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1951 movie listings - DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE 10 Roehastw, N. T....
DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE 10 Roehastw, N. T. Friday, January 5, 1951 Last Barry Play Highly Lauded By Critics DHILIP BARRY, a native of Rochester, who did news paper work here in a brief period, again it represented on Broadway, despite the fact that he died on Dec. 3, 1949. The event hat brought new luster to hit name. Hi last play it called "Second "Threshold," and It h the 2-1rd 2-1rd 2-1rd in an oiiUandtng career an a distinctive playwright. Barry died before he could put it into final form, to Mm. Barry enlisted the tervicei of hit old friend and an equally eminent dramatist, Robert E. Sherwood, to give it the needed revision. rates we piece as one oi 1 1 C r rn i !TLoto!T Z Offerings on Screen, Stage Today ; IMPORTANT. CRITICAL comment comment following the opening of the new comedy-drama comedy-drama comedy-drama it the Morosco this week rate the piece aa one of the most on$. Howard York Herald Tribune said, in part; "A drama v of great eloquence, depth and feeling hai distinguished the season at the Morosco. "Second Threshold," written by the late Philip Barry, with revision! by Robert E. Sherwood, is an illuminating reflection reflection of our time. A compound of frustration, latent tragedy, passion and high hope, it speaks with vivid clarity and emotional urgency to an audience. Clive Brook, Margaret Phillips and their colleagues play it in the manner it richly deserves under Alfred de Llagre Jr.'s inspired direction. Here it a play of which the theater can be immensely proud, la hit New York Times review, Brooks Atkinson wrote, in part: "Although Philip Barry's last play is gaily written, it is aad at the heart of things . . , Despite the silken style in which It is written and the witty observations in the dia logue, "Second Threshold' is sad be cause it is wholly concerned with the soul sickness of an eminent man who no longer wants to live, "GRAND AS THE (his) career teems to be from the outside, it looks mean to him at he analyzes it in the privacy of his mind, 'Second Threshold Threshold is the story of bow hit daughter saves him from destroying himself by supporting him with her love and loyalty. Incidentally, the also saves herself . . . (It) is spun out of the intangibles shadows of a bidden past that haunt the present, elusive speculations speculations about the motives of characters, characters, problems of loyalty, confusion and faith." William Hawkins taid, In part, in the New York World Telegram and Sun: ("Second Tbeshold" provides) highly absorbing evening, which workt up into an emotional expert ence of real impact . Jfhas the amoothness, the wit, the simplicity and the penetration that marked Barry's work at its best," Embassy to Get j Review Today "Moods in Champagne" is the title of the new stage review which will arrive at the Embassy today. It is heralded as a bright, lively !V v A OPENS TOMORROW Ricardo Montalban and Jane Powell appear In "Two Weeks with Love, new feature at Loew'g. 7;4I, starting times of mala features a an nounced ky theaterg;. lettmao g I V Horhtttla Mvilc SrhonlI 40, Paramount 11, 1:12, 3:24, 5:3, 10. . l-atwV-IMO. l-atwV-IMO. l-atwV-IMO. l-atwV-IMO. l-atwV-IMO. 105, 4:45, 7:15, 10:05. relate 12:37, 3:12. 5;47. 1:22. 11:04. Regent 11:40. 5:10, (i:J0, ;50. Cpllil-I2.30, Cpllil-I2.30, Cpllil-I2.30, 2:20, , :43, iii-I2:41, iii-I2:41, iii-I2:41, J. 55, I .W. I Mil 1. 3 05, 5:15, 7:35, :40, Ckmmwim, 3:55, 3:50, 7:45, :4J. Embuirl:30 till 3. 