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1950 movie listings - IS ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday,...
IS ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, January 6, 1950 Tschaikowsky Fifth D raws High Favor Bv NORMAN NAIRN TT REMAINED for a bang-up bang-up bang-up performance of Tschaikow-sky's Tschaikow-sky's Tschaikow-sky's Symphony No. 5 in E minor, to bring salvos of applause applause at last night's Eastman program program from the Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra, under Erich Leinsdorf, after a first-half first-half first-half whose chief interest was for those more academically inclined. The applause for the Tschaikowsky melodic' beauty and brilliant orchestral orchestral color was entirely spontaneous, as if the audience had been waiting for something which would moe them besides appealing to the intellect. intellect. Among the smart intellectuals it is the custom to go around with their noses in the air whenever Tschaikowsky Tschaikowsky is played. But the rank and file of music lovers don t Jeel that way, and. after all, they're paying the freight. Lcinsdorfs emphasis was on the subtleties and fine points of the immensely immensely popular work, and his revelation revelation of its emotional content, its melodic fertility and many-hucd many-hucd many-hucd scoring, scoring, from the first movement introductory introductory statement of, the "motto" fKjm lit, ViA 1 . rlm.tr' tU. U - LUV1I1V I't Lilt Wldl Hill.-, Hill.-, Hill.-, I VI UK Udl'iM baric And exultant finale, brought jhlTlbaSSy btage GetS some of the finest playing of the t-ii t-ii t-ii t- t- i season from the ensemble. iIfA7 Rill Tnrlatr H,gh point of the symphony is the iNeW D1U 1 aaY andante cantabile second movement an outpouring of lvric emotion, with A. Offerings on Screen, Stage Today Starting times of main features as announced announced by theaters: ' Palace 12:45. 3:50. 6;?0. 9:55. Locw'a 11:10, 1:20, 3:30, 5:40, 7.50, 10:00. Paramount It 00. 12.58, 2:56, 4:54, 6:22. 10: Mh Reef nt 1 1 00. 2:45, 6:10, 10:00. Capitol 12:05, 3:0, 6:55, 10:15. Temple 1:05, 4:05, 7:05, 10:05. Strand 12:55, 4:10. little 12:00. 2:25 . 4:50. 7:15. 9-45. 9-45. 9-45. Cinema 1:50. 3:45, 5:40. 7:35. 9:35. Embassy 1:30, 3:15, '7:30, 9:15. Sinatra. ' On the Mature and Lucille Ball in "Easy Living.'' Dixie and Cameo Errol Flynn and Greer Garson in "that Forsythe Woman" and "Savage Splendor," African exploration film. Madison Alan Ladd and Donna Reed in 'Chicago Deadline" and Victor. Mature and Lucille Ball in "Eay Living." Strand Victor Mature and Leo Carrillo in "Captain Caution" and Brian Ahearne and Victor McLaglen in "Captain Fury." Lvell Alan Ladd and Donna tfced 1 in "Chicago Deadline" and f Victor Mature and Uabcih Scott in "Easy Living." Kivoli Abbott and Costello in "Hold That Ghost" and George Raft and Akim ! j&tntc Tamirolf in "Otupost in Morocco." 0 I.oew'n Gene Kelly, Frank Betty Garrett and Vera Ellen in Town." Palace Jane, Russell. Jack Buetel and Walter Huyon in "The Outlaw" and Michael O'Shea and Virginia Grey in "The Threat." Paramount Boh Hone. Rhonda Flem ing. Rolatffl Young and Roland Culver in ; Paul Douglas and Linda Darnell in "The Great Lover." j ooay "oes it. Regent James Stewart and Jean Arthur Rialto (East Rochester) John Wayne in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washineton" and i and Joanne Oru in "She Wore a Yellow Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in "His; Ribbon" and Penny Singleton and Arthur Girl Friday." I Lake in "Blondie Hits the Jackpot. Temple .Fa'rport) Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in "Adam's Rib" and Monroe and Liberty Katharine Hepburn in "Adam"s Rib" and Ted Donaldson and Gloria Henry in "Rusty Saves a Life." eest End and