 7 4ft. 45 l ittle Airs Oulnns in "Ths Promot er." 2. .VSS, 5 5S. 7 SS, 9:M. Strand "Savage Africa.'' 1:20. 4 10, 7. and Richard Arlen and Andy Drvlna In "Tropic Furv " MICHRORHOnOS Grand "Sleel Tran" and "Mnnt.n. ! TerntoTV." i I Ihfrti "Ponv Sotdier" and "Mv ! Wife'. Bf.i Friend " 1 Inroln "Fvervthint I Have Is Yours" and "Vamprde. I sell "Hangman's Knot" and "Son I of Ah Raha." ! Madlon "Ponv Soldier" and "Mv ! Wife's Best Friend." Monroe "llanaman'i Knol" and "Rono (oes to College " Resv "Evervihins I Have Is Yours," and "Ride 'em. Cowhov." Rialto. F. Rack "Ponv Soldier" and "The Jungle." Riviera "llanaman'i Knol" and "Riino (toes to Colleae." State "Ponv Soldier'' and "My Wife'i Bevr Friend " Temple. Fatrport "Hannman's Knot" and "Apache War Smoke." Warlns "Pony Soldier" and "Outcast of ihe Inlands " I SSehvler "Sleet Trap" and "tost In! Alaska. el Ind "Just for You" and tana Territory." Mon- Mon- Crabtree Show Has Tryout "Mid-Summer." "Mid-Summer." "Mid-Summer." directed and co-produced co-produced co-produced hy Paul Crabtree. managing managing director of the Famous Artists Country Playhouse in Fast Rochester, Rochester, opened for trout New Years bse in Hartford, Conn. The drama is set to open at the Music Box in New York Jan. 22, and in the cast is Robert Fmmett, who was seen here last Summer with his wife. Kim Hunter, in "They Knew What Trxy Wanted." NEXT TO PARADISE Dorothy Lamour plays tune that charms genii's out of jars R Z Q Z H t Off C TS - Fun for Kids By DICK DAVIS Yo-ho-ho Yo-ho-ho Yo-ho-ho Yo-ho-ho Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of technicolor soda pop. "Carib bean." a red-blooded red-blooded red-blooded swash buckling saga of Hollywood piracy, opened at the Regent yesterday. It's complete with a duel of ships, torture, a branding, a slave rehcllion, a rattle royal and a pair of the most dastardly villains Paramount Paramount Pictures has ever put on a Rochester screen in 1958, anyway. John Payne, Arlcne Dahl, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Francis L. Sullivan figure prominently. To tame the spectacle or to let your children's excitement cool off, for youngsters as well as adults appear appear to enjoy the whole showing thoroughly "Navajo" is quite satisfactory satisfactory as a second feature. This film, which has won several awards including one from Parents' Maga zine, rivals the main attraction. "NAVAJO" has an exciting story too, hut has advantages of being somewhat educational and highly imaginative as well. It ssas filmed entirely on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Reservation, and includes excellent photography photography of very picturesque scenery. In "Caribbean" the only "good guy' is the hero, John Payne, ar. American soldier of fortune. There are lots of "bad guys." Sir Cedric Hardwicke a pirate chief such a trusting character he has a food taster eat some of all his food to make sure he won't be poisoned oy his crew, Francis L. Sullivan plays an overbearing planter-merchant planter-merchant planter-merchant who lives on an impregnable Carib bean island, Hardwicke's mortal enemy. Willard Parker plays the island overseer, who heats and kills the slaves unmercifully. AM) ARLtNK Dahl, cast as Hardwicke's daughter, shows she is not averse to cruelty herself until, of course, she falls in love with Payne and is transfigured to sweetness sweetness and light. All these attractive characters have a fine time among themselves until T'ayne, spying for Hardwicke on Sullivan, gets into the knife fight with Parker. This is Ihe signal for the slave revolt against Sullivan and an attack on the island by Hardwicke's Hardwicke's pirates. H TKCHNICOLOR is put to all its use in "Caribbean." There are lots of opportunities for stirring tropic photography and the cameramen have taken advantage of all of them. "Navajo, produced by Hal Bart- Bart- lett, and written and directed by Norman Foster, is the story of a child, and is semi-documentary semi-documentary semi-documentary in that it tells much of Ihe life and history of the Nasajo tribe. Let's Explore Z . ARE &IPL OR BOV GRADE PUPILS MORS POPULAR? GjplOsovLJ By Albert K. Wicfiam I. Girls, according to a study by psscholofiist Read Tuddenham. He 'had children in grades 1. 