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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AXD CHRONICLE. FRIDAY. JANUARY 5. 195 21 Pal ovpsv iose j.ee Stands Out in ace Film By GEORGE L DAVID IF you are an enthusiast about Gypsy Rose Lee, you'll find pleasing entertainment in ''Belle of the Yukon," which tops the jiew Palace program. For Respite her mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush mouth-full-of-mush dic tion, the stripper-comedienne-author stripper-comedienne-author stripper-comedienne-author stripper-comedienne-author stripper-comedienne-author stripper-comedienne-author has a vital style of her own, a distinctive flair for the broader comedy effect which has plenty of room to display itself here. Certainly Certainly she amused our audience. Bob Burns helped the comedy, too, and Dinah-- Dinah-- Dinah-- Shore's singing was liked. Of course, she is not the only ene prominent in the proceedings ef this heavy-6troked heavy-6troked heavy-6troked representation representation of villainy, romance and humorous humorous aspects of life up in the Klondike Klondike mining town of Malamute in 1838. (Using Yukon in the title is rank geographical license, for the action obviously takes place In the'AIaskan Klondike region in gold rush days, and the Yukon is quite another territory, owned by Canada.) Randolph Scott Is the pivotal plot character, as "Honest John" Calhoun, who fled north from th: Seattle police, who didn't like his confidence man operations, and took along all of the partnership money owned by him and Belle DeValle (Miss Lee). He has become become the proprietor of Malamutc's big saloon and entertainment emporium, and so far won the confidence confidence of the people that the rv.ners bank their gold dust with him for "safe-keeping." "safe-keeping." "safe-keeping." He plans eventually to make a grand getaway getaway with it. The . main action begins when Belle arrives n Malamute at the head of ler girl shovr, and is astonished to find that the place for which they are engaged is run by her old, run-out run-out run-out partner, Calhoun. Calhoun. He still attracts her, buz she throws a scare into him that she may notify the Seattle polic of his whereabouts to make him fcshave nicely toward her. To emphasize her attitude, she bashed him with a few bottles, which he takes good-naturedly. good-naturedly. good-naturedly. , Calhoun has as aides "Pop" Chandlers (Charles Winninger) and Sam Slade (Bob Bums, with his bazooka), also confidence men. Pop acts as manager, and hi Innocent daughter, Iettie (Dinah Fhore), has a romnce with the pianist of the Joint. Steve Atter-bury. Atter-bury. Atter-bury. (William Marshall), who U up there because he erred in his accounts back home, but is 01. the straight path now. The comedy action is initiated FUTURE PLANNED DESPITE WAR Phyllis Thaxter and Van Johnson are the romantic leads in "30 Seconds Over Tokyo," starting a second week at Loew s.. tem, is one of those primarily responsible responsible for revolutionizing the standards of musical performance over the air. Chief work last night was Brahms Symphony No. 4 in E minor, his fourth and last. While not his most popular, the Passa-caglia Passa-caglia Passa-caglia fourth movement is one of the most magnificent pieces of orchestral writing in symphonic literature. Written at the height of his creative powers, it is Brahms at his most somber and serious, more austere than the other three symphonies. symphonies. Mr. Barlow's reading was well planned, although it seemed to me that there was hardly enough of the tenderly