Lake Humphrey Bogart and Florence Marly in "Tokyo Joe" and Every- Every- WHEN BREAK COMES Gene Kelly, who's up and in spirits in -On -On the Towi musical continuing Loew's Girl Friday.' Capitol Alan Ladd and Donna Reed in "Chicago Deadline" and Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in "Adam's Rib." Temple Adolphe Menjou, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in "Letter of Introduction" Introduction" and Abbott and Costello in "Hit the Ice." Embassy Rose La Rose. Carole Winters and Bimbo Dav,s in stage show. Little Do?en wrfrld-renowned wrfrld-renowned wrfrld-renowned musicians in "Carnegie Hall," which has story of noted music center. . Cinema Ralph Richardson, Michcle Morgan and Bobby Henrey in "The Fallen Fallen Idol." Riviera and Slate Alan I add and Donna Reed in "Chicago Deadline" and Victor dr jPlayers to Start Day Comedy The first Rochester presenta- presenta- i . I I i inemc ior uic strings. j miss ia Kose And the third movement waltz, for recently gained vhose use instead of the usual ;so me headline scherzo Tschaikowsky was abused bylattention by the classicists, had a properly wistful i bringing a suit quality, the finale expressed with surge. Jf- Jf- r -If -If POL R BACH PRELUDES, as transcribed transcribed by Leinsdorf, and in first performance by the Philharmonic, J I -I-! -I-! -I-! -I-! 1 openeu ine program., inese. piayea known c 0 m edi- edi- : r -1 -1 in coiiuncniuriiiiun vi inc -uuin -uuin an- an- Qnc R;mKr. r.hersarV of Bach's death, were The Old Year Has Passed Away," "Christ, :c..mr.1,r 1-1 1-1 1-1 1 1 . v. .. -T-i -T-i -T-i -T-i i J U1UU1 , William Bishop and Virginia Patton in "Black Eagle." Grand Disney's "Ichabod and Mr- Mr- Toad" and George Brent and Lynn Bari mi Kid irom Cleveland. I Webster Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in "Adam's Rib" and Ted Donaldson Donaldson and Gloria Henry in "Rusty Saves a I ife." ' Murray F.rrot Flynn and Greer Garson in "That Forsyte Woman" and "Savage Splendor," African, esploration tilm. Arnett Paul Douglas and Linda Darnell in "Everybod Does It" and Humphrey Bogart and Florence Marly in "Tokyo Joe." Paramount to Offer Preview Tonight Marger Arthur Krolick of Paramount Paramount announced last evening that tion of "Life with Mother," suc-new suc-new suc-new f.im at his theater this .,; cessor to the long-run long-run long-run SUdCCSsheginning at 8:25 o'clock. As the top-featured top-featured top-featured performer in called "Life with Fattier," will! He was prevented from reveal ing the title of the Dicture. hut Ka r Unf 1.A ' . laynouse. Mdnuing one 01 me iy4-u iy4-u iy4-u season. Director Robert Stevens considers this one of the most important book ings he has made in many seasons, for "Life with Mother" was listed among the 10 best plays of last year. It was bailed by New York critic as a worthy continuation of the ad-'jt- ad-'jt- ad-'jt- ad-'jt- . r . i r s ventures 01 ine uay lamny, as re- re- t n nt nmr TiAifnn lated by Clarence Day in his stories ' UAIlliUvIV mJUOLi f Served Every Nite but Mo. 5t30 'til 9 i Sun. 1 'til 8 'K, -ft -ft It' l Best to Moke Retervofiens f Phone PALMYRA 397 "L .- .- 1' - ' 1 r TT. ,1 VJJ! MIKE'LL MAKE YOU MERRY Every Nite But Sun. Book Your Banquets With Us. DANCING FLOOR snow Famous For Good Food and Fun NIKE CONROY'S GLee. 5oi 1225 RIDGE RD. Cor. Mt. Read Tonight & Every Night The "THREE SWEETS" THEY'RE TERRIFIC! " Lovely Feminine Trio! THE TOVME TAVERN 11 GIBBS STREET Open Daily Frcm 4 P.M. SOUTH CLINTON (JOODMAN 6k TELEPHONE proudly presents for 3rd Great Week WINNER OF SEVEN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS Doors Open Daily m P.M. s Feature t 1 :50. 3:45, 5:40, 7:35. 