3. and ote and the girls received more for being "liked by every one," "be-1 "be-1 "be-1 ing quiet and "full of fun. laments allegedly written on a type ! grades I and III boys were voted about zero in popularity, but were above zero by grade V. Boys were genetally voted "restless." "quarrelsome," "quarrelsome," "bossy," "show-off," "show-off," "show-off," etc. Girls were less "show-off "show-off "show-off as they grew older, and boys the opposite. I. Certainly. A University of Washington suivey showed that as a man's money and property increase his political views become more conservative. This has always been true. A man with money doesn't want to risk it in new political ventures. ventures. Revolutions have always been carried out chiefly by the underprivileged underprivileged classes. They have, or think they have, nothini to lose S j li A 1 9 ill II l aaaaaam I tf-mmmaKfm tf-mmmaKfm tf-mmmaKfm 4 WKW I lm. UNDER CARIBBEAN MOON Arlene Dahl and John Payne are stars of Regent's new pirate adventure, "Caribbean." Film Cliches of Any Yedr: Quinn Mdkes '53 List By EDITH K. ROOSEVELT I OLLYWOOD tin In spite of Cinerama and 'other new-fangled new-fangled new-fangled gadgets, movies in 1953 will show the same old cliches that have always always been popular, actor Anthony Quinn predicted yesterday. "The domestic drama in which wifie lets hubby in on the big secret by knitting on a tiny garment is here to stay," said Quinn. " 'I'm going to have a baby' would be too easy for the average screen writer." There's sure to be a movie about college football in which John Smith goes into the game in the last two seconds of play scoring the winning touchdown in spite of an injured back, a sore toe, and the near loss of his girl. Movie fans may expect, Quinn said, many musicais with the "plant ed song cue. Example: Darling, you look glorious tonight, eyes shine like the pants of Your a blue Your Mind 2. DO AMAHS MOHBV THE WAV W47 VOTES ? VESO WOO 3 IS P0?6RV BV TVPf -WRITER. -WRITER. OH LOH6HAHD MO& EASILY DETECTED ? land everything to gain. In the end, they usually lose and land under a dictator. i. I v pc i iter, accoruing to tne FBI. Alger Hiss was convicted chief- chief- ly on testimony furnished by docu- docu- writer. Handwriting experts can tell a lot about forgeries, but with a typewriter a microscope will reveal a tiny chip off a letter on i slight angle that could not characterize any other machine in the' world. I always stick to my old Indiana hillbilly longhand. !ASTl VOIR f HABITS Don't heciimt a alma to bad habits matter them! A new and ra way to rurc vnursrlf of unattractive traits is explained explained im the booklet. MASTf R 1111 H BAD HABITS IHE FW AM EASY MAY. For 1 cop send IS rents (coin odIti, plus self-addressed, self-addressed, self-addressed, stamped ens-elope ens-elope ens-elope ens-elope tffT name of rite and statel to Dr. A. E. Hlnaaa, care of this newspaper. newspaper. t for the amusement of Rob Hope and Bing Crosby in "Road to Bali," now at Paramount. serge suit." (Song cue: "My heart panus for you.") AND WATCH for the slapstick comedy in which the comic tells his wife: "You couldn't drag me to that party with a team of horses." (Next cut shows the guy being towed to the party by a team of truck horses.) Quinn, who's now acting in "East of Sumatra," said there are bound to be many "psychological" murder mysteries in 1953 in which'the kill er's inner thoughts keep coming back to