romantic in the touching beauties of the second movement. He brought competent, not spectacular play-Intr. play-Intr. play-Intr. " Next to Beethoven's symphonies. his overtures rank among his most important orchestral works. Mr. Harlow opened with the Egitont Overture, written in 1808-10 1808-10 1808-10 to Goethe's Egmont This, a jubilant fanfare for orchestra, had tre- tre- mainly by Miss Lee, who also tries Trnendous climax to start the eve- eve- Barlow Given Warm Welcome As Philharmonic Guest By NORMAN NAIRN LJOAVARD BARLOW, American born and trained conductor, was the pruest on the podium" with the Fhilharm6nic Orchestra Orchestra last ni;ht at the Eastman, and the large audience prave him warm welcome. Mr. Barlow, through long association with the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- Sys- to console Lettie when the latter's 'father tries to have Steve removed from the scene, by shanghaiing, fo that she can try to win Calhoun. Calhoun. The melodrama and what lurid, ten-twent'-thirt' ten-twent'-thirt' ten-twent'-thirt' ten-twent'-thirt' ten-twent'-thirt' melodrama it is is introduced chiefly by George Maitland (Robert Armstrong), a tough, gun-drawing gun-drawing gun-drawing crook, and Melvyn (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams), Williams), the apparently dumb but feloniously disposed sheriff. They know of Calhoun's robbery scheme and demand to be cut in on the swag. Then they double-cross double-cross double-cross him .end each other. ' In an effort to prevent this old hckum from dominating the film, Producer-Director Producer-Director Producer-Director William A. Seiter has endeavored to give an ning off. Always it Is a pleasure to hear Deems Taylor's "Marco Takes a Walk." a set of variations for orchestra orchestra by the noted radio commentator, commentator, writer and composer. Mr. Barlow introduced the work in 1942 with the New York Philharmonic. Philharmonic. Whimsical, agreeable, it portrays the imaginations of a s'mall boy who sees only a horse and wagon on Mulberry Street, but who conjures up weird sights. Nicolal Beresowzky's "Ukrainian Noel." a recent composition, had a certain atmosphere- atmosphere- of the Yule season, planned for presentation at the Dec. 14 concert which fell victim of the now celebrated storm. The composer, born in Russia, is, usual last night I might add. too. that more careful proofreading of the program notes would be advisable. advisable. Jewish Services .Slated Tonight Services will be conducted tonight tonight in Jewish houses of worship. worship. At Temple B'rith Kodesh, Rabbi Horance E. Manacher will speak at 8 p. m. on "A Quest for Happiness." Mrs. Louis R. Schwartz will light the altar candles, and Mrs. Seymour Bernstein and Mrs. Louis Yanowitch will head the committeeiof hostesses for the so- so- cial hour after the service. Rabbi Henry Fisher will speak at 8.15 p. m. In Temple Beth El on "Chaim Welttmann at Seventy.' Cantor Aaron Solomon and the Beth El Choir will chant the serv- serv- ives. A social hour will follow. At Beth Joseph Center, Rabbi Leon Stitskin will speak on "The American American Jewish Home." Cantor Samuel Kelemcr will chant the services. It will be a consecration service for the new Sisterhood members. Mrs. Aaron Wolfe, Is chairman of the hostesses, members of the Sisterhood Sisterhood who will have charge of the social hour. Temple Presents Spivak "Band, Photoplay pIIARLIE SPIVAK, labeled "The Sweet Trumpeter," will bring his orchestra and specialties to the Temple stage today for a three-day three-day three-day engagement. Featured with him