9:35 Prim far This Emgngrmrnt Met. 55c Eves., Sat., Sun., Hoi. 85c Inc. Tn itlor THINKING IT OVER Bob Hope, who's rather peeved here in Great Lover." to stay at 11 Paramount until Wednesday. hs rmeiooV . pu S be-u-i be-u-i be-u-i be-u-i be-u-i nCW EmbaSSy ShW' R- R- La ft- ft- JhC tifully by Morns SeconP melody l her initial appearance in j TZ house Today t Saturday free parking for 600 can Alan Ladd Donna Reed "CHICAGO DEADLINE" Victor Mature Lucille Ball "EASY LIVING" LtMEMll A Now thru Mon. K m 1 I f o r $100,000 against a Hollywood Hollywood film company. company. Supporting her are two well- well- ans, vis and Harry who Following its presentation, the house's current top feature,. 'The Great Lover, with Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming, will be shown again. Move Tou Tried the Jf Palmyra. N. Y. . j - - - . - - and later on the stage in the Howard;) Lindsay and Kusselt Crouse play. ',L Home Cooked Celiciout Allen Sisson and Schroven again will ROSE L ROSE lire v;r be seen as 3 Father and Mother, roles they acted 3-in 3-in 3-in the Players' production of "Life'i with Father" last Year. Perform-: Perform-: Perform-: FOODS 4 0 SPENCER THACY XATHERINE HEPBURN "ADAM'S RIB" 4 WlHt V eooNo F EM lG YOUNG ) ) ) 0 Thou Lamb of God" "Come, Thouare assistC(j bv Holly Leslie as their iances will be given every evenmg, ex-Saviour ex-Saviour ex-Saviour of the Heathen," and "Adorn :straight man. 'He is master of cere-!pting cere-!pting cere-!pting Mondays, through Jan. 21. Thvself. Dear Soul." Lnni oUn ISundav evenine performances will be feminine feature iwr.l given on Jan. 8 and 15, and an aft- aft- Because of their somber, dignified! Additional atmosphere, as requested in the pro-;formers pro-;formers pro-;formers are Carole Winters and Judyternoon performance, i.u4, u,clc i.u apr,dusc. pavidson, who offer solo specialties. I on tne '-n. '-n. '-n. HELD OVER 2nd starting at 3 But .to this reviewer they were pretty Ralph Clifford and a line of eight duJ. ith interest chiefly for those ;dancing giris complete the troupe. -e- -e- -e- troupe. Subject' of Film who could appreciate their contra- contra- punral texture. j To me they still sound best on the; QnU lVliccilp Arrinn organ, for which they were written JUU IVllbWlC "LUOn originally. . T-'OR T-'OR T-'OR devotees of the music of Paul Hmdemith. their meat was his! Hollywod Following the U. S. Concert Suite derived from the ballet Navy's announcement from Pearl "St. Francis." which calls the mystical! Harbor concerning the launching of story of St. Francis, renunciation of a ;guided missies rom submarineS( Co-life Co-life Co-life of ease and wealth for a life of , - . , poverty and Praver. lumb,a P,ctures 15 abIe to rcveal thc The Suite "Nobilissima Visione-iP101 Visione-iP101 Visione-iP101 line Pf 1,5 forthcoming picture (literally most noble vision.) is in called "The Flying Fish," which deals three movements. I think properly it j with that subject. coma re caned ascetic music, written Eight months a Q Producer in me oissonant-stnng oissonant-stnng oissonant-stnng style in tavor today with isolated instances of inspi- inspi- rOOD with a riNER FLAVOR 1 Plank Steak sj q Chicken in e 9 rr the Basket sl Jj Fish Fry 75 1 EnferfaHtmenf Every Nife but Men. Plenty of Free Parking McGRAW'S W. Henrietta Rd. JM r LSnwL eiii NOW y.tltll OAMRpsCH f OHS P1NZA STEVEHS .,.';.UL JMPEHCE ... '""Ir.y I JxT" E MIGHTIEST MUSIC EVENT i lit IF tit JtLtn nAi tvtx tnuwNl I $ HARRY JAMESf, v 00iiHSK 'i VAICHN MONROE XJ W WW W WW W Mw W VkAjr I w t - f ( Other Unit r bS I ( I i Color Novelty II i .' alan ladd I A Popular Science K "CHICAGO DEADLINE" 1 I ',(J v 1 J week jjOl 2-big 2-big 2-big hits-2 hits-2 hits-2 10 CLpgrS h ! If 1W I 111 Mt. Read I II I IPv I f I' '( hrLl 'ii I 'it V m AL GALA your host' 11 1 111 Mt. Read Lexineten New Show Every Week Guy Long; and His Orchestra NOW! FRAMCINE and ANITA Exotic Dancers Floor Show & Dancing Every Night Catering fa Bowling Banquets, parties, weddings and banquets complete with orchestra and floor show. Dinners Served 5:30 'til 12 a. nt. Glen. 5906 R IIS CIBl fiioir SC HI HE'S NEIGHBORHOOD THEATRES illennns1!! ll.'