him over the sound tracks: "You killed Byron Hysopple. You killed Byron Hysopple. You killed Byron Hysopple!" The circus picture in which the clown hides deep personal tragedy beneath his grotesque painted grimace grimace will always be popular. (His wife is in Tehachapi on a dope rap and two of the kids are due to graduate from reform school in San Qucntin.) t IN THESE troubled times. Quinn said, there will be a rash of patriotic patriotic wars films in which the captain calls for volunteers for a dangerous dangerous mission and the entire company falls all over each other in an attempt attempt to get the assignment even the comedy relief mess sergeant with a skillet in one hand and a bologna sausage in the other. There will also be the stranded-below-water stranded-below-water stranded-below-water stranded-below-water stranded-below-water submarine picture in which a young pharmacist's mate flips his lid. but is brought out of it by the kindly skipper who slaps him back to real'ty. And movie, makers will always love the farce comedy in which the actress-wife actress-wife actress-wife impersonates another woman in order to test her husband's husband's fidelity. SCHIE I U'iJJLU TODAY Tr SAT. Suioensa Packed Action "HANGMAN'S KKOV Technicolor Randolph Scott. Donna Reed HILARIOUS MONKEYSHINtS f O.V.O GOS TO coursf IONZO. MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN TODAY TKr. SAT. Der Binqo Al Hn Best BWG CROSBY JANE WYMAIf "JUST FOR YOU" Technicolor WESTERN ACTION IN COLOR MONTANA TERRITORY' Con McCalliiter Wenda rjend'ii OS TODAY Thru SAT. DanciK lONTcyiTis-piPfii lONTcyiTis-piPfii lONTcyiTis-piPfii mm Son or Ai iB aba KJ"." 'Thi JUNGLE' was at the University of Rochester and after his return from Harvard when he was co-producer co-producer co-producer and producer of stock companies at the old Lyceum and Temple Theaters. Kondolfs presentation is to be a new comeay canea mc iniu Season." starring Menasha Skulnik and Richard Whorf, and will open at the Cort Theatre Jan. 13. This is a comedy about the trials and tribulations of two partners in New York's fabulous dress industry. It began a try-out try-out try-out tour on Christmas night in New Haven, where it was hailed as a hilariously funny comedy, buttressed with the additional features features of presenting a large collection of fashionable women's clothes displayed displayed by some of New York's most beautiful models, as part of the action that takes place in a dress-manufacturer's dress-manufacturer's dress-manufacturer's show-room. show-room. show-room. -if -if FOR THE LAST ten years Kondolf Kondolf has been an executive in the radio program department of Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborne, the big advertising agency. During that time he has been producer of such radio programs as the DuPont Company's Company's "Cavalcade of America" and U. S. Steel Corporation's "Theatre Guild on the Air." He is conducting conducting his present play-producing play-producing play-producing activity activity while still continuing with the advertising agency as chief story editor of radio programs and supervisor supervisor of the "Theater Guild on the Air." In addition. Mr. Kondolf is also part owner of a small phonograph-record phonograph-record phonograph-record company which next Easter is issuing a recording called "How to Face the Future Unafraid," on which are to be heard Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Rev. Dr. Ralph W. Sockman, Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Truman Douglass, Lowell Thomas and the Westminster Choir, ve KONDOLF left his mark on Rochester theatrical history when for several seasons after he left Harvard he was publicity representa tive and business manager of George Cukor's Lyceum Players, later co-producer co-producer co-producer of the Cukor-Kondolf Cukor-Kondolf