are Irene Daye, a singer, and Jimmy Saunders. Like most band leaders. Spivak showed interest in music early, centering on the trumpet. He rose through various grades of bands and got featured spots. Finally he had his own ideas about what a swirf& orchestra should be to at tract fresh attention, and he organ ized his own. He set out to give it original features, in line with his individual style of trumpet performance. performance. On the stage, on the air and in films, he and his outfit have won la popular place in the swing realm. un trie Temple screen win be Three of a Kind," with Billy Gil bert and Maxie Rosenbloom. humorous air to the entire thing T blieve now associated with the except LeUie's romance. Whether he has thv-3 thv-3 thv-3 made it acceptable de pends on you. In this corner he has left a lot to be desired. Laurel and Hardy in "The Big Noise" is the extra feature, and the bill has an excellent Technicolor Technicolor short film centering in the Coast Guard s part in the D-Day D-Day D-Day operations. Offerings Today At Theaters Oprnlnc lirrws of mala features: ri"tmi :O0. Pilar 12:3f. 3 40. :V. 10:00. lirw'i 12:4"i. 3:S0. :55. 10:Oft. rntary 11 :15. l .'.O. 4:30,. 7:10, 9:50. ftrrmt 12:55. 3:.'5. 7:0O, 10:00. apilH 12:00, 3:20, S:40. 10:00. K:raml 11:00. 1:50. 4:45. Utile 1 :35. 3:3.V R:35. 7:35. 9:35. Imbau; 1:00. 3:15. 7:00. 9:30. - lavtmin Ion Cossack Chonif In songs tfsnces. Lorw'e Ppncer Tracy. Vn Johnson 5d Robert Walker In --30 --30 --30 Seconds over Tr.lt yo " PaJmr Randolph Scott. Oypsy Rose le and Dinah Shore in "Bells of the Tuko"" and Laurel and Hardy In "The B - Notxe," Cnarjr Pvt. Lon VcOslllster. Jeanne Cr-ln Cr-ln Cr-ln and Set. Edmund O'Brien In W rsred Victor. TVmpM" rhartle Spirak band. wllh Irene Daye and - Jimmy Saunders, on aire, and BiV.y Gl!brt and Maxie Rosen-biooni Rosen-biooni Rosen-biooni in "Three of a Kind" on screen. fc.-nbaT fc.-nbaT fc.-nbaT Naopi Swank, with I. B. H-rrjp H-rrjp H-rrjp and Eddie Lleyd, in stage review, wr'h Cms. Beirut Alan Ladd and Ixretta Ymini? !i "And Now Tomorrow'" and Jean Heather and Chr!e Qulftlejr In "National "National Barn Dance" t apUH He-lv He-lv He-lv I.amarr and Paul Uen-f.d Uen-f.d Uen-f.d in "C'orspirators" and Maria Monteat and Jack Oakie 1n "Bowerv to Broadway." Jit I R:nt Crosby. Fred Astaire and M)nne Reynolds in "Holiday Inn." Rirfe-rm Rirfe-rm Rirfe-rm d Mate Fibber VcCee and Voilr In "Heavenly Days" and William JiTtt and Susan Hayward in "The Hairy r " Madlooa am Mannw Maria Monter -d -d Jon Ha!l in "Gvpsy Wild-at" Wild-at" Wild-at" and Rver!y Lloyd and William Henry In S rnt partner rw. and Wr.t Ead East Side Ktd Vi "Bowery Champs" and Roy Roers and Da'e Evans In "Yellow Roe of Teas. " Wbr Vry Ryan and Ann B'vth In "Bab-s "Bab-s "Bab-s on Swipe Street" and Erich von 'mte:m and Vera Hruba Ralston In " ?irm over Lisbon." Temple Falrport) Donald O'Connor nd Percy Ryan in "This Is the Life" and B:) Elliott and Bobby Biak In 'Chevenne Wildcat." Lake Carmen Miranda and Don Atneche In "Greenwich Villare" and Basil Pathbone and Nigel Bruce In "Pearl of testh." Strand Otto Kruper and Ellssa Land! tr. "Corregidor" and Buster Crabbe In Vny of Veneeance." Wrbater Br.an Doaievy and Ann Rk-h- Rk-h- Rk-h- Rk-h- rM in "American Romance" and Bennv E'-?is E'-?is E'-?is and Gladys George In "Minstrel Van. ' Arnelt Boruta Granville and Jane P- P- well n "Son of the Open Road" and Ed-nund Ed-nund Ed-nund Lowe in "G'rl In the Oase." -fnrray -fnrray Brian Donlevy and Ann Rich- Rich- -d -d in American Romance" and William Trry and Joe Sawyer in "Hay Foot." Graad Dorothy Latnoiir