7 till 11. tutnaa . Philharmonic under Prlch leimanrr. HtKhtleiej Mailt lrhal-riene lrhal-riene lrhal-riene Val. ley Players In "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," "Allce-Sit-tsy-the-Hra," comedy. comedy. Palate Felth Dnmergue, George Dolen and jOMPh Clllcll In "Vendetta" and Jamra uieaton and Lola Hall In "Squared Circle." raramnunt Ming crneny, Nancy OUon, vneriei voDurn ana nuirt rtutaey in Mr Music." I.oew'e F.iher WUIIama and Htwarrf Keel In "Pagan Love Song" and Howard M, jonn and Amanda Blake In 'Coumeripy Meetg Scotland Yard." Regent-Maureen Regent-Maureen Regent-Maureen O'Hara. John Payne and Howard de Sllva In "Tripoli' and Mary Beth Hughes and David Street In "Holiday Rhythm." Utile Philip Dorri, Catherine Mcleod and William Carter in "1'va Always Loved I Oil, Cinema Italo Talo. Nell Carraill anil Olno Matters In "Fault and the Devil," Ttatple Liurette tuet. Allen Nixon and Mara Lynn In "Prehlitorlc Women" and Margaret Field and Reed Maillav In "A Modem Marrlaae." Copilot-Fred Copilot-Fred Copilot-Fred Ailalra and Betty Hutlon In "Ufa Dance" and Leg Barker and Vaneua Brown In "larun and the Slave uin. Eaiheuiy Relte Roe, Frank X. Silk and Bon Lang in "Mooda in Chamnaana " aiaua how, tutlara, Stale and Madltoa Tyrone Pow er and Michelina Prelle In "American Guerilla In the Philippines" and Shirley Temple and David Nlven In "A Klu lor Corliai." Monroe Cireer Oarmn and Walter Pldseoa.ln "The Miniver Story" and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in "Bells ol toronido. i Uberty-Retiy Uberty-Retiy Uberty-Retiy Hutton and Fred Allaire !is 1 show having good proportions of comedy, dancing, dancing, singing and specialties. The company it topped by Bette Rose, who . , , i. - i v I wm pe making . : tier tint appear- appear- A ance here. Frank ga.aaamwai v csifc ..,., a. oiii) a vcici mi Brrrc showman who oss (or many years headed his own "Silk Stocking Revue," it in chief charge of the comedy, but is aided considerably by BH Lang. Featured feminine performers are Gayle Page, Elinor Fox, "Peaches" and "Cream." Nat Ozman Is master of ceremonies. ; Performances at the Embassy are continuous from 1:30 till 5 o'clock, and 7 till 11. A midnight presentation will Ue made tomorrow. FLOOR SHOW SAT. NITE ALL STAR CT4UP ?i.h mrsls by PADDOCl 2254 CIKfcrd A. Orchestra Series Resumed Today IXSCHAIKOWSKY'S Symphony Number Four in F minor, is the feature work to be per formed when Erich Leinsdorf and the Rochester Philharmonic resume resume the regular Philharmonic Series concerts at 8:15 p. m. today in the Eastman, Leinsdorf has also programmed Sibelius' Seventh Symphony in D minor. The composer refers to this work as "joy of life and vitality with appasionato passages." This symphony, symphony, which is in one huge movement and follows a tingle dominating pattern, pattern, has been showered with praise tor its remarkable construction, as well as for its notable dignity of expression, expression, Completing the program will be threet excerpts from Wagner's "Die Meisiersinger," a work which Ignace Paderewski once referred to as "the greatest work of genius ever achieved by any artist In any field of activity." STARTING US GUT AT THE TRITON filed . STANLEY j J Tha Comadf Mimic Who ! 5 Ltovf. You With A Vary J Una Impraaaionl ' BID SHOWS; NIGHTLY i Fall Coirti Oiaaart $4 00 He Cover N Minima & Onrtaej Sort Diner Skew Diane, terra Dally hem I W I P. K. Ben. 4 taa. bo to eleeino. in "Left Dance" and Willard Harding in uaviq Harding, lountrripy. Wert end and lakeJuhn Wayne and Maureen O'Hara In "Rio Orande" and Leo Uorcey and Hunlz Hall in "llliiea Buitcra Temple IFalrpurt) Dchnrah Kerr and Stewart Grange! In "King Solomon'a Minei" and oene Autty In "Indian Territory," Territory," Grand Joseph (otten and Valll in "Walk Softly, Stranger" and John Archer and Warner Andcraon in "Destination Moon." CameoJohn Archer and Wanter An-denon An-denon An-denon in "Deillnation Moon" and Le Barker and Vinrm Brown In "Taran and the Slave Girl." . Rlnlto (Kat Rochetei) Dana