Cukor-Kondolf Company and its successor, the Kondolf-Folmer Kondolf-Folmer Kondolf-Folmer Company. During this time he brought to Rochester such notable stars or then unknown players who later became stars as Robert Montgomeiy, Miriam Hopkins, Hopkins, Bette Davis, Louis Calhern, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Elsie Ferguson and Billie Burke. After these Rochester ventures, Kondolf became manager of the Empire Theatre in New York, and a member of the production staff of Gilbert Miller. His first independent theatrical production was a long-run long-run long-run hit called "The Wind and the Rain," and he presented a number of other plays in later years. In the late thirties he was director first of Chicago, then of the New York division of the Federal Theatre Project, Project, which entailed a greater theatrical theatrical responsibility than any other individual has ever had in America. At its peak, the New York Theatre Project employed 7,000 persons, involved involved in two circuses and 20 theatrical theatrical companies, along with scene-building scene-building scene-building and other technical workshops. workshops. "The Fifth Season" marks Mr. Kondolfs first stage production since "Morning Star" in 1940. Chaplin Takes House In Switzerland LaSanne. Switzerland (A0) The Tribune de Lausanne reported yesterday yesterday Charlie Chaplin and his family have completed arrangements to take over - house at Corsier, Switzerland. Neither the owner of the house which overlooks Lake Geneva nor Chaplin himself could be reached for comment. The newspaper said that Chaplin planned to send his children to the local school. The report did not indicate indicate whether the actor had purchased or rented the house.. 'PONY SOLDIER" In Tacnntcotor Plus W.ndy Hillar In "OUTCAST Of THI ISLAND" a litra Cortoona Sat. Mot. Randolph Scott in Color "HANGMAN'S KIX." Tony Curtis, Pipr Laurie "SON Of ALI IABA" lUafla THEATRES' 232031 TODAY SAT. THE CREES ON THE WARPATH TfROntf aOWER "PONT SOLDIER" Technicolor PENNY E0WARDS It'l a Scream! Family omedv! "MT SVIFE'S REST FRIEND" ANNE IAXTER. McOON ALD CAREY TODAY Tar. SAT. -llitKt -llitKt M l TECHNICOLOR ACTION SPECIAL "HANGMAN'S KNOT " Randolph Scott Donna Reed lnd;n Wars and Romance "APACHE WAR SMOKE" Gilbert Roland S tnda Farrall LAST DAY MVSTfev aowas-cE aowas-cE aowas-cE "THE STEEL TRAP" Jew" Cot-.es Cot-.es Cot-.es Twresj or. sat "MONTANA Iss HcU' lifter TERRITORY" Wsnna Herlrif 10 NOW cinema lif baginj and is most beautiful in "Th Four Postir". ' hex mix Harrison-Palmer Harrison-Palmer Harrison-Palmer FIRST ROCH. SHOWING .THE , JOlBi Ini WK. Hang on to your hats! : ... her that man aaan J. ARTHUR RANK presents Alec Guinness o THI mm VALERIE HOBSON GLYNIS JOHNS-PETULA JOHNS-PETULA JOHNS-PETULA CURK 'Anothtr triumph for on of !h front comedians or our time m "Mitchitvool, impudtnl and droll' -N -N V Ihm Tonight & Tomorrow I at 8:40 LAST PERFORMANCE Ferenc Molnar's j "The Play's I The Thing" I Rhv. BA S400 I I Arena I THEATRE f Ampl Pi'ki't on O'Britn Si. 12 HOfLTZER ST. 1 IH.l4.X-i IH.l4.X-i IH.l4.X-i M-G-Mt M-G-Mt M-G-Mt M-G-Mt M-G-Mt MILLION DOLLAR MERMAID " ttarrina ESTHER WILLIAMS VICTOR MATURE WALTER PIDGEON DAVID BRIAN with DONNA CORCORAN HOWARD XEE1 JANE GREER DESPERATE SEARCH pnlia Fails BTJJIrgiJiHim 3 CAPTIVE WOME oifiT cuiKf . imuht ri(ti (LMU (Maun KM MMCU IIN8CMor WBNOPI friDDle P bSULION 1 I It BOOM TOWN A The Boldest Tale of Piracy The Screen Has Ever Told! The Screen Has Ever Told! A Caribbean Ws ItcHVCGUSi vm. wiii. n wm w. r ' 'taWaaBUi Im lriliianf I I V 1SS S 1 m i ftps-; ftps-; ftps-; w. m - ' I S f fu . I i I wri Bin urn v - GEOSGf MONTGOMERY

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Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)02 Jan 1953, FriPage 8
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