and Eddie Bracken in "Rainbow Island" and William William Terry and Virginia, Grey In Straneers in the Night." Tempi iFairport) Rav Villand and Barbara Britton in "Till We Meet Aealn" aid Ruth Torry and Lulubelle and Scotty 1c "S-riR. "S-riR. "S-riR. Neiphbor. Sing." I.ih-rt I.ih-rt I.ih-rt Alan Marshall and Laraine Dav In ' Bride fry Mistake" and Mane Monter and Jon Ha'l In "Gypsy Wildcat." RiattA Greer Garson and Walter Pidceon In ' Mrs Park'nrton" and Edmund -d -d Varjorie Rambeau in "Oh WfU a J' rh? " i Rialt (Et RorhesreM Robert Taylor and Ruth Hussev Jn "Flight Command" and "Jimmy fiieps Out." CBS ' Mr. Barlow rounded out the eve ning with Enesco's Romanian Rhapsody No. 1. first of three founded on Romanian airs, freely treated, the melodies and rhythms captivating. Last night's guest conductor is no showman. He conducts in a busine.itilike way4 with nothing of the spectacular,; soundly, more factual than in a way to arouse spirited enthusiasm. It seems too bad to make a conductor wait between between numbers for the latecomers, who were more numerous than ea55SL. 6:45 P. M. Fibber McGaa & MoUy I "HEAVENLY DAYS" -H -H ' William Bndix Suscta Hayward" i "THE HAIRY APE" J 'Maria MONTEZ "GYPSY WILDCAT in Technicolor Ion HALL" :at- :at- -a -a Bavarly Lloyd Wm. HanryJ C "SILENT PARTNER" Alan MAndnnLt. uiniin vr I'BRIDE BY MISTAKE 2 .Maria MONTEZ Ion HALLsi GYPSY WILDCAT" 3 (Ml Hll1 illUll' SBMAasisasBHiaaasBBBBSBSasa THE EAST SIDE KIDS "BOWERY' CHAMPS" ' Roy ROGERS Dal EVANS 'Yellow Res ef Texas" ywFepMBsMVMaanasav JaaJalMalBBBBstfsUMBBMrfMk'' THT rST SIDE KIDS "BOWERY CHAMPS" Hoy' ROGERS DaU EVANS "Yellow Res of Texas" II v I n Ana Blylh Fafcoy Ryan ' Babes cn Swinq Street Eric Von Stroheim "STORM OVER LISBON" SB Carman Miranda Wm. Bendix GREENWICH VILLAGE" - in Technicolor "PEARL OF DEATH" si bretr Corson Walter Pidqaen i i - MRS. PARKINGTON" a Edmund Low Marjorie RambaauT -OH -OH WHAT A NIGHT" ..J Paaay Pyan Donald O'Connor 1 'THIS IS THE LIFE" liM Bill Elliot Bobby Btake' - "CHEYENNt WILDCAT Dorothy Lamonr Eddla Brackan "RAINBOW ISLAND" William Tarry Virginia Gray "STEAKGEBS IN THE MIGHT" m'ill.TH'rWI.W'ir.T Embassy Books Closipg Show rJpHE Embassy will close its .current .current season of road attractions on Sunday night, according to an announcement made yesterday -by -by Manager Jack Beck. The final show, in which Iappi Swank is the featured performed, will open today today for a three-day three-day three-day engagement. including midnight show on Satur day night. The comedy Is in the, capable hands of a popular veteran comic, I. B. Hamp, who is teamed with experienced Eddie Lloyd and the gabby Gertie Beck. Others prominent prominent in the cast are Chick O'Dell, subrette, and Franklin Hopkins as master of ceremonies. - The vaudeville par of the last review has Madeline Gardner, acrobatic dancer, and Ginnle Blues singer of the blues. No information information was given by Manager Beck as to when the Embassy would reopen with the present type of entertainment. entertainment. Cossack Chorus Due Here Tonight DOUSING music will be heard at the Eastman tonight, in the program of Russian songs and dances by the Original Don Cossack Chorus, directed by the diminutive Chorusmaster Serge Jaroff. There will be songs of old and new Russia, including Shostako- Shostako- 3 City Hospitals Get Training OK Three Rochester hospitals have been approved by the American College of Surgeons ' for graduate training in general surgery and surgical specialties, it was an nounced in the annual Approval Number'of the college's bulletin, i Rochester General