Andrewi and Farley Granger in ' Edge of Doom" and Leg Barker and Vanesu Brown In "Tartan and the Slave Girl." UlrandVlntenl Price and Lllcn Drew In "Baron of Arlrana" and Tim Holt and Richard Martin in "Brotheri in the Sad. die." l-yell l-yell l-yell Shirley Temple and David Niven In "KlU (or Corlkl" and Rnv Itinera Dale Hvam In "Trigger Jr." Arnenuorli Day and Gordon MacRae lea foe Two" and r,n ititrua ,n.i Gale Storm In "Underworld Story." yvelMler Hettv Hultiin and Kmt A.mirr In "Let's Dance" and Roy Roger end Dale livana in Bella of Coronadn." Warlna Tvrona Piiwvr and Mirl,t!n Prelle in "American Guerilla in the Philippines" Philippines" and Roy Rogeri and Dale Evani in "Bella of Coronado.'1 Bogart Finds Story for Teaming Of Self and Lauren Bacall By LOLTlLA O. PARSONS LlOLLYWOOD (INS) Just before I took" the train for Chi-1 Chi-1 Chi-1 1 cago, I talked with Humphrey Bogart, who told me that he finally had found a story, called "Canela," to star himself and Lauren (Betty) Bacall. Although they made five pictures iT? a 71 If 1 together at Warners. Ihey have not J f SUSt lVlUSlCcll co-starred co-starred co-starred since Bogey and Robert Lord formed Santana Productions. Bogey says thut he'll have to borrow Betty from Twentieth, because she ill have started her contract there by the time 'Canela" gets going. There s almost as much Interest in Vincent F.vans, author of "Canela," as there is in the stars. Surely you remember his noted act of World War 2, known as the "Cockeyed Bombardier of the Memphis Belle." With such a war record, you might think Evans would write a war story. On the contrary, "Canela" is a true story, a modern adventure yarn. Columbia will release the film. ' j GARY COOPER, WHO has never been much for the social life of Palm Beach, has persuaded Rocky, his wife, to go to their home in Aspen, Colo., for an additional vacation. vacation. When they return to Hollywood, Gary, who likes the story of "Cow-poke," "Cow-poke," "Cow-poke," will give RKO an answer on whether or not he will do it. later in the year he will make "Dagger Captain" for Jack Warner,! When Gary left Hollywood, hei told me that he was so tired that he wished a holiday of at least two months. He said that he never again would make so many pictures without without taking a rest. JUNE AI.I.YSON POWELL at-ready at-ready at-ready is home from Cedars of Lebanon Lebanon Hospital, and her baby son, put in an incubator after its birth, will be home on Sunday. "Having the baby was just too much for Richard," said June; "so he's gone to Palm Springs to rest up. You know, it was much harder on him, I guess, than it was on me."j I saw Dick eating all by himself a( the Brown Derby. He'll be back from Palm Springs by Sunday to be there when his son comes home. He hopes the desert sun will help his arthritis. Cinema Film "FAUST and the Devil," said to be a spectacular screen version of the great opera, starring Metropolitan Metropolitan Opera tenor Halo Tajo. Nelly Corradi and Gino Mattera, will have its Rochester premier showins today at the Cinema. The renowned love drama of a man who sold his soul for the love of a maiden has reached the screen with a big cast, lavish backgrounds and the music that has stirred millions. millions. The film is based on Goethe's drama and Gounod's opera, "Faust," and has added musical interpretations interpretations by Arrigo Boito. The music is played by the orchestra of the. Ac-cademia Ac-cademia Ac-cademia di Santa Cecelia of Rome. Titxza tun azs MIKE CONROY PARTY HOUSE Every Mitt xcpt Sua. Hit She't Back! Return Engagement GERTRUDE MOODY Tat Strawberry lloade DANCINQ - FINE FOODS the place le have your party or banquet Mik. Conroy't SLea. ISSt Car. Mt. Head Shirley Temple David Nlven "A KISS 'OR CORLISS" Key Soger! in color "TftlftaiR JR." .TONIGHT a 8:15 I; i ' CM., Jan. SI PHILHAR. ORCHESTRA ;! I LEINSDORF, Conductor ; i ' Tichailtowtky: 4th Symphony J ' 1 Sibeliui: 7th Symphony , 1 ' Wagntr: Eieerpti from i 1 , "Meiiraninger" i (Note: FRIDAY Evening) 1 Seats tram SI. JO to S3, Incl. to 1 EASTMAN THEATRE ; l Ol tha University of Rocheiler ( K i! V w 1 X Ml i y It s moonught and young ideas ... and Jane s m love! POWELL- POWELL- MONTALBAN f 1000 CARS FRES PARKING 1000 CARS FREI PARKINft WARING ED.