.M'IM'M TODAY AND SATURDAY j june Hroc ((! tjsjid JfV I I Sbeepersl Strwiwitk t SZoum wctuh fcm-- fcm-- fcm-- f j VICTOR MATURE Plus LUCILLE BALL H.'.H!I:I.HI SPtNLER TRACY U u , BHinnKint UTPRIIRM iibi Willi I GRAND HITS I TODAY ft SATURDAY PLUS ll,IIII.H..Utf.lllJ FREE PARKING TODAY & SATURDAY ERROi GREER FLYNN GARSON WAITER ROBERT SPh . B. m m k. e e a with JANET LEIGH in fLUS 'Savage Splendor (Technicolor) BIG HITS ' TODAY I Ml 1 VA U sa0tDuVday ijCTottVOiiOB CO-FEATURE CO-FEATURE CO-FEATURE LAST TIMES TODAY ! Walt DISNEY (Tech) FZATUHE "ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD" George BRENT Lynn BARI "KID FROM CLEVELAND TODAY A SATURDAY John WAYNE Jeanne DFO "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" Penny SINGLETON Arthur LAKE "Blondie Hits The Jackpot" TODAY t SATURDAY Spencer TRACY Katherino HEPBURN "ADAM'S RIB" William BISHOP Virginia PATTOK BLACK EAGLE' (Horse Story) tight months ago. Producer S. Sylvan Simon ent to Washington with Captain Harvey Haislip, a writer and vas given Navy permission to I eindorfs sonorous portrayal, and proceed with the scrip of "The Fly- Fly- me orcnesira n aven uirn aumnnrv the total impression to this reviewer ration. While one could not quarrel with jing Fish," on condition that the sub- sub- Ie TL. J -1 -1 I 3 I was uneventful. This, too, was a first:,c" ,,mucl "ul lc a ln performance by the Philharmonic. j picture not be released until further Hmdemith, German-bom German-bom German-bom composer, (Navy approval was given. Now Si-came Si-came Si-came to the United States in 19?9.'mnn. who has been wnrVins nn the months with Haislip and Richard Nash, has turned j , n , i i i .! nu incc nas reen leacn.ng ai;st(ry for ,he ast sjx EX-BUILDER EX-BUILDER EX-BUILDER Hollywood Charles production over to Jerry Bresler, but ill continue to supervise the project. Bickford, Technical phases of the film will who co-stars co-stars co-stars with Bing Crosby in! be photographed at. the Navy's new Frank Capra's "Riding High," set out guided missile center at Point Mugu, to be a construction engineer, but 'California, where experiments have switched to acting when building jobs been proceeding for the last three became scarce. vears. J.. , I'VijlwrTV :y y- y- bud Yi rMWm C!NXY SIMMS A new picture presented in advance . of its regular engagement engagement ... a contender for the ACADEMY AWARD! 8:25 P. M.' Come onytime between 6:50 and 8:25 f, M. and see both "The Great Lover" plus this sneak preview attraction. Last showing of "The Great Lover tonight starts at 10:30 P. M. HELD OVER 2nd WEEK! TODAY! IHUMBfiftYTitfOTliE FROUDlYPittSHITSTHl DISTINGUISHED STAB OF STAQt AtiD SCKccli TOGETHER WITH 7HIS filL STBR Cfjsrf "BIMBO 2i-4lARRV 2i-4lARRV 2i-4lARRV rCAROU WrWTiRf JU0Y DAVIDiOM pHOlUY USUE RfllPH CUmkD "UAVNATED MH Unc CA. MM 0D QSID QGto (iJtintD lit I LUBHI! emit) a'jH 0 fe- fe- v7 n' yA- yA- -3 -3 & W ' -gr -gr k -.. -.. Yes, that pair are back in the Navy ! 4. r They've got a lot of new playmates! And, they're still looking for dames! IT'S AxSEC0ND WEEK FOR GENE and FRANKIE and BIG CAST! FUN, SONGS, DANCES ' and LOVE-MAKING LOVE-MAKING LOVE-MAKING and CO tO BY x TECHNICOLOR! plus "THE THREAT" Michael O'Shea Virginia ftr.y NOW RKO PALACE RK0 PALACE Z starts ili7ll iZl nill l ini Ji omit MOm 4 IWM ineafrs IJ1 t": ' . . s t 1 -a----Y -a----Y -a----Y -a----Y -a----Y -a----Y -a----Y NOW PLAYING AT 8-10KLYAMCHCMI 8-10KLYAMCHCMI 8-10KLYAMCHCMI BfflUTI5-8 BfflUTI5-8 BfflUTI5-8

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