Hospital has been approved for general surgery, ophthalmology and otolaryngology and Rochester Municipal and Strong Memorial Hospitals were okayed for training in general sur gery, neurological surgery, orthopedic orthopedic surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Friday Eve., Jan. 5, 8 P. M. TAe Original Don Cossack Chorus SERGE JAROFF. Director In. A Full Evening Of Russian Songs & Dances Seats Now $1 - $1.25 $1.50 - $2 - $2.50 - (Hut 20 U. S. Tail EASTMAN THEATER a One Night Only! Mon. Eve.. Jan. 8th. 8 P. M. The Season's Smash Musical Hit! Cheryl Crawford b ohn Wihfbarg present CE0RCE CERSHWIN 6- 6- DuBOSE HEY WARD'S vitch's new. "Hymn of All Nations," and the Don Cossacks' own arrange ment of the. Star Spang!ed Banner, which opens the evening. Colorful Cossack dancing, little of which has been done on their previous appearances, appearances, will round out what is prom ised to be an-exciting an-exciting an-exciting evening. Wanted Girls & Men For factory wort. Good pay and working conditions. Fiva Days a waek. No Saturday Saturday work. J. Hnngerford Smith Co. E. Main at No. Goodman aoar fffJ " sxar mort, 4m nut mfflf. WANTED FACTORY HELP MEN OH WOMEN. FULL OR PABT TIME, DAY OR NIGHT SHIFTS. Milling moebina, profile, profile, drill pross and Warn.r-Swasay Warn.r-Swasay Warn.r-Swasay operators. Also loth hands, shapars, polishers butters, butters, toclmckers and set-up set-up set-up men. If now in war work don't apply. APPLY IN PERSON Take Joseph At. Bus to end el Bn S ASCENT & CBEENLEAF, lac 24 SENECA AVE. STARTS TODAY! tPPIE CANTOR v. aa tiailM KOMDAT T0l7fJ TAXI 'I Safety Service Rate j nam cooo L Ha M.I.. . William 'rank Hit Ava Long . .Edward Matthews n The Eva lossy a Choir .ALEXANDER IMALLENS. Conductor Tickets Now At Eastman Box-Office Box-Office Box-Office $1- $1- $1.25 -$1.50- -$1.50- -$1.50- $2 -$2.50 -$2.50 I Nat 20 U. S. Taxi EASTMAN TB5EATER 3 tkt Vnivtrtity ef Rocktttrr H M flirefo:.i9 W :r v:; ) . Boca 4 m 7 AND ON JHt SCBltN! iXNEW TRIPLE-FUN TRIPLE-FUN TRIPLE-FUN TRIOIf ClL y GILBERT. HOWARD Mtfefe '(! mam noscrizjLooM k&M MJ .STARTIMC ssMst a V t IUUAI1 ITU I FAREWU SOUTH AV-AT AV-AT AV-AT AWN MAIN 228 SHOW I p -i -i vi. 1,1 a -in -in I ft .. wMiait L l 1.1 ft. k- k- eL 1 SCJ ,UUftIi hi i i i r r Ji n r can rJ V r. I 1 J 11 "a aV I stlxLaU.'XaX'J I aa. a His mom DANCER 01NNI&, .BLUE SINGH? OF THE PU1E5 NOW! CONTINUOUS FROM 1MU NOW! RANDOLPH SCOn GYPSY ROSE LEE DINAH SHORE BOB BURNS "3S1LILISOFXHETOK0EI" ID" MOSS HART'S 1 WM I WW vr THIRD BIG WEEK AT Kw.kR POPULAR EXTRA ADDED! PRICES! jamnnz Pitienltd by 20'A QtpWrf fot "STAR BRIGHT" ALAfUADD YouNGfefH) LAMARR HENREID ron5PIRHTOR5 lVf III 111 V MARIA MONTEZ JACK OAKIE TURHAN BEY rTAVTV inn fir l l fH w7 mwn.. wmsmx fur MbM (imso illhrsSSko sm J lime4nwemrJlriiff fMft) iifkte flctfttr vJltiim J . U ii V3 iJV3LS jjJJimj u u u uiryyz u v; ffiMtiWW 4 mtry yj r . JaaM ' it I r 1 j I K K. 'cm " .aft?! C? Uh ;-v-..'y. ;-v-..'y. ;-v-..'y. ;-v-..'y. ;-v-..'y. .:."'. ,r 4 A MERVYN teROY PRODUCTIOM ,th VAN JOHNSON ROBERT WALKER PHYLLIS THAXTER TIM MURDOCK SCOTT McKAY GORDON McDONALD. DON DeFORE ROBERT MITCHUM JOHN R. REILLY- REILLY- HORACE McN ALLY and ncier ma AS LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES H. DOOUTTLE Scrn Play by Doltoo Trumbo Based on th Book and Collier's Story by Captain Tad W. lawoa and Robert ComidiniDirected by MERVYN UROY . Produced by SAM ZIMBAUST An M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M Picture 2000 BALCONY SEATS 1 1 A. M. TO I P. M. 25c AFTER 5 P. M. 43c

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