-Betwe.n ED.-Betwe.n ED.-Betwe.n KOBTOH and CULVEB ROCHESTER'S NEWEST SHOW PLACE Today Through Saturday TYRONE POWER In ARENA THEATRE 12 Ho.ltwr St. Bttwn Clitt tt Jtupk TONITE-8:40 TONITE-8:40 TONITE-8:40 J. M. Barrie's "ALICE 'T-BT 'T-BT 'T-BT n.wivt. THE FIRE" Bes. BA.-2780r BA.-2780r BA.-2780r am- am- pm.) " MUSICAL mmmm Plus ROY ROGERS and "TRIGGER" "Bells Of Coronado" Extra Hour el Cartoons Saturday at 2 P. M Plus Regular 2 Peaturts lOOO'CAII PRII PARKINO 1000 CARS FRII PARKING, 1000 CARS The event of the year i , Music drama reachee , fulfillment on the screen! Ineplrad by GOCTHt'l OSAMA and COUNOO'S OPERA 'FAUST" Libretto by Michel Carre and hilea Sarbler With added aniilcal tnterpretatlont el ASSIBO BOITO atarrlng ITALO TUO NELLY CORRADI tINO MATTERA . Oicheitrg o( Dig KCADCMIA JANTA CECILIA 01 Roma j Today! TM1ATSS OF piSTINtTION,, . SO. CLINTON AT C000MAN FEATUSl SHOWN AT 1:05 3:55 5:50 7:45 :45 ngm-s ngm-s ngm-s "PAGAN LOVE SONG' Esther WILLIAMS Howard KEEL "COUNTERSPY MEETS SCOTLAND YARD" M-G-M's M-G-M's M-G-M's M-G-M's M-G-M's Teclinicolor picturi:ation ol Kipling s immortal story to a JA i rAI UCDW.finn HfiRniNfi 7 I n l.H Lit 1 nilll Miinwi"- Miinwi"- Vf. Ki ss t.l. lUl. lAnntiJl : niniG UAI K fi " . . I I at.. Dont V ki M.B.M. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS ROSE BOWL AND SUGAR BOWL GAMES STASTS TCS3RR0W V. V J ,P TUES. JAN. 8th ejy Bay ANTHONY Advanoi Sail TIckitt S1.S0 TODAY FINAL! "PREHISTORIC WOMEN" I "MODERN MARRIAGE" 1 LL15 mm TOMORROW! itnrrGtlOVJt 52a "1 I .iitn ' iAgic sria IZlmli'll wmsQW mmm mm IT SivA $ftM0A' iLtn Kaififlvvt npehcfp9 J ' i-Aii:ifHHo0ft;:p i-Aii:ifHHo0ft;:p i-Aii:ifHHo0ft;:p Drg Ogwa t:10 Show Storta 1 P. M. TODAY a SAT. es IIS ea H1TSI Ntef 4 Cone CJwrft! lf i'i nnnn nonn xftiw 55- 55- TWJT? 1 ATW BUDDY DERRICK m mn no. kv-wisf kv-wisf kv-wisf wiister-wkstir wiister-wkstir wiister-wkstir in firirHrkii Call for Reseoatloa 1 1 HO HITS! Mo4oy a Sat. Cltait OARSOIf-WAlTER OARSOIf-WAlTER OARSOIf-WAlTER prDGEOH THI MINiVIR STORY" ROT HOG EPS DALE CVAJtS "IlUt OF CORONADO" la Colar EaCHY FIUDAT & OATURDA7 i IIO HITSI TWa t Strt. "CISTINATION MOON" COLOU IT TECHNICOLOR LEX I Alt HB VANESSA BROWN "TARZAN AND THI SIAH 61RL" EAST IOCRE3TEI TWaT Serf. Dena AUDRrw's TAlttET GHARCEX "ID6I Of DOOM" IEX IAHUR VANESSA BROWN TARZAN AND THt llAVI ftltl" 1 110) HITSI TeaJ.T a lot. mo ASTAIRE BETTT HUTTON "HI'S OANCI" IN TECHNICOLOR WILIARD ARKEB AtTDRET tONO "DAVID HARDING. COUNTESSPT I lift HITSI TotLs 4 lot. JOHN WAY t MAUREEN O'HARA "RIO 6RANDI" OWE1T BOYS -tints -tints BUSTERS 1 lift HITSI looey 6 ' rAiH.POSI. M. Y. D.borah KERRSTEWART GRANGER "SUof SloaaM'g Mmm" TotKoicolf GENE ADTRT RAT BUTTRAM "INDIAN TIRRITORT" LAST TlatHj I T00AY r in, Valll, "Wl SaHh. Streaeer" All "SESTIIIATIOII stuaetR" MWOISON j camiscowm ' KITH EOT BUFFALO . The HAUNTED dig footsteps PERILED ': " fft to JjrjTHjroiRAGt AND I 2 V CANNON THEY yt iiiiiiisiiw k SD 1 i"VSV'laat nun M C M PdOUOLY PRESENTS Th artattil adventure picture of them ail . .Safari Africa , F.tnn wisrssMssi mam1, color by TECHNICOLOR! SV& EYES HAVE NEVER r. BEHELD ITS EQUAL! ' . . I F IVITN RICHARD CARLSON Lt Diy-1've Diy-1've Diy-1've Always Loved You" TODAY FINAL! "VENDETTA" AND "SQUARED CIRCLE" TOMORROW! Starriai JOHN DHltliirfiUKLIR. CHILL WILLS 7.N0 Big Hrr Starts TOMORROW mmmk

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